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Philbin playtime philosophy good but what about adapting?

A couple of weeks ago Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, disgusted by the team's sixth loss of the season, mentioned that perhaps it was time to start playing younger players and think about who is going to be on the team in 2013.

A lot of coaches go that route once the losses mount and the current season seems little more than a formality for getting to next season.

Don't expect Joe Philbin to do that.

Even if the Dolphins lose on Sunday as the oddsmakers expect; indeed even with the Dolphins record falling back to 5-8, Philbin is apparently going to continue playing his veterans if he stays true to his philosophy.

“Really, play time’s based on players have to have earn play time and they earn it through what they do on the practice field<' Philbin said Thursday. "If players earn the opportunity to play, we’ll certainly play them whatever year they are, it doesn’t really matter to us what year they are.

"I’m a big believer… I think when you walk into the room with those guys, it’s not fair to play a guy, people have to earn their keep and I don’t care what year you’re in the league. Those guys that bust their tail every day, we’re not going to put somebody in the game that doesn’t deserve to be in the game or hasn’t earned an opportunity to be in the game."

I get it. This is a perfectly reasonable and fair approach.

Philbin wants tell his team that the only way to play is to practice well. He doesn't want to reward subpar practices. He wants to play guys that make him the most comfortable and the coaching staff gains that comfort level by watching what happens in practice.

It is a perfectly logical approach.

But ...

Football is a game of adaptation and not logic. The ball does not bounce logically. The best team does not always win. Good plans that logically should succeed often go awry. And the people that come out ahead are those that adapt quickest not those that offer the most logic.

Thus, the idea of sticking to the stated philosophy works when the season is salvagable and all things and the goal for the entire organization is winning in the present. But when winning in the present is no longer the most vital thing, when doing what is best for the future of the organization becomes more important, all that logic and unwavering philosophy about whomever practices best plays should be cast aside.

It is smart to adapt and consider that certain players who might not be the best in practice now might become your best performers in the future. The Dolphins obviously believe running back Lamar Miller is such a player.

He is a rookie. He has promise. But Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas are both practicing better and obviously playing more because coaches are more comfortable with them, because they get more chances in practices and because Miller needs to improve his pass protection.

“I think he’s going to be a good football player in this league," Philbin said. "He’s got good instincts as a runner. He’s got good balance. He can catch the football. I think he has a chance to be a very good pass protector eventually too. I really do. He’s got good feet. He can bend. I’m excited about him.”

“I think he’s going to be a good football player in this league. He’s got good instincts as a runner. He’s got good balance. He can catch the football. I think he has a chance to be a very good pass protector eventually too. I really do. He’s got good feet. He can bend. I’m excited about him.” 

Well then, when the relevance of this season becomes what is going to happen next season, then the Dolphins coaches should consider putting those feet and all that bending ability to work. Like immediately.

Would that make Reggie Bush upset? Would it upset veterans?

Look, Bush was upset about sitting after that fumble against Tennessee, although he understands that's the business. He's not all that thrilled that the team has not had any contracts talks with his agent, although he understands that's the business.

He'd probably not be happy about giving up snaps to Miller, but he would understand that is the business.

Tight end Michael Egnew is in a similar situation as Miller. He's behind players that are better than he is today. Both Anthony Fasano and Charles Clay practice better than Egnew on most days -- be it in that they make fewer mistakes, or block better or make more catches.

But eventually the Dolphins need to know what they have in Egnew. They can't keep putting off the need to find a tight end to help rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the red zone and down the seam of the defense.

Maybe Egnew isn't that guy. Maybe he is that guy. The point is we might soon need to get about the business of finding out.

Would that upset Fasano or Clay, either of whom might get fewer snaps in games? Maybe. But it wouldn't be an issue if they were more productive. If they were the sure answers, the Dolphins wouldn't have drafted Egnew and no one would even mention him. So ... next!

Now, I am only a journalist. I suppose the Dolphins coaching staff could ignore these suggestions. They could scoff at the idea of someone who doesn't know football like they do suggesting they start looking ahead with players that ar younger and need experience.

But, I remind you, Mike Shanahan three weeks ago was preparing to do the very thing I'm suggesting. And he's won two Super Bowl trophies as a head coach. And that's more than any Dolphins coach can say.



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Only a Jests fan would support Ireland.

Ask yourself this, " Did man have experience before they went up to the moon the very first time " ? Is always better to learn on the job, is not like the Dolphins are going to win the next 4 games and make a push for the final wild card spot.. They should have play better or at least have the urgency to make more plays and be way more consistent on 3rd down .. This offense is only firing on half the cylinders

Kris finally mustered up the courage to come back after he was proven a fraud and outright liar in last weeks whipping. Notice how he only shows up when his 'buds' are around?

