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Answers on Reggie Bush and Jake Long questions

The question of whether the Dolphins want to re-sign Reggie Bush after this season is no longer a question. I have learned the answer and wrote in my column for Monday's Miami Herald the Dolphins would like their leading rusher of the last two seasons to re-sign after this season is over.

Bush is scheduled to be a free agent after this season.

One caveat on that desire to keep Bush in Miami and it's an important one: The Dolphins have a price tag they are willing to pay for Bush. And if the Dolphins can get Bush for that price, then they'll be thrilled to have him.

If, however, Bush wants to break the bank and go to the highest bidder, the Dolphins will be equally happy to turn their lead running back duties to someone else. Who?

Well, again, I was told Sunday evening general manager Jeff Ireland is eager and excited about the possibility of Lamar Miller becoming a more vital part of the offense in 2013.

(Sorry, Daniel Thomas).

There's more.

What will the Dolphins do with long-time left tackle Jake Long after this season?

That's covered in the column as well. It is very telling that the Dolphins believe Jonathan Martin's first few days as an NFL left tackle were significantly better than his first few days as an NFL right tackle.

The team thought Martin to be an F-rated right tackle when he first showed up to training camp. He obviously got better from there and earned the starting job at the position. But when Long went down with a torn triceps injury and Martin was thrust into the starting job on the left side, the Dolphins actually thought Martin immediately performed like a C-plus left tackle.

And he's gotten better from there.

So what are the odds of Miami re-signing Long, who is a free agent after this season? Well, the Dolphins aren't against the notion if Long is going to sign a bargain contract. But the club recognizes someone without a viable answer at LT will be willing to pay Long probably more than the Dolphins are willing to pay.

So Long has one foot out the door.

The column also describes Ireland's plan for this offseason. It's all about adding playmakers. By the way, the best playmaker on defense Sunday was safety Reshad Jones. He recovered two fumbles and intercepted a pass.

Jones is signed through next year so he's not going anywhere.

But he tells me that his agent Joel Segal and the team have talked about a contract extension and he hopes to get one done this offseason. "That's what I'd like to see," Jones said. "But I'm just playing and letting my agent and the team take care of the rest."

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"Fire Ireland is a dead horse! And all the morons sitting atop it beating away are not going to get it to move. That dead horse is starting to stink more and more though, so bury it in the back of your mind and let the rest of us get some air."

^This. Oh yeah. Merry Christmas Dolfans!!

Pats have the #1 offense but there in decline? Indy won 13 games but they suck? Haha. Glad you are not a lawyer, I would pity your clients.

Ron your correct the other posters are wrong. Iin every draft there is a rating system that ranks position players in this case WRs. We need explosive WRs and need to find at least 2 ranked in the top 10. The reason we generic our offense can't generate enough points. The defense is ranked top 10. We need OFFENSIVE playmakers. A DE and CB.

In decline yes. Unless you think Brady and Peyton will be playing at a pro bowl level into their 40's.

Sorry about the last post I'm stoned.

It isn't moronic to want the best for the Fins, or to recognize Ireland's breathtaking incompetence.

Just because Ross indeed may have decided to 'stand by his man' does not make that decision right, or immune from criticism.

In fact, one might suggest that retaining Ireland is Moronic, and that slavishly defending him ain't too bright either.

We really have no idea what the team will look like with all the un signed free agents and cap space.
With con man Ireland picking players, 2013 might be a bust.

How novel, a blind man named Seer!!!!

How novel! An ad hominem attack to support Ireland, since clearly the facts just won't do.

Matt Ryan or Peyton Manning will be MVP.

Russel Wilson or Andrew Luck will be ROY.



Seer (Idiot)

Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean it is any more valuable than cat poo. You don't even know what you think you are talking about.

Jim, no offense but you sound like the idiot.


Only someone under 15 would think your name is cool. So come back when mamma is no longer wiping your butt.

So Jim you're under 15?

The difference between you and I, I know I'm no expert. You guys talk like you actually know something. It shows how little experience in life you have. You all think these guys that have put 60 hours a week into this for 20 years have not thought about your silly trite opinions.

