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Bess, Misi officially out vs. Bills, others questionable

Davone Bess and Koa Misi will miss their second consecutive game Sunday when the Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills.

The news is better for wide receiver Brian Hartline, who is listed as questionable. Hartline worked some on Friday and is expected to play barring a significant setback.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are not certain about defensive tackle Randy Starks. Although he is not injured, he missed the entire week of practice for personal reasons. The club has declined to specify what those reasons are.

Starks is questionable for the game.

WR Davone Bess – back
K Dan Carpenter – groin
LB Koa Misi – ankle

CB Nolan Carroll – knee
WR Brian Hartline – back
TE Jeron Mastrud – hamstring
DT Randy Starks – not injury related

WR Armon Binns – ankle
S Chris Clemons – neck, ribs
LB Karlos Dansby – biceps
DE Derrick Shelby – groin
S Jimmy Wilson – hip

The Bills will also have three players missing but none have been significant contributors. Starting center Eric Wood is questionable.

DE Mark Anderson – knee
LB Chris White – hamstring
WR Marcus Easley – hamstring

C Eric Wood – knee

G Andy Levitre – knee
TE Scott Chandler – foot
DT Kyle Williams – ankle
LB Nick Barnett – knee
CB Justin Rogers – foot
DT Marcell Dareus – knee/wrist
TE Lee Smith – back
RB C.J. Spiller – shoulder
CB Aaron Williams – knee
DE Mario Williams – wrist


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I'm not talking playoffs because of the Cleveland must beat Pittsburg element that is essential for the last day of the equation. The other elements I can imagine, but not that one.

Shoulda won one of the two ties or beaten Tenny & this wouldn't be an issue.

Alas & Alack.

Dashi semms to be everything, soldier, entrepeneur, queer, Indian. What else?


From Captain on up, they are the minority, the few who make it a lifetime career of it, and some of them are very smart. The rest, the majority, if you've listened to as many interviews of soldiers coming back, are borderline if not completely illiterate and destined for menial labor. Very few make it in the high professions they get out.

This EXPLAINS why Dashi is so obsessed wtih DYYCK!!! He spent years in the Army looking at 1000''s of them!!!

Not everybody can make it in the "high" professions, pal. Still, when they come out they are 100% "service connected", which neither you or I are.

You seem to be Flipping all over the place in your views, ashi.

That doesn't mean much from anecdotal evidence.

The worse tragedy of it all though, is these naive enlisted soldiers are not fighting for their country. Not since WWII. They are fighting against countries that never attacked us, never were a threat to us, for the sole purpose of corporate profits.

One of many examples - The fake Iraq war made null and void all the oil field contracts. Guess who got them? Cheneys former company Haliburton, where he still owned plenty of stock. They got them with no bid required by law, George just magically awarded them. To this day there is no evidence by admission of the FBI and CIA that Iraq had any involvement in 911 or WMD, so not only did we lose thousands of our good people in vain, we slaughtered plenty of innocent Iraqi's.

Does that warm your heart?

My Heart has acquired a Thermostat because it's not so Simple.

That last one was beautiful, Oscar.

You volunteered. You're a Soldier. You do as you are told. Otherwise, you go to Prison.

Now, now, let's come down to Earth. WTH do most of you know about the High International Politics and who directs them? I bet very few of You.

We know that most People are Parrots. They reproduce what they hear in the Media.


Why isn't a better command of the English language one of your accomplishments? You write at a 5th grade level, you have nothing profound to ever say beyond schoolyard mockery and chit chat.

I get the idea your 'accomplishments' are grand only between your ears.

Studies have shown there are two personal characteristics that are most likely to lead to success. Language skills and math skills.

You ever heard of the Von Krupps? Highly aristocratic now, formerly Mafiosi arms trafficants who financed Hitler's War. Besides, why did Hitler go to War if he very well knew(he was very smart) he could not win it? "I was forced into the War", he said. And it is true.

Now Oscar, who may have been born abroad, writes like an educated professional, and can express an idea and an original thought.

It is a sad state of affairs and true sign the country is going backwards when foreigners are speaking the language better than the natives.

Not so, Theo(and you're showing a trace of Xenophobia)(or anxiety). The great Joseph Conrad(Lord Jim) was born Polish and could write better than any Englishman. It was then as it is now, solid scholastic Education.

Of course, Theo, this is not the Huffington Post.

