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Answers on Reggie Bush and Jake Long questions

The question of whether the Dolphins want to re-sign Reggie Bush after this season is no longer a question. I have learned the answer and wrote in my column for Monday's Miami Herald the Dolphins would like their leading rusher of the last two seasons to re-sign after this season is over.

Bush is scheduled to be a free agent after this season.

One caveat on that desire to keep Bush in Miami and it's an important one: The Dolphins have a price tag they are willing to pay for Bush. And if the Dolphins can get Bush for that price, then they'll be thrilled to have him.

If, however, Bush wants to break the bank and go to the highest bidder, the Dolphins will be equally happy to turn their lead running back duties to someone else. Who?

Well, again, I was told Sunday evening general manager Jeff Ireland is eager and excited about the possibility of Lamar Miller becoming a more vital part of the offense in 2013.

(Sorry, Daniel Thomas).

There's more.

What will the Dolphins do with long-time left tackle Jake Long after this season?

That's covered in the column as well. It is very telling that the Dolphins believe Jonathan Martin's first few days as an NFL left tackle were significantly better than his first few days as an NFL right tackle.

The team thought Martin to be an F-rated right tackle when he first showed up to training camp. He obviously got better from there and earned the starting job at the position. But when Long went down with a torn triceps injury and Martin was thrust into the starting job on the left side, the Dolphins actually thought Martin immediately performed like a C-plus left tackle.

And he's gotten better from there.

So what are the odds of Miami re-signing Long, who is a free agent after this season? Well, the Dolphins aren't against the notion if Long is going to sign a bargain contract. But the club recognizes someone without a viable answer at LT will be willing to pay Long probably more than the Dolphins are willing to pay.

So Long has one foot out the door.

The column also describes Ireland's plan for this offseason. It's all about adding playmakers. By the way, the best playmaker on defense Sunday was safety Reshad Jones. He recovered two fumbles and intercepted a pass.

Jones is signed through next year so he's not going anywhere.

But he tells me that his agent Joel Segal and the team have talked about a contract extension and he hopes to get one done this offseason. "That's what I'd like to see," Jones said. "But I'm just playing and letting my agent and the team take care of the rest."

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Another thing:

If Stedman Bailey were at least 6'2 215 lbs. He would easily be rated a top 5 draft prospect.

When forgetting about Stedman Bailey remember Russell Wilson. He would have been the rd qb chosen if not for his size.

I think all the newspapers are going to online pay subscriptions. The freeloading is about over.

Guia @ 7:06 PM,

Now all of a sudden it isnt happening with me either. Strange, but I did write in this blog a few pages back that the Herald may be illegally infringing on nfl proprietary rights by doing this.

Now suddenly it isnt happenning any more. Maybe someone at the Herald saw my post, called the Herald's lawyers, and the lawyers told them that I was right. Who knows?

Egnew played Sunday. No passes thrown his way. It is looking like a blown pick.

I love it when bloggers try to assume that what they found out through a news article or through a certain reporter or through their own guessing is gospel.

There is NO WAY IN HELL short of sitting in the Fins inner draft meetings to tell who gets their say so and how many vote or how much value any given person has.

The only thing you know is that Bill Parcells signed off on any choice made during his tenure and that now Ireland has that distinction.

For what it's worth I read Ireland made the choice and fell in love with Tannehill's arm early in the fact gathering process. He supposedly didn't tell anyone until right near the draft and that was the owner.

Again, even though I believe that was what happened I wouldn't be acting like it was concrete as it could have gone down a ton of different ways.



To only charge for "selective products" may be unlawful if that product already belongs to another entity(NFL). Just like the nfl disclaimers you hear on some commercials.

The Dolphins may represent the cuty of Miami and its fans. But they are still the product of the nfl, not Miami Herald. So if they charge for Dolphin articles, they had better be giving the nfl a cut.

But they can charge for the enture newspaper itself, but not selectively for products belonging to another entity.

