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Welcome to a November that matters

Today is November 1, 2012. The Dolphins are preparing for a game that is meaningful to them.

How you like them now?

It hasn't been that long since the Dolphins went into November with something riding on the outcome of the coming games. In 2010, the club was 4-3 to start November before finishing 7-9.

But because we often remember what went wrong more than what has gone right, I had to actually remember why there's been such a feeling of dread around the Dolphins to start November -- even with what seemed like a chance to do damage in 2010.

Perhaps it's because last season,  In 2011, the Dolphins were 0-7 going into the first week of November and there were "Suck for Luck" calls echoing throughout Miami fandom. In 2009, the Dolphins were 2-4 through October and with Chad Pennington already down for the year and Gibril Wilson still on the roster helping the other teams win, there simply wasn't a ton of optimism surrounding the team.

This year seems different. It feels different.

I'm not saying the Dolphins are going to be a playoff team. Frankly, I'm not sure they'll even be at .500 when all is said and done. But there isn't a feeling of dread over this squad. One is not expecting the next shoe to drop like last season when I was basically reporting weekly updates on whether Tony Sparano was being fired. 

This year the club is relevant. Blessed by a favorable schedule, the Dolphins should be in Sunday's game at Indianapolis, the games at home against Seattle and Tennessee, and the Bills don't scare anyone.

So November doesn't loom as a catastrophe month. December does. But November does not. (Keeping it real, folks.)

And that's good for you. That's good for me.

And that's good for the team.

Players report to work happy to be working instead of feeling like its drudgery. Coaches aren't on the hot seat and they can do their jobs better because the players are engaged.

"It’s always fun," coach Joe Philbin said. "I told the players, ‘There’s nothing better in the National Football League than coming to work in November and December and, like you just mentioned, having meaningful games.’ It’s a lot of fun. It gets your juices going as it should. That part of it’s fun, no question.”

Happy November!



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Home is on to something!

meant Home is on something.ROTFALMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're going to play the ifs & buts game with missed field goals, I think you'd have to say the phins should be 5-2, IMO.
I too, am keeping it real, brethren.

Posted by: Blog Fodder | November 01, 2012 at 12:00 PM

-Nice catch Fodder, I like that.

Something about a post you just can't argue with. ESPECIALLY when you want too!

but but but , if +

Why does everybody say the Dolphins have a weak schedule? The combined record of the teams they have played is 25-28 and the combined record of the remaining teams is 34-34. Seems to me the schedule is average.

it's a stupid stat.

I wonder if anyone remembers me going on and on about how much better Wake will be in the 4-3 this year. Even when many were questioning his size. A legitimate concern of which Wake has put to rest.

Then during his contract situation. I was going on and on about how he was poised to have his best NFL season to date.

Well I said all that to say this: Wake was voted AFC Defensive Player of the MONTH!

Congrats to Mr. Wake! I say he deserves every bit of the honor and recognition!

(Yeah, I'm Shameless, so Sue Me!)

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fair and balanced blogging...


2 watt, are you describing the Chargers? That team has squandered great talent over the last five years. Always ranking well in several team stats but falling absolutely flat in the W-L column.

Clue, La Belle Provence is our nickname for the Province of Quebec here in Canada - one of our two bi lingual provinces (French and English) - the other is New Brunswick. Although I think French may be the first language of quebec and NB the only officially bi lingual province??? Not sure, any way, those are the only two provinces where govt offcials are obligated to speak to you in French if you request it.


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Get off of it.....

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Nothing is too TABOO....



and whos isthis other blogger that misspelled the word oppertunities....

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yeah mark. on paper it seems imposible 2 not win it all but they figured out how 2 blow it.

@gary c.
Its a very weak schedule. Good thing we dont have to play the Ravens, Giants, Steelers,Falcons,Bears, or Packers.


a while back when Wake was being bashed for not producing any sacks, I defended him by saying that I think he's held on every play and to not pay any attention to his numbers until the OFFICIAL officials return.

He's been the unstoppable force since then.

I don't think it's a coincidence.

2 watt, many Brazillian women have D I C K S. It sometime is hard to tell

The out of conference home schedule is really pathetic and boring.

Chicago has enjoyed a fairly weak schedule and will probably get to 7-1 before the wheels come off.

Another good catch Fodder!

According to Pro Football Focus Wake has drawn more holding penalties than any other DE/OLB's the past two seasons.

I don't think that's any coincidence either-LOL!

"So November doesn't loom as a catastrophe month. December does. But November does not. (Keeping it real, folks.)"


With all due respect--you don't know what REAL is yet. This team has surpassed everyone's expectations & no one has any idea if this team will continue to improve or simply level off.

Plus there's no way to predict a team's health. Through seven games it's been pretty damn good so far but if we expect to have a winning season that must continue.

It appears the NFC is the much stronger conference but as long as the AFC has Brady and P Manning you cant count the AFC out.

@gary c.
Its a very weak schedule. Good thing we dont have to play the Ravens, Giants, Steelers,Falcons,Bears, or Packers.

The records of the teams we play speak for themselves. It's an average schedule.

did not know that.

Wake is contributing in every way. Seems to be a good leader and reflects the attitude of his coach.

He's a major acorn in Ireland's hat.

Why do people put "LOL" after things that aren't even rempotely funny?

It's like they are trying to convince themselves that they're witty or something. Weird.

Same people that seem to think their incredibly mundane and forgettable daily lives are worthy of epic-length posts.


What do you call a one knee and one toe Mexican?? Juanitoe! Da Da Da.. LOL

lol. clue, i'll b sure 2 pull the crocodile dundee.

