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A couple of things went right against New England

I admit it. Sometimes after a loss it's hard for me to focus on what went right. I'm a results oriented person. The NFL is a results oriented league. If the Miami Dolphins lose, I want to know why and I want to expose those reasons.

But sometimes guys play well even in a loss.

So allow me a couple of moments to pick out a guy on offense and a guy on defense to write about here because both played well against the Patriots.

Defensively, Reshad Jones was outstanding.

He had the interception and the return for a touchdown that was nullified by a penalty. He also had 10 tackles, including a sack, had a quarterback hurry, and a pass defensed. And it was not necessarily a surprise.

Jones has been coming on strong for a few weeks now. Sunday marked the second time in three games he's had double-figure tackles. The guy is playing well and is fast emerging as a fine safety.

"I think I’ve mentioned this throughout the season, I’m seeing a young player that’s becoming one of the better players at his position in the league right now," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "I think he is making plays in the pass game. The interception he made was exceptional. The run back was terrific. He had the sack. He had, I think, 10 or 11 tackles in the game, but he’s consistently starting to put one game after another together and he’s got a very high ceiling.

"I think he’s going to be a very, very good player for us."

Yeah, Jones was solid when Tony Sparano put him in the starting lineup last year. He's maturing. And Sunday was part of that process, perhaps the best part so far.

I also want to highlight the game Brian Hartline had.

To look  at his statistics, Hartline was merely good. He had five catches for 84 yards (16.8 yard per catch average). But if you watched the game you understand Hartline was the best receiver on the field for either team.

He was open by five yards on a deep shot down the middle of the field in the first half. The pass did not connect because quarterback Ryan Tannehill overthrew the pass.

He was open, again by a couple of yards, on another deep pass in the second half. Hartline read the defense and turned what was supposed to be a hook route into a deep attempt to blow the top off the defense.

And the play was there. But the pass from Tannehill was underthrown this time and so, again, no completion.

One thing I know: The Dolphins had better be wary of the New England Patriots trying to poach Hartline in free agency. I know it is a possibility because I know Bill Belichick likes Hartline and, more importantly, respects Hartline.

Perhaps that's the reason the Patriots put their best cover corner, Aqib Talib, on Hartline the entire game. And throughout the game, Hartline was open anyway. I expect that will get Belichick's attention. That's right, the same guy that had his sights on Wes Welker might be going back to the well in the offseason if Miami isn't careful.

Anyway, Hartline's statistics don't suggest it. But he also had a very good day against New England.


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God-amed true, Armando. But many times, between these big-shot Owners, is a matter of $. We ALL know downhere that $ was passed into Rick Spielman's hands to let Wes Welker walk into NE. We know.

On a technical note, Hartline has proved me wrong. It is surprising that a long striding receiver like him, does well in a hurry up, precise O. Either he's very smart or the Coaches are designing plays exclusively for him.

Listen, Pals, I can't talk Football at the Huffington. They only care about $ and Politics. How about some feedback here?

Ijust want to say in Mark Sanchez's defense, he was always a good QB until this year when they acquired That Mush Tony Sparano. Sparano is a QB killer, Sanchez looks confused and off just like Henne did in Miami. I blame Sparano 100% and when they get rid of Sanchez this year he will automatically be better wherever he goes. Sparano was terrible for Miami on Offense so why would Rex Ryan get him as their OC? But thank god..

Oscar.......know ur fact brother .....Rick spielman was dumbstaches gm.el.........cam ....let him go fer a second round pick...wich we used on Samson satalle a center ....randy meuller was the GM @ the time ........mmmmmmmk..............sorry but its like all these chuckleheads blaming Ireland fer parcels moves clueless in Miami ......

I have been saying for months that Hartline is an outstanding receiver,probably the most under rated WR in the NFL.Two or three minutes after he left Talib in the dust the first time one of the announcers came out with that same old tripe about Miami not having a receiver who could blow the top off defences!Wake up people Hartline does it all the time,we just need to get him the ball.

* Wilson is QB referring to also in post
Wilson for Seattle
Kap for San Fran

both better than TanneREACH

ok time for coffee wake up :)

While it seemed everyone was overwhelmed and cheering in Miamiland when Belichick offered a 2nd and 7th pick for Welker, I lamented the trade. Even now I can't understand how Welker's talent wasn't noticed.

Hartline is of same cloth. Short on physical but tries to work personally with the quarterback to develop same mindset. Will hate it if he goes.

Randy Mueller let Welker go, not Spielman.

After sitting back and trying to put this team and year into perspective I only have a few things to come up with.

