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49ers lead Dolphins 13-6 going to the fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- The pace picked up a bit in the third quarter, but the Dolphins are no closer to victory. Further, actually.

The problem in the third quarter was a Marcus Thigpen fumbled punt inside his 10 yard line. The 49ers converted with a 1-yard Frank Gore TD run. Gore, by the way, has gone over 1,000 yards for the sixth time in his career.

The Dolphins answered San Francisco's TD with a field goal. Story of the year for the offense.

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nyfinfan, Tanne stinks. You don't throw a ball away on 4th down.

Orlando Dolphan,

For God's sake why would you want to see this team in the playoffs?

All it would serve is a very embarrassing 1st rd massacre and loss of very needed drafting positions.

WHY MAN, WHY..................................?

Oh Ny fin fan go route for the Jets , Tannehill is a bust!!!!!

the problem is, in crunch time it looks like tannehill panics. in particular, he is afraid to throw an int and doesn't try to fit it into tight windows. he needs to let it go and let the chips fall where they may.

If Ireland is picking the players, what do we care where we pick, he'll F$ck it up.

Phins78, Tanne is a bust. Deal with it.

I don't get why t hill doesn't run more. Why Moore is a terrible recover and still plays. Why Thomas gets redone carries. Why lane likes to fumble.

Tannehill is a joke. Get Alex Smith.

I've been watching football for a long time, Tannehill IS A BUST!!!

Dumb fans who dont know what theyre watching will always blame playcalling.

Hey dumbos, first you have to have impact players at the skill positions to have:


Oh really? You would take the two best college qbs in the country over an inexperienced project?! Genius! Grace us with more of your infinite wisdom.

Miami's season tickets must be selling like latkes during Hannuka. not...

Phins 78 if you think tannehill is our future, then the better part of your brain ran down your mothers crack and stained the sheet idiot

The whole Miami team sucks... especially the coaching. Just like Philbin - not wanting to be outdone by the stupidity of his player after walking in the endzone with the punt, he decides to challenge a play he is going to lose.

Tannehill has some skills but the coaching staff is terrible. The playcalling is MISERABLE - just like when Dan Henning was here.

While many on here were frothing from the mouth when they drafted Tannie I was shaking my head watching us throw away a draft pick on AT BEST a third round pick which I rated Tannie. Just because the kid is studying to be a medical Doctor doesn't mean that he was worth the first round pick.

Again, he was at best in MY opinion a third rounder.




Dan you're a moron, deal with it.

I see that everyone is in the Christmas spirit once again around here...

Moore now go f&%k yourself. Who said hes the answer retard? I said hes a project, apparently everyone knew it except for you.

It doesn't matter... until we can call some creative plays that result in touchdowns, this team will always be just not good enough. You don't need 1st round wideouts to call wheel routes, bubble screens, and misdirection. But we don't see any of that save for one game in the season... instead we get the same ol' run up the middle on first, throw from the pocket crap.

Hire Bill Polian!!!

Hire a better coaching staff, too.

I didn t know it or want it , we had our QB , Shermans the retard who vouched fior this loser and Philbin went along with it , they could have gotten a good receiver for Moore to throw the ball to instead of Henne`s twin brother

TEXAS A&M has Manziel and we got Tenne and Sherman... Just sayin that they dont miss Sherman.

Phins78, hope you get used to Tanne throwing those deep passes on 4th and 11, lol. What a stud.

Tannehill is garbage. Anyone who thinks that scrub isn't a bust needs mental help.

The trolls are out! With holiday cheer to boot! They figured they'd wait until the game was no longer in doubt to show up.


Look at the play again. There was no other play and Fasano was the only guy there on 4th.

Roflmao hey retard no one is here, new post up. Why dont you come on over and whine some more. Lol what a douche

Your mother used the douche to flush you out retard

While the owner wants to give Ireland another year, hold onto your ticket money.Hartline which should have never gotten this far will be a Patriot... Long sucks and so does Smith. Bush will be gone. Starks??? My point is the team was at the top of the cap this year, is going to lose the rest of their playmakers, and the owner wants to continue on this path????? Do what I do....Watch on TV... Empty orange seats a joke like this once proud franchise.... Atlanta was even with us when the took Ryan and we took Jake. Who is better today???

This situation is seriously bad. Tannehill is garbage. He is over being a rookie This is how its gonna be for years to come

SHERMAN SUCKS AND DO WE EVER FORCE TURNOVERS EVER? That last 4 play series was a joke instead of trying for a first down we go 4 times to the end zone. Ireland Sherman have to go!!!! Although I think the defense is playing good enough except Sean smith ( he sucks ) they keep us in games but we can't score points!!!!


Russel Wilson has proven that he is the real deal. I am still not sure about T-Hill. We'll have to wait and see.

I still wonder what the season would have been like if Moore was the starter. We certainly would have lost today with either QB. However, would Moore have made a difference against the lowly Jets at home or against the awful Cardinals on the road? Would we have played as bad against the bad Titans at home or could we have pulled that game out against the Colts? How many wins did we waste this year to develop T-Hill? They should have started Moore this year and T-Hill next year after 1 year under his belt. That is what Harbaugh did with his QB, Alex smith started for 1 1/2 years before he turned the reins over to the young QB. You don't throw a season away.

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