Maybe he will enlighten us with his latest prediction?

WE could use Dez Bryant right about now!!

Does anyone really believe the herald pays a salary for someone to post here? That is pretty far fetched. All the posts in a day here wouldn't even justify paying someone a salary. Also the blog would never go quiet for long stretches like it does. I don't buy it.

People who use terms like "Irescum," or "Dumbocrat," or "Repukelican," etc. all have one thing in common:

They are mental midgets incapable of expressing themselves like intelligent adults.

If you wish to be taken seriously, stop writing like a 12-year-old.







Philbin and Co came in and made some hard choices. Even the Marshall situation. Marshall wanted out, Philbin and Ireland obliged.

This year was a total rebuild from the begining. Anybody not realizing this, is just in denial. It seems to me that the people crying the hardest right now, are the ones that didn't/don't have much NFL intelligence. That and they didn't have a real firm grasp of the "Real Situation".

In short, their High Expectations were cruahed by the Reality of the Rebuild.

Having said all that, this team lost quite a few very close ones. 3 pointers, overtime games, even this last one against The Mighty Patriots!

We've been competitive most of the way. 2 times we were beat down and thats it. Definitely not good, but in a year of all new everythings, not ALL bad either.

With all the money and Free Agency options we'll have this year, improvements will happen. 10 draft picks, with 5 in the 1st three rounds won't hurt either.

And all that aside, the main issue is still QB play. Forget comparing Tannehill, Moore and Devlin too ANYONE. Just find out which one gives us the best play. As bad as this team is, superior QB play would have taken this very team to the Playoffs THIS YEAR(I'll stick by this statement too)!

So, the fact of the matter is that this team has improved under the new staff. With the looming off season, I have every reason to believe that the improvement will continue.

Anyone else talking all the bust talk, the fire everyone talk, the lame comparison talk, those are either one of two types.

1. They had/have unrealistic expectations and DO NOT understand what **REBUILDING** means. This is evidenced by the levels of disgruntled "Fan Mail" we get to read here.


2. They are simply blog hit trolls trying to stir the pot(In this regard, I have to agree with Kris. Mando has some DUMB Trolls. Typing two complete, coherent sentences is a Masterpiece for them).

In conclusion, this team has been in almost every game this year. Played competitive and looks to be steadily improving. I myself can't wait to see how this off season shakes out. We'll get over that proverbial Hump REGARDLESS!

Where is P Merling and Clyde Gates and Pat White?

Kris finally mustered up the courage to come back after he was proven a fraud and outright liar in last weeks whipping. Notice how he only shows up when his 'buds' are around?

Maybe he will enlighten us with his latest prediction?
Posted by: 11-5 | December 08, 2012 at 03:17 PM

I took a couple weeks off to HUNT!

How did Kris prove himself a fraud? Please fill me in on this one........?

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From Earlier! U have Me Stomped!! Who Can The Fins Pick Up To Compete With T-Hill?

My Best Plan!! Would Be Make Devlin The Back Up! And Draft A Guy! With a 4th or Lower! A Guy With Huge Upside! But That Would Need Some Coaching!

I Know Who I won't Get!! Any Qb The Jets Release!! Or A.smith! Not Even M.Vicki!!

The Fins Should Be More Worried!! About Getting Wr's Than Finding Someone To Replace T-Hill!!

If The Fins Can Come Out This OffSeason!! With M.Wallace, Hartline, and a 2nd Round Pick WR!!

Then T-Hill Should Be Judged!! With The Strictest Eye!! But This Year? Really!! Give it a Break!!

Does anyone really believe the herald pays a salary for someone to post here? That is pretty far fetched. All the posts in a day here wouldn't even justify paying someone a salary. Also the blog would never go quiet for long stretches like it does. I don't buy it.

Posted by: Hireland | December 08, 2012 at 03:22 PM

No one that I know of claims that the Troll(s) is paid a salary. Just the fact that you post/question this: PUTS YOU UNDER SUSPICION.

The Troll isn't paid by the Herald. But that wouldn't stop a Dear and VERY CLOSE.......**Friend** from running up the blog hits........would it?

Who knows? Mando could be throwing the guy a "Bone" every once in awhile for "Helping Out"

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It wont be long before the fans boo Tanny like they booed HenneBust.

Do you people have any life whatsoever? Jesus. Same coma-inducing 'yada yada yada' day after day after day.

