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A quick study? Michael Egnew is up next

Before Wednesday's media session the Dolphins staff pulled aside tight end Michael Egnew and gave him a quick tutorial on speaking in circles and not answering questions directly. It was a lesson in moving the lips without really saying anything.

This little lesson was apparently necessary because everyone knows Egnew, a rookie who has been inactive every game this season, is expected to finally be in uniform Sunday for the first time this regular season. The injury to Charles Clay makes Egnew the next guy up and so, barring a disastrous week of practice, the numbers necessitate Egnew be active.

(One word of caution: The Dolphins have Kyle Miller on the roster as well so he's a possbility, but he arrived in Miami only three weeks ago so it stands to reason Egnew is ahead of him in familiarity with the offense.)

Anyway, Egnew absormbed his lesson on media double-speak like a champion.

He was asked if he's ready to take care of business on Sunday.

"Right now, all I'm trying to do is get better every day. I let the decision-makers make the decisions," Egnew said. "I prepare for the game every week."

Does that mean he's ready or not?

Does Egnew realize that fans ask about him a lot? And does he feel any added pressure to get his career started?

"I prepare for the game every week," he said. "For me it's just another week and if I'm called upon, I'll be able to go."

Is that a yes? Is that a no?

I'll say this, if Egnew washes out as a tight end, he should go into local politics because he has the non-answer answers down pat.

But that's not a terrible thing. That tells me something. And here it is:

It tells me Michael Egnew is not dumb. He is a quick study. He obviously can learn fairly quickly as I've just shown you. That should be encouraging because if one can elminate an inability to learn as one of the reasons he has not been playing, we can get more easily get to the real reason.

Here it is: Blocking.

Egnew came out of college with absolutely no idea how to block.

Before the gaggle of reporters crowded around him Wednesday, I spent a couple of minutes alone with him and asked him, directly, if the reputation of University of Missouri (his college) tight ends not knowing how to block is fair.

He nodded his agreement without protest.

And then I asked why it is so many Missouri tight ends go to the NFL and have the reputation for not blocking.

"I think we're not asked to do a lot of it," Egnew said. "The offense we run doesn't call for the tight end to do a lot of it so that's not something you work on enough."

So to boil it down for you, Egnew arrived at the Dolphins not knowing how to block. He was picked in the third round of the NFL draft without a solid foundation of blocking.

Let that marinate for a moment ...

You know that football is about tackling. And running. And passing. And catching. And blocking.  

Those are the fundamentals.

But Egnew apparently wasn't taught blocking in college -- at least not at a level proficient enough to get him started in the NFL. The Dolphins have had to work from the ground up in this area.

That and some other reasons having to do with familiarity of Miami's offensive foundation are why Egnew has not played this year.

So here's the bottom line question:

How long does it take somebody to learn to block?

Again, Egnew is not a dumb kid. He's bright. He clearly learned the Dolphins system for saying nothing very quickly. I believe he should be able to learn to block somewhat quickly.

Why he hasn't learned to the coaching staff's satisfaction is a question that lingers.

But ready or not, here he comes Sunday. Unless things are much, much worse than we thought.

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R.Bush! Is 200 Yds and 1 TD Away!! From Having The Same Season As Last Year!!

Wow!! Amazing!!

(I Know That's Not Your Point!! The Sarcasm Isn't Directed At You!!)

Agreed!! Bush Should Have A Great Game(About 110 From A 1000)!! Even Miller!! Having That Much Speed!! Every Play!! Puts A Strain On A Defense!! The HomeRun Threat Will Be There All Game!!

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Mando your standards are low if it all it takes is a few rehearsed answers to make you think he is smart. Now I don't think he is dumb, but by no means do I think he is as smart as you make him out to be just because he gave answers fed to him by coaches. In preseason he looked lost and when he had opportunities he couldn't catch. Unfortunately he made Moore look pretty bad. Either way he has the size and speed to be a good tightend, but his hands need to get better and he needs to be more aware on the field.

Of course it is True. Tomorrow, at a certain Time, some aspects of Human consciousness will change permanently. Common Sense as should be will prevail. Those that do not have It, will be swept by the Big Current.

you're praising the guy who Sherman said he would cut had it not been for his 3rd round draft status.

DC, a Canadian accountant no less

I'm guessing the guy just didn't put enough time in the gym. Strength for most people is an acquired trait. You have to work at it. He may have good technique and athleticism - which he obviously does to survive at that level. But he needs to take the next step ..

2 watt, I'll put Lauren up in a waterfront Toronto condo in exchange for periodic visits. I better start earning more though ...

Egnew looks like Popeye the sailor man....toot toot!

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No, not War, That we have covered. A Big Economic debacle, Worldwide.

Uh...we already have a big economic debacle. Thanks for the news flash though.

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He Just Pictures Sherman with Some Baby Powder!! So He Is Sliding Leg First More And More!! That And Head First!! And His Running Privileges Will Be Revoked!!

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You'll see.

....My theory on why Ireland drafted Egnew in round 3. I don't know if I am even close to right about this. It makes sense to me. So here it goes.

Ireland must have believed that Egnew was such a good pass receveing prospect that we couldn't pass on him. We needed a guy that could do this. Egnew filled this need, and he was there for the taking. The blocking issue. Something that surely had to come up had to be something that the team believed could be solved with repetition. His catching skills trumped his deficiencies as a complete tight end.