I seriously doubt it's illegal. The NFL can stop them from showing NFL footage, but not from columnists writing their opinions.

The web medium always businesses to easily experiment. They probably wanted to see if people in the holiday spirit of spending would pay.


Doesnt matter because the nfl finds out about it, illegal or not, they can get injunctions and tie the matter up in court for years until a lawful decision is made.

Im sure its not worth that much to newpaper companies to tie so much money up in lawyers. Just the threat to newspaper by the nfl to do this will make many stop in thier tracks. It just isnt profitable enough for them to try and fight it.

Posted by Evan Silva on April 25, 2012, 11:09 AM EST
Citing a league source, Florio reported on Sunday night that owner Stephen Ross is “pushing hardest” in the Dolphins’ building for the team to draft Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 overall pick.

A day later, SI.com’s Peter King confirmed in his Monday Morning Quarterback column that Ross indeed wants Tannehill.

Fanning the flame on Wednesday was Adam Schefter of ESPN, who appeared on Mike & Mike in the Morning and re-re-confirmed that Ross wants the Dolphins to draft Tannehill.

Financial analysts report constantly on fortune 500 companies and private companies.

The NFL has no jurisdiction over newspapers reporting on the sport. No private company can tell me I can't write an opinion about them. I just can't use their property, but I can talk about it.


Now if a newpaper charged to enter thier site period. Then thats diffrent. But if they charge for nfl content soley thats in the least a very grey area of propreitery rights. Every nfl team is a nfl product.

The nfl allows them to do it freely because its free exposure. But if the newpaper soley charges for this product, Im sure the nfl wants a cut or will seek a cease and desist order.

At least they could if they wanted to push the envelope.

Anyone that thinks Tannehill was Ireland's pick...well, I have some ice in Alaska to sell ya haha


If you think some blog comment you made scared them into calling their lawyers over xmas weekend and acting upon it, well that is too far fetched.

You can bet they fully researched what is legal and what isn't before doing that.

ESPN has been doing it for years with their Insider feature.

SS tried to do it and failed, because nobody cares what they have to say.

The Herald will fail too.


Youre absolutely right. Except very little of its pure opinions. Its opinions mixed with fact of the product. Far diffrent from a critic coming into a restuarant and writing a review.

Guia @ 7:36 PM,

I know this, just thought it was funny it happened afterwards. Still doesnt mean I caused it. Im not that far with my head buried up my a s s. LOL...

Espn is licensed to sell the nfl product. Just consider Monday Night football alone. Espn has a contract with the nfl.

Terrible example.

All I can tell you is other websites have already been doing it for years.

The Herald or any other major newspaper would know what their legal responsibilities are. They have gotten word to take down some videos Armando posted because they were NFL property. Opinions and bloggers is nothing but toilet paper.

From PFT.......Peter King writes that he heard over the weekend that Ross indeed wants Tannehill, and that the punctuation mark was supplied on Monday. “[T]his morning, I got a call from someone saying Florio was right on,” King writes. “Ross wants the quarterback.”

The Herald got in trouble just for posting nfl footage. Espn shows it at will. They have a proprietary arrangement with the nfl. The Herald doesnt.


As far as "other major newspapers" I have no knowledge of except for one. The Sun Sentinel, and who's to say for sure what that arrangement is or if its only because the nfl isnt aware of this yet.

All it would take is one phone call to league office to make it all come tumbling down.

Well, you are implying the Herald is charging for a service without being aware of the legality of it. I'm saying they have lawyers who know the ropes on this stuff to advise them on what they can do or not.


Not Saying Bailey Won't Be Good. S.Smith Was A Real Good Wr, That Was Under 5'10".

Heck, Yo Boy Bess Had Close To 300 Catches In College!

Height Is Not Essential!

But To Be A Reliable Red Zone Threat!! You Need To Be At Least 6'2" 210lbs In The NFL!!

The Fins Want WR's That Can Also Work As Blockers!!

T-Hill Needs Transformers!!!