1. Trading Brandon Marshall in my mind was still a major mistake. This team would have at least 2 more wins this season. Would it make a playoff difference, can't answer that.

2. This team is starting to mold some young talent. That is waht we have been waiting for.

3. Jeff Ireland is going to have his hands full this offseason. The players to sign back, FA's and draft will never be as important as it is now.

4. Tannehill has shown flashes, but still needs some work. It does however, concern me that considering he knew the offense coming in that he has regressed and is now considered by many to be worst rookie QB of the bunch.

Oh ....ok if u say he got paid ...he musta got paid.....Woa more nonsense babble from uninformed fans ............

You are Armando, we probably will lose Hartline to the Pats, whenever we do have good players they end up there.
I was with Philbin all year saying he was a better coach then Tony, but how can you sit Wake and Odrick that makes no sense at at all, and another even though Tannehill is our future QB, it would not have hurt to put Moore in the game, who has a history of coming off the bench and playing well, we needed this game and it was for the taking . better QB play and we would have won and still be in the playoff hunt, play to win every game and not worry about a developing young QB and his feelings.

Marshall was a cancer....last yr he did all his work between the 20 s never once did he take over a game and dominate ...please don't use the no qb excuse......what Kyle orton s a great qb he played well with him ....Moore did a solid job Brandon is a head case would have polluted this team.........I believe tannehill is struggling because we are still manila clay is helping open things up for hartline......I believe in tannehill ...we once again need some new help @ guard on Oline.........we have been drafting for a certain style for last four yrs ...now our style is completely different....teams have film on tannehill now n realize that they can box us n but just the simple emergence of clay has helped hartline ....so there is Alotta hope......@ least that's what I c....but I bleed orange n aqua so I continuously try to c it half full...........dnt get me wrong m tired of waiting n waiting again .....but we finally have a qb something we have not had since Danny .........

I think if Moore would have been the starter this year we would be 7-5 or maybe even better and the his numbers would have been a whole lot better than 7 tds and 12 picks. They started tannehill because they said he was better than Moore not because they thought he could be better. This team may have made the playoffs with Moore as the starter.

Yeah Marshall is a team destroyer, just look at the damage that he has done in Chicago. Grow up people, everyone doesn't have to be all huggy feely to make a team successful.

Sparano was terrible for Miami on Offense so why would Rex Ryan get him as their OC? But thank god..
Posted by: Kells | December 04, 2012 at 06:35 AM


That hiring made ZERO sense.....I have a sneaking suspicion that the TUNA has his dirty rotten finger prints all over this one....a favor for his buddy that got a "raw deal" in Miami if you will....

Mando, agree on both players. Jones is the best DB we have bar none. He'll be our Y Bell next year (leader of the secondary).

Hartline also had a good game. However, he could have caught that hook that was a miscue. Hit him in the gut. I know he was backtracking, but big plays NEED to be made at critical times if a team like the Dolphins has any chance of winning.

Hartline has skills, it's just that he can't be the best WR on your team. That means your team isn't that good offensively. Frankly, I would get a guy like Jennings to be that Reggie Wayne, veteran possession WR (because let's face it, he's 30, no longer going to be that speed threat for a team), THEN STILL draft a guy to be a deep threat, then use Bess in the slot and Hartline in conjunction with Jennings and also in 4 WR formations.

THAT'S a potent offense. I'm pretty sure that's what Philbin is thinking of doing. Add to that a true passing TE, and you've got the makings of an explosive offense. For Philbin to say he has the players to make an offense explosive this year is a smack in every knowledgeable fan's face. And it's a bold-face LIE!

draft a qb next year and keep drafting until you find one...I ahve not seem one thing that says tannehill will be any better than sanchez...and why is it that the colts seemed to suck so bad last year, but now..all of the sudden they are playing like they never had the losing season?...I still say they tanked for "luck"..but no one will ever mention it...

Braylon Edwards calls the jets FO and coaching staff "IDIOTS"......lol.....

only confirming what many already knew....but I love quotes from players and coaches with 1ST HAND knowledge.....

1 thing armando.
the qb.
don't suga coat k?

I'll be the first to admit Tannehill has made some major mistakes this year. But then again, aside from Luck and Bobby Griffin, what rookies haven't had these problems? Heck, with that said, Luck has thrown HOW MANY INTs this year? The answer is 16. Yes, he has thrown 17 TDs but 16???? And, 3 of those were this past Sunday on a sub-.500 completion percentage day.

