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Philbin playtime philosophy good but what about adapting?

A couple of weeks ago Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, disgusted by the team's sixth loss of the season, mentioned that perhaps it was time to start playing younger players and think about who is going to be on the team in 2013.

A lot of coaches go that route once the losses mount and the current season seems little more than a formality for getting to next season.

Don't expect Joe Philbin to do that.

Even if the Dolphins lose on Sunday as the oddsmakers expect; indeed even with the Dolphins record falling back to 5-8, Philbin is apparently going to continue playing his veterans if he stays true to his philosophy.

“Really, play time’s based on players have to have earn play time and they earn it through what they do on the practice field<' Philbin said Thursday. "If players earn the opportunity to play, we’ll certainly play them whatever year they are, it doesn’t really matter to us what year they are.

"I’m a big believer… I think when you walk into the room with those guys, it’s not fair to play a guy, people have to earn their keep and I don’t care what year you’re in the league. Those guys that bust their tail every day, we’re not going to put somebody in the game that doesn’t deserve to be in the game or hasn’t earned an opportunity to be in the game."

I get it. This is a perfectly reasonable and fair approach.

Philbin wants tell his team that the only way to play is to practice well. He doesn't want to reward subpar practices. He wants to play guys that make him the most comfortable and the coaching staff gains that comfort level by watching what happens in practice.

It is a perfectly logical approach.

But ...

Football is a game of adaptation and not logic. The ball does not bounce logically. The best team does not always win. Good plans that logically should succeed often go awry. And the people that come out ahead are those that adapt quickest not those that offer the most logic.

Thus, the idea of sticking to the stated philosophy works when the season is salvagable and all things and the goal for the entire organization is winning in the present. But when winning in the present is no longer the most vital thing, when doing what is best for the future of the organization becomes more important, all that logic and unwavering philosophy about whomever practices best plays should be cast aside.

It is smart to adapt and consider that certain players who might not be the best in practice now might become your best performers in the future. The Dolphins obviously believe running back Lamar Miller is such a player.

He is a rookie. He has promise. But Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas are both practicing better and obviously playing more because coaches are more comfortable with them, because they get more chances in practices and because Miller needs to improve his pass protection.

“I think he’s going to be a good football player in this league," Philbin said. "He’s got good instincts as a runner. He’s got good balance. He can catch the football. I think he has a chance to be a very good pass protector eventually too. I really do. He’s got good feet. He can bend. I’m excited about him.”

“I think he’s going to be a good football player in this league. He’s got good instincts as a runner. He’s got good balance. He can catch the football. I think he has a chance to be a very good pass protector eventually too. I really do. He’s got good feet. He can bend. I’m excited about him.” 

Well then, when the relevance of this season becomes what is going to happen next season, then the Dolphins coaches should consider putting those feet and all that bending ability to work. Like immediately.

Would that make Reggie Bush upset? Would it upset veterans?

Look, Bush was upset about sitting after that fumble against Tennessee, although he understands that's the business. He's not all that thrilled that the team has not had any contracts talks with his agent, although he understands that's the business.

He'd probably not be happy about giving up snaps to Miller, but he would understand that is the business.

Tight end Michael Egnew is in a similar situation as Miller. He's behind players that are better than he is today. Both Anthony Fasano and Charles Clay practice better than Egnew on most days -- be it in that they make fewer mistakes, or block better or make more catches.

But eventually the Dolphins need to know what they have in Egnew. They can't keep putting off the need to find a tight end to help rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the red zone and down the seam of the defense.

Maybe Egnew isn't that guy. Maybe he is that guy. The point is we might soon need to get about the business of finding out.

Would that upset Fasano or Clay, either of whom might get fewer snaps in games? Maybe. But it wouldn't be an issue if they were more productive. If they were the sure answers, the Dolphins wouldn't have drafted Egnew and no one would even mention him. So ... next!

Now, I am only a journalist. I suppose the Dolphins coaching staff could ignore these suggestions. They could scoff at the idea of someone who doesn't know football like they do suggesting they start looking ahead with players that ar younger and need experience.

But, I remind you, Mike Shanahan three weeks ago was preparing to do the very thing I'm suggesting. And he's won two Super Bowl trophies as a head coach. And that's more than any Dolphins coach can say.



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Is it my imagination or is the blog WAY better without that trio of kooks bombarding the blog with nonsense?