All The Good Qb's Have At Least 1 Transformer!!

Gronk! Transformer!

Julio Jones! Transformer! And TG The Ageless One!!

J.Graham, M.Colston! Transformers!!

Megatron!! Decepticon!

T-Hill Needs Transformers!!

The TE From ND!! A Couple 6'3" Wr's That Can Run 4.3!!!

These 3 Things!! And The Fins!! Will Have A Top 10!! Offense!!

Get The Fins Some OG's!! Plus This!! And The Offense Should Be Top 5!!


Right Now Sherman Is Only Letting T-Hill Work With The First 2 Chapters!! Chapter 1-Bread & Butter Plays! Chapter 2- Red Zone Offense!!

The Screens! Spread-Option! Double Moves & Deep Routes! And Most Outside Running Plays!! Are Forbidden Right Now! We Need Guards And WR's!!


All of the gib-gab we're doing could be totally for naught. It could have been just a IT gliche that happened within the Herald's system and someone caught and corrected it.

The Herald can not post NFL property videos. They can post all the columnists opinions, so they can try charging for them if they wish.

There are too many examples. Wine Spectator can charge you to get their reviews of other companies wine. Same thing. It has been going on for many years in many industries.

Any kind of ecommerce has it's complexities. It would be very hard to believe the Herald did not seek legal counsel ahead of time.

I'll leave it at that.


A wr(Bailey) that can elude and or break tackles, is gold in the vault. With these type wr's you many times eliminate having to be in the redzone in the first place.

I much rather have a wr who is elusive enough or break tackles well enought to eliminate having to be in the redzone in the first place. Have you ever wondered why this offense spends so much time in the redzone to begin with?


It would have to be one smart glitch for the web site to magically start asking for money. Somebody had to specifically rig that.

Hey lets argue about who picked Tannehill now !

Ross may have wanted it, suggested it, but I don't see how JI picks him without the full support of his new coach and OC who knew RT better than anyone.


Did you know that its actually easier to score outside of the redzone than inside of it? Our problem is we dont have wr's that can consistently do either.

That's where a guy like Bailey can be very valuable. Sure, draft that big redzone wr, but take a guy like Bailey that is very good making scores outside of the redzone too.

Now do you understand my Bailey facination?


We need 2 wr's anyway. I just belive one of them needs to be named Stedman Bailey.

Hey, when you have Ireland as your GM you really dont mind the owner meddling.


RedZone Threat!! Doesn't Necessarily!! MEAN ONLY IN THE REDZONE!!

AND 2 Ways To Throw Deep!!

Either Out Run The Defense!!




My 2 Knocks On Hartline!! Slow & Can't Jump!! High Hurdler!! My A S S!!

I Know You Like S.Bailey!! And Thinks He Is Dynamic!!

Dashi Just Knows The Fins Won't Be Picking ANYBODY!! UNDER 6'2" 210lbs In The First 2 Rounds!!

I Might Be Wrong!! And If I Am!! Agreed! Bailey Should Be The Pick!

What good is getting a top WR when you dont have a QB? Didnt you guys learn anything from the Marshall-Henne debacle?

Pat, That Is 1 Of The Many Reasons!! Marsha Was Gone This OffSeason!!

When You Have A Diva!! The QB Needs To Be Above Her!!

T-Hill Is Set As The QB of This Team!! Any New Wr!! Knows Who The Leader Of The Offense Is!!

And The WR's Already Have A Leader!! Or Leaders!! If You Ask Some!! Bess & Hartline!! Any New WR!! Will Fall In Line!! Or Else!!

That Is Why Dashi doesn't Feel The Fins Will Go After M.Wallace!

The Fins Would Rather Draft Their Players!! Than Pick Somebody Elses!!

How many playoff wins has Marshall brought any of his teams?

Hint :
< 1

Marshall is interested in HIS stats. Only.

