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Bess, Misi officially out vs. Bills, others questionable

Davone Bess and Koa Misi will miss their second consecutive game Sunday when the Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills.

The news is better for wide receiver Brian Hartline, who is listed as questionable. Hartline worked some on Friday and is expected to play barring a significant setback.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are not certain about defensive tackle Randy Starks. Although he is not injured, he missed the entire week of practice for personal reasons. The club has declined to specify what those reasons are.

Starks is questionable for the game.

WR Davone Bess – back
K Dan Carpenter – groin
LB Koa Misi – ankle

CB Nolan Carroll – knee
WR Brian Hartline – back
TE Jeron Mastrud – hamstring
DT Randy Starks – not injury related

WR Armon Binns – ankle
S Chris Clemons – neck, ribs
LB Karlos Dansby – biceps
DE Derrick Shelby – groin
S Jimmy Wilson – hip

The Bills will also have three players missing but none have been significant contributors. Starting center Eric Wood is questionable.

DE Mark Anderson – knee
LB Chris White – hamstring
WR Marcus Easley – hamstring

C Eric Wood – knee

G Andy Levitre – knee
TE Scott Chandler – foot
DT Kyle Williams – ankle
LB Nick Barnett – knee
CB Justin Rogers – foot
DT Marcell Dareus – knee/wrist
TE Lee Smith – back
RB C.J. Spiller – shoulder
CB Aaron Williams – knee
DE Mario Williams – wrist


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Wow, first time. So it's pretty obvious now that the people who have been getting kicked out were posting under hundreds of different names.

This was it? lol We had around 10 real people in here and then 40 or so fake names? Wow.

I might be the only one who's worried about this game. Bess, Misi and maybe Starks out. Looks like it's going to be up to Mims, Matthews and Moore to get it done. Hopfully we get contributions from Hartline.

It's gone to have to be up to Reggie to get it done to won this one. If we lose we're out and next week means nothing. Win and in all likelihood we can talk about this for one more week.

This isn't the first time Starks missed time with non football related issues. Interesting.


Some may think its a crazy statement, but, because of his college starts. 2013 will unofficially be like Tannehill's rookie year.

Experience-wise, he would be just catching up to where the other rookie qb's were when they entered into the league in 2012.

So next season, with more experience and better weapons, he should at least have the type of year production wise as Luck, RG3, and Russell. He should have no fewer than 18 td's passing or something is very wrong.

MJ, Phins 78 is juvenile. If you dont share his opinion he resprts to childish name calling.

Posted by: mike | December 21, 2012 at 01:49 PM

First of all there is a new blog up.

Second of all I have called no one a name. Go ahead and prove me wrong. You don't have an opinion. You make statements that don't make sense and never explain your point. There is no need to call you names over that, it's just your thing. It's annoying but there aren't any names being being thrown around. Go ahead, prove your point, or better yet, JUST MAKE A POINT.

He will be much better next season. As stated elsewhere since we have no speed at WR he doesn't have the "easy throws" that the other QBs get to make. All passes are tight and contested.

Agreed YG, his tds need to go up next season and the team wins need to go up. Everything must improve, it's the only way to build a successful team. Improvement every year, from every position.


The 2012 class os QB is going to go down as one of the best in history IMO. What Luck, RGIII and Wilson are doing is unbelievable. Not sure it's fair to expect Tannehill to be at the level you want him to be at this point next season. You're talking three of the best rookie QB seasons ever. A lot will depend on what type of offseason Ireland and this team have.

mike how ya doing with your name calling witch hunt? Did you find the post where I called someone a name yet? Keep looking bud.

Im just hoping we get really lucky with some of the castoffs signed(Binns, Patterson, etc...) and guys like Moore, Matthews, and Egnew really hine the final 2 gms.

If this happens, it would really open up our draft day options and we can use our 1st 5 picks on bpa. Then I wouldnt care if CraigM got his pass rusher 1st rd. I would actually applaud it.

Plus, I wouldnt even mind if we traded back further, picking up another extra 2nd rd pick(3 total).

mike where are you at? I thought we were going to have a friendly debate? I'm looking forward to it.

Why don't we start with which opinion of mine you don't "share".

Any one Mike, I'm not being picky. Just choose an opinion of mine you don't agree with and we can debate it. And not once will I call you a name because I don't do that with respectful posters. So if you want to have a respectful adult debate I'm perfectly willing.

You obviously don't share in my opinion or you wouldn't have said that. So tell me what you disagree with and we can go from there. Thank you

There it is folks. There's your list of fake names all being used by one guy.

He doesn't like to come in here anymore because there's too much football talk and not enough Jerry Springer. Guy go to Yahoo, tons of drama over there to keep you entertained.

To me the tough games to call this weekend are:

Bengals @Steelers
Bills @ Dolphins
Saints@ Cowboys
Chargers @ Jets
Niners @ 'Hawks

Leaning towards Steelers, Dolphins, Saints, Jets and Niners.

But that could change in time. Thoughts? Everyone tells me Cowboys but I don't know.

