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A quick study? Michael Egnew is up next

Before Wednesday's media session the Dolphins staff pulled aside tight end Michael Egnew and gave him a quick tutorial on speaking in circles and not answering questions directly. It was a lesson in moving the lips without really saying anything.

This little lesson was apparently necessary because everyone knows Egnew, a rookie who has been inactive every game this season, is expected to finally be in uniform Sunday for the first time this regular season. The injury to Charles Clay makes Egnew the next guy up and so, barring a disastrous week of practice, the numbers necessitate Egnew be active.

(One word of caution: The Dolphins have Kyle Miller on the roster as well so he's a possbility, but he arrived in Miami only three weeks ago so it stands to reason Egnew is ahead of him in familiarity with the offense.)

Anyway, Egnew absormbed his lesson on media double-speak like a champion.

He was asked if he's ready to take care of business on Sunday.

"Right now, all I'm trying to do is get better every day. I let the decision-makers make the decisions," Egnew said. "I prepare for the game every week."

Does that mean he's ready or not?

Does Egnew realize that fans ask about him a lot? And does he feel any added pressure to get his career started?

"I prepare for the game every week," he said. "For me it's just another week and if I'm called upon, I'll be able to go."

Is that a yes? Is that a no?

I'll say this, if Egnew washes out as a tight end, he should go into local politics because he has the non-answer answers down pat.

But that's not a terrible thing. That tells me something. And here it is:

It tells me Michael Egnew is not dumb. He is a quick study. He obviously can learn fairly quickly as I've just shown you. That should be encouraging because if one can elminate an inability to learn as one of the reasons he has not been playing, we can get more easily get to the real reason.

Here it is: Blocking.

Egnew came out of college with absolutely no idea how to block.

Before the gaggle of reporters crowded around him Wednesday, I spent a couple of minutes alone with him and asked him, directly, if the reputation of University of Missouri (his college) tight ends not knowing how to block is fair.

He nodded his agreement without protest.

And then I asked why it is so many Missouri tight ends go to the NFL and have the reputation for not blocking.

"I think we're not asked to do a lot of it," Egnew said. "The offense we run doesn't call for the tight end to do a lot of it so that's not something you work on enough."

So to boil it down for you, Egnew arrived at the Dolphins not knowing how to block. He was picked in the third round of the NFL draft without a solid foundation of blocking.

Let that marinate for a moment ...

You know that football is about tackling. And running. And passing. And catching. And blocking.  

Those are the fundamentals.

But Egnew apparently wasn't taught blocking in college -- at least not at a level proficient enough to get him started in the NFL. The Dolphins have had to work from the ground up in this area.

That and some other reasons having to do with familiarity of Miami's offensive foundation are why Egnew has not played this year.

So here's the bottom line question:

How long does it take somebody to learn to block?

Again, Egnew is not a dumb kid. He's bright. He clearly learned the Dolphins system for saying nothing very quickly. I believe he should be able to learn to block somewhat quickly.

Why he hasn't learned to the coaching staff's satisfaction is a question that lingers.

But ready or not, here he comes Sunday. Unless things are much, much worse than we thought.

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Looking forward to seeing the kid get a chance. Shannon Sharpe didn't have a great reputation for blocking, but he did OK.

Come on man, show us something!!

He has to have the physical attributes to be able to block Mando, not mental attributes!

If he does dress, although I'm not sold that he will, I don't envision him getting many, if any, snaps.

Expect Mastrud & Fasano all day. Maybe in obvious passing situations we could see him line up off the line & run a few routes & see if he can get open.

With all the Dumping on this kid I hope he does play and makes some solid blocks and catches for his team this week.

There are many players who come from college systems and are unprepared for the NFL level. They are referred to as "projects." I understand he was a third round pick and that might not be ideal for a "project." But before everyone dumps on him lets see what he does when he actually gets into the game.

Fact is Fasano and Clay have much more experience and much more to prove themselves before being declared a keeper. If the coaching staff decided to invest in a 'project' because they see his raw ability than so what. Now they have a need with Clay down, hopefully their investment pays off.

Wait and see before dumping on the kid.


Egnew?? This should be hilarious.

Excellent insight on a not excellent TE.

armando, make sure he runs in the right direction after he catches the ball.

Hope the kid breaks one just to shut up the whinners

Hope the kid breaks wind just to shut up CommonSense.

Man, that was witty ;)

I hope he has a big day and sticks it to the coaching staff. Come on kid, show ;em what you got!

Quick-handed, natural catcher — can stab the ball out of the air. Adjusts well to its flight, tracks it very well in the air and times jumps. Makes difficult catches look easy — stretches out and snags the ball. Good field awareness. Can dot the “i”. Willingly enters traffic and will catch the ball in a crowd. Exceptional straight-line speed. Good competitiveness, work ethic and durability.

