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A couple of things went right against New England

I admit it. Sometimes after a loss it's hard for me to focus on what went right. I'm a results oriented person. The NFL is a results oriented league. If the Miami Dolphins lose, I want to know why and I want to expose those reasons.

But sometimes guys play well even in a loss.

So allow me a couple of moments to pick out a guy on offense and a guy on defense to write about here because both played well against the Patriots.

Defensively, Reshad Jones was outstanding.

He had the interception and the return for a touchdown that was nullified by a penalty. He also had 10 tackles, including a sack, had a quarterback hurry, and a pass defensed. And it was not necessarily a surprise.

Jones has been coming on strong for a few weeks now. Sunday marked the second time in three games he's had double-figure tackles. The guy is playing well and is fast emerging as a fine safety.

"I think I’ve mentioned this throughout the season, I’m seeing a young player that’s becoming one of the better players at his position in the league right now," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "I think he is making plays in the pass game. The interception he made was exceptional. The run back was terrific. He had the sack. He had, I think, 10 or 11 tackles in the game, but he’s consistently starting to put one game after another together and he’s got a very high ceiling.

"I think he’s going to be a very, very good player for us."

Yeah, Jones was solid when Tony Sparano put him in the starting lineup last year. He's maturing. And Sunday was part of that process, perhaps the best part so far.

I also want to highlight the game Brian Hartline had.

To look  at his statistics, Hartline was merely good. He had five catches for 84 yards (16.8 yard per catch average). But if you watched the game you understand Hartline was the best receiver on the field for either team.

He was open by five yards on a deep shot down the middle of the field in the first half. The pass did not connect because quarterback Ryan Tannehill overthrew the pass.

He was open, again by a couple of yards, on another deep pass in the second half. Hartline read the defense and turned what was supposed to be a hook route into a deep attempt to blow the top off the defense.

And the play was there. But the pass from Tannehill was underthrown this time and so, again, no completion.

One thing I know: The Dolphins had better be wary of the New England Patriots trying to poach Hartline in free agency. I know it is a possibility because I know Bill Belichick likes Hartline and, more importantly, respects Hartline.

Perhaps that's the reason the Patriots put their best cover corner, Aqib Talib, on Hartline the entire game. And throughout the game, Hartline was open anyway. I expect that will get Belichick's attention. That's right, the same guy that had his sights on Wes Welker might be going back to the well in the offseason if Miami isn't careful.

Anyway, Hartline's statistics don't suggest it. But he also had a very good day against New England.


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Exactly why I dont want Matt Barkley. He easily has the best pair of wr's in all of college football and couldnt even sniff the National title with them this year.

Cant entirely blame USC's defense, Barkley had some terrible games this season. The reason was "bda decision making".

They have great receivers at USC? Look them up. We are interested.

Bess Tries To Make His Group Better! Not Just Himself! NEVER HEARD HARTLINE HELPING THE NEXT MAN! Probably Never Will!

Dashi | December 04, 2012 at 05:44 PM

Again the point here is missed on people, Bess is the best route runner on the team and when in his pos. at the slot is a HEADACHE!! Go ask Brandon Marshall who is one of the best underneath route runners in the game, he's going to signal out Bess not Earl Bennett just sayin!

You have 2 WR's in Hartline and Bess who couldn't be more different in their particular job descriptions. One is an underneath route running chain mover the other is supposed to be a vertical threat. So the fact that Bess has as many 20 yard plays as Hartline is disturbing.

I expected more from YG formerly known as Dying Breed who has debated enough Football with me for me to understand he gets the difference.

By the way given the opportunity I believe the Pats try and pry Bess away with Edelman coming on and probably making Welker expendable after the Season before they sign Hartline as was mentioned for 7 Mil. a Season which is truly laughable to do the same thing Edelman does only SLOWER than the former Kansas commit.



They do, Terry King(49ers have QB problems)? That's new to me.

Shula used to say there are good problems to have. Like when 2 good Players are competing for the same position.

If we lose Brian Hartline in free agency to the Patriots, I hope we can all agree that it is not the fault of Jeff Ireland.

This team is not going anyplace, anywhere, any time soon with the GM moron of the year we have. You guys can strategize all you want but he holds the keys to what this team does. I am sick of waiting year in/year out hoping this moron can come through to put a product on the field that works. Other teams do it, WHY can't this one? Because he' s unable to see what they see. Hence, Ireland is not good at this job, he must go. No more giving this idiot another chance and yet another chance to do what?? He stinks! I have been a Dolphins fans since way too long and come this Sunday, I am now in 2013 mode and done with this season. I hope Kaepernick has a great game and the Fins play well but not win. Sorry to say ... but unless this organization, meaning the top moron, Ross, gets rid of baby moron, we will live on the island of mediocrity until then. When the NFL is the most competitive professional sports league around, you CANNOT have this average of a GM.

Armando at least you pointed out the positives... but if history serves me correctly Eli didnt tear it up untill he finnally got receivers... Josh Freemen got V-Jack and a pro bowl RB and a TE and he isnt looking like the bust everyone thought he was the past 2 seasons. Phillip Rivers has regressed since he lost all his weapons he was once considered top 5 QB when he had LTomlinson, a healthy Gates, V-Jack, Sproles. You need weapons I hope we resign Hartline but he doesnt keep you up at night if they jam him up at the line its a wrap. T-Hill will be a pro-bowl caliber QB when he gets weapons. Remember that Fins fans are for the most part on Zoloft meds a decade plus of failure will do that to you...

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