Posted by: The Blog | December 21, 2012 at 02:03 PM

And there it is. Only took an hour this time. That's the last post I will be reading by you and your 1000 names.

I don't think you realize how easy it is to tell you apart from the rest of the blog. I'm here to tell you that it's very obvious. You're the guy who does the "I know you are but what am I" thing. A good indicator that you are very young in age or very immature in mind. Either way, on to ignoring you.

Bengals, Dolphins, Cowboys, Chargers, 9ers.

Craig I think the Cowboys are too hot right now to lose at home to the Saints but we will see.

That will be ur loss Phins 78. Those posters make football-related posts at all times. Only the truly educated can understand them, most of the time.

Hahahaha what happened to the list of fake names? Hmmmmmmmm looks like it was deleted. Unbelievable, keep mocking Armando, that's working out great for you so far. SMH


Thanks for the tip. I'll consider that. Don't trust the Chargers on the road (for as bad as the Jets are) and as much as I want to pick the Bengals, I just think Pitt finds a way to get it done.

I'm five out of first with two weeks to play.

Phins 24
Bills 16

Bush: 23 for 180 and 2 TDs
Tanne: 25 for 32 for 250 and 1 TD

Craig, don't hold your breath brother. Our chances to get into the postseason are so microscopically thin the scientists have had to come up with a new word to describe it. Smaller than a quark. I'm still interested in the games though to see if Tannehill can strap the offense to his back and will them to a win.


Here's a very nice pass rusher and he's projected 2nd-3rd rd:

Will Sutton*, DT/DE, Arizona State
Height: 6-2. Weight: 271.
Projected 40 Time: 4.95.
Projected Round (2013): 2-3.

11/17/12: Sutton has enjoyed a breakout season for the Sun Devils. He has been one of the best pass-rushers in college football with his 10.5 sacks thus far. Sutton also has 50 tackles with 17 tackles for a loss, five passes broken up and two forced fumbles. Unfortunately, an injury knocked him out for the vast majority of the game against Oregon.


I'm not expecting us to make it. I think there's a better chance of the world ending today, to be honest. I'd just like to see us have something at stake going into next week. I think these are good tests for Tannehill.

Phins78, don't even bother with mike et al. He comes on here every day with the same excuses we made for Henne bit.

Which is such an ignorant statement for so many reasons. Chief among them being there was no problem with the year one and year two Henne. The problem was that the year three Henne was worse than the previous two. It's about prgression. Everyone gets one year to get their feet wet but you need to see growth.

And there it is. Only took an hour this time. That's the last post I will be reading by you and your 1000 names.

I don't think you realize how easy it is to tell you apart from the rest of the blog. I'm here to tell you that it's very obvious. You're the guy who does the "I know you are but what am I" thing. A good indicator that you are very young in age or very immature in mind. Either way, on to ignoring you.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 21, 2012 at 02:08 PM

It's too easy to fool schleps like you LMAO

As usual, you'd be wrong. I'm just yet another blogger tired of your constant bickering & belittling. Not the guy you were in a war of words with earlier.

Just because many people mock you, that doesn't make them all the same person.

Genius, ever consider it's different people with the same thing to say about you? Of course not, that would be a blow to your big ego that you think you actually matter on this blog or even real life.

Get a clue, clueless.


I'll check him out. Not sure that's the path I want to go but I'll be open to the idea.


Here's another pass rusher that probably wont get drafted until day two of the draft:

Brandon Jenkins, DE/OLB, Florida State
Height: 6-3. Weight: 260.
Projected 40 Time: 4.67.
Projected Round (2013): 2-4.

11/17/12: Jenkins is out for the season with a foot injury. He would be better off taking a medical redshirt and returning for his senior season. If Jenkins enters the 2013 NFL Draft, the best he could hope for is to go on the second day. Jenkins would be more likely to have a big free fall. His best route would be to return to the Seminoles and aim for the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

8/27/12: Jenkins had a breakout season in 2010. A first-year starter at right end, he led Florida State in sacks while the Seminoles led the nation in sacks. Jenkins notched 13.5 sacks with 21.5 tackles for a loss. He had five multi-sack games and was voted the team's MVP.


I made these 2 posts to show you that there are options to taking a pass rusher 1st rd.

Jenkins at FSU, though out for the season(2012), 13.5 sacks in 2011, including 5 (MULTI SACK) games. He would come at a huge bargain if enters the draft this year.

Oh Craig by all means don't listen to my predictions! It's why , if you haven't already noticed I don't do predictions much. They always back fire on me. I was going with gut.

The Bengals are a team on the rise and really need this win. It is a statement game for them. So I'm picking them to go into Pitt and win a tight game. There's something going on in Pitt and they're trying to put a good spin on the Rothlisberger incident last week but I think the damage is done. Ben doesn't trust Haley and it might infect the rest of the team now.

Dolphins because we are home and the Bills imploded last week. The whole team gave up by the end of the first and were barely playing before that. Wanny is,,,,Wanny. And I think our coaches have learned from the mistakes in the first game and will pull it out on Sunday. Besides the fact we always split with Buffalo.

