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A couple of things went right against New England

I admit it. Sometimes after a loss it's hard for me to focus on what went right. I'm a results oriented person. The NFL is a results oriented league. If the Miami Dolphins lose, I want to know why and I want to expose those reasons.

But sometimes guys play well even in a loss.

So allow me a couple of moments to pick out a guy on offense and a guy on defense to write about here because both played well against the Patriots.

Defensively, Reshad Jones was outstanding.

He had the interception and the return for a touchdown that was nullified by a penalty. He also had 10 tackles, including a sack, had a quarterback hurry, and a pass defensed. And it was not necessarily a surprise.

Jones has been coming on strong for a few weeks now. Sunday marked the second time in three games he's had double-figure tackles. The guy is playing well and is fast emerging as a fine safety.

"I think I’ve mentioned this throughout the season, I’m seeing a young player that’s becoming one of the better players at his position in the league right now," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "I think he is making plays in the pass game. The interception he made was exceptional. The run back was terrific. He had the sack. He had, I think, 10 or 11 tackles in the game, but he’s consistently starting to put one game after another together and he’s got a very high ceiling.

"I think he’s going to be a very, very good player for us."

Yeah, Jones was solid when Tony Sparano put him in the starting lineup last year. He's maturing. And Sunday was part of that process, perhaps the best part so far.

I also want to highlight the game Brian Hartline had.

To look  at his statistics, Hartline was merely good. He had five catches for 84 yards (16.8 yard per catch average). But if you watched the game you understand Hartline was the best receiver on the field for either team.

He was open by five yards on a deep shot down the middle of the field in the first half. The pass did not connect because quarterback Ryan Tannehill overthrew the pass.

He was open, again by a couple of yards, on another deep pass in the second half. Hartline read the defense and turned what was supposed to be a hook route into a deep attempt to blow the top off the defense.

And the play was there. But the pass from Tannehill was underthrown this time and so, again, no completion.

One thing I know: The Dolphins had better be wary of the New England Patriots trying to poach Hartline in free agency. I know it is a possibility because I know Bill Belichick likes Hartline and, more importantly, respects Hartline.

Perhaps that's the reason the Patriots put their best cover corner, Aqib Talib, on Hartline the entire game. And throughout the game, Hartline was open anyway. I expect that will get Belichick's attention. That's right, the same guy that had his sights on Wes Welker might be going back to the well in the offseason if Miami isn't careful.

Anyway, Hartline's statistics don't suggest it. But he also had a very good day against New England.


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Youre getting like some other posters here using my higher end number to exaggerately make your point. You omitted the "$7-$9 million", went straight to using the 9 only.

My main point isnt pay Hartline $9 million max. My main point is $6 million most likely doesnt get it done. The $9 million max is the point that even the most eccentrically spending owners wont surpass on Hartline.

The $7 million number is what I view is the least it will take. Hartline will only be in his 5th season next year. You guys are foolish if you think there wont be higher bidders if we offer Hartline $6 million..

Thats a slap in his face because I believe even Bellichik would offer him $7 million. If you guys saying $6 million only to Hartline were our gm. Consider you would also be saying bye-bye to Hartline. Its foolish to think he wont get a much better offer elsewhere just entering the 5th yr of his career(the prime) and isnt a diva wr to boot.

Keep dreaming guys.

Hell no, Joe must Go!!!

YAC is Measured Per Catch! NOT TOTAL FOOL!


Welker Averages! 11.6 YPC! 92 RECPEPTIONS!

Welker IS TAKING A 7 Yard Pass And Gaining 4.6 Yards! WOW REAL DIFFICULT! Specially With All the Picking NE DOES!

How Many 20+ Yard Catches? 9!




Tim Tebow will take a team to the super bowl by 2017.

Still, I agree with YG. We should strive to have a pro-Bowler at every position.

Craig M you sir are a clown. Bess is second in the league in yards after per catch. Doesn't mean he's better than Hartline though completely different reciever. Bess is ranked higher in PFF. Hartline is worth about 4 years 24 mill

Trying to think of someone else deserving n couldn't except for Brandon Fields. He is a great punter... In all seriousness even though it may seem funny

Samantha Fox just proved why women shouldn't talk sport

Damn dashi,

I see now youre moving it up to $50 million for Hartline. Geesh, your exaggerating it up to $10 million a year now?

You say Bess better than Hartline. Bess averages now averges 11 ypc for his career, thats after posting a career high this year of 13ypc. Yeah right, Bess is better than Hartline. LOL....