Good observation, Dashi's feeble writing skills alone confirm my earlier comments.


No xenophobia with me. I was born in the USA but have lived in three other countries.

Sure, Dashi,it's part of the readaptation to Society. Some make it, some don't.But, IMO, if you want to be a professional Soldier, stay there until you retire. It's a profession and better than nothing.

Clown, This Is The Internet!!

Dashi Makes A Mockery Of The English Language!! Cause I Can!!


U Can Say!! Dashi Writes Like This For You!!

And Theodore!!

Dashi Disagrees!!

Many Millionaires & Billionaires!! Lack Math & Reading Skills!!


All Successful Business Men Are Full Of Themselves!! Or Any Highly Successful Artist or Athlete!!

And Oscar, Hitler Was Smart!! But He Wasn't an Academic!! Read Mein Kumpf!!

Most Highly Successful People!! Don't Even Go Or Drop Out Of College!! But Their Self Confidence!! Drives Them To Success!!

Not Saying Being A Intellectual Doesn't Hurt!! But Confidence Is A Better Measure Of Success Than Book Smarts!! U have To Believe In Yourself!!

Tell Me One Person With Low Self Esteem!! That was Highly Successful!!

Just 1!! That was as Insecure As You!!!

Seems like highly successful to you, Dashi, strives only on having lots of $. Might be so but at the same time, it might not.


Didn't want To Be A Pro Soldier!! Specially When People You Start Out With Are No Longer Here!! Like Dashi Said It Was A Learning Experience!!

Dashi Learnt The Army was Not For Me!! I Was Never Good At Taking Orders!! It Took Me Being There To Realize That!!

But Like You Said!! No Way Out!! Cause They Were Keeping People Even After Their Contract Was UP!!


Now you are revealing how little you have read, what little knowledge of literature and history you have. Many, many great artists who went on to become super famous and super rich were extremely insecure, suffered from stage fright and low self esteem, but...they made it.

Did you know Ela Fitzgerald was initially a dancer? She never thought she could sing. The great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery suffered from stage fright, and never thought he'd be able to play again as well as the previous night.

Most likely you know absolutely nothing about these individuals. Had you even a clue, you would not have been the type to join military.

I'm afraid Dashi has exposed himself as close enough to illiterate, as if it wasn't already apparent from his juvenile writing.

I now deem it utterly useless to engage in any further dialog about him or to respond to any of his naive comments.

The great Barbra Streissand is terrified of performing Live in fear of forgetting the Lyrics. That is known and we can talk about it. But in regards to insecurity IN their Art, forget it.

This here is looking more and more like the Huffington Post.


You Answered Yourself!! Book Smarts Doesn't Give You Common Sense Does It!!

You Ever Been On Stage? Again, Not To Go Down The Long List!! But You Have To Believe In Your Ability!! To Preform In Front Of Others!! Ela Couldn't sing On Stage Until She Got The Confidence To Do It!! Every Musician Worth His Salt!! Feels That They Will Never Be As Good!! As Their Last!! It's when They "Believe" They Suck!! That The Hits Stop Coming!! The Crowd Can Smell Fear!! And It STINKS!!

All Those People Got Over their Insecurities To Preform!! Let Me Guess!! Jim Morrison Was Insecure!! Because He Sang With His Eyes Closed And His Back To The Audience!!

And Oscar,

People Have Different Views Of Success!! I Was Using The Most Generic Version!! FORTUNE & FAME!!!

We Can Go After Philanthropist Or Inventors!!

Everybody Has A Different Meaning Of Success!! It Doesn't Matter How Much Money Dashi Makes!! Some Can Still View Me As A Failure!!

Because They Have A different View Of Success!!

Success To You Might Be How Many Lives You Have touched!! And How Many People You Have Helped Out!! You Are Probably More Successful Than me In That Area!!

anyone know who finishes second if jets and fins tie. need to lose games so we get third place schedule instead of 2nd. means we play raiders and titans instead of chargers and colts

Among many other things, the Education system needs to find a way to counter the extremely short attention span of today's youth. The internet has reduced them into absorbing information in mere 20 second slots, and therefore never really learning the depths of anything.

Yeah, it's true, Theodore(a), all People, at some Time, need a boost of their Self-steem.


Nice comment on Barbara.

If we need for Cleveland to beat Pittsburgh to qualify for the Playoffs, we are royally fukkked.


