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Bess, Misi officially out vs. Bills, others questionable

Davone Bess and Koa Misi will miss their second consecutive game Sunday when the Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills.

The news is better for wide receiver Brian Hartline, who is listed as questionable. Hartline worked some on Friday and is expected to play barring a significant setback.

Interestingly, the Dolphins are not certain about defensive tackle Randy Starks. Although he is not injured, he missed the entire week of practice for personal reasons. The club has declined to specify what those reasons are.

Starks is questionable for the game.

WR Davone Bess – back
K Dan Carpenter – groin
LB Koa Misi – ankle

CB Nolan Carroll – knee
WR Brian Hartline – back
TE Jeron Mastrud – hamstring
DT Randy Starks – not injury related

WR Armon Binns – ankle
S Chris Clemons – neck, ribs
LB Karlos Dansby – biceps
DE Derrick Shelby – groin
S Jimmy Wilson – hip

The Bills will also have three players missing but none have been significant contributors. Starting center Eric Wood is questionable.

DE Mark Anderson – knee
LB Chris White – hamstring
WR Marcus Easley – hamstring

C Eric Wood – knee

G Andy Levitre – knee
TE Scott Chandler – foot
DT Kyle Williams – ankle
LB Nick Barnett – knee
CB Justin Rogers – foot
DT Marcell Dareus – knee/wrist
TE Lee Smith – back
RB C.J. Spiller – shoulder
CB Aaron Williams – knee
DE Mario Williams – wrist


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reg is right.

In Parimutual Gambling you are betting against other People. So, if you know more than those other People about the Game, you should win steadily, just like in Poker. The problem, at least in Horseracing, is that most of those other People you're betting against are the Owners, Trainers and Jockeys of the Horses. hehehe

Still, Horse People are not rocket scientists under any means. They can be beat if you pick your spots.

where can i find the Dolphins game, Please help me.

reg: good post @ 6:01. Plenty of reasons for optimism as this season winds down compared to seasons past. Yes, lots of holes to fill but look for good synergy with Ireland + Philbin, Coyle and Sherman.

A few things to think about: football is a team game and while the Dolphins have a core of good players, there are some below avg players starting and many more sitting as #2s. These guys should be easy to replace with simply avg players.

So... in past years except last year, Ireland has focused on finding high profile, big dollar free agents. The money factor with this tact limits how many players you can go after.

Because Ireland/Philbin believe in building through the draft and finding acorns falling from the trees in free agency, the focus will be on multiple value players. Probably a goodly number of relatively cheap free agents will be targeted by Ireland early in free agency.

But not just any players. It will be players Philbin, Coyle and Sherman want. Players that are coach-able, motivated and have lots of upside. Look for the Dolphins core of avg-to-good players to increase in free agency.

I think that the term: "Building Thru The Draft", could be one of the most misunderstood terms amongst team fans.

IMO, "building thru the draft" is a 3-level phase in which franchises look to:

1. Add at least 1 immediate impact player.
2. Add at least 1 high upside starter.
3. Add at least 1 1 great contributor, starter or not.

IMO, this represents the first 3 rds of the draft. After this, 4th-6th rd, youre looking to upgrade the bottom of the roster, st's, and draft kickers(if needed). 7th rd is for gems in the rough and developmental or ps players.

In the "building thru the draft phase", youre acquiring players that hopefully are with youre team 4-5yrs. This is called "building a foundation".

Free Agency, on the other hand, is "solidifying the foundation" already built. IMO, here is where you want to add 4th-6yr players. Or players playing out thier first contract of the team originally signing them.

FA can be used to sign a high impact player, above average starter, or to add depth and or churn the bottom of your roster. Because of the great impact of injuries, your roster at times is only as strong as it's weakest link.

The waiver wire can also be a source of upgrading your weakest link. But I would stay away from aging high priced vets as much as possible.

Time for draft talk, we've got our QB and coach, now what ?

Theo says:

Ryan is surrounded by super stars. We have not had a single super star on offense since Ricky's one stellar season.
Yes Ryan has more talent around him. However the Falcons were a woeful team in 2007 just like the Dolphins. The Dolphins could have had Matt Ryan just like they could have had many other players who have become solid contributors in the NFL. Instead the regime of Parcells and company went for players like Pat White, Patrick Turner etc....Parcells believed in recruiting big guys who were slow and lacked agility. Where is Philip Merling and Langford? Those guys were drafted early. Mistake after mistake and Ireland bought into the philosophy of going big. He often stated that the objective was to go big. Well what happened to speed, quickness, athletic and skill position players. Parcells had never worked as a full time personnel executive. He will never be hired in that capacity again. Just think about this; the Falcons owner almost hired Parcells. Parcells changed his mind and decided to work for Huizenga and the Miami Dolphins. Wow what bad luck for the Miami Dolphins and their fans.

Does anyone realize that next week in new England, belichick is going th beat the dolphins with his 3rd string players...it's time to say goodbye to Jeff Ireland....4 straight losing seasons, not done since the George Wilson era....wake up mr.ross please!!!

It's an AFC Game. Should be on CBS.

Carpenters out for todays game, so instead of a tie, Ill go with the Bills 13-10.

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