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49ers lead the Dolphins 6-3 going to the third quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- This is a hard-fought defensive game so far.

Cameron Wake has as many sacks (3) as the Dolphins have points. That's the kind of game it is.

The 49ers haven't been able to mount much of an offense against Miami. Yes, they drove for a game-leading field goal just before the half, but otherwise the Miami defense is fighting.

The Dolphins trail 6-3.

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The first Dolphin never makes the tackle and on offense the Dolphin never makes the first guy miss.


why do we have to get that jacka$$ 2 weeks in a row?

The d is slipping

Our poor defense has got to be tired. Our offense is so pathetic. I wonder what the time of possession is?

D is getting gassed. But again we can't ask more from them... It would've helped if they had a pick 6 but they are not supposed to score. Offense is...

Unknown rookie tearing Fins D a new one, typical fail

just a horrific game, so boring

defense cant make a turnover at all

Lol at blaming Dierdorf. If the Dolphins ever score, I'm sure he will say something nice. I'd be better having to cover these snoozefests too.

Russell Wilson just threw his 20th TD pass! Seahawks take a 38-0 lead into the 1/2

Ross needs to clean house INCLUDING THE INCOMPETENT GM.

Anybody notice the replay people didnt show the spot of the first down that philbin was going to challenge??? Was that deliberate by them???

You're delusional sticking up for this excuse we call a team. 10 to 15 years of this turns you into a realist.


I know we suck (we've sucked for awhile) but as a fan I don't quit on them.


We are only 7 points out. One td to tie and 10 more points to win. This team can do it

Any good QBs in 1 st round of draft?

We won't score an offensive touchdown. Actually when was the last time we scored one?

Earl..unknown rookie? its his 2nd year and if you didnt know this kid out of Nevada last year then you dont pay attention to football

How can we have missed Russel Wilson? 20 TDs to T-Hills 7.

Someone needs to throw a flag on Dierdorf

Unbelievable Stanford wasn't called for pass interference on Moss.

Draft Matt Barkley or stink forever.

Dear Dolphins defense: Tackle, please.

Talking about RB you idiot, matty from my ass

Embarrassing tackling

keystone cops

It's not even the 4th quarter yet & the defense has broken down...How about a f#cking tackle dude???

That frank gore screen says it all. Gore is a playmaker and we are bums. He made the whole team miss. Dolphins never make anyone miss ever.

How many missed tackles can you have. Trusnik sucks!

Can't hate on Gore...he's a CANE! Sorry.
We have to make this stop.

no penalty

"Dear Dolphins defense: Tackle, please."


No doubt!!!

Matt Barkley will be lucky to be taken earlier than the 4th.. have you watched him play this year? Started out #1 in the nation now theyre not even ranked.. haha

why cant this d ever make a tackle when it has a team in very long yardage situations. This is a regular occurence with this defense.

Sean Smith EPIC FAIL

Honestly, no room to complain about this PI because the last one against Randy Moss wasn't called.


BS pass Interference


Make up call

bad bad football team

Dierdorf wetting his pants every positive play for 49ers

Sean Smith can go too.

Dolphins setting a record for missed tackles. Dansby is an overpaid bum too.

Sorry but that was a bad f#cking call on Smith there.


That was a makeup pi call by the refs for missing the one on Sanford.

Dansby ALWAYS falls for the outside fake, and gets beat inside. ALWAYS.

And the story continues....refs hate us

that was a HORRIBLE call on smith!!!

Wow, add this to the list of shoulda-won games if we manage to lose this game.

Need better tackling here.

call a time out and give the d a rest. Bad call.

what a poor decision by the officials on s.smith and that p int!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earl with gay refrences.. hmmm tendencies

lol earl sf looks terrible

This team just continues to be its own worst enemy.




Dierdorf says its hard to tell from that angle

Thats because there was no penalty moron!

D is tired

We need a Heisman winner to be our QB.

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