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Answers on Reggie Bush and Jake Long questions

The question of whether the Dolphins want to re-sign Reggie Bush after this season is no longer a question. I have learned the answer and wrote in my column for Monday's Miami Herald the Dolphins would like their leading rusher of the last two seasons to re-sign after this season is over.

Bush is scheduled to be a free agent after this season.

One caveat on that desire to keep Bush in Miami and it's an important one: The Dolphins have a price tag they are willing to pay for Bush. And if the Dolphins can get Bush for that price, then they'll be thrilled to have him.

If, however, Bush wants to break the bank and go to the highest bidder, the Dolphins will be equally happy to turn their lead running back duties to someone else. Who?

Well, again, I was told Sunday evening general manager Jeff Ireland is eager and excited about the possibility of Lamar Miller becoming a more vital part of the offense in 2013.

(Sorry, Daniel Thomas).

There's more.

What will the Dolphins do with long-time left tackle Jake Long after this season?

That's covered in the column as well. It is very telling that the Dolphins believe Jonathan Martin's first few days as an NFL left tackle were significantly better than his first few days as an NFL right tackle.

The team thought Martin to be an F-rated right tackle when he first showed up to training camp. He obviously got better from there and earned the starting job at the position. But when Long went down with a torn triceps injury and Martin was thrust into the starting job on the left side, the Dolphins actually thought Martin immediately performed like a C-plus left tackle.

And he's gotten better from there.

So what are the odds of Miami re-signing Long, who is a free agent after this season? Well, the Dolphins aren't against the notion if Long is going to sign a bargain contract. But the club recognizes someone without a viable answer at LT will be willing to pay Long probably more than the Dolphins are willing to pay.

So Long has one foot out the door.

The column also describes Ireland's plan for this offseason. It's all about adding playmakers. By the way, the best playmaker on defense Sunday was safety Reshad Jones. He recovered two fumbles and intercepted a pass.

Jones is signed through next year so he's not going anywhere.

But he tells me that his agent Joel Segal and the team have talked about a contract extension and he hopes to get one done this offseason. "That's what I'd like to see," Jones said. "But I'm just playing and letting my agent and the team take care of the rest."

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Fed Up,
He did do something, he fired his coach and brought in a coach from a winning culture. He has faith in Ireland for one reason or the other, which we are not privy to since it is behind the scenes. Ireland had a decent draft last year and a good one this year. He seems to have went from Parcells controlled drafting to drafting for what Philbin envisions his team to be. Yes there were some misses and yes it will take more than one draft to give Philbin his team. Look for a major change of players this offseason.
Believe it or not Ross wants to make money on his $1 billion dollar + investment and has more at stake than you or me.
Making an statement that everyone needs to be released would set the organization back. Being patient is hard and weve all been trying to be patient for far to long but the writting is on the wall. It would seem as though Philbin is the right coach for this team. He had the Fins in the hunt for the playoffs, barring a few missed kicks we would be there, for a team that was picked to win maybe 4 games all year.


I wouldnt worry much about next year's scheduling either. Especially when talking 2nd place sheduling.

If you've noticed over the years, most teams in this area rise and fall season to season. These type schedules look a little tough to begin the season. but, by season's in it resembles mostly a 3rd to 4th place schedules.

Reason being, most of the teams you play in this area, regress the following season. They're only 5-6 nfl teams that kind of float around the to from season to season in about 4yr spans. We have only 1 of those teams within our own conference. The Pats.

With a great offseason, we have chance to split with the Pats, and sweep the falling Bills and Jets. That could represent 5 wins within our division alone.

So, if we just finish 5-5(.500) outside of the division, 10-6 gets us into the 2013-14 playoffs as a wild card. All's not lost Mr. Bottoms.

few missed kicks vs horrible teams . 2013 should be the year we make huge strides, dont f it up ireland

Ok none the less, they were missed kicks against team with, at that time, winning records. One of those teams is in the playoffs. Carpenter is set to make 2.67 million this coming year, watch for him to be gone.
I agree in 2013 we should turn the corner from the past 4 years.


So, all thats really required next season is to finish no less than 4-2 within the afc east, and at least 6-4 outside of it. Then 10-6 pretty much gives an automatic wildcard playoff bid.

I dont think we'll be quire ready to unseat the Pats as afc east kings, but, with a great offseason we perfectly position ourselves to become the future afc east kings.

Ireland is just an average GM. Nothing special.
2013, one of the most important year in franchise history.
Either we become contenders or suck for another decade.
D line is an issue. No consistent pass rush opposite Wake and no contract for Starks.