If Chad Henne romps on the Phins at SunLife next Sunday your self-hatred will rise to record levels and remain there for the rest of Henne's career.

You would gladly agree to lose all the rest of this seasons games as long as Henne does not have a great day against us.
But if Henne goes ape$hit at SunLife next Sunday you'll $hit your pants.

Hey,If Chad Henne romps on the Phins at SunLifeless next Sunday, Irescum will be fired on the spot and we'll all be happy happy.

At this point, every loss is in the teams best interest. Philbin will take advantage of this being his first season. He is smart enough to realize if he can't win it all this year, do what is best to have a chance to win it next year.

If that happens I wouldn't mind seeing Philbin take over as GM.

Losing will only help if we get a competent GM.

Marty Schottenheimer for GM.

If we lose 16-13 that's a loss.

If we lose 49-13 that a romping.

A romping helps us more than just a loss in tie breakers. Let's lose 100-0.

If we loso out we can get Matt Barkley,

Barkely sucks and will be available in the 3rd round.

what did happened to dashi ?


No one that I know of claims that the Troll(s) is paid a salary. Just the fact that you post/question this: PUTS YOU UNDER SUSPICION.
The Troll isn't paid by the Herald. But that wouldn't stop a Dear and VERY CLOSE.......**Friend** from running up the blog hits........would it?
Who knows? Mando could be throwing the guy a "Bone" every once in awhile for "Helping Out"
(A "Bone" - LOL! You get it? A "BONE"?...........)
Posted by: odinseye | December 08, 2012 at 03:38 PM

Mando, Please Ban Odinstank and his lifemate Douchi ASAP.

No Game is unwinnable but this one against SF looks close to it. I don't see any - in their D and only +s. Ways we could beat them, winning the one-one battles as much as possible and commiting, absolutely, no mistakes. No mistakes. Of any kind.

Some pretty strange posts around here. Oh, well, there are many strange People going around.

I'm surprised there were no comments in this blog about the claims of Tony McDaniel and Randy Starks, re: being "disrespected" by the Patriots in the recent game. However I may have missed them.

so guys, some of you may have missed my Question earlier! If people are saying T-Hill is not the answer to our QB issues :- who would you realistically trade for or sign in FA to replace him????????

I did, billcale. Somethng like T-Mac got his assss beat all day and now he's whining. One of the ones to go.

billcale (@ 7:07 AM)

I don't know how others have reacted to it
but McDaniel's quote was NOT one of the brighter things that's ever come out of his mouth...

Every kid learns at a young age that
That's one of the core principles of football and it's probably on 'Page 2' of most football (and war) strategy books.

Hopefully he was taken out of context....because I scares me to think that they have a starter who would 'wine' about an opponent choosing to repeatedly call a play that the Dolphins defense was (at that moment) unable to compete with.
I may see some of you at 'Third and Long' today in NYC.
Cheers !

Yeah, oscar;
It seemed a very unfortunate remark for a rather large pair of NFL defensive tackles to make. :)

Right after that I read about the new secret Miami logo- and wondered if it might be a frowny-faced Dolphin, eyes stained with tears...

Well, billcale, we HAVE won 5 Games this year. Maybe a neutral-faced Dolphin....

No Win comes easy and on Each you shall revel(I'm on my Church-streaming mood now).

Reg, miami needs to get rivers. A change of scenery would do him good. Get him some solid wrs and he is on point. He has experience he has been in big games. Now, sherman gone from a&m what do they do? Win10 games. With hennehill gone they have a heisman winner. That says it all.

go finssssssssss

thill is a rookie. hes fine. we had our chance to trade up and get a freak like rg3 but like many idiots in here ireland thought it was too much. but thill has solid potential

No way Miami wins today. Final score 20 to 3

20-3 sounds about rt, and no way do we want to win

Tannehill is Henne all over again. Draft Zeno Smith QB WV in the 1st and sign Michael Vick as a FA. Try Tannehill at WR.

Miami scores 20 points today

smith already fallen into 2nd rd, had awful year. vick is terrible

LV has San Fran by 10.

Just play a clean Game. We'll see.

Who cares about the garbage Dolphins?

Vegas does indeed have the 9ers by 10....I have even seen 10.5.....Its rare that Vegas has a team NFL team being beaten to a pulp by DOUBLE DIGITS.....usually ONLY the PATS get that kind of love when playing us...and 9 times out of ten they deliver....