Cowboys because they are learning how to play as a team and how to win close games at the end plus 5 in a row). Garrett is finally getting through to these guys (goodthing Jerry gave him time).

Chargers because as bad as San Diego is on the road Rex Ryan and Sporano have lost this team full of questionable characters as it is. When a team with character issues starts losing they have a hard time moving past it. And even in the Jets wins they looked like crap.

And the 9ers because they are damned solid. Atlants still doesn't impress me. Great team but there is something mentally that holds them back in the end every year. But that's the toughest call for me.

I'm sure every one of my points can be contested. ;)

(DC how girly was that!?)

Well, I hope they make some use of Bush in the slot, with Bess and maybe Hartline out. Hard to see winning this one 100% on the ground.

Will there be any pros on the field Sunday?

DC chances are so slim that when they do their playoff scenarios on espn and the NFL network they don't even mention or list the Dolphins.

Which is actually pretty irresponsible because as slim as the chances are they should still mention it. They call it " in the hunt" and the Dolphins are in the hunt yet they don't list them. Probably because their 2-14 predictions were totally off.


Expect to see Thigpen getting snaps in the slot Sunday.

If the republicans get any greedier, selfish, and stubborn they'll be as extinct as a Dolphin fan. lol


Does anyone know what happens with New England if they win this week? They already won the division. So what I'm getting at is this.

If the Pats win and then go into next week against the Dolphins do they have to play their starters? What are the scenarios? Are they still going to be playing for playoff seeding or are they set at the spot they are in (if they were to win?)

I looked, they aren't set. They can win out and end with 12 wins which could get them the 2nd seed and a bye. It all depends on what the Texans and Broncos do. If the Texans win they clinch one of the top two spots. The Broncos would have to win out (if the Pats win out) to hold their spot at #2.

Looks like the Pats are going to be playing for that bye. DAMN IT!

Phins 78.


Day off baby! Nothing to do until my party tonight so you're stuck with me. You love it.

I was hoping to talk some Dolphins today because I've been busy lately and haven't made it in. Apparently I'm not the only one because this place is a ghost town! I picked the wrong day to join in the conversation I guess.

You're right, no one is here, time to live life! Peace.

Hey Phins78! Just heading home myself to "work" remotely.

"If neither can play, the Dolphins will have no choice but to go with what has to be among the least-accomplished groups to ever suit up for a Week 16 game."

"Combined, Moore, Matthews and Binns have just six career starts and 36 lifetime catches to their credit. According to Pro Football Focus, Moore ranks 82nd, Matthews 150th and Binns 196th out of the 202 NFL players to line up at receiver this year."

To the "making the same excuses for Tannehill" guy.
Honestly, have you ever seen a rookie QB starting in his first season have less talent around him at the play making positions? Not to mention Henne didn't even start his first season and had already played four full years at Michigan. I'm just saying these two situations in no way mirror each other. That same excuses thing just doesn't cut it anymore.

Darkoak as long as your employer doesn't read your post you're safe! Have fun "working". ;)


Good calls on the games. I'll take your thoughts into consideration.

YG, I'm familiar with Brandon Jenkins. Like him a lot. Definitely should fit into some of these thoughts.






If you're out there somewhere, I debated with you and another guy a few weeks ago about what a dud Zach Miller has been in his time with Seattle. You guys told me, 'he's still a great blocker' and that I was nuts to have the opinion I did. Found this on a mock done on Walter Football and as you can see the guy has Seattle taking a TE in the first round. Wanted to share:

Seattle Seahawks: Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame
Zach Miller has been mildly disappointing for the Seahawks. Both of his seasons with Seattle have been less productive than all four of his years in Oakland. The Seahawks could use a good receiving tight end to help Russell Wilson.

The Dolphins have a better chance at getting a top 3 draft choice then they have at sneaking into the playoffs.

So, I was just offered free tickets and a parking pass for Sunday. I declined.



Lol, very similar to what some poster used to say about a certain group at the SS before Kelly started blogging naked and forgetting to take his meds. That was you, Aloco?

I'll watch parts of it on tv if its not totally boring.

Walter football has us selecting an OT first round HE DOESN'T KNOW OUR TEAM. It makes sense with Long 'possibly' not coming back but we need playmakers not an OT. We need an OT yes but not this badly





I think it'll be either a LT or a RB because they may not keep both Jake and Reggie.

Hey, if Tanny doesnt show some improvement in the final 2 games they may draft a QB in the 1st.

Aloco, I seriously doubt it will be Ireland doing the drafting next year.

I'd like to see Bill Polian or Marty Schottenheimer as the new GM but I think I'd settle for Mickey Mouse at this point! lol

Polian did real well. His team was pure shytte without Peyton.

How are the gm's at buffalo and the jets doing? Ireland will be here for years to come.




TO BE......................

THE CELLAR .........OUR DESTINY ..............

Marty Schottenhiemer.....LOL.

What tems did he ever put together....the commments get funnier as we go along.

Marty was a COACH....never a personnel guy. Check your facts....they're not one and the same.

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