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Bess, Misi officially out vs. Bills, others questionable

Davone Bess and Koa Misi will miss their second consecutive game Sunday when the Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills.

The news is better for wide receiver Brian Hartline, who is listed as questionable. Hartline worked some on Friday and is expected to play barring a significant setback.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are not certain about defensive tackle Randy Starks. Although he is not injured, he missed the entire week of practice for personal reasons. The club has declined to specify what those reasons are.

Starks is questionable for the game.

WR Davone Bess – back
K Dan Carpenter – groin
LB Koa Misi – ankle

CB Nolan Carroll – knee
WR Brian Hartline – back
TE Jeron Mastrud – hamstring
DT Randy Starks – not injury related

WR Armon Binns – ankle
S Chris Clemons – neck, ribs
LB Karlos Dansby – biceps
DE Derrick Shelby – groin
S Jimmy Wilson – hip

The Bills will also have three players missing but none have been significant contributors. Starting center Eric Wood is questionable.

DE Mark Anderson – knee
LB Chris White – hamstring
WR Marcus Easley – hamstring

C Eric Wood – knee

G Andy Levitre – knee
TE Scott Chandler – foot
DT Kyle Williams – ankle
LB Nick Barnett – knee
CB Justin Rogers – foot
DT Marcell Dareus – knee/wrist
TE Lee Smith – back
RB C.J. Spiller – shoulder
CB Aaron Williams – knee
DE Mario Williams – wrist


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If M.Ryan Was Can't Miss He Wouldn't Have Gone 3rd!!

M.Ryan Can Never Win The Big Game!! Has Never Won The Big Game!!

And He Didn't Even Out Perform!! Flacco and Henne In Workouts!!

The #1!! Is A Sure Thing!!

Jake Was A Surefire HOF'er!! Before The Draft!!

And He Will Still Be One!! Again, You Guys Want To Act Like you Don't care About Jake!! So Your Feelings Don't Get Hurt!!

But Jake Will Be Back Next Year!! And In ProBowl Form!!

Heard It Here First!!

Saskatchewan might just be right.

Matt Ryan will be a HOFer.

Matt Ryan - 0 playoff wins.

Theo thinks that because he is clueless so is everyone else!!! LMFAO!!

Posted by: Nat Moore | December 22, 2012 at 11:22 PM


The Lions Are Poorly Coached!!


You are stuck on hindsight. That is easy. At the time, Ryan was no sure thing, nobody thought he was worth a #1. I won't waste my breath on it. What is done is done. Today, he is surrounded by superstars. He wouldn't have been had he come to Miami.

Mark Sanchez- 4 playoff wins. Theo loves him??

Look at the past SB winners and MOST of them won it with a QB drafted in the first round...Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Eli Manning, etc...Yeah, I know Brady was a 6th rounder...There's always exception...

TGH, I see you can't handle an opinion you don't agree with. You might want to converse with someone on your infantile level, you have plenty of options for that here.


Did Anyone New That Before The Draft?

And Passing Stats!! Have Gone Way Up!!

M.Ryan has Been A Pro!! What 5 Years Now?

And He Has Had Average Stats!! M.Ryan Is A Good Qb!! Not Great!! A la P.Rivers!!

And M.Ryan Was Given Weapons From Day 1!!

Theo, tell us how greta Mark Sanchez is with 4 playoff wins in his 1st 2 years? LOL

F'ing Auto Correct!!

* Anyone Knew

Anyway, good night all...Theo, I respect your opinion but I disagree...You should always draft a QB when given the opportunity...Heck, the Packers drafted Rodgers and they still had Favre...Marino retired how long ago and we never drafted anyone to replace him...That's why we have 1 playoff appearance in over 10 years...Look no further...Sorry if the truth hurts, but FACTS are FACTS...Later...I'm out...

Theo, not everyone is as dumb as you. You get that?