Hey, if TanneBust could move the ball we wouldnt have to rely on 60 yd FG's.

Playoffs? Playoffs? LOL Against a real schedule next year 5-11 would be good!

Tannehill has 7 wins as a rookie, tied with the veteran that alot of people wanted to start, in Moore had all of last year with a true #1 receiver.
The FG's missed with 53 yds and in which Carpenter gets paid 2 millions dollars a year to make. Tannehill all of a sudden has started using his athleticism to gain yardage, which teams didnt have to account for before. Is this a coincidece? maybe so or its his coaches trying to get him comfortable in the pocket, next year will tell.


Playmakers? Funny thing about the top 10 guys in this draft is that there is "very slight" separation between the top 10 guys and those in the mid and latter parts of the 1st rd. Even the top 5 guys may only have a 5% to 10% chance of making the pro bowl this year over say, the 32nd pick of the first round.

This entire 1st rd, IMO, evry team has a great chance to grab a very good starter. Our 1st 3 pics(1st, two 2nds) we have a great chance to hugely upgrade some starting positions currently on the team.

Should we hit on at least 1 of those 3rd rd picks. We'll have either 3 very good starter and a heavy contributor. Or, 4 new very good startes. Thats enough to place this team over the top and win at least 10 games next season. Barring serious imjuries in key places.


Hartline and Bess both have had career years with a rookie QB. The TD's are lacking on both Tannehill and their part. Hartline likes to turn his back and fall to make catches instead of running through them.
Tannehill had accuracy issues this year too and with how the kid took what Ireland gave him in a contract shows he is willing to do what it takes to win. So this offseason im sure he is working harder than everyone to get better.


I like our chances against the Pats Sunday. A victory Sunday will be huge in examining this team's chances going forward. This is a "Very Important" game for the Pats going forward into the playoffs.

The Pats were "awful" in the 23-16 win over the Jags. So, this game will be about "building momentum" for thier playoff run, and proving to thenmselves thier a "much better" team than the one that showed up against the Jags last Sunday. Sort of a "team on a mission" Sunday.

If we can gain a victory over them under these circmstances. I believe it says a lot about this team moving forward into the offseason and next year.

mattyb @ 9:32 AM,

Exactly why need both an elusive wr that can also break tackles, giving us chance to get some easy scores withou entering the redzone, and a big fast wr and or te whose a big physical target to better increase our scoring when we are in the redzone.

Because Tannehill will have good and bad days as far as accuracy. We need to be able to "Maximize" our scoring opportunities with these type recievers. We're not going to become any better offensively until we get Tannehill these type of recievers whom maximize our scoring opportunities when we do have the ball.


Also, the scouting report on Tannehill is he had a hitch in his delivery where he brungs the ball down to low upon delivering it. This may also account for the batted passes. Also accounting for the at times accuracy issues.

Things like this you work on to get better, and you do get better. Still at times you revert back and only repition and time are the true fix.

A lot of fans talk about how awful this team is in the redzone and that's partially true because we dont have a legit redzone weapon.

But, what this offense also sorely miss is an offensive recieving weapon that's a legit weapon to score without ever entering the redzone. Many of the good offenses have this.

While the great offenses have a little of both. While we're still dinging around with zilch.

Bess/Hartline are move the chain wr's, not get you into the endzone wr's. Then we have about the same at the TE position.

These types are great if all that you need to do is to keep the chains moving.

Ireland needs to be very careful with Hartline this offseason. You just cant pay a "move the chains only" wr big money. Tds win games. Hartline has only one of those in 15 games thus far this season.

Even if Tannehill walks, any team paying him big money could be aking a HUGE mistake. Recievers consitently getting the football into the endzone are the only types worthy of "big money".

I would like to keep Hartline if possible, but, hope he doesnt make the mistake of "OVER VALUEING" himself.

Anything over $4 million, IMO, is overpaying for a reciever of Hartline's "ilth".

$4 million a year

gisagree yg on schedule. we know colts will be solid again and chargers have talent and now will have a new staff. we also knoiw the raiders will be awful again for 56 straight year and titans are garbage. lets hope we lose sunday and jets win and maybe that gives them 2nd?

agree there yg, this is a very very weak draft. bad timing for us

Where are all you guys who were waving pom poms for Chad Henne just a few weeks ago?

The convenient amnesia on this blog is staggering. You "armchair experts" aren't fooling anybody with your delusional, uninformed idiocy.

Dont be fooled by the 1,000 yd year. Sure a wr like Hartline can get 1,000 yds when he's the best you have to go to. Also in this same case, he should have no fewer than 7 tds recieving for the year. Then you know that you may have at least "a little something" there.

