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49ers lead Dolphins 13-6 going to the fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- The pace picked up a bit in the third quarter, but the Dolphins are no closer to victory. Further, actually.

The problem in the third quarter was a Marcus Thigpen fumbled punt inside his 10 yard line. The 49ers converted with a 1-yard Frank Gore TD run. Gore, by the way, has gone over 1,000 yards for the sixth time in his career.

The Dolphins answered San Francisco's TD with a field goal. Story of the year for the offense.

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Tannehill showed he's just not ready for primetime on that drive.

Is it just me or does it seem we wait every week until the 4th Quarter to even try to expand the field?

WOW, 5 straight incompletions in a row when the game's on the line. I think that's all I need to know about Tanne-Bust

Well its too little too late Matty , its still 12 INTS to 7 TDS you don t win games like that , again if Moore had played this season we`d of won 8 games easy

A #1 gets seperation and makes that catch..



"Overthrown, both"


That's not it. Anything shorter gets INT. He doesn't have WR's that can get separation.

The Dolphins organization doesn't care about you.
So why be disappointed ?
This lame duck season was served up as a sacrificial lamb.
But hey the Dolphins really like Marlon Moore's upside.

We CANNOT continue to fault tannehill until he gets receiverS to throw to, maybe draft te eiffert from notre dame.

Game over. This teams needs a major overhaul in the off season.

Well, so long everyone. Have a great week. Proud of my Fins today.

Yeah, that is your franchise qb for ya. HE SUCKS! HENNEHILL JR.

I thought that was a bit too early to start callig TOs.

Anyone putting that on Tanny does not know football even Marino sucked we he had crappy slow possession receivers

I don't agree with the clock management strategy here should have saved the TOs too early Philbin

Henne was never 7td's and 12 int's bad.

Defense won't get the stop here. Just another close but not quite for the lolphins. If they let Ireland control this offseason, it will set the franchise back another decade.

Gates, Egnew, Thomas, the guy can't draft weapons. That simple.

Yeah if you call Tannehill a bust and he even hasnt played one full year.. please stop being a Fin fan and go root for the wets.. it shows how low peoples football IQ is

F*&king horrible play calling that last drive!!!!! OMFG!!!!

I'm almost glad I didn't see this on TV up here in NC .

We are what we are and no more. Until we get rid of the Scout GM we will be next season what we have been the last seasons. No change anticipated.

Ireland MUST GO.



Hope all you High Football IQ folks love waiting on these losers to be good!


Tanne is a bust. Dude can't do it when it matters.

Lol the entire defense fell for the fake, not one guy stayed on Kaepwrnick.

Terrible team, no talent, little heart.

So if.. IF Sherman did not play conservative before the last score we MAY have had a few extra mins for more dull play calling.

Meant over.



The Misi injury really hurt. Trusnik sucks!

How do the dolphins make the wrong choice every year. We are jinxed.

agree yesterday, thankfully

Other teams have depth, we have Trusnik who couldn't play for Alabama. That was just pathetic.

What a joke of a franchise. Losers on all sides of the ball. Compare tattoo boy to Tannehill. That's all you need to know.

F*&king JOKE!!!!

another rookie QB makes a play not named tannehill....SAY WHAT??!!!

Last place again!


Hey Armando,
When are you going to write the article that calls out Ireland for not giving his young quarterback receivers to throw to ?
He did the same thing with Henne.
The Dolphins lost games this season in March and April when Ireland set his team up to fail.
7 td's...12 int's.
What a shocker.

Thank U Dansby!

For Ur 1 Play Today!!

Maybe we can get Alex Smith ,

Qbclub13 you are a idiot. Wrs don't throw the ball. How can you catch a ball when it's overthrown every time?

Well, can't say im surprised we lost this game....cause I'm not

It all starts with ROSS he is a loser,so why would he expect any less of his football team.

Alex Smith, you looking for a starting job? We need you, or anybody for that matter, who can throw a damn ball.

WOW, we are just a fu#$ing joke of a franchise, WHY WHY does Ireland have a job?

Javorskie Lane is a fumble machine. Another Philbin/Ireland acorn.

Nice catch Hartline.

that was a perfect pass by tannehill.

Maybe the fins draft a QB and let THill go back to WR............lol


Dolphin 77 u sir are an idiot these we can't catch it in there hands or seperate from a db

Why are we not calling for philbin's firing? The record will be awful, he got rid of Marshall and ocho, and more importantly, how many games have u watched that we have been outcoached?

J Lane
Another Ireland bust

The ones calling Tannehill a bust are the same people that probably call Sanchez a bust also. Look at what he did today. Dominated the Jags in a must win game. I believe Tannehill = Sanchez. Our future is secure.


You enjoy losing so that we can move up 4 spots in the draft. Lol. With the loses by the Steelers and Bengals the fins would have been 1 game behind in the Playoff race and wins against the Bills and Jags at home are very possible in the next two weeks. I hope that you are joking.

GReat...lets play for vegas odds!!!

Only reason these wr are on the team is they played our DBS in training camp


Tamir, anybody and their grandmothers could dominate the Jags. Sanchez blows when it counts the most.

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