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A couple of things went right against New England

I admit it. Sometimes after a loss it's hard for me to focus on what went right. I'm a results oriented person. The NFL is a results oriented league. If the Miami Dolphins lose, I want to know why and I want to expose those reasons.

But sometimes guys play well even in a loss.

So allow me a couple of moments to pick out a guy on offense and a guy on defense to write about here because both played well against the Patriots.

Defensively, Reshad Jones was outstanding.

He had the interception and the return for a touchdown that was nullified by a penalty. He also had 10 tackles, including a sack, had a quarterback hurry, and a pass defensed. And it was not necessarily a surprise.

Jones has been coming on strong for a few weeks now. Sunday marked the second time in three games he's had double-figure tackles. The guy is playing well and is fast emerging as a fine safety.

"I think I’ve mentioned this throughout the season, I’m seeing a young player that’s becoming one of the better players at his position in the league right now," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "I think he is making plays in the pass game. The interception he made was exceptional. The run back was terrific. He had the sack. He had, I think, 10 or 11 tackles in the game, but he’s consistently starting to put one game after another together and he’s got a very high ceiling.

"I think he’s going to be a very, very good player for us."

Yeah, Jones was solid when Tony Sparano put him in the starting lineup last year. He's maturing. And Sunday was part of that process, perhaps the best part so far.

I also want to highlight the game Brian Hartline had.

To look  at his statistics, Hartline was merely good. He had five catches for 84 yards (16.8 yard per catch average). But if you watched the game you understand Hartline was the best receiver on the field for either team.

He was open by five yards on a deep shot down the middle of the field in the first half. The pass did not connect because quarterback Ryan Tannehill overthrew the pass.

He was open, again by a couple of yards, on another deep pass in the second half. Hartline read the defense and turned what was supposed to be a hook route into a deep attempt to blow the top off the defense.

And the play was there. But the pass from Tannehill was underthrown this time and so, again, no completion.

One thing I know: The Dolphins had better be wary of the New England Patriots trying to poach Hartline in free agency. I know it is a possibility because I know Bill Belichick likes Hartline and, more importantly, respects Hartline.

Perhaps that's the reason the Patriots put their best cover corner, Aqib Talib, on Hartline the entire game. And throughout the game, Hartline was open anyway. I expect that will get Belichick's attention. That's right, the same guy that had his sights on Wes Welker might be going back to the well in the offseason if Miami isn't careful.

Anyway, Hartline's statistics don't suggest it. But he also had a very good day against New England.


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Clue, didn't know that. Though I beg to differ lol, new HC/DC/OC QB, etc, etc. Trading Marshall/Davis. Thats not rebuilding?

I also understand the frustration, but mismanagement prior to Parcells/Ireland caused some issues. The Parcells years continued them to an extent. If you look back at the trade/draft history it's bad, real bad. To give you an idea, look up what they traded to get Cleo Lemon : (

Has anyone mentioned as soon as Tannehill and Sherman leaves Texas A&M and what do you know they get better. Coincidence?? I think not

DC, not sure Wallace is staying either. If they franchise him, they will have to pay him something like $15m or thereabouts ... not going to happen and they haven't been able to sign him long term and has reportedly turned down a $40m contract. Your friends may be fans being fans but business says he's at least 50/50 to go.

Can't fire the guy with a rookie qb in my opinion ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 04, 2012 at 10:23 AM


When you take a Rookie QB in the 1st RD...in your 5th year ...you are ONLY doing it to buy more TIME....

After the west coast trip it wont be a sellout against Jacksonville or Buffalo do you people think we will see a plane flying over the stadium hauling a banner of discontent behind it this year like last year?

Good for Hartline. A smart, hard working, kick butt player like that deserves to go to a good team. Expect to see Hartline breaking all of Welker's records after he joins Bellicheat.

Well let's be serious: he'll have slightly less catches but he'll average 15 yards per catch.

and that's why he should be fired...

