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Answers on Reggie Bush and Jake Long questions

The question of whether the Dolphins want to re-sign Reggie Bush after this season is no longer a question. I have learned the answer and wrote in my column for Monday's Miami Herald the Dolphins would like their leading rusher of the last two seasons to re-sign after this season is over.

Bush is scheduled to be a free agent after this season.

One caveat on that desire to keep Bush in Miami and it's an important one: The Dolphins have a price tag they are willing to pay for Bush. And if the Dolphins can get Bush for that price, then they'll be thrilled to have him.

If, however, Bush wants to break the bank and go to the highest bidder, the Dolphins will be equally happy to turn their lead running back duties to someone else. Who?

Well, again, I was told Sunday evening general manager Jeff Ireland is eager and excited about the possibility of Lamar Miller becoming a more vital part of the offense in 2013.

(Sorry, Daniel Thomas).

There's more.

What will the Dolphins do with long-time left tackle Jake Long after this season?

That's covered in the column as well. It is very telling that the Dolphins believe Jonathan Martin's first few days as an NFL left tackle were significantly better than his first few days as an NFL right tackle.

The team thought Martin to be an F-rated right tackle when he first showed up to training camp. He obviously got better from there and earned the starting job at the position. But when Long went down with a torn triceps injury and Martin was thrust into the starting job on the left side, the Dolphins actually thought Martin immediately performed like a C-plus left tackle.

And he's gotten better from there.

So what are the odds of Miami re-signing Long, who is a free agent after this season? Well, the Dolphins aren't against the notion if Long is going to sign a bargain contract. But the club recognizes someone without a viable answer at LT will be willing to pay Long probably more than the Dolphins are willing to pay.

So Long has one foot out the door.

The column also describes Ireland's plan for this offseason. It's all about adding playmakers. By the way, the best playmaker on defense Sunday was safety Reshad Jones. He recovered two fumbles and intercepted a pass.

Jones is signed through next year so he's not going anywhere.

But he tells me that his agent Joel Segal and the team have talked about a contract extension and he hopes to get one done this offseason. "That's what I'd like to see," Jones said. "But I'm just playing and letting my agent and the team take care of the rest."

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Many teams lose #1 picks in today's fa market. The introduction of free agency in the 80's just about assured this will always be a common occurence.

Pre 1980's nfl football, it was nearly impossible for a team to lose its #1 pick player to anything barring performance or injury issues. You never had to worry about a player walking except to the creation of another football league.

I'll just say "Csonka-Warfield-Kiick". Not all first round players but very valuable to thier team's success.


A great game against Bama and T'eo probably signs, seals, and delivers himself as a fo-sho' 2013 top 5 draft pick.

Henne was a huge failure. Look at all the time and money we wasted on him...

To my Eyes, ND has no business playing Ala. But we'll see...


Parcells was running the show. The same guy afraid to pick a wr 1st rd, and we should have known, wouldnt take a qb 1st overall all.

With Parcell, if your team has a 1st overall pick, it will "always" be "the safe pick".

The moral to this story is, if your team is in position to make 1st overall pick, never hire Parcells and place him in position to run your draft.

YG4E, When was it your family finnaly said "Lets make sure we till (Your name) that we're going out of town.
YG4E Dont be sad, You have Douchi and Odindouch to converse with this holiday season they'll be here for the next 36 hours.
BTW, You guys are truly a sad group, I'll see you all around the 27th.
Peace to all.

But, but, It's already known that T'eo will go to Cleveland at #8.

well, Parcells made some mistakes but was still far better then Ireland


Henne was another "safe" Parcells pick. In Parcells-land, "safe" can defined as:

"I have a hunch what to do, but I'm scared".

Ireland had input into all the picks. He wasnt just twidling his thumbs for 2 years ...

Can someone please tell that idiot Odin Blotted Liver I have never posted to him in that "troll name" and never will.

This way he doesnt have to look more stpid than he currently is.

That or I'll have to throw him a doggie bone into the middle of rush hour traffic and watched the blooming fool go fetch it.

YG has the nicest Language...

