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49ers lead Dolphins 13-6 going to the fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- The pace picked up a bit in the third quarter, but the Dolphins are no closer to victory. Further, actually.

The problem in the third quarter was a Marcus Thigpen fumbled punt inside his 10 yard line. The 49ers converted with a 1-yard Frank Gore TD run. Gore, by the way, has gone over 1,000 yards for the sixth time in his career.

The Dolphins answered San Francisco's TD with a field goal. Story of the year for the offense.

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Tanne is horrendous. What a bunch of lousy calls.

Who was he throwing to?

Unbelievably terrible play calling

Thomas and R Brown vs 3rd round Gore


Run, run, with Daniel Thomas, our worse rb? Really?

Lol that rollout play is so telegraphed. Every defender saw it coming a mile away. Sherman is awful.

How is it that Philbin/Sherman run up the middle SO FREAKING MUCH WHEN BEHIND?????????????????????????????

God still hates the Dolphins.

THE WORST OFFENSE IN THE NFL..................


Fasano corner catch pt deux.

Great throw and catch....TD!!!



TD, a TD!!!! It only took 6 quarters!!!!

Finally...A play from one of our TE's!!!

One knee equals two feet.

difference is fumbled punt giving them 7

1 knee = 2 feet

Dierdorf is such a blowhard. Of course that TD was good.

I am shocked we scored. Great pass and catch. T-Hill has a future in this league.

Two balls = One nut.

More a Fasano TD than a Tanne TD

I'd still like to see a QB draw on 3rd and goal from the 4..worked last week.

What a catch by Jersey's shore

That was a low percentage football play and we got lucky with the only player on the field that catches tds.

Dierdorf trying to lobby for no TD, what an ass

Holy crap! Whew.

So telling that it takes a literally inch perfect throw/diving catch to score one stupid touchdown.

In before the defense responds by letting SF drive down the field with no resistance.


Andrew... I know.. we used to have some shut down corners.. Madison.. Surtain..

great thrrow by T-Hill and even better catch by Fasano!!!!!!!!! took some nerve to put that touch on the ball just enough

The first "GRONK" impersonation from Fasano since he's been a dolphin.

THAT CATCH WAS PHENOMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanne needs to learn the art of the pump fake

I'd still like to see my wife's grandma naked.

Nice PLAY! I'm so happy I can give it all up IN UR MOUTH!

So at this rate, we might score our next TD against Buffalo?

It's common sense that bess and hartline can play, but not on the same team. Slot receiver, and we need a 1 and a 2.

Well, you CAN'T say we don't go down fighting!
Lets get a turnover...

nice td. Dierdorf was just stating what everyone was thinking. No way. But Fasano made a great play. Not a bad throw from Tanne. We have a chance and they don't have any timeouts. This may get exciting if the d can hold up. Take your 5 hour energy boys. Ya need em now.



This would be a great time for a forced turnover. Of course, our defense doesn't have that function.

lol now that Tanne has a TD the I HATE TANNE trolls come out and give all the credit to Fasano.. Great catch no doubt but he puts it where only Fasano can catch it...
On the 3rd down play.. why not play action? Why shotgun ?

What a drive on a top-tier D!!! Now we need the fins D to make a game changing play right here!! Take advantage of Kaepernick inexperience....

Now the defense has to reach back and play strong. It won't mean anything unless we can come up with a big stop.

In case you are wondering, Odrick and Wake are on the field this week with 7:49 to play.

Do we lead the league in fewest turnovers forced?

Well here it is, let's see what this defense is made of. We've been here before, but I hope they stand up this time! we need a stop badly.

If I AIM WELL, I can give it all up IN MI MOUTH!






"Lol now that Tanne has a TD the I HATE TANNE trolls come out and give all the credit to Fasano.. Great catch no doubt but he puts it where only Fasano can catch it...
On the 3rd down play.. why not play action? Why shotgun ?"


Totally. Tannehill deserves none of the credit right???

Here comes game winning, time killing drive.

LOL @ Armando,

Had to point that out. Well this week it's crunch time LOL

Can the D hold? Doubt it.

Now defense please

Why does everyone hate on Sherman when philbin wanted to trade Marshall and cut ocho? Marshall has more tds than all our receivers combined.

Andrew you moan T-Hill doesn't throw a TD, then when he does you still sound like a F**king retard. If you applauded good plays then maybe when you talk about the bad ones people 'might' just might listen to you. As it is you haven't got a clue!!!!!!

If Marlon Moore could catch, Tanny would have had TD 3 minutes ago...

Smith another Ireland bust

Let's see our defense step up in the 4th quarter.

Why is Sean Smith fifteen yards off the ball? Get aggressive Coyle!

Holy crap just shut up Douchedorf.

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