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Why not consider playing a couple of younger players?

Yesterday I shared with you the news Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman doesn't see Michael Egnew getting involved in the offense much this year and the reasons the coach gave for that.


It's bad news when a third-round draft pick playing a position that needs upgrade has been basically eliminated from playing this year. It's not a problem if a veteran ahead of him is playing great. It's fine if the rookie is simply caught in a numbers game.

But not playing based on his slow start while the guys playing are having a slow month?

Where does that make room for improvement? How does that keep the players playing from feeling entitled or too comfortable? Most importantly, where does that give Miami the opportunity to find out what talent is on the roster?

And that leads me down a road that eventually the Dolphins will travel. That leads me to thinking about the future. This year, you see, is on the brink of being over.

The Dolphins are 4-6 and have lost three consecutive games. And now comes the killer portion of the schedule. The next three weeks the Dolphins face three consecutive games against teams with winning records for the first time this season. (Also for the only time this season).

And we're not just talking about good teams. After Miami plays 6-4 Seattle on Sunday the team will welcome New England the following week and travel to San Francisco after that. The Patriots and 49'ers are Super Bowl contenders.

Unless the Dolphins find immediate answers to the issues they have been unable to solve the past several weeks, this team is going to find itself at 4-9 within the month. That's not a prediction. That is a statement of fact. The Dolphins must find their absent running game, must find a way to straighten out a suddenly leaking secondary, must get more consistent play and fewer mistakes at quarterback, and have to win battles along the offensive line or this is going to get ugly.

So think of what I'm advocating as desperate times calling for desperate measures. Sort of.

I, for one, am thinking this rebuilding season needs to get back to, well, rebuilding. The Dolphins have youngsters on the bench that may not be quite ready to play but could be the future for the team nonetheless.

Well, it's time to see what the future promises. Rishard Matthews finally got in a game last week and didn't seem overmatched.

“I thought he looked like he belonged out there," coach Joe Philbin said. "He did some good things. Hopefully, he can continue to develop. He earned the opportunity to play in the game. Some of these guys, you’ve watched them in practice and you see them make more catches, more plays, play faster and he deserved to be in the game and didn’t look out of place."

Great. Play him more.

Look, Jabar Gaffney is a better wide receiver right now. But at 32 years old next month and on a one-year contract that expires after this season, he's not going to be around next year and everyone knows that. Matthews will come to camp with the team.

So why not maximize the rookie's experience now, during a season that really isn't headed toward the playoffs anyway? You know, kind of like the Dolphins are doing with Ryan Tannehill.

Let's face it, Tannehill is in a slump because he cannot get the offense in the end zone lately. Maybe Matt Moore would do better. But the thought of a switch hasn't crossed anyone's mind (mine included) because Tannehill is the future and needs all the experience he can get now.

It's short-term pain for long-term gain.

Well, why not apply that to Matthews over Gaffney?

And while we're at it, why not apply that to Egnew over the veterans ahead of him who, by the way, are not exactly lighting it up lately and in Charles Clay's case haven't lit it up yet in over a season and a half?

Maybe Egnew doesn't have it. Maybe he was a reach or a bust. But isn't it better to find that out now than next year after the draft and free agency?

There's also the case of Lamar Miller. Perhaps I am biased because the University of Miami is my school. But the kid was dynamic in high school. He was dynamic in college. And I have seen hints that he can be dynamic in the NFL.

But he simply isn't getting many carries.

"We’re not getting a whole lot of snaps in the game," Sherman said, explaining why Miller doesn't get many chances. "If we were getting 65-70 snaps, which I envisioned -- actually I envisioned 75-to-78 snaps -- then I think there’s more snaps to be got. But when you’re not functioning like we’re not functioning, it’s hard to take a Reggie [Bush] out or a guy that has experience, whether it’s Daniel Thomas out of the game.

"I really like Miller. I think he works hard at it. I think he’s going to be a very good player. I’m excited when he gets in the game. I have no problem when he is in the game. It’s just only one of those guys can play at a time usually."

Timeout. Look, Bush is unsigned. I've told you time and again his chances of returning next year didn't look great at the start of the season. Then he got off to a fast start and that gave me pause. But he's come back to the pack and hasn't really electrified anyone to the point he must be re-signed.

He's been benched twice this year for fumbling -- once against the Jets, once against Tennesee. The foreshadowing here is obvious.

Well, why not give Miller more of a chance to show you if, indeed, he can help cure the ailing running game or at least give hope for the future?

Of course, the Dolphins don't plan anything such as I'm advocating. Philbin was asked this week if he planned any lineup changes in the midst of a three-game losing skid.

"Nothing really specific at this point," he responded.


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Anything is possible. It really depends on which Miami team shows up. If its the same team that has been playing the last three games on offense and defense then no.
If the defense can get push up front, stop Marshawn Lynch, and pressure Wilson then it will take the pressure off the DB's
If the offense can get a push against that stout Dline of the Seahawks, get the run game going, and give RT time to throw then yes.
With the way things have looked and the way the oline has played, it might be an ugly day.