Was seldom used to block and it clearly showed in Combine blocking drills — has no anchor substance or power in his body and is too soft-tempered in his approach on the second level. Is not an elite athlete. Functioned in a simple scheme and is not a savvy route runner — will need to learn how to diagnose coverages. Shows little strength or creativity after the catch. Can secure the ball more tightly (stripped twice vs. Kansas State).




good post 2 watt

can't find his wonderlic,
it's either off the chart or not on the chart at all.

cs check out the vids on him.

Lanky, underdeveloped, finesse seam catcher whose production slipped as a senior after QB Blaine Gabbert departed early. Is a converted receiver who lines up detached and will not factor as a blocker but knows how to work the seams and can contribute in the slot.

I'll accept that he isn't dumb. But then why does he LOOK like he's clueless? Guy seems a 11 eggs short of a dozen with the "where am I" look. Anyway, is this guy can catch like Antonio Gates (I know, don't hold our breath). But IF, then Joe Philbin and Co. deserve a swift kick in the arse. All TE's aren't geared to block. ESPECIALLY on a team with so few TDs.

It took this dufuss 6 months to learn 3 plays!

From last Blog

Dashi Will Never Fire The MotherLand!! Dashi Is Ireland's Only Fan!!

Dashi Knows Ireland Is A Smart GM!! And The Fins Are Finally Close!! Real Close!! Can't Wait Til The OffSeason!! Let's Win These 2 Games!! Or At Least Be Competitive!!:-) Let T-Hill And The Chipmunks Play!!

Who Hired/Wanted Philbin? Who Hired Some Real Assistants!! And Sherman!! Who In Turned Advised On Some New Young Players(T-Hill, Lane)!! But Has No Heart!!

(Dashi Believes If Sherman Has To!! Give Up On T-Hill Cause He Stops Learning{Not Saying He Will}!! Or Finds A Better Qb!! He Will Do It!! Sherman Is That Cold!! And Old School!!)

Look At The Current Draft Board!! 2 Of The Top 5 and About 5 Of The Top 32!! Were Recruited Out Of High School!! And Spend At Least 2 Years!! Under Him! And His Staff! The New A&M Coach Is Still Living Off The Last Coaches Players!! A La Cooker!! Not Saying Sherman Is B.Davis!! But He Definitely Is Not Wannstedt!! Quick Question? What Would've It Been Like If The Fins Hired Butch Instead Of Wannstedt? Back Then!! Just Saying!! Butch Never Got Players In Cleveland!! Butch Would've Made Ricky Run For 2000 Yds!! Or Drafted One Of His!! Just Saying!!

With That Said!!

Ireland Has Earned!! His Last Year In His Contract!! Next Year He Is Playing For His Extension!! Only Right!!

Posted by: Dashi | December 20, 2012 at 10:55 AM



Are You Saying? Egnew Knows Public Speaking 101!! Better than Dansby!! ;)

Agreed!! #Cut Dansby!!

Egnew Should Be Good! At Least Egnew Knows He Didn't Know How To Block!! Having Fasano Ahead Of Him!! Gives Him A Standard!! Egnew Has All The Physical Gifts!! He's Even Strong!! Is A good Route Runner!! With Decent Hands!! Just needs To Block At A Pro Level!!

Let's See If He Has Gotten Better Than The Pre Season!!

He Could Actually Be A Red Zone Threat!! This Sunday!!

DC - I agree his look on Hardknocks in the preseason he looked dazed & confused.

But in fairness Ely Manning has that look almost every week but he has two super bowls under his belt.

It's not like our TE's are posting a huge volume of caches. If he can really read the seams then we should get him on the field to see how he does.

Good point jpao, Eli looks like he's taken the short bus his whole life!

So, we send in the double TE package having Fasano help out Garner on the pass rush...while Egnew slips down the seam and hopefully catches the ball.
Sounds pretty simple to me...

I cant believe they wasted a 3rd round draft pick on this bum - coulda had T.Y. Hilton. SMH!!!!

Egnew Benched More Than J.Martin!!

Let That Marinate On 2 Fronts!!

Egnew Is As Strong As A O-Linemen!!

And Martin Can't Even Hold Up!! Jake Long's Jock!! Never Mind Hold It!!

Isnt it sweet how 2 watt named himself after his mother?

Guys even Peyton doesn't look the smartest guy either. In reality of course he is. Not the best looking man by any means....LOL.

I think Shermans comment in camp was. "If I were the GM I would cut you today"
That is why this guy has not smelled the field.
Another draft bust

Egnew's situation makes me think of Eminem's song:

"Lose Yourself"

Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

...come on Egnew, man up and do it!


Not To Defend 2w!

But That Joke Is About 10 Years To Late!!

You Can Find Bright Bulbs With Less Watt!! It Is Called Technology!!

Let Me Guess Your Computer Has 2 Colors!! Black And Green!!


Want To Play A Game . . .