Anyone remember how poorly Peyton Manning was in his rookie year? 26 TDs, 28 INTs. Brees? 17 TDs, 16 INTs (in 2nd year when he was handed the reigns (OH, and he followed that up with a "stellar" 11 TDs and 15 INTs in his full 2nd year). Is it a reach to compare Tanny to these "greats?" I don't know and NO ONE on this blog (or in the world for that matter) can tell the answer at this point. And, speaking of Manning...

Anyone care to notice 2-time Super Bowl champion ELI MANNING last night? Here's what I saw: a future Hall of Famer OVER THROW two wide open receivers for sure touchdowns. Then he followed that up with an erratic over-thrown (and thrown too hard) screen pass that blew through the running back's hands. Weird... it took Eli Manning less than one half to make the same amount of mistakes that it took our QB 3 quarters to make. And this was in a 1-point loss... surely either one of those over-throws would have meant a victory for the Giants. Anyone out there screaming for Eli's head? Saying he's a bum? (crickets)

As my name suggests, I'll be the first to say (every freaking Sunday) that Ireland needs to go. He has demonstrated worse than poor ability to scout and bring in top talent. His late-round acorns are duds. His early-round selections are suspect in many regards. HOWEVER, anyone out there who is judging our rookie QB without also taking into account his sub-par OL and less-than-stellar WR corps is doing a major injustice and is simply doing what Armando warned us all of a few weeks ago: knee-jerking our way through the weeks.

And, lastly, PLEASE STOP trying to compare the Long draft pick to Ryan... it's, what? 4-5 years later? With the OL we had back then and the (still) sub-par WR corps, who knows? Maybe Ryan would have been concussed out of the league by now. Is he starring in Atl? Yeah. 4-5 years later and with WELL-above-average talent. There are no apples-to-apples scenarios to compare that draft so all of your belly-aching about it is nothing more than typical, useless drivel. 4-5 years later... it's beyond stale.

Hartline and Bess would be stars for the Patriots..... they have a QB

DC,Kris, yeah Tannehill needs to improve nbo doubt for this offense to evolve, however if you analyze things, you can see there is something special to work with there. Look at some of the plays completed last week...

28 to hartline
28 to matthews
20 to Clay
14 to leadfoot Fasano

Those are significant plays yardage wise. He has the arm and the smarts to make these plays - he just needs to do it more often. He's making them every week. In short, he's inconsistent. Did you expect anything else from a rookie - anything else from a rookie that didn't start four years in college?

I have faith that he can evolve and progress. This is not John Beck here who we felt like couldn't do anything. Also when in the red zone - he's managing the offense into the red zone pretty frequently. We are top half of the league in red zone offense. That's one thing Henne could never do.

It would also help if the offensive line, runing backs and coaches could put him in a better position. Those dam negative rushes seem like they put Miami in 3rd and forever way too much.

Super Bowls have been won by QB's like Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer. That tells me the obvious(we all know) This is a team sport and no one single players makes us a winner or loser. Past few weeks we have posted our opinions on the weaknesses of the teamLong and the O line, Running game, No #1 receiver, Inconsistent QB play, Dansby, Secondary. All in all we know we do not have a team that can be competitive against the better teams at this point but I am pretty enthusiastic about the future. If good decisions are made in the off season, With the cap and draft situation we should be a lot better next year.

Heartline n Bess are 2 really good slot Recievers not real big Wr's.If we can pick up a stud WR in free agency like Wallace,Bowe or Jennings plus with our first pick draft WR Kennan Allan 6-3 220 that would really help this team out.

Mark....agree...he needs to be more consistent.....

but I posted something about Tanne back in pre-season....I said that Tanne wasn't doin the one thing that makes SPECIAL QBs SPECIAL (imo).....

He wasn't throwing that perfect pass...that indefensible ball....the one were the DB is in the hip-pocket...and the ball still whizzes by his face and into the cupped hands of the wr....right in the gut.....the type of pass that almost catches the ball for the wr.....

I think you can learn it....and you may be able to aquire it from practice....but I would like Tanne a WHOLE lot better if he just had it.....lot it seems the SPECIAL ones come into the league with.....

The book isn't written....but if he doesn't improve....it may become a short story....with so many of his contemporaries having early success...

Yeah, I think that's the next step - learning what is NFL open and being really comfortable with the speed of the game and everythign you see. I was watching a bit of the Broncos game on Sunday and Phil Simms says that Peyton can tell by the crowd noise during a play when the pass rush is nearby and when he needs to move in the pocket. The QBs that get "there" just manage to improve enough in their early years to remain viable and it seems that any guy that can get to his, I don't know, fourth or fifth year, gets to that comfort level and eventually becomes good. The first years are about showing progression and maintaining your teams and coach's faith.