Songdance please dont encourage Ireland to revert back to Tuna ball and draft offensive lineman in round one and two of next years draft.

fired ireland hired Eliot Wolf from packers for GM reunited with philbin.

Tuna Ball died in the year of the cat somewhere over the China Sea.

Yeah they have a good DL. I think the Fins can contain Lynch. They've had trouble with elusive backs lately. Lynch good RB, but more likely to run through people.

Some reason I think the Dolphins will snap out of it this week. Possibly wishful thinking, but who knows. Seattle has a few outside factors going against them so maybe the Fins pull one out.

didnt Dez state his dad was a pimp? What Ireland did, in a not so plesant way, was question his back ground... Look at the crap the Cowboys are dealing with now..


Aloco unless we can convert offensive lineman to TEs with speed by sitting them on the bench for one full season then I VOTE NO TO DRAFTING OFFENSIVE LINEMAN IN ROUNDS ONE AND TWO IN 2013 HOW DO YOU VOTE

Commonsense @ 2:55pm,

That's where my head is at too. For all the reasons you've mentioned but mostly because Seattle's a different team on the road. I think our team is going to surprise this week. I don't believe that'll be a popular opinion on here but that's wht I think will happen this week.

Absolutely play Egnew and Matthews more and let's see what they've got. Why wait? Yes to Miller playing more but I say limit him. I see him as being the future at running back with Thomas and a running backs career is short. Why wear him out now when these games are meaningless. It's a much different learns curve for a running back, as opposed to a WR or TE.

Lastly, good to see Kaepernick playing well last night. He and Dalton were the two kids I liked coming out. He's a kid I would have liked this team to have drafted. Wonder what the Bears fans are saying this morning after a rookie QB ripped them a new one.

I think they need that one good game to get their confidence back..
But at this point with the playoffs a mere dream Id rather them get a high draft pick, especially now since it wouldnt be that much of a hit on the salary cap

So what you guys are saying is that if they play well, they could win, and if they don't play well, they could lose.

Football is simple huh I see?

Anyone one up for a blow job?

Eh, honestly still can't say the playoffs are a dream. Really, really unlikely (I'm not insane), but right now the wildcards aren't very strong. Pitt depends on Roth, without him they are done. Indy isn't consistent yet. Luck is doing great and they are overachieving, but still a ways to go.

So wildcard is wide open, imo. NE has injury issues and aren't a lock to lose to. It would take one hell of a run, but isn't impossible.

looks like 2 watt is back @3:13, or Odin? Clue?


Maybe. Where do you live?

Yea the Steelers are hurting in a bad way.. Rothlesburger out, i read Leftwich is hurt or out.. they are bringing in QBs this week..

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I dont think its Odin

Tards like that make the blog pathetic


I really believe that shipped has sailed. I hope I eat my words on this one. To lose to the Titans the way we did and then the Bills just about kills things, from where I sit. Yes, the Steelers are beat up but the Colts are better than us and I believe the Bengals are better than us too. This was in fact the year we could have snuck in but I think with our schedule it's going to be awfully tough. We need to take at LEAST one from the Pats and that may not be enough.

Haha, I must have picked right

I can see victory against the Jags and Bills and I'll probably pick us to beat Seattle this week but I think that's it. I don't see us beating the Niners and the Pats will be tough, as always.

Yeah, not saying it is likely, just saying not impossible. Though I agree with Titan/Bills loses were basically the nails in the coffin. 6-4 looking at this stretch wouldn't be that bad.

Well think I am out for the day.

Ok now, the time to talk FOOTBALL! Move on along now troll BU-OY and let the ADULTS speak!

I guess you thought you could ruin the blog again? WRONG and BUSTED!

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Has anyone heard of Sherman(from the seahawks) running his mouth this week?


The sesason is OVER! Forget it! It ain't happening, hate to say it. Time to start talking draft. Who do we consider with our first three picks? A #1 and two #2's?

Te way I see it the Dolphins should look into a trade with the Cardinals a Matt Moore and others for Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitgerald is wasted in AZ and the Dolhins need a prime time receiver fro Tannehill.

I hope Egnew starts doing better soon or he might lose the "acorn" designation. And in the regime of Jeff Ireland, that would just be a shame.

Te way I see it the Dolphins should look into a trade with the Cardinals a Matt Moore and others for Larry Fitzgerald.
Fitgerald is wasted in AZ and the Dolhins need a prime time receiver fro Tannehill.
Posted by: Tony Ruscito | November 20, 2012 at 03:34 PM

OK So maybe if Ireland, Matt Millen or Spielman was the GM for Arizona could that be a possibility, but you forget the fact that trade deadline is past us and Moore is a FA

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