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49ers lead the Dolphins 6-3 going to the third quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- This is a hard-fought defensive game so far.

Cameron Wake has as many sacks (3) as the Dolphins have points. That's the kind of game it is.

The 49ers haven't been able to mount much of an offense against Miami. Yes, they drove for a game-leading field goal just before the half, but otherwise the Miami defense is fighting.

The Dolphins trail 6-3.

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Armando this team need a despojo, is cursed I guarantee

perfect pass by THILL....why does Bess run into the middle of three defenders? What a mess this team is.


I guess the colts only go from cellar to 9-4 guess we cant expect that here.

I agree this is a losing culture. And it's not gonna change until they hire a wining GM that knows how to evaluate winning players. Not good enough. Not mediocre. Not reliable. WINING PLAYERS

Bush got body slammed!!!

This best way I can describe this Dolphins team is it's like a 5'11 dude drowning in six feet of water.

Holding......of course

Tanny stinks!

Sandoval... Sparano started last season 0-7 with more talent.. so try again


It's never going to happen with Ireland picking players. It's not like last offseason has produced anyone that scares opposing defenses.

Running backs are good right away usually, Thomas is clearly a bust. We traded up for him by the way. So he cost more than just a second rounder.

Reg, the attitude that its ok to waste a 4th on a position of zero need is absurd.

Another penalty!!!! This is why the team never scores TD's.

I just wanna f$%^ing SCREAM!!!!

If the dolphins had pile drived someone like that it would definately be a penalty.

It's always something this year. Just not a good team from top to bottom.

yes ireland has to go but im doubting that happens. huge draft coming up with ton of picks, why let fireland ruin it

Why the hell did T'hill even roll to his left. He's a right handed qb. He put more pressure on his protyection.

OK finally a make up call. One goes our way.

Check Down Tanny HAHA

Why do our backs always turn around?

The next time the dolphins throw downfield will be the first time. They don't even try to stretch the field. It's pathetic.

Nothing like twenty years of rebuilding. When will this construction project be complete?

I like Jonathan Martin's fight, but he's outclassed right now.

here comes carpenter ride right

They need to go for it.

Hartline just can't get any separation. Let him walk with Long.

No one throws for three yards on 3rd and 8 like the lolphins

3rd and 8 and we throw 4 yard pass. WTF

I just can not stand dierdof

I could careless if Ireland comes back next year.. he has us set up for the future with picks and CAP space

Tannehill is not accurate on the longer passes. All the passes are 3 yds.

wow carp saves his job for 2013



Wow Carpenter! I was ready to write stupid play call but Carpenter shut most of us up.

Dolphins fighting ... one field goal at a time.

Carpenter! Game's not over.

i was gonna say don't do it

Sorry. Go for Aldon's knees.

fist pump...some things WILL never change!!!

I don't think Ireland will go either and I'm sure he will waste all those picks. Brees v. Culpepper, Long v. Ryan, the dolphins always make the wrong decision.

the pass to hartline is a good example of what tannehill is facing. there is zero separation.

Please send Dierdorf to FOX! I have hated him since jumping all over Roby for wearing. Watch.

Tannehill is allergic to TD'S LOL

"I like Jonathan Martin's fight, but he's outclassed right now."

Obviously!!! Aldon Smith is one of the best pass rushers is the NFL.

We need to make a big defensive play. Everything has gone against us so far. That Thigpen play killed us. The niners are too good to be giving them free points. Their defense is awesome!

Give Tanne weapons to throw to then we can pass judgement

time to go for aldon smiths knee... get incognito on it!

Thigpen showed some good character with that run, more importantly the coaches gave him the opportunity and showed some faith in him. I think the players respect those decisions!

Good FG by carpenter and again the coaches show their confidence in certain players.

Fins need to start cutting the Niner D-linemen

Uhhhhh.... guys?

Have you ever considered our recievers dont get open quick enough nor can get good enough separation?

Its not like SF's d is going to allow him to sit back there all day.

WE Have Draft Picks,

You're delusional sticking up for this excuse we call a team. 10 to 15 years of this turns you into a realist.

lol the play calling is awful and no one is open stop blaming tannehill for everything

Dansby is having a very nice game.

Sparano would love Tannehill. It would be a FG Fistpump FIESTA!

How does Crabtree sit out there w/o a db in sight?

WTF... I hate Dierdorff. He never has a good thing to say about the Dolphins. Every time the Dolphins do something good all he talks about is how the other team messed up

Horrible spot.

You can't fumble a punt and give them 7.

amazing spot there not surprised

Trusnik is in for Misi?

I could careless if Ireland comes back next year.. he has us set up for the future with picks and CAP space


He can't f#ck up in this year's FA & the draft. That's a fact. If he breaks the bank on guy's like Long & Smith then we'll know we're screwed. Just rebuild!!!

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