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49ers lead the Dolphins 6-3 going to the third quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- This is a hard-fought defensive game so far.

Cameron Wake has as many sacks (3) as the Dolphins have points. That's the kind of game it is.

The 49ers haven't been able to mount much of an offense against Miami. Yes, they drove for a game-leading field goal just before the half, but otherwise the Miami defense is fighting.

The Dolphins trail 6-3.

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This drive might eat up the entire 3rd and 4th quarter

Can anyone believe that the year we took Ronnie Brown with the Number Two overall pick the Niners took Gore in the 3rd round???

zona 9 straight losses. wisenhunt fired?

We're at our worst when it means the most.

Convinced refs are trying to help the Vegas line. HOW IS THAT PA!?!?

There is a reason every single Dolphins hates Dan Jerkoffs guts. The pass to Moss was clearly pass interference but wasn't called. Meanwhile, the Sean Smith deflection he couldn't see the proper angle to make the call! F U you work for a huge TV network i'm sure they could've gotten you an angle if you wanted. A-HOLE

How can a team be bad for 20 yrs +

Lamichael James looks five times better than Daniel Thomas. Another second round bust for Ireland.

We're at our worst when it means the most.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone $Ever! | December 09, 2012 at 06:08 PM

Defensively yes, offensivly, ALL GAME LONG!!!!



Dierdoff is not the reason this team is often so pathetic.

Hope the owner sells this team , cleans house once and for all gets a new coaching staff , new general manager , new everything , this team has got the losing stink on it that just won t quit , thses coaches are clueless , using a losing QB when we had a winning one last year just garbage all the way around

Sean Smith is who we thought he was


We're at our worst when it means the most.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone $Ever! | December 09, 2012 at 06:08 PM

Defensively yes, offensivly, ALL GAME LONG!!!!

LOL@SuperPhin. It's so true.

That Miami offense is very impressive



Never said he was. Read my comment. Biased is what I said.

Mando, we complain because we NEVER seem to get the benefit of close calls or challenges, and always seem to get the PI in critical situations. Yep, sometimes they're deserved, but not as much as are called on us.
Some of us half-jokingly think it's a NY media conspiracy. LOL

Defense now looking like crap

Its gonna take a good 5 years before the dolphins see the playoffs.

OMG...The 4th Quarter is here.

Our poor defense is tired. This happens every game. These guys play their hearts out and Tannehill and the offense just can't stay on the field.

ok good game over i can relax. movin up higher in draft

Will this team ever have an offense again. Yes the d have terrible moments. But not being able to score tds is the reason we lose so many games.

what..TDS..u mean u need tds to win...somebody quick..text sherman!!!!

no I can't, draft picks

Wow, We suck. Please tell me why Jeff Ireland's job is secure? Seriously, why the F$%k would Ross stick with this bum?

Why does philbin always look confused,he is not head coach material

Just Suck Baby!

we lost on the offense not being able to keep the ball. Every one on d is getting tired.


If the dolphins played great, even Dan Dierdorf couldnt have anything bad to say about them.

Diedorf hasnt come close to saying as many bad things about dolphin players as we say in these blogs. LOL...

I'm tired of you telling us to go to the next quarters blog when it doesn't show up for another 10 minutes
Let us know when it's actually up!!

Jacksonville next week, MAYBE there's a chance.

Ya but Dierdorf is still an ahole. Knee is down, catch is good

No to ledt

Smith getting burnt the whole game finally makes a play and they call a penalty. Again another fixed game.

we better find a way to lose to jack and buffalo

keep Bess and hartline, draft a big, fast reciever.

moore has to catch that, weird attempt

Miami wasnt winning anyway, but if they had any chance, Thigpen closed the coffin with 11:17 left in the 3rd and, when Smith finally made a play on 4th and 1, the ref put the nail in the coffin with the weak interference call.

If Tannehill doesnt pan out maybe Miami will - PLAY LIKE HELL FOR JOHNNY MANZIEL - OR - LOSE IT ALL FOR JOHNNY FOOTBALL - in a few years. You heard it coined here first by me, your cynical but usually friendly Uncle Grier.

Nice throw by T-Hill, great catch by Fasano

manziel isnt even a first rd pick

Driving for their lives right now.

Oh well

Mr . Ross. If you think Ireland has built something for the future in south florida your nuts!

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