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Bess, Misi officially out vs. Bills, others questionable

Davone Bess and Koa Misi will miss their second consecutive game Sunday when the Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills.

The news is better for wide receiver Brian Hartline, who is listed as questionable. Hartline worked some on Friday and is expected to play barring a significant setback.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are not certain about defensive tackle Randy Starks. Although he is not injured, he missed the entire week of practice for personal reasons. The club has declined to specify what those reasons are.

Starks is questionable for the game.

WR Davone Bess – back
K Dan Carpenter – groin
LB Koa Misi – ankle

CB Nolan Carroll – knee
WR Brian Hartline – back
TE Jeron Mastrud – hamstring
DT Randy Starks – not injury related

WR Armon Binns – ankle
S Chris Clemons – neck, ribs
LB Karlos Dansby – biceps
DE Derrick Shelby – groin
S Jimmy Wilson – hip

The Bills will also have three players missing but none have been significant contributors. Starting center Eric Wood is questionable.

DE Mark Anderson – knee
LB Chris White – hamstring
WR Marcus Easley – hamstring

C Eric Wood – knee

G Andy Levitre – knee
TE Scott Chandler – foot
DT Kyle Williams – ankle
LB Nick Barnett – knee
CB Justin Rogers – foot
DT Marcell Dareus – knee/wrist
TE Lee Smith – back
RB C.J. Spiller – shoulder
CB Aaron Williams – knee
DE Mario Williams – wrist


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Don't play games with hindsight.
Not even with the Colts getting Luck did anyone see that 1-15 team doing this well.

If you want to be the best, don't fear the best. Don't be a wimp by wishing for a weak schedule. I want the team to be the best by beating the best, not on some fluke easy schedule.

It's a question of pride versus luck. I'll take pride.

theo use your brain, u sound just like last year when u got excited about some late season kmeaningless games that killed our draft. wake up man

Orlando Pace?? LOL!! No QBs at all in that draft class...First one taken was Jim Druckenmiller, I think the 2nd one was Jake Plummer...Compare apples with apples...

theo, we know every year the fins and bills will suck .

One of The Idiots Was The Little Girls Dad!!

I was Raised Knowing Guns Are Bad!! Til This Day!! I'm The Only One In My Direct Family That Knows How To Shoot!!

I Have A CWP! But Don't Own A Gun!! Most My Friends Have Multiple Guns!! And Always Tell Me When I'm Going To Get One!! When We Go To The Range!! I Always Either Rent A Gun There!! Or Ask To Borrow One Of Theirs!!

I Feel Nobody Should Own A Gun With Kids In The House!!! It's Just Not Safe!! Doesn't Matter How Secure It Is!!

I Was A Kid Once!! And Remember How Nosey!! And Curious Kids are!!


I don't want an asterisk next to our super bowl trophies

* weakest schedule in the league

I want a quality win, not a win for win's sake. So in that we are different.

It does not surprise me that you chose a name with the word bottom.

* am I

For The Grammar God!!

Theo, sometimes it's bill connors...Depends...

We just might dominate next year going 14-2 and beating NE twice. Just saying.

bill CON nors



Just because you had no clue about how good the Colts would be this year does NOT mean nobody did. Unlike you, there are people that know their stuff!

dusty, who would you have picked with our first pick last year? I thought the Irish man did pretty good with Thill and JMartin.

Hey, Mike, you're no going to bet this Game either? Good/bad for you. Buffalo is NOT Jacksonville, whatever.

How Are You Ireland Detractors(Haters) going To Feel When He Signs Long To A 5-6yr Deal!!

Just Saying!!

And Dusty,

After Beating The Jag's And Shattering My Te'o Dream!!

Dashi Wouldn't Mind!! The Fins Winning Out!! A Little Bit For Patting Myself On The Back!! And Also For Team Confidence!!

Hopefully T-Hill Keeps Developing!! And the Fins End The Year On A High Note!!

Vegas Mike

Nobody saw the 1-15 Colts with a loss of so many key players having a chance for the playoffs. Not even Vegas saw it ;)

Not even a nice try.

Good teams like New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, GB, NYG, etc etc...draft at the bottom of every round year in and year out and they get awesome players...It's not WHERE in the round you draft but WHO you draft...Big difference...

The Colts Only Loss Peyton!!

And They Replaced Him With Peyton 2.0!!


The Colts were clear as day to me. Reggie Wayne, Freeney, Andrew Luck, and thet drafted a great RB.

Teams like the Raiders, Jacksonville, Buffalo, TB, etc etc have a high draft pick every bloody year and they still stink...

Might be their Coach, Theo, but I understand he was out until now. Then, it's their QB, That's one hell of a One one if I understand my Players correctly.

Teams like the Raiders, Jacksonville, Buffalo, TB, etc etc have a high draft pick every bloody year and they still stink...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 22, 2012 at 10:45 PM

Dullfins TOO!