All you guys that want to say Bush can't run the ball listen I know a gamer when I see one and he's a gamer. As a running back you need more than 15 carries a gameo get into a rhythm, then he is a very good pass catcher out the backfield. When your wideouts can't put the defense on its heels a back them up It's easy to snuff out a running game cuz everyone is in the box. Think people! We need big fast wide receivers who are durable and the defense has to respect their speed. That opens wider rushing lanes. And when your physical conditioning is the same as Reggie Bush 28 is nothing I know of plenty of great backs that were good and very productive well into their 30's so get real. The guy is just as capable of 20 plus carries as Jamaal Charles, Chris Johnson, or Ray Rice.

Can someone please tell that idiot Odin Blotted Liver I have never posted to him in that "troll name" and never will.
This way he doesnt have to look more stpid than he currently is.
That or I'll have to throw him a doggie bone into the middle of rush hour traffic and watched the blooming fool go fetch it.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 24, 2012 at 06:15 PM

OMG, I think YG4E is going to have hat meltdown.LOL
YG, What "TROLL NAME", Guys nyone living witin a 10 mile radius of this buffoon shoul have thereun ready, He's ready to have a Meltdown.
To everyone else have a great Christmas.


Has OK fallen low or what. Not real, I believe.

And quit talking about Bowe, Jennings, and Wallace. We need youth to come up with our you qb young wideouts, big and fas. Not attitude problems that already have a mind made up about what they want to do. We need two fresh mind young guys who are hungry. And no draft picks wasted on 5'9 or 5'10 wide receivers. That should be Miami gets in the draft with the first 2 picks

Flipper/Dying Breed/Yestersgone/Yestersday Gone 4 Ever/LOL, Where do ou live>, I want to contact the local Police to let them know your ready to go Nutz..

Just Kidding YG, You and your family have a safe and great Christmas.

I was on the "fire-Ireland" bandwagon last year. Having said that, I have hopefully acquired a new rational benevolence. Have all you good folks always made the right decision ? Me thinks not ! Let Ireland have this year with approx. $40 million of CAP-money and 9 picks, and let's spin the wheel with him and JP at the helm. As for our current FA's - let those go that have not towed their weight based on performance vs. future asking price. Mgt. and coaching-staff get payed well to make those decisions. Let em' make em' ! Go Dolphins'! My prediction for next year is 10-6.

Ireland should've been fired 3 years ago. He's proven he's totally incompetent.

Ireland knows nothing about scouting or the game of football.

I was against firing Ireland. But after seeing D Thomas and Egnew and taking THill instead of Russel Wilson., He needs to be gone! We will never ever win with him as GM. The fans, media and a lot of players hate him. Not a good situation. Ross, do something!

Russel Wilson? 32 GM's passed on him twice, some three times. Nobody expected this kind of success.

Thomas looks like he has serious potential when healthy. There is no way for a GM to know if a player is injury prone or not. Egnew, it was known he had no blocking experience, so I don't know why he was picked. Maybe desperation.


Obviously you havent watched any Egnew highlights. He's an incredible reciever but beyond terrible blocker.

The reason Sherman wouldnt put him on the field is because it would telegraph to pass rushers it was a pass play. If he's on the field during running plays, then it like 11 defensive players vs 10 offensive players.

So whats the use having him on the field durong pasing plays when he may get targeted 5-6 times a game, if that?


I missed your point. If he can't get on the field, what the hell good is he?

He was not an incredible receiver during preseason. He dropped many balls. Even Sherman said he'd cut him if he was GM. Nice vote of confidence.

When waterboy Ireland traded 3 picks for D Thomas the draft room broke out in hysterical laughter.

Just sign Mike Wallace and draft Keenan Allen. Let Long walk

Both the Redskins and the Colts drafted 2 QB's last year. Something we should consider in 2013.

We have too many slow chunky players. We need to draft some studs with nice bodies to look at. At least have some eye candy to watch while we are losing.

That works, but u still need a consistent pass rusher opposite Wake.

I would like to see reggie comeback. He is a playmaker. offer him a three year contract and have lamar miller ready just in case. If long wont give us a home town discount then let him go. I know he was hurt this year but he gave up way to many sacks this year at key times. Dolphin fan for life

The gist of too many posters is - lets get rid of our best players in exchange for a gamble on draft picks.

It's just they don't see the word gamble. They forget that half the players or more play far below their draft status.

Imagine how good Reggie would be had we two dangerous receivers. Think about it.

Razo, Reggie played with an all pro receiver last year. It didnt make a difference.

I see The Herald is slowly ushering in pay per view articles, just like its evil twin newspaper, The Sun Sentinel.