JI...is ALL about self preservation....

It's time to fire Joe.

Joe: "Sometimes he didn't get to set his feet to throw."

Are you out of your mind, Joe? Did RGIII have to get protection to set his feet to throw last night?

Russell Wilson?



What Do U Expect a Coach To Say? His Players Can't Cut It! U know How His Players Will Feel! Philbin is Playing The Media! U know The Backlash From The Media And "HIS PLAYERS". Philbin Said the Right Thing. U Guys Talk About Losing the LockerRoom! TELL THE MEDIA THE PLAYERS IN UR LOCKER ROOM DON'T CUT IT! Easiest Way To Lose "YOUR TEAM"!

On The T-Hill "Accuracy" Issue! EveryTime He Throws "Perfect Passes" His Players Don't Fight For The Ball! It's a 2-way Street!

After the 3rd INT!! I BET T-Hill realized!! I Have To Make Sure They are open! U can't Throw Some of these Guys Open!

We All Forget the Multiple Back Shoulder Throws he has Connected With T-Hill! The One he threw to Fasano! T-Hill is Accurate. Did Anybody See Eli OVERTHROW both His Wr's Yesterday? AND THE WR's WERE WIDE OPEN!

But Again When U have Guys like Naanee and Gaffney NOT FIGHTING FOR THE BALL! It is Very Discouraging For a QB! To Make Tight Throws(Perfect Throws)

Not Making a Excuse For T-Hill. Just Stating the Facts!


And Dashi is Still Going Out ON a Limb! Even Though Reliable Dolphin Sources Have Already Told Armando. The Branch Dashi is Sitting On Is VERY RELIABLE!


Now is Philbin a Better Coach than Sporano! And IS MORE WORRIED ABOUT HIS PLAYERS HEALTH!! Certainly! So Expect The Fins To Be Cautious With Long!

We All know Sporano Would Put Jake Out There With 2 BROKEN Shoulders and A BAD KNEE! Jake Doesn't Complain He Can Take it!

Which Brings Me To DASHI'S FAVORITE POINT! DANSBY! If Philbin Has Taken Care Of Every Player That Gets Hurt! Bush, Thomas, Hartline, Jake, T-Hill! What Makes DANSBY SO SPECIAL!! Very Hypocritical of Philbin? No?

Signing Hartline is Still Iffy! Yes, Signing Him will Take Away! From Getting Multiple WR's! But If HE IS ASKING $7+ Million a Season! Bye-Bye! Hartline! Wallace and Jenning Might NOt get $7+! So Hartline Will?


HArtline is Not A Speed GUY!! Hartline is a Great Route Runner with Good Hands! And Above Average Awareness!!(Dashi has said this A Bunch!)



Hartline is Not a #1! Can Be a Good #2! Part of a Group.

If the Fins Can Sign Him For about What They Signed Bess or a Little More! Meaning Hartline will be Worth about $4 Million a Year! 3yr/$12 Million! Jordy Nelson Money!

Anyone notice that Luck is more athletic then Tannehill and Tanne a former WR. I swear when Tanny leaves the pocket it looks like hes running in slow motion

Kris @10:28. I couldn't agree more and said as much yesterday. If I was Ireland, I would've done the same thing @8 even if I didn't have 100% conviction in Tannehill. What does Ireland make a year, 1m, 2m??? I have no idea but that pick made Ireland $2m by guaranteeing him another year on the job.

I said it yesterday, it was the ultimate job preservation manouever.


Back shoulder throws are OVER-RATED....they are TEACHABLE.....

I want to see the INTANGIBLE....

and as far as accuracy goes....

shall we go to the stat????

you know...those things that don't LIE...the NUMBERS.....

