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Bess, Misi out for Sunday vs. Jacksonville

The Dolphins will be without two starters, one on offense and one on defense, when they host the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday.

The club this afternoon ruled wide receiver Davone Bess and linebacker Koa Misi as out.

Bess has been basically shut down this week with some sort of back injury. Misi also missed practice throughout the week with an ankle injury.

It's next man up:

For Misi, the Dolphins will probably substitute Jason Trusnik. Trusnik played when Misi left the game against San Francisco last week.

For Bess, the team may use more of Marlon Moore or Rishard Matthews.

The Jaguars are also going to limp into Sunday's game. That club announced that five players are out.

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew, running back Rashad Jennings, cornerback Aaron Ross, defensive end George Selvie, and running back Jordan Todman are all out.

Wide receiver Cecil Shorts, who has missed time with a concussion, is probable for the Jags. Defensive back Jimmy Wilson, who missed last week's game against San Francisco with a hip injury, is probable for the Dolphins.


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If I can add just a little to you're post @ 9:10.....I saw that press conference....

Brady went on to say...."Belicheat would look right @ me....and he woudn't have to look far...cause I sit right there" (Brady points slightly to the right...down @ the 1st row of seats).....

When you're future HOF accepts the label of MORON for going against STATED team behavior....then how can the 53rd...or 43rd....or 33rd...or #2 player on the team EVER have an attitude....

One voice....is Patriots personified.....

Moss says he doesn't "feel the love"....Brady stops throwing him the ball (pats continue to win)....and they ship Moss out of town inside of 3 weeks....

One voice....

Tannehill is likely the worst starting QB in the NFL. I think even Henne is better.

Instead of getting rid of Da Beast they should've made him a player-coach. He was spot on about the Dolphins pathetic QB's.

Obviously, guns should be outlawed. Most gun owners are macho-challenged low IQ individuals.

When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

There is a perfect example @ 10:22

Fin 77,
J'ville released rookie WR Kevin Elliot yesterday because he dropped 2 passes against the Jets.
We need to sign him immediately for 2 reasons: 1. The drops make him a perfect replacement for Da Beast and 2. He is now an acorn so he can be moved immediately to the top of the depth chart.

It's win-win

J'ville believes they can sack Tanne:

Da Beast is a HOF WR with any decent QB. Wasnt he pro bowl MVP last year? His numbers with real QB's are just extraodinary.

Fin 77,
Da beast is under contract and made it clear he would leave here in FA.
Elliott is pass-dropper and an acorn and he is available.
For us Kevin Elliott would be win-win.

Fins v Jags,,,a game for the ages. Think I have a Drs appointment or something,,,,Oh gee Ill miss the game !!

I never thought we should've signed Marshall when all we had at QB was Henne. A top receiver will be miserable without a QB.

DragonFly34,yeah a dental appt is better then Fins-Jags

Fin 77,
Do some research.
Compare the TOP 2 WRs for several teams and see how that compares to Chicago's top 2:
Chi: 1598yds 12 TDs
Den: 1987yds 16 TDs
Bal: 1581yds 11 TDs
Mia: 1703yds 2 TDs

Chicago's top 2 WR production is almost identical to Baltimore, is inferior to Denver, and have fewer yards than our top 2.

Also we never 'signed' Marshall that would imply that a top tier FA signed here. We traded 2 #2's for BM.

Funny, it was possible that we had either Drew Brees or Matt Ryan at QB... AND ...Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall and Dez Bryant.... Instead, look at the garbage scrubs on this team. AMAZING!

When you're future HOF accepts the label of MORON for going against STATED team behavior....then how can the 53rd...or 43rd....or 33rd...or #2 player on the team EVER have an attitude.... -Kris

Yeah, Kris. I admire T. Brady for many reasons but his unquestioned following of his HC strikes me as one of his most admirable traits. He REALLY sets the example in NE for players. He is truly one of the great acorn finds of all time.

