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49ers lead the Dolphins 6-3 going to the third quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- This is a hard-fought defensive game so far.

Cameron Wake has as many sacks (3) as the Dolphins have points. That's the kind of game it is.

The 49ers haven't been able to mount much of an offense against Miami. Yes, they drove for a game-leading field goal just before the half, but otherwise the Miami defense is fighting.

The Dolphins trail 6-3.

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Nice stop on second down.

Exactly why this offense need to blown up...if hartline wants big $$$, walk him out the door...everyone is expendable especially when you consistanly have a bottom feeder of an offense every year....

Misi playing well

As a 1st rd'er, we need far more performances loke that from Jared Odrick. 5-6 a season isnt going to do it.

And there it is.... (sigh)

The Special Teams does it again. What an idiot.

are f-ing kidding me?

Philbin has had one offseason to bring his type of guys in.. do you not understand that? The Pats arent the Pats in one season... it takes time and Philbin has had little of it..
It was a throw away season when Tannehill beat out Moore.. this is his experience year

Gotta love Thigpen

Nice. Un f#%?£ing believable.

there it is...Miami blunder!!!

Nice... Very nice special teams comes through again.

Another stupid play.....Another major mistake by THILL right?????

Hey Ken is that Rizzi's fault too?

Hey the dolphins never score but you guys like their offensive personnel moves. That's fine. I like to score points but I'm old fashioned that way, I think points produced means more than a 70% completion percentage on a bunch if safe throws.

Our offense operates in a tiny bubble but thank god we grabbed another running back and a tight end who can't even make the active roster.


The TE's, WR's, & RB's that have been drafted in the past two years have CLEARLY not panned out yet. That's a fact. Anyone who disagrees is delusional.

Can't give up on Lamar Miller & Matthews b/c they're rookies but much more was expected from Clay & Thomas.

D played great, and another ST mistake. Hate to get on Thiggy, as he's been pretty dependable this year.

Wake up

Will Tannehill ever throw a TD pass?

Oh, he is looking for good wide receivers? What a great strategy? He might want to try drafting one before the 6th round.

Another special teams meltdown. No shock. This team just has a losing culture. Need new people in the front office already.

We've seen this script before. Like Pouncey said last week, low margin of error!

Hmmm...I'm sticking with that 24-6 prediction.

Love Thigpen, but thats the game

Turn out the lights. FU&@

forget playing tough...fundementals is a challenge alone with this team!!!!

And thats your ball game. Anybody think that the fins can score 13 points against this team?

Bring me the head of the special-teams coach!

Hard to see the Dolphins recovering from this today.

Thigpen didnt look the ball all the way in before looking to run. Huge boneheaded plays by st's today.

SF has a td:


Aaaa!!! These clowns are so effing pathetic!!! Special teams has killed us with two big mistakes two weeks in a row. It pisses me off just watching this crap!!

that's the game, if there ever was one

Thomas, Egnew, bust???? how you work that out??? what a joke after 1 season and the other a rookie they are busts.

what an awful boring game, unwatchable. turn it to saints-giants

this is a losing culture. and really, what is the difference between this regime and the last.

No QB = No Offence

Again Andrew ONE OFFSEASON.. ONE DRAFT.. its not going to happen in one of those sorry

What a pathetic mess.....How is a rookie QB supposed to win with a team playing so badly around him?

2 Bad Spots!! The Guy Didn't Fall At The 1!! And Gore Didn't Make The Ball Pass The Line!

Thigpen Needs To Make Sure He Catches The Punt!!

What was that? dumb dumb dumb plays. Even if he lets it go, it probably goes into the endzone. What is the d going to do about that? Nothing.

A ten point deficit might as well be fifty to the popgun Dolphins. Is there some explanation for why the Dolphins recover fumbles in a historically bad way?

Well, good Teams make their own breaks. Yes.

I hope some of you are noticing that it's not just ONE area that needs improvement--outside the run defense it's every area!!! This is why we're not a good football team. It's always something that breaks down. Today it's the special teams.

niners can just sit back and watch miami implode....must be nice!!!

those moaning about why bess takes the catches when under pressure inside our own 15-20yd line have just seen why!!!!!

You know, Sparano would have had the same record. So I'm failing to see how Philbin is an upgrade. Same mistakes overall and poor play.

Bad Team, No fire, I hope Philbin can inspire his guys when and if he gets them.

Special teams coach is a Sporano leftover
Fire him!!
Special teams have led to 10 SF points today
Multiple points in past games

Maybe Thigpen can go for a late night ride with that Dallas dude.

Nothing new here guys.... Same old same old really f***ing sucks

let thill sit for the rest of the yr. He is not a playmaker what so ever and it is so depressing to watch 3 and outs on a consistent basis! The offense consistently gives the opponents a chance to either stick around or extend the score when our defense keeps is on the game. Luckily, we are playing keapernick who is not a playmaker himself but if it were a Brady or manning or any other caliber QB he wud take advantage of it and eat us alive! Great, SP mistake that increases their lead. All this after having first possession of the second half......... Yawn!!!!!!!!!

Tannehill is WORSE then Henne was!

You guys shouldnt be surprised, its just "typical dolphins football". Every loss we find "new holes" to bleed from.

Damned ST . Two Rosclat Bomboclat !

"Gotta love Thigpen"


This is why our fans suck. The guy made ONE mistake this season & you rip him.

I'll give Thigpen this, at least he came back!

Its cool though.. ofcourse a HC that comes from a winning culture will take over a talentless roster and be Super Bowl contenders that first yr.. a roster that cant bring anyone in bc of the dead money theyre paying other players to play for other teams.. ofcourse theyll win it all and get a perfect roster in the first year.. what am i thinking

miami finally recovered a fumble!





OMG...I cant take this anymore!!!

Oh my God, really?

Is that Tannehill's fault??? Perfect throw.

*chokes on bile*


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