Tannehill is in the books for 4-7

take away the fixed do over game w Seattle 3-7

next week reality is 3-8
they will give him 4-8

Matt Moore 1-0

Won 7 out of is last 10 games

They said Tannehill is better now than Moore

Tannehill has 0 TD passes in 6 of his games this season

Hartline deserves a better QB
A QB that has not missed him for 4 TD passes already this season

Ireland,Philbin,Sherman aka The Three Stooges
were wrong and reachin when they drafted Tannehill
in the first round

Tannehill will get worse not better
He already knew the system and coach, but
does not have the accuracy or touch

Texas A&M is back to winning football now that Sherman has been fired and Tannehill joked idiots like Ireland/Sherman/Philbin into taking him in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft @ #8

We would've beaten NE if we had a decent QB.

Mark, If we can keep long in 8-9 million range I think he stays. I actually think long will test the market but ultimatley will take less money to stay in miami. Kinda like what Solia did last year.

57% completion percentage...

49 QBR....

7 TD

12 INT

Tannehill is much worse than a QB picked in the 3rd round Kap and

much worse than an undrafted QB picked up by Seattle

Ireland has no real skills

6-10 Do It Again!

Tannehill is not an NFL QB. Move him to WR, play MVP Matt Moore and draft Barkley. Problems solved.


Don't Be a Idiot!

Specially In College!! The Texas A&M Team U Are Watching Now And For The Next 3 Years!! WERE BUILT BY SHERMAN!

SHERMAN BUILT A&M! He Changed The Whole Texas A&M! Anyone Remember The Old A&M! Know They Ran a Option Offense! And WERE NOT THAT GOOD!



It's Like Saying Coker is A Great Coach! Because He Took UM to a Title!


How Was Coker? Once He had his Players on the Team?

Same Thing With A&M! Except A&M! Has a Better Coach than Coker! But He is Playing With The Team Sherman Built!

Another Example Stanford! That Coach From Stanford Built a Great Team!!


moore = 10-2


Why would anybody take LESS money to play for a team on team that is is about to have its 4th LOSING season.....

doesn't make sense....you either OVER PAY for Long...or he tries to find a CONTENDER....or another average team that WILL over pay....

Sherman was fired as college coach

Soon Sherman will be fired again as an NFL coach

The Miami Dolphoons still suck!


Yes The Stats. That Say INT! But Don't Say IT IS Because The WR Stopped! Or The Naanee Special! Hand The BALL to CB!

he ain't have it.

We are going into NFL week 14

Tannehill has 3 passing TDs to WRs

Tanehill has 6 games with 0 TDs

7 games if u count the fixed Do over game
where Tannehill had 2 more INTs and of course 0 TDs again
til the free second chance

Keep It Real
Tannehill sucks!

LOL...on the Nanne special...

but he fumbled it....not handed it off...or bobbled it in the air....

j phil is pixxed at rt fo sure.

Tanne may become what you want him to be someday Dashi.....

but RIGHT NOW...he is EXACTLY as advertised.....

a 2-3 year project....

Home do you ever get sick of saying the same exact thing EVERY DAY???

Also, in the NE game. Yeah Tannehill missed throws, the team also put him in some pretty bad spots. Either by penalty or lack of production. Works both ways. Also mention ANY of the other rookie first year QBs, you know what they have that Tannehill doesn't. Ding Ding... TE that gets open (Clay coming on lately though)

Really, imo, he just needs to get consistent. He has played great at times and terrible at others. Which to me is excusable because of his limited experience. You mention Kapernick... guess what he played more in college, and sat out a year (didn't look great vs St. Louis either).

Why did you delete my post about Tebow. Spot on and people here would enjoy reading it, even if they disagree with me.

Tannehill couldnt hit the broadside of a barn from 10 yds away. His accuracy is nonexistent. Since when does a QB that lost 6 games as a college senior go in the 1st rd? Duuhhh!

And With This Matt Moore MVP!


To Some Of U That Award! Should have No Meaning!


Name The 2010 MVP?