Looks like today we will be playing the 9ers...AND the refs.....

DC....if your out there.....THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO CASH IN....CHA-CHING.....

I think Dashi wanted some of that ACTION as well....

Time for the Dolphins to STUN THE WORLD, including their "so-called" fans who don't have their back. Remind me never to bring any of you to war with me, expecting you'll have my back when the going gets tough.

As far as I know, Patrick Willis puts on his pants one leg at a time JUST LIKE ME! I've NEVER heard the 49'ers were the high-flying offense equals of the Pats or the Packers. They have a good defense, SO? Seattle had a pretty good defense too, WASN'T IMPRESSED!

So keep whining wimps. You're the suckers who would get taunted day after day on the school bus, and NEVER stood up for yourself.

Me, I'm the bully that kept giving you wedgies. And I'm supporting my team, effe the rest of you!

Really Mr. 4-12....

now YOUR SUPER FAN.....the RIGHTER of ALL who WRONG the FINS.....

what universe did I wake up in this Morning....lol.......


when its all over....you can go back to writing about......Tanne progression......rookie HC.....and what did anyone expect in a REBUILDING year.....

DC the Dolphins stinks when you take your blind homer glasses off and assess the game you'll see that your beloved Dolphins have no shot. Dolphins have no offense going against a great defense. They traveled out west. The defense isn't as dominant as we think. (see Pats last drive). Dude give it up were getting blasted today.

Anybody wonder if we got the wrong Texas A

Many here always seem to want their Team to lose. That's just fear of being right and prefer to go with the Aggressor.

The St Louis Rams have won 2 in a row and are 5-3 in conference. Jeff Fisher has them going in the right direction while the Dullfins still wallow in the cellar. Ross, choosing Irescum over Fisher was friggin totally MORONIC! The worst owner in sports?

Truth, the dolphins don't stink. Also travelling out west is easier than going west-east. Whilst it is clear on paper san fran are better than the phins the game is NEVER played on paper meaning there is always the chance the 'less fancied' team can win. The team have ben competetive in almost all of there games, so i really doubt your ability to judge any team!!!!

Anybody wonder if we got the wrong Texas A

There is no wondering. Irescum clearly got the WRONG QB..... AGAIN!

reg, the Dullfins DO STINK. Take off your rose colored glasses and quit the kool-aid for a week.

Tony when you look at what the rams got in exchange for their pick from the redskins is it any wonder they have made a bigger jump than most would have expected this season. I'd prefer to wait a little longer before seeing whether we got the worst of that side of the deal.

Many People have never been taught probabilities. Only Right or Wrong.

Truth, please go back to school and learn how to read and write.

Fin77, you are beyond a doubt the most ignorant blogger in here.

Oscar, still parading out your cast of characters, you're a creepy guy.

Clearly you are an idiot.

they are not rose tinted, i see better teams in this league but i also see far worse teams than us!!!

24 to9, San Fran, 3 Fist pump FGs today.

Tony Natan is trying to stir something up so someone will argue with him. Sad

Tony natan aka oscar aka Aloco now known as biggest loser on the net.

Every sports media person that says a team needs to win the turnover battle makes me want to puke. No chyt Sherlocks. Thats like saying the team needs to win the points battle. We all know it. Stop with the turnover crap its nothing enlightening.

Or is Tony Natan cadillac deville aka Truth aka Duh? Probabilities abound, one thing is for sure, there are two idiots who use multiple sign in names and treat this blog like a pacifier to soothe their need for attention via human interaction they can not obtain in the real world. Sad

....10 points is a lot. If you are planning on betting on this game, you kind of have to take the points. who in their right mind wouldn't? Either that or leave it alone.

Kris @ 10:04-10:06...Quality!!!

Where did "everyone go"? Its amazing, every time oscar has to pee everyone leaves, and as soon as he's done they all return.

Truth is a Jets fan. Thats why he said "your beloved Dolphins". He tried to cover at the end but it was too late. He makes this mistake a lot.

"The Real Truth" Is none other then Odinstank/Douchi.
Dude if you dont like something that is wrote in a blog just skip over and read another post,Quite being a D-Bag.

if thats the case, pretty desperate when you go on another teams blog rather than your own!! Although given the jets situation I dooubt there is much to talk positive over there

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