That's where Henne and Sanchez failed but many others succeeded.

I mean, Brady won his first super bowl and had 85 passing yards going into the final drive of the game. How likely is that to ever happen??? he was by no means a world beater early on but his team put him in good positions ..

RG3 and Luck are great QB'S and are playing better than Tannehill but they both have much better weapons compared to the Dolphins.. Ty Hilton, Pierre Garcon,Reggie Wayne..WE NEED SOME SPEED

Matthews was in the game more than you think Sun.. Miami used 3-wide more than I have seen in a while but Tannehill rarely looked left where Matthews was lined up mostly. When he did he completed the pass but it wasn't until the last drive. Hartline & Clemons are the only FA's they need to re-sign. Starks is a luxury, Long is in decline & no one else is worthy of a raise. If you were drafted by Ireland you are a role player. You are not elite.

Miami is the farm system for New England. Belichick gets two opportunities per year to scrimmage against his "prospects." If he can turn short, underwhelming white dudes like Edelman, Welker, and Woodhead into lethal weapons for Brady, then why not Hartline?

Oops...Forgot Matt Moore. It would be terrific if he would re-sign. But I doubt he wants to be a "backup".

Mark/Kris, agreed. Tannehill is showing some potential, but definitely doesn't have it all put together yet. Like Kris, I'm most concerned with his accuracy and touch. That's something Luck/RG3 have (PLUS their mobility). Tannehill isn't as mobile (as them or Russell Wilson), but also doesn't have their touch (maybe he's similar to Wilson, wouldn't say better right now).

That's disheartening. He's smart like all those guys, but you need some innate talent to be special. And you need to have the "it" factor that ALL those other 3 QBs have, and Tannehill, not sure yet.

I'm not counting him out by any means. I think best thing we can do is get him talent. I said above what I'd do. Get a real vet WR (to play the Reggie Wayne role). Get a burner (to be like a Mike Wallace, Jennings in his prime). Then retain Hartline (to switch in as #2 and be in the 4 WR sets) and Bess as the slot WR. Get a passing TE (more consistent than Clay). Get those pieces in place, even with DT and Miller, and Tannehill should have everything he needs to get it done.

I wouldn't mind Tannehill sitting a game, so he can see the game from a different perspective

By the way, in order to do the above, plus retain the other talent we need to, not sure we can afford $15 mil to franchise Long. He'll have to take a steep pay cut for all that to happen, or might be a CAP casualty. I don't see him taking a pay cut. I wouldn't if I were him. His agent hasn't mentioned anything about that as a possibility. Then again that was before the Season or injury. We'll have to see how those negotiations go.

Whatever idiot that said Brandon Marshall was a distraction so what?? He demands the ball, The point is he's a playmaker which we lack and even with his drops he still was the best WR on the team. It was a mistake to let Marshall go for some draft picks we created another void by trading away a top WR in the league. Does this make any sense??

dc, wtf? he's done.

d20 ditto.

Did some guy actually post that Clemmons needs to be retained. Oh please let him walk, the dude is always outta position and isnt a playmaker.

Let Long walk. Sign Wallace and the 49ers SS Goldson. Move Rashod over to FS.

Mando, kudos for having the stones to come out and say "this is what the Dolphins did right". Well done.

DC, I can't remember a big name player going into free agency with as little leverage as Jake Long. I bet he'd wished he signed an extension last summer.

Some tackle desperate team may pay him but his problems are not going unnoticed nationally.

if dey lose out,
ain't nobody want 2 b here or come here and i mean nobody,
better let moore reel off some wins so they can feel good in the loooooooooooooooooong os or it gonna f'n bloooooooooooooooooow

I don't have a problem with letting marshall walk as I absolutely hated him but not replacing him certainly upset me. I mean, when trading him, instead of getting two iffy picks,I would've beena lot happier with someone's young receiver. Somone of the ilk of Johnny Knox of Alshon Jeffrey for example.

Clue, there are two sides to that. If they didn't want him, they didn't want him and selling him off for future talent makes sense. If the Dolphins were in a position to make a superbowl run trading Marshall would be a really bad move. Since they are rebuilding it's an alright move. He is a good player, but I have a feeling Philbin didn't want to work with him.

Also his performance last year was subpar (the drops were killers) and his off the field issues were concerning.