TanneBust is an exact repeat of HenneBust except Irescum used a HIGHER draft choice for it.

the dashi = odin

PFF says Bess is better than Hartline......not saying he's right just saying he has a fair amount of people that agree with him

Brandon Fields IS a great Punter and Football Player. Pro-Bowl? To me only, Yes.

The only fool here is you guys

Tebow goes 8-2, wins playoff game. Benched.

Alex Smith goes 22-4. Nearly gets to Super Bowl. Posts 105 QB rating. Benched.

Is it something in the water?


History! Explains Bess is A Better WR!

He HAS Over 100 More CATCHES FOR HIS CAREER! Over 1000 More Yards! And Twice as Many TD's!




Agreed. Dashi Used The $9 Million Mark to My Advantage. But To Believe Hartline Is Going To Break the Bank. Is A Little Outrageous.


Tebow Will be out the League in 2 Years! WRITE IT DOWN!






(Take A Hint Troll)

Dashi Out Be Back Later.

Hartline needs to stay away from Belichick. After what Welker means to the team he was not treated fairly in the offseason. We need Hartline and Bess. We cannot afford to lose either of them. Starting the next season having receivers with no chemistry with Tannehill is asking for another year and excuses for no offense. Bess is good in the slot but we need someone who can stretch the field to compliment Hartline on the other side.

Home, it's probably chemtrails

If you give between 24 and 26 million over 4 years for Hartline that probably gets it done

Here's Dougity Dog's latest, shining the spotlight on 2012 Biletnikoff Award Finalist, Stedman Bailey.

West Virginia wide receiver Stedman Bailey is one of three finalists for the 2012 Biletnikoff Award for the most outstanding wide receiver in college football. This video highlights some of his best plays from the 2012 season. His stats through 11 games (when this video was made) were 95 receptions for 1342 yards and 21 TDs. He has had three 200+ yard games, one 300+ yard game and leads the nation in receiving touchdowns with five more than the player in 2nd place.


Both of those passers are limited.One has no arm and the other has a slowwwwwwwwwww release. Tebow's release makes leftwiches look like danny boy in his prime.

Sherman is holding our offense hostage....time for him to go

Tannehill can pass the ball with the best of em.....let him loose Philbin!!!

In 12 days Henne will be back in SunLife to Lay The Smack Down on Jeff Ireland.
PriceMaster has promised us a guest appearance on this blog so that he can urinate on our faces 1 more time.

jordan @ 2:37 pm,

Im supposing you got those numbers straight from Hartline on what it will take to get him signed. Right?

70 degrees in New York City today. They should start showing 'A Charlie Brown Pool Party Christmas' this time of year.


U and Everyone Knows Dashi and Odin are 2 Different Posters. COMMON SENSE!

We Do have 1 thing in Common! And U Know What it IS!




Brian Hartline, Jordy Nelson, Wes Welker etc: There are a number of quality, white, skill positions in the NFL.
None of them want to play for Jeff Ireland.

Back to the blog Topic:

Should Reshad Jones stay on this hot streak to end the season. Its nearly impossible he wont make it into the pro bowl as at the very least a pro bowl alternate.

Reshad Jones is on fire right now!

Congratulations to our Jeff for finding another fine acorn!

Warming--I'm in Philly. Shirtsleeve weather here the past two days, too.

No real winter last year, either. The last time there was even snow on the ground for a 24-hour period was almost two years ago.

It's a little unnerving, to be sure!

Only a moron makes thier backup QB a ball carrier in thier first team offense: Tony Soprano.

Only a moron waits until AFTER a players contract has expired to try and re-sign the player: Jeff Ireland

What player is so in love with this organization that they would rather wallow around here than go to a contender. Hartline & Long will both get offers from winning, quality teams: NE, SF, Hou, GB etc.

All you jealous punks (sic) can't stop my dunks.

Re: Warming

In order for a statistic to be a reliable indicator the sample size needs to be at least 35.
That means you need to take the last 35 winters, chart the average temperatures for all 35, and then see if there is a clear trend.

The answer is if anything the earth is getting colder. In fact that is what the Chinese are teaching thier citizens. Since they share the same racial purity there is no one faction trying to decieve another faction.

Is there a window you can open?

Those are Coaches decisions, Firejoe. In the case of Sanchez over Tebow, it hasn't turned out too well. In the case of Kaepernick over Smith, a clear confirmation is not known yet. We, the Dolphins, might be the first ones to provide it.

The earth will seized to exsits after December 21st 2012. And you idiots are here getting worked up about the Dolphins.

My favorite 'I Love Lucy' episode is the one where Fred has uncontrollable diarrhea and Ethel slips and falls in it just after she puts her fancy new dress on.