This is the taboo part of this blog!!

Life Is Not All About Football!!

I've Always Said It!! When You Act Like A Normal Person!! We can have a Constructive Conversation!!

And Theo,

Education Is 2 Fold!! Don't Just Blame The System!! Blame The Parents!! I'm Not A Romney Supporter!! But He was Right!! Having Both Parents!! And That They Are Willing To Teach!! Leads To More Successful People!!

You Can Look Up That Statistic!!

What a throw by Matt Ryan...Makes me sick to my stomach watching this guy play and to think of what could've been...But our future Hall of Famer Boss at the time preferred a LT...

Are you a Teacher, Theo?

playoffs,lol no chance there. but need to finish third instead of second big time for draft and schedule

Had we won just one single game more, like against Buffalo or Tennessee like we should have, our playoff shot would be almost guaranteed. With only a 16 game season, every game does count huge.

Hey dusty, what happened to Bill Connors??? LOL!!!

We coulda been a Contender...




And Theo,

If Self-Esteem Wasn't So Important!! Barnes & Noble Wouldn't Have Such A Big Section!!

theo what would be the point, not like this team would of beaten anyone. much better we lost that game. weak draft, need to be far up as possible and i showed u the difference in the schedule between 2nd and 3rd place. and if we beat tenn we would still be out of playoffs with pitt easily winning last 2 games

Must be a Holiday Today. I'm hearing Fireworks.

No way you're going to sell me on that one, dusty. You should know that.

Dusty don't be obsessed with draft position. The misses in the high rounds, and there are many misses by all teams, are that much more painful. We see every single season plenty of great players coming out of the second and third rounds. Look how great Russell Wilson and Kaepernick are doing.

Play to win the game. Winning is the bets medicine for the psyche. This team needs lots of medicine.


You Might Get your Wish!! This Coaching Staff Keeps Handicapping The Team!! The IR LIST GETS LONGER BY THE DAY!!

Remember Tomorrows Game Is

T-Hill and The Chipmunks


The Bills

But Knowing The Insubordinate F U C K!!! Dansby! The Defense Might Really Show Up Tomorrow!!

And The Fins win 24-3!!

I have no complaints about Long. He gave us some very good years.

i wouldnt expect u to say that oscar, u have never thought of what is best for this team and future. time to start.....

theo i also just told u we would play chargers and colts next year instead of raiders and titans, huge difference

2 good years oscar...That's it. Huge contract and 2 good years. We could of had a franchise QB...Sad...

It's not that I know more or less about successful Drafting than anybody else, dusty. I am highly Competitive, for better or worse, and hate to lose. Just not in Me.

could of had brees also. but why look back, its over. have to look forward. hope thill is the man

bill, Brees had medical concerns, very different. No reason to draft a LT instead of a QB...Inexcusable...


You have not been paying attention or have a short memory. Every season good teams from the previous year falter and bad teams from the previous year explode. It is a senseless game to worry this year about next years schedule. There is simply no way to know which teams will be better than others, with few exceptions.


Some People Just Love Throwing Fire Works!!

They Have Been Blasting Fireworks Around My House To!!

That I Don't Understand!!

I Understand New Years!! And Independence Day!! But The Days Leading UP??


That I Actually Find Really uneducated!!!

The Worst Is The Clowns Who Find It Cool To Shoot In The Air!!

True Story!!

This Happened When I was About 13!!

We Went To A New Years Party In Homestead!! And After 12 The Guns Start Blasting!! And Guess What Happens!!

A Little 6 Year Old Girl!! Got Hit With A Bullet On The Shoulder!! Talk About A F'd Up New Years Day!! Party Stopped!! The Ambulance Came!! And Everyone Was Scared!!

The Ironic Part Is Some Idiots At The Party Were Shooting In The Air Also!!

You People are making it very difficult, in retrospect.

wrong again theo, we know every year the titans and raiders are gonna suck. we know the colts will only get better and the chargers will have new life with new coaching staff. so taking orlando pace was dumb at one? not like they knew ryan was a great qb. could of been like passing on long for a sanchez type qb

So many SB winners fail to even make the playoffs the next year. Each season is a new season. Few teams start off where they left off. Every season there is shuffling of players, coaches and the outcome is often not what was expected.

Well, I live in Hialeah now. They must have been bullets.

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