Fin 77,
True. But when yopu're putting down Henne he won 7 games in 2009 and 2010.
In 2009 his WRs were Ted Ginn, Greg Camarillo and Davon Bess. His TE was Fasano.
Tanne needs another win to match Moore's total of 6 and 2 more to match Henne's total of 7.

I meant traded for Marshall....or any top receiver.....without having a QB

Poor Armando.....he has to keep trying to generate interest on an annually bad Dolphins football team.

Caddy, you can not convince me that Henne doesnt stink. Just like I can not convince you that he does stink. So lets be smart and both drop it..K?

Kris, I don't believe Dansby deserves to be a leader. Far from it actually. But the unfortunate part with this team is he is the biggest money guy we have and he speaks his mind, thus he is the defacto leader. Once he and Burnett are gone I think this team will find true leadership with Pouncey...though unfortunately he seems to be our leader unless Tannehill grows into that role (hopefully!)

But your post speaks to my point that we are in a bad position with player leadership if, by default, Dansby is our leader

Heck, even Crowded was a better leader than Dansby and Burnett

Brady was drafted, he was never an acorn, he was never unemployed overnight.
Neither was Henne.
Neither was Tanne.
Matt Moore, Fasano, Incogs, Columbus, Olshansky etc were all out of football until the Phins called and promised them the top of the depth chart to come and play here.
But whatever yo.
I hope you enjoy the game tomorrow.


In 10 years when his playing career is over Henne will move to the booth and he'll crack jokes about how many 4th qtr picks he threw, how he led the league in former teammates, how he had to learn 15 different offenses over his carrer because he kept getting run out of town etc.
And we'll laugh with him.

Henne is way too dumb to work in the booth.

Crowder called Ireland a racist. Team leader?

Cadillac: I think "acorns" are those overlooked high value, low paid players that exist on most squads. I don't think it has anything to do with their draft pedigree or free agent status... no?

And thanks, I am hoping to enjoy the game. Hope you do too.

An 'acorn' is an unemployed football player.
Everyone one else is under contract.

Fin 77,
I don't think Henne is considered 'dumb' by anyone.
As a high school graduate he learned the whole Michigan playbook during the summer beofre his freshman year and then he started from day 1.
Prior to 2011 he learned the Daboll offense on his own during the lockout and came out in game one and put up 450 yds against NE on MNF.
In J'ville as of 3 weeks ago the OC calls the formation and Henne calls the play at the line based on how the defense is lined up.

You can call Henne a lot of names but evidently stupid is not one of them.

With all of the depth in receiver corps, Jeff Ireland has insured that Bess will not be missed. Watch for one of the talented youngsters to step up. Following the Dolphins gets more and more exciting each week!

The day is approaching when we will stop blaming individuals that do not even know we are alive for our crappy lives.

I see Kris is still, and forever will be, obsessed with the word banned. He has now made 9001 posts about who should be or could be banned.

I guess Kris only wants people here that he deems acceptable.

Obviously, guns should be outlawed. Most gun owners are macho-challenged low IQ individuals.

Posted by: JJ | December 15, 2012 at 10:19 AM

Yes, because that worked out so well in Norway. Over 80 people shot dead on an island in Norway 15 months ago. Teens on a camping trip trapped on an Island being picked off one by one.

Why? Because guns are illegal there but that didn't stop this criminal from getting one. Had one person on that island been carrying a side arm there would be 80 people alive and one crazy sob dead.

How about the crazy man in China who hacked those kids up with a knife last year?

Can't make crazy illegal, people will always find a way to kill other people. Better laws are what we need for better gun control in this country. Making them illegal is moronic, lots of drugs are illegal, hows that working out for us?

I see Kris is still, and forever will be, obsessed with the word banned. He has now made 9001 posts about who should be or could be banned.

I guess Kris only wants people here that he deems acceptable.