Oscar, both Jason Cole and Mando have confirmed that football coaches are not rocket scientists.

Jason Cole, formerly of the Herald, now works for Yahoo Sports, I believe.

It's been a season of evaluation for Philbin. Not having Long gives him an opportunity to take a good look at Martin. Not saying Martin is better than Long, But as a starter at LT he will be evaluated and "IF" he does replace Long, the cap looks better. Dansby has not been impressive and that position needs an upgrade. Secondary help a must. #1 Receiver, TE and a RB. Top priorities for the off season/draft.


Who are all of these new names ive never seem before? OOOSSSCCCAAARRR!!!???

After watching Philbin I sincerely hope he's one and done. There is no way Tannehill should have been our starter.

Thats a slap in his face because I believe even Bellichik would offer him $7 million. If you guys saying $6 million only to Hartline were our gm. Consider you would also be saying bye-bye to Hartline. Its foolish to think he wont get a much better offer elsewhere just entering the 5th yr of his career(the prime) and isnt a diva wr to boot.

Keep dreaming guys.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 04, 2012 at 02:20

Did I read this correctly?? You think the Pats who wouldn't extend Welker at about a 7.5 Mil a Yr. deal would offer Hartline 7 Mil??

Most NFL #1 WR's make about 7 Mil a Yr. on average, the only guys making more are Fitz, Megatron and joining them soon will be AJ Green. Hartline at best will be a #2 your over pricing him waaay out of the market at 7 Mil. I don't believe he will do any better than about a 5 Yr./25 to 30 Mil. deal.

You also see a superior talent by far in M.Wallace in Pitt. and he couldn't get that kind of money from the Steelers last off-season and I believe he will hit the market and get the 8 or so Mil a Yr. he's looking for but Hartline?? Don't see that happening.

Santonio Holmes who is also a very superior talent when he's got a QB and is an S.B. MVP agreed to an average of 7.5 from the Jets. You think a team that has the talent the Pats have but are always in the lower half CAP wise got there from throwing that kind of scratch at is at best a 2nd option on their O, NO WAY!

I agree that Jones and Hartline are good to very good players.

The main concern is QB (followed by OL, LB, CB, WR, and TE in no particular order).

Wilson, Luck, and RGIII each have their teams in the playoff hunt. Each won tough games this past weekend. All look light years ahead of Tannehill.

The Colts and Washington were worse than the Dolphins last season. The Seahawks were only slightly better than the Dolphins last season.

Why are other teams able to rebuild in a single year or two or three at the most. The Dolphins will enter year SIX of the Parcells/Ireland rebuilding project in 2013.

The team did not address WR or TE in the draft, although Egnew is a terrific INACTIVE player each week.

The Colts not only got a QB, but two TEs and an excellent WR in the draft.

The team loss very ugly games to the Titans and Bills. They did well in defeating Seattle. Then New England did what they always do against the Dolphins - win.

Even the formerly lowly Rams tied and then defeated the mighty 49ers this season.

We all know it has been twenty years since the Dolphins have advanced to an AFC Title Game. They are, in short, a badly managed team.

Long and Hartline are hoping for deals with New England and want to play on a decent team.

Let's not forget Miami sucked against Seattle until they were given a second chance for a basket ball foul.

Face it, Miami and Tannehill stunk up the joint against Seattle.

Anyone can win if given a second or third chance.

This team smells worse than Gigi.

Gigi show us your p u s s y

Why does Miami even bother having a professional football team?

Why would Coach Coker(Philbin) sit Wake and Odrick on the last drive???? WHY???? A rotational thingy. STFU that was a stupid idea! FIRE PHILBIN!!!!

fin, these guys think Hartline is the 2nd coming of Jesus. Wait until next week, when he disappears from the offense, his cost will drop to $10 and a Big Mac. The guy is SO GREAT, he's worth all of 1 TD. WOW, what a force!!! I can run the 40 in about 40 minutes, put me on the team and I'll score 1 TD too, just to get an authentic jersey.

Hartline looks great next to that dimwit Egnew. Put him in a room with Julio Jones, Dwayne Bowe and Desean Jackson and he'll blend into the wall and disappear.

Tannehill - I don't see how anyone can judge Tannehill off of this season. He is a rookie. He is up and down and more down then up because he doesn't have much talent around him. He doesn't have guys taking 8 yard slants for long runs and touchdowns, either. Not comparing the 2 because RG3 is incredible but he has had a handful of passes including his first ever TD pass to Pierre Garcon where he threw a high, bad pass that he snatched out of the air and took it to the house for 80 yards. When is the last time Tannehill was able to make a bad throw but someone bailed him out? I'm not taking a side either way because I need to see what he would look like with TALENT and SPEED around him before I judge him. He also is a rookie people on a bad team. Aikman, Steve Young, Eli, John Elway etc all were bad in their rookie seasons. You guys can't compare his learning curve to others or you will end up being very miserable. I don't think he is being judged fairly for a rookie.