@ 12:48....

we have read that drab and pedantic post FAR TO MANY TIMES....

please find a new way to phrase it....

Look In The Mirror Before You Post

puts game sold out.
wake named afc pom.
rt took all 1st team snaps at camp davie 2day. so should play.

Yeah, I remember Saban's first year here, I think they won 6 straight at the end of that Season. Even Shula said we appeared to be headed down in right direction. Then, disaster struck. Won't happen to me anymore.. Believe me.

what do u get when u cross a mexican with an octopus.??????
i don't kno but it sure can pix lettuce.
bada bing.

2 watt--

We will eat a sandwich together in Miramar.

egret, how 'bout gyro's?

also egret, i'm a little too white skinned 2 be seen in miramar. they all will think that i'm po po.


Congrats on the baby on the way. Did I read this is number 2? When is the due date? I'll agree with Odin, becoming a father was the best thing in my life. I have two happy, healthy young ladies now, 11 and 14 and they're my pride and joy. No better feeling than becoming a Father and I have to think even the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl wouldn't be as good (although it would be close....LOL).

Mark, you're welcome to that VIP Gold Card at the 'downer and time!

DD, you're dead right. There really aren't too many bad clubs in the AFC, other than maybe the Jags, Chiefs and perhaps Raiders. The only strong team I see is Houston, with the Broncos and Ravens and maybe Pats being honourable mentions. The Conference is up for grabs much like it was in '08. We have as good a chance as anybody. I'm just not prepared to get my hopes up only to have them shattered again. It's like having that date this Saturday with a really hot chick and you KNOW you're going to get laid and something happens to cause it not to happen. I'd prefer to just enjoy what I'm seeing each week and take it one week at a time.

I will buy you one (1) gyro sandwich, Mr. 2 watt.

I will have aged Serrano ham with gruyere on a toasted brioche.

We can eat in Lake Worth or Opa-Locka instead of Miramar.

"Miramar" means "vomiting cow" in Spanish.

Salguero, I think that the NFL has reached a point where you shouldn't say that "a team scares no one". The Dolphins didn't scare no one at be beginning of the season and look now. The Cardinals look powerful in the first 4 games and look now. The Dolphins can loose against any team in the NFL (and viceversa) if they don't focus. Look at the standings. Apart two or three teams in the AFC, the rest are quite irregular. So the difference between them is very small. The Dolphins are still proving that remaining error free can beat several teams. They have to play game by game and in every one of each learn what are their weak points and the opponents' weakness too. Focus, motivation and hard work from both players and staff are the keys for this new Dolphins. The difference only talent can make it, and we're still on the way of discovering the real talent of our beloved team.

"Starks would like to stay, too, but he likely would consider outside offers as a free agent if the Dolphins don't extend him before March. He said the Dolphins haven't started serious negotiations. "Maybe they want to see more," he said.

But his price is rising. One agent, unaffiliated with Starks, said he stands to make more than the four-year, $24 million deal that St. Louis gave to former Dolphins defensive lineman Kendall Langford this past March."

I find it hard to believe that the Dolphins haven't started contract negotiations for Starks. This is the ONE player that I don't believe we could afford to lose. This guy is the anchor of our defense & good luck replacing a guy who is only 28 & who is one of the best 4-3 DT's in the game.

Starks was obviously being sarcastic when he said "maybe they want to see more" (LMFAO!!!) since his price is only going up after the way he has played so far this year. If they realistically want him back he's going to cost about $8 Million per year.


I'd add the Steelers to that list of teams that are good in the AFC. They've had their share of injuries but they have some very good players on both sides of the ball.

did you hear that thud.? that was me falling off my couch, i said to my wife, "a five wide reciever set??", "sure, you see it all the time with teams like greenbay, but the dolphins?", "the last time i saw a 5 wide from miami had to be when marino was here", and i have watched every game. GREAT JOB GUYS!.!.!!!!! and i have to give the entire miami staff it's props, and yes IRELAND too, the players on the field, the players chosen, drafted and aquired... this team looks has an entire different look from last year, martin is doing a great job, and vernon is going to be something SPECIAL, i have to mention nolan carrol as well, nolan, i haven't given you much love, but your prooving me and others wrong, way to step it up, and the guys up front are kicking tail. good time to be a miami fan. one last thing, as if philbin didn't know, he has brought that small town football mentality all the way from greenbay, a town that is centered around football, and some how he's making it work down in crazy miami. fans were upset with the marshall release, but look at us now, and signing gafney was genious, a perfect fit, he will pay huge dividends. i'm lov'n me some miami.

Yeah, I remember Saban's first year here, I think they won 6 straight at the end of that Season. Even Shula said we appeared to be headed down in right direction. Then, disaster struck. Won't happen to me anymore.. Believe me.


We were headed in the right direction BUT we didn't re-sign Frerotte, our OC left to coach the Rams, we traded for Culpepper, & Ricky was suspended.

By drafting a QB in the first round for the present & the future this situation is already totally different.

Wishing myself a Happy 30th year as a Dolphins fan.

Just got my new Tannehill jersey. Thanks to my brother for the early Christmas present. Wish I could go with you guys to Indy for the game. Hope they win so it's not a long drive home.

Just happened upon the "Hook and Ladder" play on Youtube. It was awsome to watch.

As a longtime Dolphin fan, there was a time years ago when the games we had to win, we could never win those games, all you long time fans know what I mean. It seems different this year, The future looks bright,

I hear January in Miami is nice, nice for post season Football. Im just saying!!!

Well said veteran fan

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