Egnew got to camp, and it became evident fast that he was a basket case. He was a remedial level blocker. An absolute liability. The team had to be stunned that he was so far behind in his technique as a blocker that it made his ability to be a pass threat void. Remember he was drafted knowing he had liabilities, but his abilities as a pass catcher would overcome this. This is how bad of a blocker he is.

So now we have a guy that was taken in the third round that was supposed to fill a HUGE void. I don't have a problem that he was inactive all year. Most third round guys don't contribute right away anyhow. But this guy was taken because he had a specialized skill set that this team needed. Once again we were left with our jimmies in our hands playing JV offense while this great offensve talent sat on the sideline learning his assignments. Now it is game 15. Egnew will get his chance. I have little expectation for him that he will contribute much if anything this year. Hopefully he doesn't get Tannehill killed.

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I think you're post @ 12:39 just about sums it up.....

Doesn't mean that Egnew can't/won/t turn into Jimmy Graham in a season or two...but it seems that his skills (in blocking.....and perhaps playbook learning) are not that of an NFL TE.....

Having said that...I'd still like to see him get a few passes THIS YEAR.....I want to know if he can play fast....we can short split him....see if he can get into his route.....and FOR ONCE....I want to see the OPPOSING TEAMS LB running with his arms flailing....trying to catch our TE......

Hats off to Philbin and Coyle.....

I think ALL of us have seen less and less of TE killing our LB and Safties this year....that is an area of improvement....

Egnew dropped a ton of balls in the preseason. It is just not blocking skills holding him back.

Ireland's shaking in his penny loafers right now..

Mando, does Lamar Miller know you have moved your mancrush from him to Egnew?

Just as long as he can create mismatches w/LB and catch 1st down or even better yet become a big threat in the redzone ... Blocking is more techniques and leverages and not so much with strength ... At the TD rate Tannehill is throwing , he will go down as a BUST no matter how many yards hes' thrown

forget all that let mustard block because he cant catch
maybe this kid will run great routes and bust a big one

never saw him play in coll, but he must have done SOMETHING well enough to get drafted ?

Posted by: mr fancy pants | December 20, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Factor in who drafted him

Funny reading the pro-ireland crowd praying & hoping Egnew is decent. This is how desperate they are.

Your Master, I disagree on men not being able to say "LOL". However, I don't think men should type smiley faces ":)". That's pretty feminine.

Kris, why pass to your short guy covered by an LB when your deep threat is running all alone in the secondary?

fyi, don't include Kris is the "pro-ireland crowd." He's a known detractor.

DC, it was a general statement, not picking out any 1 person.

Although, it's quite obvious to anyone who has blogged here the last months & even years who I'm referring to.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why draft the guy in the 3rd round if you need a TE that can block well and that isn't something he was good at?!?! This regime passes on MEGA-talented TEs in previous drafts and then picks a bum like this...WTF?!?! I can't wait to see what Ireland has up his sleeves this offseason.


took me a minute to understand you're post @ 1:26......now I get it...our CBs don't cover anyone.....


never thought I would become a LOL guy....but change happens......

I still prefer the (hahahaha).....but now it seems so "old school"......

I would never write a smiley face on a piece of paper......but somehow.....on the net...or in a text...it seems appropriate....


How scary is it that Armando knows Missouri TEs have a rep for not being able to block but Jeff FIreland doesn't?

You would think the coaching staff would at least try to get him some work in the slot at SOME point.

Egnew couldnt catch a cold in pre season games and you guys expect him to make catches when the real lights are on?

I'm 6'2", 210 lbs and I play hockey three nights a week on right defense where I get into regular fights trying to protect my goal. I'm very secure about who I am and use emoticons and abbreviations (from time to time) to convey a feeling that may me misinterpreted without their presence.

If you're worried what LOL'S and smiley faces might say about your manhood you're probably not very manly to begin with.

LOL :)

Also f&*k you ;D

Although I will admit that men who text "K" instead of "OK" when returning a message are complete Mary's. LOL :)

Jeff Ireland is a very busy man. He has a myriad of responsibilities. Selecting players in the draft is just one of them. How can he be expected to have the time to make sure that his third round draft choice at tight end knows how to block? Jeff Ireland has a plate full of tasks. Therefore, it was a completely excusable oversight, and let's face it, the cupboard is bare by the third round. Lets look at the complete body of work of Jeff Ireland before picking apart his draft selections, which are actually a very low priority.

Is Irescum the dumbest GM ever?

Q. Who knew Jeff Ireland's third round pick would be a bust?
A. Egnew.

What? Jeff Ireland spend a valuable draft pick on a guy that's not ready to play in the NFL? Say it ain't so, Mondo!


Check out the Egnew link at the bottom.

Egnew's great catching the ball but absolutely terrible blocking. Actually beyond terrible. I see why theDolphins have had to work with from "GROUND ZERO" with blocking.

Im sure they new this upon drafting him, but his recieving skills are absolutely great. See for yourselves:



Crazy stat, both Rishard Matthews and Michael Egnew played for college qb's that would go on to start in the nfl. Enew played with Blaine Gabbert at Missouri, and was actually one his best recieving targets.

Rishard Matthews teamed with Colin Kappernick at Nevada to be one of his more potent recieving threats.

Its possible we could have "UNTAPPED FUTURE GOLD" in both. Just saying. Here are some Kaepernick to Matthews highlights:


Sounds like he blocked u media folks pretty good...r

Sounds like he blocked u media folks pretty good...r

Egnew is the embodiment of every reason Ireland should be fired.

Ross should buy the paper for all of them to read so they can reherase the cliches in the sports section.

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