09- Ricky
08- Penny
07- Vacant
06- JT
05- Chambers
04- JT
03- Ogunleye

83-93- Marino




14 Fumbles Lost in 36 Games Played! That Is Without Counting Just The Fumbles Made Which is 20+!

Henne Fumbled 6 Times In 4 Years!

T-Hill Has Only Lost 1! IN 11 Games!


Shula 73,
Do you just say things to try and stir the pot? Have you watched Barkley this year? Do you know that his play this year has dropped him into the 3-4 round range when last year he was a 1st rd pick? Do you actually know football or are you just a fan ?

Jones has been outstanding for a few weeks now?

That certainly doesn't mesh with a certain someone claiming Jones is always out of position.

Take a guess who that was?

I said it a few weeks ago & I'll say it again, R. Jones has been the best player on this defense all year long.


Naanee Fumbled Once! The Other 2 Times He Tipped it To the CB! Once In the Texans Game! And Once IN the Cards Game!

I know this is a little off topic but I heard something very disturbing on the way home yesterday ...

Apparently Lesley Visser asked the KC Chiefs COO why the players were not wearing a badge to honour the memory of Javon Belcher ....

uhhhh, WHAAAAT???

In that case, when are the Bills going to wear the OJ Simpson patch???

Disgusting ...

Yeah the pick that R. Jones had was sick. That bs block called the 6 back and even then the ref couldnt get the actual call right.. NE was called on both fouls lol

matty... think Shula73 is another troll name...

yeah some people are complete idiots.. Hey why arent you honoring a guy that shot and killed his childs mother and then before he cowardly took his own life wanted to thank his bosses..
Really? wear a badge to honor a murderer making his child an orphan..

If we are all calling out R. Jones, why not give Ireland a littel credit for finding him with a 5th round pick?

Just sayin ...

That was a nice find as was hartline with a 4th, Wake, UDFA, Bess UDFA, etc etc.

Once this team gets at least middle fo the road Qb play, Ireland's perception will be a lot different. Can't win with subpar QB play.

I think CommonSense is a troll like odin trying to be righteous to point out every other troll.

Calling out trolls makes you a troll.

Tannehill couldnt hit the broadside of a barn from 15 yds away. His accuracy is nonexistent. Since when does a QB that lost 6 games as a college senior go in the 1st rd? Duuhhh!

Tannehill sucks

Kap is better and hews undrafted

I dont know this yet, but i will next week

Mark, Ireland has missed a whole lot more than produce good players. lets not overstate Jones hes prob our best DB but he hasnt made a pro bowl yet. Hartline hasnt made a pro bowl. bess hasnt made a pro bowl. Wake is def a find, hes a stud. Thats about it..

Posted by: Walker stoned again | December 04, 2012 at 11:14 AM

Did you say Kap was undrafted? The 49ers traded up to draft in

Why am I a troll? Because I post my opinions and back them up (when possible) with actual facts. Also actually talk about football?

Get a life dude. Being a troll makes you a troll and a loser btw.

If we are all calling out R. Jones, why not give Ireland a littel credit for finding him with a 5th round pick?

Just sayin ...

That was a nice find as was hartline with a 4th, Wake, UDFA, Bess UDFA, etc etc.

Once this team gets at least middle fo the road Qb play, Ireland's perception will be a lot different. Can't win with subpar QB play.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 04, 2012 at 11:11 AM

Sorry pal, try again. Like all you Ireland apologists do, Jones was drafted when Parcells was still here.

Wake, hartline & Bess were found under the Parcells era too.

So, lemme see. You wanna excuse Ireland for the bad choices that the team made when Parcells was here but, wanna give him credit for the good decisions made when Parcells was here?

You can't have it both ways sonny! FAIL!

So this place getting logons anytime soon? Cause that would fix this idiot.......


Dashi has said all Along. T-Hill is Going To take 2-3 Years To Develop! That is Why We Can't Really Judge this Year.