Someone please take Dashi's keyboard away.
Egnew is weak, so he hasn't played. He can't be trusted to protect Tannehill. Mario Williams will eat him for breakfast. I'd rather see Mastrud stay in line and let Fasano run out. I'm really dissappointed Egnew didn't make more of an effort to increase his strength between draft and training camp. That is why he's waited all season to get in a game.

Egnew is not as strong as an o lineman. Martin isn't as strong as a 200lbs Canadian.

Yeah, another one I can't figure out is Tannehill. He was Pre-med, smart kid. But sometimes has that "doobie" look, like he's been hanging with Ricky Williams. Maybe it's just the inexperience. Hopefully they smack that out of him for next year.

that's right kapowski. unlike u , u were born after u'r mom took a dump.

Mark, you're funny with Martin. I don't see how a guy that big can be so weak.

Looks more like WR with his body type? I see him as a fasterOronde Gadsen- maybe he is a gamer like Matt Moore. One way to find out.

Here are the 2 possible things you will hear on Sunday.

A). Tannehill down the seam to an open Michael Egnew... Touchdown!! Where has this guy been all season?

B). Tannehill over the middle to an open Michael Egnew...... DROPPED!! Now we know why he hasn't seen the field.


If you were married to that wife of his you wouldn't be spending to much time with you nose in a book either....if you know what I mean.

he's on the sidelines playin' pocket pool,
he don't care,
he is still gettin paid$.

Look at this RG3 fighting with the NFL because they endorse Nike and not his Adida$$. Son, you will not finish your career with such a closed mentality.

don't worry, when his $$$$ runs out because he suxx,
she will b on so be wearing no panties looking 4 some1 from canada to take care of her.

Egnew was a triple jump champion in college. He used to beat T-hill regularly at it. Athlete, he is.

oscar, dis ain't dat level.

ditto wit lauren 2.

He does look, suspicious, 2watt.

ya'll 'memeber mcmichael?
he drove that beat up caddy and his old lady laquisha could stop a clock.


You Must Not Have Seen!! The Directors Cut Of HK!!

There Is A Scene!!

Where Sherman Busts Into The Qb Room!! Yelling!! Who Ever Throws Another F'ing Pass To The Clown(8-5) When He's Raising His Hand Up!! And Yelling!! I WILL CUT YOU!!

Zack Get My Baby Powder!! Devlin What Did I Say? U Wil... (Smack) Did I Ask You To Speak!! (Walks Out The Room!! YELLING!!) IRELAND!! BRING ME SOME REAL WR'S!! ELSE I WILL CUT ALL OF THEM!! UNTIL YOU FIND ME SOME NFL WR'S!!

(Gates Walks By Shermanator!!)

You!! Fool!! I've Been Watching You!! Want To Be Like Chad!! With The Yelling And Screaming!! Care More How You Look!! Than How You Play!! CUT!!! GET THE F Out of here!! (Gates) But I was Drafted Last Year! (Sherm) And Your Point!! You Weren't Paying Attention At The Meeting Earlier!! We Picked EGNEW THIS YEAR!! AND HE WAS PICKED A ROUND EARLIER!! AND I'M ALMOST DONE HIM!!


(Still With Fresh Baby Powder In His Hand)

Clown How Fast Are You?

I Run A ...


NOT FAST ENOUGH!! Get The F Out Of Here!! CUT!!!!

and babs,
warners old lady is like 30 yrs. older than him.
but she was wit him when he was baggin old ladies, i mean groceries.

I'm calling it right now....a BIG game for Reggie Bush this Sunday. I think this guy is finally healthy again and the Bills aren't great against the run and may in fact be mailing it in. Thi may or may not be Bush' last big game in a Dolphin uniform but I'm calling over 100 yards and a couple of scores for him Sunday in a Doplhins win, 24-13.

Incomprehensible from Dashi, as it is sometimes with 2watt.

Look Up The Stats!!

Egnew Is Strong!! Stronger Than Martin!! And Jake Is Stronger Than Martin With 1 Hand!!

Blocking Is Not Just Strength!! It Is Also Technique!! And WILL!!

And Seriously!! MW!! That Is On Your Boy Martin!! Not Egnew!!

And Mokiki! You Might See 1&2!! Sloppy Swish!!

Craig is a dirty old man, lol.

Is Egnew's first step faster than Odrick's, Dashi?

If Jake Long had my build (proportionwise), he'd weigh 390 pounds and bench 900.

On top of that Craig, Bush was really embarrassed in the last game. Probably his worst game this year. So he owes them.

Fins 17
Bills 16

Only girls type "LOL." No man should type "LOL," ever, no exceptions.

Got that, DC?


Exactly. This is his STATEMENT game and there's no Thomas to cut into his playing time. Let's see what he does.

forget all that let mustard block because he cant catch
maybe this kid will run great routes and bust a big one

never saw him play in coll, but he must have done SOMETHING well enough to get drafted ?

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