Jake Long - He will cost Miami around $12-15 M per season. Miami will have $40 M in cap space so thats around 35% of the cap space. The guy is injury prone and not that good to warrant such a high contract. He's been a good player in Miami but really? I won't lose sleep knowing he won't be back next year and he shouldn't.

As was reported in the Miami Herald today: "Tannehill’s statistics rank below to well-below average in 10 major categories. His seven touchdowns in 210 throws is the worst ratio in the league. His 60.2 rating on third downs is also worst."

Compare all that to Luck and RGII or Wilson.

The scary part is that Tannehill came in 'knowing' the playbook and offensive coordinator. Yet, he is regressing. Is it the OL (with the massive over-intevestment in the unit) or the WR and TE? Actually, the Dolphins do not have any TE's - they are all invisible for nearly all of the past 12 games.

Yeah its the reason why the game is played on the field and not on paper.

Im believing Hartline's the only wr we have worthy of garnering the opponent's #1 wr every game. Only one worthy of doubling if you want to trilu shutdown Miami's passing game.

No one in thier right mind will double Bess. He's no threat deep and very little threat to pick up YACs. He's also zero threat in the redzone. Bess is a hort to intermediate post, and short to intermediate middle threat only. No one's concerned with him putting 7pts on the scoreboard.

It's been so long, I can hardly remember the last time I felt positive about the Phins...

I would take Hartline and Stedman Bailey as our starting wr's over Bess. At least with Bailey, dc's have to worry he's a legit Yacs guy and deep threat.

This team needs a starting pair of wr's that threaten deep on both sides of the middle. Then if you have a seam threat te, you threaten to blow the top off of defenses at every point on the field.

Hartline looks great next to that dimwit Egnew. Put him in a room with Julio Jones, Dwayne Bowe and Desean Jackson and he'll blend into the wall and disappear.

DC Dolfan | December 04, 2012 at 03:41 PM

I couldn't agree more with your post by the way have you caught the 4th WR in Philly?? The white boy Cooper who went to UF since the injury bug caught that O he's been on FIRE catching everything his way now there is an interesting player when his FA time comes up which must be soon because I've been watching him on the Eagles Special teams for sometime now. He goes about 6'3" and can run while muscling CB's downfield like he did to a very good Brandon Carr on Sunday night with that one handed catch right over him in the endzone. That would be the type of blue collar go getter that we can use and would probably come at a reasonable price with a shot to be in the top 3 rotation.

Hartline & Bess combine for 116rec 1619yrd 2td
Brandon Marshall stats are 91rec 1182yrd 8td

Wow we would be sittin on top of the division with those numbers in our line up. I am surprised we even average 19 points a game.Our offense at times couldn't even beat Florida State or Florida. We need dynamic players on the offensive side of the ball. How hard is it to figure out? Apperently very hard.

I would take Hartline and Stedman Bailey as our starting wr's over Bess. At least with Bailey, dc's have to worry he's a legit Yacs guy and deep threat.

This team needs a starting pair of wr's that threaten deep on both sides of the middle. Then if you have a seam threat te, you threaten to blow the top off of defenses at every point on the field.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 04, 2012 at 04:00 PM

I agree here about S.Bailey I watched him a few times this Yr. and he's the D.Jackson type that would fit our WC O best. Cal's Allen isn't a bad player he has great size but runs a 4.5/40 which doesn't suit our style of O. By the way have you been watching Philly's Cooper starting with Jackson and Avant hurt. He can really run for a big guy and was making plays all over the field on Brandon Carr which is truly making a statement, I feel he's a real FA sleeper.

Some may not want to hear this, but, its also critical we resign Sean Smith. There arent any great corners in this draft. At least not one you can place your finger on and say this will truly be a great corner.

Plus, we can not afford to spend the our 1st pick on a slightly above average corner. We should still be able to find that guy 2nd rd. So mt draft board would be:

1. Manti T'eo
2a. Steadman Bailey-- If still available
2b. BPA at corner-- Because he needs to start day one

3a. BPA rb---Reggie walks, Miller keeper, DThomas needs upgrading.
3b. BPA pass rush specialist

4. TE
5. TE
6. TE
7. QB--- To Develop behind Devlin(If Moore's not resigned)

I say draft 3 TE's(rds 4,5,6) because if even 1 becomes very good. It will have been well worth it.

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