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Kris tried to say a link someone posted didn't say that Alex Smith wasn't yet cleared to play. but it did say that. Everyone who looked saw it. What is the big deal to admit ok it said so? Then the blogger said even which paragraph said it. Then Kris acting like a 5 year old said he tried to paste the article in the blog but it was deleted, yet others posted the article no problem. So Kris accused the guy of being Armando, ridiculous really. He was trying to make stuff up and make the other guy look like a liar when the issue was that kris couldn't admit something was in print that contradicted him.


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No one that I know of claims that the Troll(s) is paid a salary. Just the fact that you post/question this: PUTS YOU UNDER SUSPICION.

The Troll isn't paid by the Herald. But that wouldn't stop a Dear and VERY CLOSE.......**Friend** from running up the blog hits........would it?

Posted by: odinseye | December 08, 2012 at 03:38 PM


Suspect me if you like.

It seems even less likely any friend would want to bother with it. Some of you seem paranoid over something so trite.

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Hey Hireland,

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You're right of course. It's so ludicrous as to be comical. But never forget you're talking to clinically insane people here.

This is the Carousel of Losers.



I see.

Well whatever. New coach and staff, rookie QB, pretty good draft. I say the team is exceeding expectations this year and in good position to contend next year.


Oh, and NO!!

Dashi Is Not A Doctor!! Just Smarter Than One!!


Is this a sociopath or just a closet queen? Any trained psychologists out there?


Who's Spit? And Who's Swallow??


Posted by: Dashi | November 25, 2012 at 09:24 PM

Daswad has all the indications of an extremely frustrated person, sexually and in life in general. Just like Krissy.

Ancient Chinese Proverb- "The Doctor Dresses The Wound And God Heals It"

Entertained By It All | December 08, 2012 at 03:54 PM

I think you hit the nail on the head. Thanks.

Checking out for now.

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Again, As Long as it is about Football!! Dashi is OK with it!!

Posted by: Dashi | December 05, 2012 at 06:26 PM

Dashe is now an official member of the Gang of Blog Polluters.


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Can someone tell me why Jeff Ireland deserves another year here in Miami. We will finish this season again in new England vs a belichick team that will beat us with his 3rd string again. Wake up mr Ross......4 losing seasons in a row under Ireland... Just ask Channing about Ireland's talent with picking players.....


My bad. But Dashi Just Had To Expose The Troll!

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What Do U say About The Question Of The Day!! From reg.

Who Can The Dolphins "Realistically" get To Battle With T-Hill Next Year?

I say Keep Devlin And Draft a Guy With a 4th Or Lower!

I Don't See 1 Decent FA Pick Up!

And These Trolls Have Completely Turned Me Off On Moore!! Else I would Say Sign Moore To a 2yr deal!! Cause In The NFL!! U NEED A GOOD BACKUP!

You have to love the comedy of Odin and Dashi talking about 'trolls' as if they AREN'T just that.


Unless, of course, it's the same person. Hmm.

Either way, TROLL(S).

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KNOW WHAT Dashi means!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone think Tannehill could be a good backup?

On a tragic football note....

The Cowboys have issued the following statement (via ESPN Dallas):
"We are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of Jerry Brown," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "At this time, our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with the members of Jerry's family and all of those who knew him and loved him."



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We are seeing a lot more Football Player's related incidents with alcohol intoxication than before, at least published now. I wonder why.

Also, and these are Professional Athletes that have to work out everyday, loaded? Anybody sees this? Care about? Can do something about it? I wonder also.

I mean, is not a toothpick, but the Life of Somebody.

Sure, I just realized it. Alcohol is eliminated quickly from the body, as opposed to Weed and the Yeyo which take about 1 week.

Well, to each his own.

I know you are reading me. What do you think of the legalization of MJ in Washington State? We had a pretty good discussion about It Today.

More evidence most football players are irresponsible, uneducated fools. You make it to pro sports, you better worship your body and not run around intoxicated for any reason. Check out the video on SS of Cris Clemons being interviewed. Dumber than cow dung.They are all overpaid. All of them.

What I don't get is why these guys making so much coin just don't take a taxi when they want to party.

Way better. No worries about parking and you can fondle your girl in the back seat.

Dumb and Dumber.

Super-interestig Game tomorrow. Jonathan Martin, who is smart vs Aldon Smith who I don't know his pedigree. Colin Kaepernick, who is smart vs our D which is not, except for Odrick. We'll see.

Odrick smart? With that stupid pee wee sack dance? Aldon is a force, he will teach Martin a lesson. 33-13.

Hell, we dance those steps everyday in Salsa, They are cool. If you are smart and young, like Jonathan is, you can neutralize any kind of Force.

So Texas A&M's QB is better this year then last years QB. AND HE"S A FRESHMEN!!!! LMAO!!

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