You should realize no gm hits on even half their picks. There is no GM you'd like.

Scotland.....you win. Your opinions are definitely as valuable as cat poo.

The seer. LOL. Ooh. You must be metaphysical dude. I better watch out.

Do you do tarot card readings out of your garage?

The seer. LOL.

Hey, I'm changing my name to The Third Eye.


Jim, not everyone is as football clueless as you....

I know I'm no expert.

Posted by: Jim Scotland | December 24, 2012 at 11:57 PM

Trust us we also know your no expert!

I'm watching you

Be careful what you think now!

(Twilight Zone music here)

Jim, not everyone is as football clueless as you....

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 25, 2012 at 12:03 AM

Dusty Bottoms??? Huh?

See the Seer for a new name, Puhlease!


Dusty Bottoms is Bill Conners. Everyone knows it. He is a negative nancy.

I'm going to name my band the Seers. Yeah!

Oh wait, does that sound too much like Sears?

Oh well.

Hey Seer

Do you mess with Black Magic? Can you cast a spell for me? Can ya? Do you have a crystal ball I can look into?

There are five people here HYSTERICAL over your names,

The Seer
Dusty Bottoms

so we all thank you for the laughs!

G'nite and happy wanking!

Sammy Watkins looks to be an unreal WR. DeAndre Hopkins looks good too.

Steadman "Biletnikoff" Bailey. Look out!

Aaron Dobson has great hands and concentration and size. A consideration.

Markus Wheaton. Great speed, good hands, size and routes. One of my pics.

Overall, less talent in this year's WR as compared to last year.

You want a pretty complete, play making TE, look no further than Zach Ertz.

Either one of those 2 great OTs at TA&M will do here although I prefer Matthews.

Either of those Alabama guards, Chance Warmack or Barret Jones we'll take here.

That's it for the O.

Will be hard to get our hands on Damontre Moore but if we do he's an impact player, similar to C. Wake.

I'm sure that you've gazed at many balls on crystal, Scotland.

Now, we like our safeties to be around 6-1. 210 lbs, with ballhawking skills,



Its ability are which means that fantastic and working type so speedy.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

I see oscar had an exciting Christmas Eve on the Dolphin blog ....sad.

Merry Let's go Heat day!!

In my opinion I think Reggie will come back- He is the leader of this team - Infact the phins look like they can finhYish 11-5 next season. only % if they get him back.

Big game for the Heat today.

I see 5-11 next year mainly because they play a real schedule. This years schedule was very very easy.

Next years schedule is very hard, but we do get the Saints at home.

Trey Millard oklahoma would be the perfect bruiser RB FB. He is a guy that would get those short yards with ease. Should be a 4th rd pick...

I'd like to see us draft Matt Barkley if he's still on the board. He'd be a clear upgrade at the all important QB position. We dont need a RB if we sign Bush. WR can be adressed in the 2nd and 4th rds.

We have Lane. And short yard pickup is not a matter of strenght but of reading the right hole. Now, if Millard was a great pass catcher, then we'll talk.

Like all Geniuses, my hours are irregular and my social graces unconventional.

enjoying christmas alone oscar? itll be a celebratory day when you die a lonely death

Reggie Bush may very well want to move on to a playoff team. If thats the case no amount of money would keep him in Miami.

why so much hate for oscar? I know he's a nerd but hey its Christmas.

Yeah, Reggie has to be sick of this 20 year rebuild.

I'm a blogger. I spend a full hour a week reading draft opinions and then come here to present them as my own.

I've never ever worked with any professional scout or player and my personal credentials for evaluating talent are null and void.

I like to believe my gut feeling after watching youtube highlights supersedes that of scouts and GM's with decades of direct, personal experience in scouting and developing players.

I'm a Genius, I just need to glance at a U-Tube highlight and I know which Player will transition well to the NFL. I'm no nerd either, I have probably fukkked more women and in a better way, than you have ever met.


Today is the birthday of our Lord, Ernest Borgnine.

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