It will be a "cold day in hell" before I pay to come on a football blog.

Now an elite QB would help Reggie tremendously.


You are dead wrong. Sparano had no clue how to run a team. He proved it again as OC had the 30th ranked offense in the league. Henne never had chemistry with anybody. Moore did not have the arm that Cutler does to get Brandon the ball.

Nice try.

Please tell me we are not going to OVERPAY
S Smith
R Bush
J Long
B Hartline
R Stark
Not Any of these players are consistent enough or superstars. We have plenty of decent players need to draft play makers.

We had Dabol as OC last year. A guy with 1 year experience who led the worst offense in the league the year before at Cleveland.

Let me remind you Reggie had the best season of his career in spite of it all.

Learn to see the big picture.

The NFL needs to begin suing these newpaper companies for infringement of profit rights for charging for assessing thier licensed products.

Im sure the nfl isnt getting a cut from these newspapers. So Im sure if the nfl pressed the envelope. They could sue these newspaper companies for selling thier product without authorization.

Newspapers charging to read these nfl related product articles are beginning to tread a very slippery slope.


Sometimes the most honest "rational benevolence" is to put a wounded animal out of its misery.........and ours!

We are at yet another post-Marino turning point. The situation is way too critical to allow a slightly-glorified & inexplicably-promoted waterboy to inflict his pain on us for another year or two.

The newspaper and its columnists are not property of the NFL, therefore they are not infringing on anything. It is no different than a technical magazine writing reviews of the latest products.

The way to beat it is to not pay. If nobody pays, they'll be more content to keep it this way and gain ad fees than terminating the blog and gaining nothing.

There is NO true #1 WR in this draft. Take best players available. We will be drafting DE 1st Rd pass rusher 1st 2nd will be DB 2nd 2nd will be LB. it's all defense first 3 picks. Both 3rd rd will be WR.


Probably one of the greatest arguments of all for keeping Ireland is Philbin deserves a 2nd season. It will be very dificult bringing in a credible gm thats not allowed to hand pick the hc whom his future may also be tied to.

Then who's to say how the present players warm up to a new gm and new coaching staff. It could be like building the foundation of your paper house on sand all over again.

Our offense was better with Moore, Marshall and Daboll.

Plus there's no guarantee a new gmwould be wco friendly. Hence we would be in yr 1 of rebuild all over again with no guarantee of success.


They all contributed to 3 consecutive losing seasons. Brandon had how many TD catches? Daboll has done what in KC this year? Moore couldn't beat out Garrard or a rookie.

Sticking with them would have been pure stupidity.

Why is anybody wasting time talking about firing Ireland. He is not going anywhere unless next season is a disaster.

What are silly people talking about, a DE in the 1st round. Are you stupid? Draft the two best wideouts and go from there and Wallace will cost to much and what did he do this year....nothing! Be real people. Think like a winner and business man not a fan. The phins have a top 10 defense already and its their first year in this system. Jeeze wake up and use your head.

Miami problem is not running back, they need receivers. Pay Reggie, get rid of Thomas, he's no good. Replace Thomas with a better back. Too many concussions.

2 more shootings today. And the NRA wants more guns!!!! Unreal!!

Look the team is ok. The problem is the name and the logo. The dolphins?? Who does that scare? Our logo looks like a 9 year old girl scout came up with it.

It is all psychology. Change the name to the Piranas and put a mean looking fish on there with big sharp teeth.

You watch!

Ireland will be fired 1 week from today.

2 more shootings today. And the NRA wants more guns!!!! Unreal!!

Posted by: Ban Guns | December 24, 2012 at 09:56 PM

Thats like firefighters using lighter fluid to extinguish a fire.

dusty, I really cant imagine Ross allowing Ireland to ruin another draft. And MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

Just look at Egnew for Marshall, Russel Wilson, 3 picks for D Thomas, Merling, Gates,etc, etc, and you know Ireland's clueless. haha

Roe, u are an idiot. First of all there are no top rated WR's this years draft. And how u gonna take down Brady and Manning with no pass rush? Have u even seen next years schedule?
We have plenty of picks to find a receiver and enough $ money for a FA.
The goal must be to de throne the Pats. 1 divison win in 15 years is not exceptable.

The pats are in decline, the whole division is in decline besides us.

Manning won't have another season this good, he is in decline, he'll be 38 next year.

We are poised for success better than most teams.

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