Posted by: Ban O Rama |

Another new name heh? Why? Why can you not just post under the same name? Are you afraid someone will stalk you and harass you because that's what you do to others?

I agree with Kris, ban all those who are deemed unacceptable by intelligent posters who can see through their crap. We don't want all banned, just disrespectful trouble making douche bags who's sole purpose is to ruin this blog for others. Get it? Kris is not alone in this. There are a few of us left here that have not been chased away by the fools, we all agree.

There are a few of us left here that have not been chased away by the fools, we all agree.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 15, 2012 at 12:29 PM

Sp then maybe you can explain to us why you have changed your own name a few times now?

Talk about hypocrisy.

Ban O Rama, Kris is obsessed with getting a-holes banned from this blog and I for one applaud him.

You are obsessed with Kris and anyone else who asks to be treated with respect because it does not fit into your agenda of pi$#ing all over this blog.

Certainly you can see the difference. And certainly you can see you are the one who is out of his f&^%ing mind. Wait, that's the point, you wouldn't be able to see that. Okay forget it, you are perfectly reasonable and Kris is out of line for asking for civility in a community blog. Crazy idiot.

Someone out there, please for the love of God keep guns away from this person before more innocents die. Hmmmm hides behind different names =cowardly. Doesn't see his own actions are unacceptable by society = crazy.

You fit the profile to a tee buddy.

Henne is dumber then a pile of rocks. I've heard him interviewed on numerous occassions and he didnt even understand the questions he was being asked. His answers were totally unrelated to the questions. But maybe he does seem smart from a CadillacDeville perspective. Everything is relative. LOL

I can explain I have never changed my name once. You see accusing something without having evidence is also a stupid and cowardly act.

Lets try shall we?

Maybe you can explain to us why you like to molest mentally challenged people? Come on man, we all know you do it.

accusing someone of something.

Phins 78 and Retarded Lou? Same person?

Ohhh you mean when I changed my sign in name and told everyone it was me over and over again? You mean the three times I have changed my sign in name in the 8 years I have been contributing to this blog?

And we are talking about the 10 times a day you change your name in here to hide your stupidity.

And what a shock, you don't understand the matter at hand. You're a real fu&*(ng idiot.

I stated that I changed my name in a blog here two nights ago around midnight. And you read that too? Which means you either were here posting under a different name or you actually spend time going back and reading posts when you get a chance to come in here.

LMAO you are such a pathetic whiney loser.

So Phins, let me see if I understand.

It's OK for you to change your name (even though you say you don't run away), but it is not OK for anyone else to change their name. You get to decide who changes their name too often or not.

Got it.

Well At least Armando banned Odinstank.

Ignore. Now I have two more names to ignore. Got to go, have a real life to live. Have fun hanging out in a papers blog all day on the weekend oscar/lonely hearts president. You are so lonely and pathetic. ROFL

Rationalizing changing your name by telling a few people changes NOTHING!!!!!! Phins78 is a DOPE BY ANY NAME HE USES!!!!!


I here Chavez is sick and dying. Maybe you and Kris can go down there and be dual dictators. Then you'd both be happy, maybe.


How many mass shooting did Norway have in the last 20 years? Now how many in the USA?

Whining about Henne now is pointless. The dis-organization has selected Tannehill and we have to cheer the guy on. It isn't all his fault being young with little experience.

I think Ireland comes from a billy ball mentality. He doesn't like to overpay for stars, just overpay for middle of the road guys and he has a whole team of these guys. Very few standouts.

We will see what happens in the draft and free agency this year. I do like Philbin and the coaching staff.

So Phins, let me see if I understand.

It's OK for you to change your name (even though you say you don't run away), but it is not OK for anyone else to change their name. You get to decide who changes their name too often or not.

Got it.