Many trophies are won with 1st round QB's. Also many #1 overall QB's have been total busts. I'm only repeating the obvious here. You are stuck on hindsight, the past. Now is now. Ryan is surrounded by superstars, he has been on a far better team than ours since he has been in the league, and he has ZERO playoff wins. How can you say he was worth a #1 pick? Actions speak louder than words. Matt Ryan has proven nothing yet.

Nat Moore... only dumb people think they are smart. You get that?

We need guys like Theo. They allow guys like me to make plenty of money.

Theo, I didnt say I'm smart. read it again. I simply said YOU ARE DUMB!!

Ok, well the blog is going into kiddie land, which is why I don't come by too often.

I'll leave you all to play with each other now. Remember to share your toys.

Theo, dont go away mad just GO AWAY!

Wow, that guy was lost in space. haha

Look what Matt Ryan has.

Roddy White
Julio Jones
Tony Gonzalez

Do you think Ryan would be as good on our team? No way.

Posted by: Theo | December 22, 2012 at 10:58 PM


You forget we used two 2nd rd picks and signed a qb in fa(Moore). Thats not including CP just fell into our laps.

Just the two 2nd rd picks used on Henne/White alone could have been used to draft weapons for Matt Ryan. Plus, I think Ryan would have made better use of Brandon Marshall.

You cant say in hindsight Ryan wouldnt have done as good here as he has in ATL. Simply because had we draft Ryan 1st overall, it would have also change the direction and dynamics of the personel decisions that would have made on offense.

Also, if we had Matt Ryan already in the folds, that 3rd rd pick used to draft John Jerry? It may have been used to draft Jimmy Graham.

Teo, you dont think the exact same personel decisions would have been made if we drafted Matt Ryan, do you? I think not.

YG, also the 1st we used on Tannehill could have benn used. So 2 2nds and a 1st we could've used on WR's. And we still dont have anything near a Matt Ryan. We will use more picks on QB's before we get a Matty Ice.

Actually, not drafting Matt Ryan has at least cost us a 8th overall pick(T'hll), two 2nd rd picks(Henne/White), and a 6th rd pick(Tyler Thigpen).

Plus, it was instrumental in having to sign Matt Moore in 2011. It blew a 1st overall pick by not choosing him if Jake Long walks after only 5 seasons here.


I was actually writing the same thing as you posted it. LOL...

Not drafting Matt Ryan has proved very costly:

1st overall if Long walks after only 5 seasons.

8th overall for Ryan Tannehill

Two 2nd rd picks(Henne/White)

1 6th rd pick(Tyler Thigpen)

All of this in passing on Matt Ryan.

Guys they drafted Henne thinking he would be every bit as good as Ryan and Flacco!! So nobody can say how and where the drafting would be different!

Tony fell in LOVE with Jerry at the senior bowl.

Therei is NO WAY to know how things would have gone if we drafted Ryan!!!

Still, Im not sre if Tannehill will ever be as good a "pure qb" than Matt Ryan, But he's definitely more athletic.


Ted Ginn may still be a dolphin had Ryan been the qb. Ryan's deepball touch is "light years" ahead of Henne's. So it's very possible Ginn could have been a legit deepthreat with Ryan as the qb.

Then add a potent TE and another wr with the two 2nd rd picks wasted on Henne/White. This thing could have gone in many different directions had we drfted Ryan.

And Da Beast would've loved and thrived with Matt Ryan as his QB.


One thing for sure is we wouldnt have spent the 8th overall pick on Ryan Tannehill in 2011. That's for damn sure.

Nat Moore,

It wouldnt have been a bad thing to Have Ginn/Da Beast as our starting wr's with Matt Ryan either.


YG, the running QB's do get injured often. The great QB's that come to my mind are all pocket QB's. Brady, Montana, Marino, both Mannings, Ryan,Brees.

Ted Ginn? Seriously???

How well did Ginn do with Alex Smith? With Kap? Ginn has failed with 3 QB's and you think Ryan would have made him a success?

Ginn is not a FOOTBALL PLAYER!

RUnning QB's that didn't get injured often:

Fran Tarkenton
Steve Young
John Elway


Ginn, like Tannehill, should never have been a 1st rd pick. But if either were drafted in the 6th rd we'd be raving about them.