Remember Dashi wanted T-Sizzle To Sit Half a Season! So We can Let the MVP play the First 8 Games! And After Midget Hands! Falls on his Face! Which Look as his History! A Good 8 Game Stretch! But Once he is the Starter he Sucks! Then he had a OK 8 Games, Last Year!

Then He Stunk Up The Preseason! Moore Was Going to be Horrendous! Devlin Outplayed Him!

If this Would've happened! We Would Only Hear the Barkley Cries! Moore Would be Done by NOW!


ireland @11:03,

T-Hill Couldn't Hit the Side of a Barn! But he can't Miss the COW of a Mother/Wife U Have.

U Sound like a HillBilly(Barn)! So the Mother/Wife Thing Might Not be That Far OFF!

CommonSense, stop acting like a Troll Hunter. You look ridiculous!

@009, in the old Dolphins Blog. Me, as cubaphin, - I think there was mismanagement in the Wes Welker trade. Some redneck, probably Bob Baumhower - Go back and watch Soccer.

Not going to have a childish arguement. Sorry I know its what you live for, but no dice.

LOL, I am far from an Ireland apologist. Actually nobody roasted him more than I did last year. I just think he hasn't done all bad. I mean he's not great, he's not matt Millen either.

Unfotunately thisfranchise was an expansion team when the Parcells org took over. And for them to turn this thing around in five years they had to be great and they were not. I mean who from 2007 is here?? Just Big Paul I think.

remember how long it took the Texans to get it right too.

On the other hand nobody gives Pete Carroll as much credit as he deserves. He's found great players in every round. An almost unheard of rebuild job. Far from expected and usual though.

Wilson was undrafted and is way better than Tannehill

Have you seen Wilson's numbers

I'm so glad Tannehill got another chance in the Seattle game.
If we did not cheat then Tannehill's numbers would have been horrendous for 5 games in a row which Tannehill lost

And LOL, I never excused Ireland for those first three years, I include them in his assessment ...

OK, Home you dolt. Kaep was a 2nd round pick not a 3rd and Wilson was not undrafted, he was a 3rd.

Now take your meds.

Anyone who thinks "Tannblownpass" is better then Matt Moore is smoking illegal herbs. Moore should get the call for the final 4 games unless we're possing for a better draft status? What makes Philpin think Tanne is better then Moore? Whats makes Philpin leave Wake on the sideline during NE last possession? No rime nor reason can explane it. WTF was Wake not rushing Brady? I think ole Phillie boy has hit the rookie coaching wall. NFL football is a very fast game and Philpin is about two steps slow in keeping up at game speed.

What makes Philpin think Tanne is better then Moore?

I believe they called it "preseason"

If Tannehill were anywhere near a franchise QB, EVERYONE would know it. EVERYONE KNOWS that Andrew Luck and RG3 are franchise QB's. I'm hearing the same excuses for Tanehill that I heard for Henne, and probably from the same people. The guy is not an NFL QB and this is a repeat of year 1-2 with Henne. Wise up and move on or 4-5 more years of cellar dwelling will be in the cards. If Moore is not the guy then it better be back to the draft for a franchise QB.

DC (from earlier),

I think you misunderstood what I said earlier. I have no problem if at the end of the day the Dolphins decide Long isn't worth being franchised. I get that. It's for the good of the franchise.

What I have a problem with is some of the boneheads on here who want to get rid of a guy who's been a warrior for this team on Dec. 1st of this year. I mean, I think the guy deserves a LOT more respect than that. A decision doesn't have to be made on the guy and guys are ready to turn their backs on them. These clowns have NO clue what Long wants going forward. It's all about 'we picked Long instead of Ryan' and I'm saying 'get over it'!

It's the reason Miami fans are who they are and fans of Pittsburgh are who they are. It's no coincidence that these teams are much more successful than Miami. The fans in Miami don't deserve success. Their loyalty just isn't it. Probably never was for that matter.

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