Posted by: Ban O Rama

Guy, I get it. You see I have a brain unlike many people who indulge you in your little pass time. I changed my name once 4 years ago because I was being stalked by someone like you. But then people were asking where I went so I told them it was me. At that exact moment the stalker started again.

At which point I changed my name , the stalker went away, I thought it was safe to say who I was again but I was wrong, the stalker reads everything because he has no life, just like you.

I then changed to Phins78 and learned how to ignore the stalker which is what I will be doing to you after this post.

I know your game, you ignore the point of the post and twist logic into an indistinguishable pretzel. Except you have the wrong guy. I obviously see through your charade. You know what I'm talking about with the name changing. And you know what I'm talking about with the charade. You too, all though obviously bat s*&t crazy, are intelligent enough to trick stupid people.

As I am not one of them I will stop here and ignore every post that isn't written by a sane person. I've spent way too much time in a football blog not talking about football. Taking off, have fun being a loser and remember, I know your game, I have your number, you can't hide from me.

"So Phins, let me see if I understand."

LMAO, you understand perfectly, you're playing a game, you're a pathetic loser who amuses me. I will be back after a long weekend of fun. I will look forward to my jester making me laugh some more. Try to come up with some new material while I'm gone. You can try it out on the people in here as you anxiously wait in front of your computer for their arrival.

I was going to leave but a sane person arrived.

klndry, Norway is a tiny bit bigger than New Mexico. Per capita you can not compare the entire US to a small country.

So the real question is how many mass shootings in New Mexico have we had in the past 20 years? Answer, zero.

People against gun rights have to realize when you compare europe to the US you have to use the per capita method. Their countries aren't even as big as our states in a lot of instances. Bad example to use klndry! :)

Klndry, per capita europe has more shooting deaths then the U.S.

More disturbing is the fact that most of these countries have either outlawed guns or have very strict policies against ownership. It hasn't helped, people are still getting shoyt and at a higher rate than in the U.S.

All of these statistics can be found on the net very easily. Our countries media are a bunch of twits. They sensationalize stories and the masses over react before having the information because no one can think for themselves anymore.

PHINS 78 IS A DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dashi Didn't say Ban Guns!! That is Impossible In This Country!!(NRA & GUN COM

Just Make The Bullets More Expensive!!

And Fool!! U Don't Go On a Spree!! With a Knife Or a Car!!

Again Guns Don't Kill People!! Bullets Kill People!! If It Cost $100 Per Bullet To Purchase Legally!! How Much Would It Cost To Purchase Illegally?

And People Buy Guns!! Illegally!! Not The Bullets!!

Trust Me!! Even The Criminal Will Think TWICE!! IF EACH BULLET COST HIM $4-500 Per Bullet!!

Do YOU THINK THE GUY IN NORWAY!! WOULD'VE HAD MONEY TO FUND HIS EXPEDITION!! IF EACH BULLET COST $100!! Add It UP!! Half way Thru Masterminding!! His Operation!! He would've went Bankrupt!!

The Psycho In Colorado!! How Many Bullets Did He waste? Yeah He Shot 30+ People!! But he wasted Over 100 Bullets!! Add it Up!

That is all Dashi is Saying!! Make it a Luxury!! To shoot a Gun!!

And You Guys Talking Like You Will Be A Good Samaritan!! Cut The Bull!! You Just As Big A Punk As The Guy Carrying The Gun!!

If I can't Win With My Hands!! I Don't want To Win!! I already Know What Could Happen With My Bare Hands when I get Angry!! Why Have The Option Of Carrying A Gun!! Where If U Get Mad You Can End Someone!!

And Oscar The Internet Is The Greatest Weapon!! But To Do Physical Harm!! Instantly To Someone!! A GUN!!

U Only Need 1 Finger To Shoot a Gun!!

Guns should be banned period. They serve no purpose in a modern society.



I can't wait to get abused by Chad Henne.

Top 3 things to Ban:

Children with freckles
People who play the bagpipes
Cheese Whiz

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