@mia73 - Welker was hardly underwhelming. He was an undrafted free agent who did so well initailly with Miami that they received a number 2 pick for him. In retrospect it was a steal for New England since Samson Satelle the guy drafted by Miami with that pick was quickly discarded by the incoming Tuna...

I doubt hartline leaves miami.

Craig won't like our "disloyalty" to Long, but that's part of the game Craig. That's what the Patriots did (Richard Seymour, Deion Branch, Benjarvis Green Ellis, maybe soon-to-be Wes Welker). A team needs to consider many factors when they re-sign players. Not only about the quality of player. There's also considerations of importance to the team (for example, 2 players Pats don't let go of are Brady and Wilfork, the anchors of both the offense and defense). Not sure Long is an anchor of the offense, CAP savings, injury history, next man up's ability to take over the position, etc.

Not saying it's an easy call, but on almost every front, it doesn't play into Long's favor.

This bunch of baboons looking out for Hartline?!?! Dont count on it!! My guess would be they would trade Hartline for a 3rd round pick. and to the Patriots on top of it

I agree with Mark in Toronto, Long's leverage is minimal but there are still owners who cannot help themselves and might offer him something higher than perceived value based on his history. I would hate to lose him because it is another hole to fill but I cannot see overpaying for him.

I am sure Long would get an offer for big money. There are plenty of teams with line issues throughout the league. The Dolphins line isn't great, but in reality it is beter than some (in some cases by a lot).

I'd like if they could retain him for somewhat cheap and hope he rebounds, but I don't really see that being likely. I guess some of that depends on how well Martin ends up playing because in I think they could draft a decent RT with the 3rd rounder they would get for Long leaving.

CommonSense, According to Ireland we arent rebuilding he went on the radio and sdaid we have a "B" roster. So what is it?? Ross expects us to be in playoffs contention, Ireland says we have a B roster, so where are you were rebuilding, Ireland says otherwise

I agree with Boulder, no way given the chemistry he has with Tannehill and the lack of offense they let him walk - I think Hartline and Smith have the most leverage with the team. Both will get paid.

I would normally say a player like Long and how he's tied to franchise would be a good bet to stay but his agent is crazy, unemotional, and detached - that's the wildcard.

Clue, we are building at QB. We have a qb that is learning on the job and will take a while to get there if he does at all. Can't win with a "b" roster and a "c" quearterback.

after watching last nights game i couldnt help but compare the situations of tannehill and rgiii; it seems to me that both teams have similar talent level and both players are highly skilled; the difference right now is that the redskins are giving rgiii plays and schemes that play to his strengths and gives the team a chance to win; the dolphins are pretty unimaginative on offense, imo

I do not believe T-Hill is the answer. he may be tough but he does not have the intangibles great Qbs have. i still think it was a reach at number 8.

i would have preferred R. Wilson.

Mark, Weve been rebuilding for the last decade, Im seriously just going to turn in my Dolphins fan card until Ireland is gone. The guy have been here for 5 years and we've produced 1 winning season, when will you guys get sick of losing??

Look at Redskins, Colts and Seahawks didnt they have a below average roster before there rookie QB step in and now thoughs teams are in playoff contention! And were stuck with a medoicare offense avg 19 pts a game. When will you guys patience run out?? Mines def have.

I've got lots of Steeler fan friends, and to the person, they ALL say Wallace isn't going anywhere. Not sure why people think he will be gone, but I doubt it. He'd be a good addition, just don't think he'll be available. Also, Jennings is no longer a #1. We can't make the same mistake (with FA's) like we did so many years with the QB position. Jennings might be a #2, but he's 30, on the down slope of his career. We'd need another young burner in the Draft in addition to him.


buchter, Tannehill doesn't have RG3's skill set. He freezes defenses with that option. Plus he has one of the best RBs in the league right now. They are a better running team (because of both) than we are. That opens up the pass game, and RG3 makes great decisions (only had like 4-5 INTs).

Tannehill isn't of that caliber. Might never be. He needs much more talent around him to succeed.

DC, Steelers dont like to pay there players if you offer Wallace a lucrative contract hes good as gone like 99% of players.

Clue, refer to the serenity prayer, haha

My patience ran out about the same day they hired Dave Wannstedt to be the head coach. I knew that was the death knell for the franchise. i still remember the day Drew Brees was passed over for Jamar Fletcher. To me that was the darkest day as a fan ... and we'ver repeated the same mistake a few times.

But what can you do? Despite all this, I loved the approach from last year's draft and because of that, i swore to myself that I wouldn't call for Ireland's head until after next year. Can't fire the guy with a rookie qb in my opinion ...

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