Currently with only 1 td catch thru 15 games, not td catches this Sunday would be the final nail in the coffin, as far as Hartline truly isnt deserved of a "2nd tier" contract.


It isnt a "weak draft", it just isnt a very good year to draft top 10. There are some very good players in this draft, just not a lot of separation between the top 10 guys and the rest of the 1st round picks.

Its an absolute great value draft, especially in the first 2 rds.

disagree, probaly worst draft in last 15-20 years they said. on offense its even worse

Whomever was cheering for Henne to have never left then IDK what to say about that Bobby...

Agreed YG4E, we need a receiver with big play ability. YAC yards add up in this along with Yards after contact. Look at what Reggie Wayne has done for Luck. Its all about taking that 5 yard pass and turning it into a 40 yard gain or a TD. Look at the Welker Brady connection.

Dusty if thats the case then that makes FA even more valuable than ever.


They said? They said aredead wrong. Its a very good draft. Just not very good for picking top 10, even worsse, top 5.

Only because there isnt much separatione in erth of ability between these guys and the rest of the first round. That not enought to constitute its a "bad draft" though.

1st rd guys are "legit 1st rd players". There have been draft with future hall of famers undeniably at the top of it. But after that it was a huge drop off in talent. Not because the guys at the top of it were so great. But the players after them closey sucked.

This 1st rd is a bunch of very good players. Nfl teams rather have this than have 5 gtuys who are super and the rest of the round pretty much bottom 2nd to top of the 3rd rd talent.

These are legit 1st and 2nd rd players. This draft doesnt suck. Its just nopt a veryu good year to pick top 5, top 10 because you can get close to same quality with a player selected 20 kin comparison.

You just get very close to the same talent for far less. That's why it's a great value draft for teams picking outside of top 10. This is an extremely solid draft. Especially the 1st 2 rds.

-People bash Bush, however he is the best back on this team behind a line that is average at best. Don't give me the miller stuff. I like the kid but bush is better. Bush give you headaches but, he give a viable threat in the back field that can create. Miller is still a grade lower than Bush

-If long is released RT needs to be upgraded and I would like to improve at the G position.

-Hartline is awful. I know I can cover him. He has average speed, poor route running and very good to great hands. That's a 3rd or 4th WR ppl. we need at mininal 2 WR in this draft, 1 that can start and another that can contribute or FAs (more money not the way to rebuild)

- Defense is more far along than offense add DBs, a pass rusher (never enough of them) and a OLB (trade Misi he doesn't fit in a 4-3). V.Davis trade better show up cause he was our best corner and it showed all year.

Level of importance
- Starting WR with pro bowl level potential to superstar potential
- figure out what you going to do with the Oline, long and Bush (resign bush nothing more than what he been making 5.5mil/yr is the most I'll give for 2 years and let Long walk if he getting more than 7mil/yr)
-Resign starks 2-3 yr deal. Man earned it and really been consistent.

- Not a fan of S.smith/Mathis combo. One must go and the replacement has to be a corner stone DB with pro bowl level potential i.e V. Davis

-If Bush walk add a late round "BIG" RB and start moving the offense to be more pass happy (have to get those WRs)

Draft needs: *WR*WR*DB*OLB*G*SS

so what's new? The Fins have been doimng this for years. hey get a good player, he produces, and the front officce deciedes they can replace himfor less money. So our good (but few) 2-3 year round guys leave when they have the experience. THAT'S ONE REASON THIS TEAM IS A BUNCH OF LOSERS. 8-8 SEEMS LIKE A GOOD TO AVERAGE YERS FOR 13 PAST YEARS.

Ross picked Tnnehill @ 07:29 PM,

That's great that Florio, Peter King and Schefter ALL reported that Ross was hot and bothered to get Tannehill.

A.) None of those guys were in the Dolphins draft room (therefore not Gospel)...could be just good tips or great speculation...either way it's an easy sell.

Does it say anything about "If" Ireland (Whom Ross liked enough to keep despite planes dragging fire Ireland signs and protesters outside the stadium) told/sold Ross his vision at QB?

So maybe the guy he actually listened to the guy he did not fire and fully bought into his vision?

Besides, everyone knows you don't float who you actually are targeting before the draft so some putz team doesn't jump ahead of you and pick your guy...I would think that a Billionaire owner could figure that out.

Look I'm not trying to brawl with you...you are citing some of the top sources in the industry and YES they did say all those things, so you are right. Any way you slice it...Tannehill AND Ireland are here. Let's see what happens next.


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