Say what you like. They lost Saturday their all pro center, they lost Garcon, they lost others. Color your memories how you want, they were not expected to contend this year.

Either way it is irrelevant to my previous point. Every single season teams with high expectations falter and teams written off come on strong. Worrying about schedule strengths and draft order is a meaningless game for losers.

You play to win the game. Always.

The difference is the Colts gave their rookie QB some weapons...Keeping Wayne was HUGE cause he's still got it...Drafted an excellent RB...Our GM kept Bess, Hartline and Fasano...Tried to upgrade with Gaffney, Naanee and the rest of the garbage...

Luck turned out to be just what everyone thought. We all know how many #1 QB's were huge disappointments. Draft order is overrated 99% of the time.

So, Vegas Mike, are you going to bet? I know you will do so.

Having said that, the Colts are 18th in total offense and also rank very low in scoring...So let's not call Luck the next Elway just yet...

The draft is a crap shoot. Now matter how good your scouting is, every single team drafts busts every single season. They say if you score on half your picks then you are doing excellent. There are just too many talented players to think whoever gets picked in the top ten are automatically better than all the rest. We have enough proof that isn't true.

RG3 is a great QB also. He just have to learn his body physique limitations. Otherwise, he will find himself on early retirement.

Add some speed to the offense (By far the slowest offense in the NFL) and improve the o-line and Tannehill will surprise a lot of you people...

The Colts also got Luck's go to TE from Stanford. They had a huge draft hitting on all cylinders and already had one of the best offensive and defensive players in the league.

Look what Matt Ryan has.

Roddy White
Julio Jones
Tony Gonzalez

Do you think Ryan would be as good on our team? No way.

Vegas Mike, true...That's a very good draft they had...No question...

Oh, no, Montreal, Luck can run circles around Elway. These are the New super-Athletes...

Tony Gonzalez...One word to describe this guy...Ageless...

The draft is only a crap shoot to incompetents like Ireland. Good GM's get winners.

Matt Ryan would have Miami competeing for a SB every year.

The Colts got a RB in rd 5 thats terrific

Who is this Indianapolis GM? Perhaps we can bring him here...


People History In The Making Is About To Happen!!

Theo, I understand your point BUT you don't stop yourself from drafting a franchise QB because you have no weapons. That makes NO sense. You draft him and you give him weapons after. You can't say not drafting Matt Ryan was smart because he wouldn't have the same success here because of the players surrounding him...We drafted a LT and look at the success that gave us...

I Take That Back!!

Stafford Is A Idiot!!

Bad throw by Stafford...Still not sold on the guy...

Matt Ryan wins anywhere he is.

That Is How The Fins Would've Looked Like If Marsha Was Still On The Team!!

Not Saying Megatron Has Marsha's Attitude!!

But That Having A Alpha Wr!! Blinds The Qb From His Other Options!!

Philbin & His Daddy!! Are Making T-Hill Learn To Read The Whole Field!! Not Just 1 WR!! Which Definitely Stunts A Rookie Qb's Growth!!


Except In The Playoffs!! Or Bowl Games!

We beat the crap out of Stafford and you still wonder...

Funny thing is Atlanta is getting better and better every year and their owner, Arthur Blank, wanted Bill Parcells to run his team...Until Huizenga stepped in and convinced him to come to Miami instead...Talk about bad luck...Unreal...

Fukkkk you, Montreal, there, here, now and in retrospect.

How happy is Mike Nolan he left this cespool?


At the time, NOBODY thought Ryan was worth the #1 overall. There were questions about him. It wasn't like drafting Luck or RG3 or Elway.

He turned out to be good. Many times the #1 overall pick that every one in the nation agrees is the top player is a bust.

It is a crap shoot. Parcells said you just never know with QB's, and you NEVER know. He wanted to take the sure thing rather than gamble with his new team. Screw hindsight. You need to look at the decision at the time.


Matt Ryan was a cant miss prospect just like Andrew Luck.

Ryan is surrounded by super stars. We have not had a single super star on offense since Ricky's one stellar season.

That was pretty good, Oscar.

oscar, are you mentally challenged or something?? WHF did I say to you? Do us all a favor and drop dead, you little friggin weasel...

Theo thinks that because he is clueless so is everyone else!!! LMFAO!!

HOHOHO!, Ottawa.


Haha. Now I see you are just talking trash. Good luck trying to get someone else going. I won't bite. I remember that draft well. Ryan was projected to go around 9. Luck had been projected to go #1 for many months before the draft. Nobody was saying suck for Ryan....

Go have fun and watch your money.

Theo, great QB's make their players better. Duuuuhh

Theo, Ryan wasn't surrounded by superstars when he got drafted...And the Long pick was WRONG because you always build your team with a QB...Always...When Miami had Marino, they were a lock to make the playoffs every year...Since Marino retired, we made the playoffs once in the entire decade...That should tell you everything you need to know...

Theo = MORON

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