Out of bounds GINN and the defendant as our WR's????Put down the pipe children.


Are you kidding me? Alex Smith is Chad Henne with weapons. Funny how even with all of those weapons Smith has lost the starting gig to Kappernick.

First of of all, with a wr of Ginns speed you need a qb who has long ball touch. Neither Henne nor Smith has it. Too bad Ginn's been relegated to st's before playing with a qb that actually has deepball tough.

Look guys,

I never said Ginn would be the 2nd coming of Jerry Rice anything close. Matt Ryan is light years better than any qb Ginn has played with that deepball accuracy.

Just saying, had we drafted Ryan, it is possible Ted Ginn could have been a 7-8 td a year wr. It was never that Ginn dsidnt ever get deep when Henne was qb. Henne was almost always off target when he did get open.

All except the one Jet game when Henne hit him in stride with a 50yd TD. I think we all remember that game.

I believe a qb with great deepball touch could make Ginn a 7-8 td a year reciever.

Ginn never had a real qb in Miami. Cleo Lemon, John Beck, Chad "Noodle-Arm" Pennington, and Chad Henne.


Ok but he could not run a route,so they new he was on the fly,hence double team. Who else did we have??

If you are a fins fan it's time to watch the bowl games for a WR or 3 that stands out. I bet the fins brass is.

STEADMAN BAILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant believe Walter Campbell has him ranked 4th rd. Two years in a row more than 15 tds. This year finished with 23 tds. Always seems to be open, always seems to catch the ball when he's open, and is an absolute "YAC MONSTER"!!!!

3rd rd

Im down with bringing 2 new wr's. Beit draft or fa. I would let Hartline walk. Sure he had his best season as a dolphin, but, it rarely results in tds.

Im probably not as "attached" to Hartline as some finfans may be. He doesnt pit tds on the scoreboard nowhere near cosistent enough.

106 and 1500 ???? realy????

2nd team

watched and like

Hartline has only 6 tds for his 4yr fins career. He has only 1 td this season(80 yarder).

He continues to be a total nonfactor in the redzone. Anything over 4yrs $12 million and the fins should let him walk.

Ginn never had a real qb in Miami. Cleo Lemon, John Beck, Chad "Noodle-Arm" Pennington, and Chad Henne.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 23, 2012 at 01:24 AM

YG, Really?, Ted(Aligator arms)Ginn has to be one of the biggest 1st round busts EVER, Maybe you forgot about Teds Falling down all over the field, His Penchent for running stright to the sidelines on KO returns?, He's the only guy in the NFL who had 2 TDs in one season and ended up #8th in return yard avg that year.

YG, Even Someone made a video of Ted Ginn, Check it out, Its Snoop Dogs Song "Drp it like it's hot"


guys it's so easy to second guess what would of have happened if we had drafted X instead of Y etc etc. Truth of the matter is where we are today is due to more than just drafting the players or not inc those that have turned out to be good or even V good elsewhere(because every team can cherry pick and say if only we drafted him instead etc)it's also about coaching and team chemistry and injuries and most importantly you need some LUCK(i don't mean Andrew
;-) ) I think we are finally heading in the right direction with a decent core of players,what looks like a more than decent coaching staff and plenty of cap space and picks this year. This offseason will provide us with either optimism for the next 4-5yrs or push us deeper into the depths of "simply not good enough".
With reference to where the analysts have all these draft picks going and in what position. I don't care which players are rated where in which round too much as long as we get the player coming in who can improve the team enough to make us WIN!!!!

The way I see it, Atlanta probably won't go past the 1st round of the Playoffs.

Would love to get our hands on a Player like A. J. Green.

Buffalo really must have thrown in the towel. We are still by 10 over them.

We'll see Nate Gardner vs Mario Williams. Hmm...

Dolphins need to draft two wr's. Cordarrelle Patterson and Stedman Bailey. Draft Luck's other TE from Stanford too.

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