I'd rather a WR that is Megatron/Fitzgerald esque. One that is tall, strong, great hands, great route runner and intelligent than a Wea Welker type receiver. Small and elusive is great, will get you 10 catches a game and 100 yards but that guy gets you up the field, you still need a guy that will help you score. Victor Cruz wouldn't be Cruz without Nicks being the sure-handed receiver on the other side (or Eli being QB but that's an argument for another time). I want to be able to throw the ball up and he will out-muscle and out-wrestle the ball every time

So MiamiD

You are saying you'd rather have a super model in your lap than a budget ho? Who wouldn't


Although the individual didn't work out and wasn't going to work out, another receiver that fits the mold of the receiver I'd like would be Brandon Marshall (with better hands...)

I'd prefer a running back more like AP or Barry Sanders, not so much like Arian Foster or Frank Gore.

I'd like a linebacker like Singletary or Taylor, more so than say Misi.

lol GNA looking to pick a fight? I was using those names as comparisons. The point was: I'd rather have a WR that will catch the ball every time and will out-muscle the CB than a lightning fast receiver that will ellude the CB. Perspective my friend.

Sad How Douchi and Flipper posts for hours during a time when MOST people would be with family or friends.
Just sad.

Sanchez brought his team 4 playoff wins. Now thats a QB.

The Fins may be much better off trading their draft picks for established players.

We have a Biletnikoff type of receiver already. Check out Marcus Wheaton, Oregon, 6-2, 180, with 4.4 speed and sure hands. My pick.(Sammy Watkins is a sophomore).

Yep. They don't let me comment on the editorials in ENH without charging me. Of course, I always came down hard on them as everybody knows in Miami that the contents in this publication are controlled by the Triumvirate of The McClatchy Co, Fidel Castro and the Batista People. Yes, that Batista. The Diaz- Balarts, Fernandez Mirandas, Iliana are all consanguineous with the Castros. Some day, if the conditions apply, we'll talk about that here.

Now, back to Football, choose Ertz and not Eiffert, as TE.

OSCAR, WE R NOT LIVING IN THE 1950'S..........


Again, Survival is not enough, but the Knowledge that you can transmit on how you survived.

April, 2009. I started talking in ENH about these New Cuban Men arriving here, I lived better in Cuba, I know the Monster because I am livig in It, and about other stuff said by them. The Tension became unbearable. Suddenly, all communication to ENH commentaries entries froze. And they remained that way for aweek under the pretext of renovating the Blog. True story, ALoco, look it up in your archives. Only later, did Fidel Castro acknowledge the act in a boastful way, see how sudden things can happen, Oscar?



GNA @ 10:57 pm Good point
the way Ireland drafts.

4 consecutive losing seasons!! This team is a friggin disgrace and the laughingstock of the league. The front office, coaching staff and players should all be given their immediate release.

Ross, you're losing EVERY YEAR! DO SOMETHING!!

Ross, if you dont care about winning SELL THE TEAM!!

go finsssssssssss

We found so many great DVDs that him and i were excited to look out again. Over the lifetime of two months.

Beating New England Sunday would be an ASTRONOMICAL boost to young Ryan Tannnehill's confidence coming into 2013. I would gladly trade a couple upper slots in our 2013 draft slot for this.

Also, to end the season on a 3 game win streak helps the entore team to begin 2013 running on high octane too. Regardless of what the detractors here who called themselves "dolfans" would have themselves believe.

As a one George Jefferson would have aptly put it:

"We're Moving On Up"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damage is done yg, moved all the way down to 15, and play a second place schedule

I see finally some bloggers are starting to see Ireland has the magic. Ross wanted a young Shula, instead he got a young, rising star GM. Even better.


A victory over the Pats and I see us drafting around 17-18th. There will still be very good players around this spot that fit our urgent needs. Pass rush, Wr's, and TE's.

Even if we drafted top 10, if we could not get T'eo, I was game for trading back and picking up extra early round picks anyway.

who cares about teo, its every round u move down in and we need play makers and there arent many in this draft

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