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Carpenter hurting, Dolphins sign kicker

Dan Carpenter has been slowed by a groin injury and it is serious. How serious?

Carpenter is done kicking for the season. The club put him on injured reserve today, which means he will not kick Sunday against the Buffalo Bills or in the season-finale against New England and so today Miami signed free agent kicker Nate Kaeding.

Kaeding is experienced and also has playoff experience gained from his nine years with the San Diego Chargers. This year he was with San Diego three games and was seven-of-seven on FG attempts and six-of-six on point after attempts.

Kaeding, 30, was a Pro Bowl selection in 2006 and 2009 and is statistically the most accurate kicker in NFL history. He has connected on 87 percent of his kicks.

The irony here is Kaeding was placed on injured reserve by the Chargers earlier this season for, of course, having a groin injury. Once he got healthy, the club was forced to release him off the injured reserve list.

Kaeding also spent all of the 2011 season on injured reserve when he tore knee ligaments while trying to make a tackle on the opening kickoff of the regular season.

This ending is typical of the season Carpenter had. He was excellent kicking from 39 yards and in, connecting on all 12 of his attempts. But beyond that range he connected on only 10 of 15 kicks and missed kicks against the Jets and Cardinals that might have delivered victories in games the Dolphins eventually lost.

Let me say this now: The Dolphins did not bring in any competition for Carpenter the last couple of training camps. I would be surprised if that is the case next year.

Carpenter has only one more year on his contract (2013) and he is no bargain at $2.67 million so look for the Dolphins to search for a cheaper option.




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Kaeding was a Good Kicker!!

Another One Bites The Dust!!

Mando Can You Do Some Investigative Reporting!! And Find Out Are All These Guys Really Hurt!! Hurt!!

Or Is It A Mixture Of 2 Things!!

The Player Is Nicked Up!! And Philbin Wants to See The Chipmunks!!

As A Matter Of Fact!! Dashi Doesn't want to Know!! Cause The Results Might Be Incriminating!!

Wow our MVP is out!

Btw guys, one of the latest mocks on CNNSI had Jarvis Jones following all the way to us and T'eo dropping into the 20's, I think to the Giants. Doesn't mean any of this will happen but I also think very little is etched in stone with this draft. I think it's going to be one of the most unpredictable in NFL history. I've also seen the OLBer kid be mock to us too. Is is Monroe?

Good signing by the team. There was a time when Kaeding was one of the better kickers in the league. He's not that now but it's still a decent add.

Sorry, I meant OLB Moore from Texas A&M. Interesting guy, and I think EXACTLY the kind of guy this team could use.

Clue from Last Blog,



Winning Cover Everything!!

Spo Is The Dumbest Coach In The NBA!! But The Team Wins!! And You Ask Heat Fans!! And They Will Say Coaching Doesn't Matter In The NBA!! Which Is Straight Ignorance!! Coaching In Any Sport Matters!!

And Don't Worry!! If Spo Wins 1 More Title!! He Is A HOF COACH IN THE NBA!! (Only 5 NBA COACHES HAVE WON 2 OR MORE TITLES!!)

But You Can't Have A More Sissified Coach Than Spo!! And Let's Not Even Talk X's And O's!! He Is On The Record Saying That He Doesn't Call Plays!! And The Defense!! Runs The Same Set All Game!! Man To Man!!

Ask Yourself This!! How Many Games A Season!! Will The Heat Win If D.Rivers Or P.Jackson Was Head Coach Of This Team!! Or Popabitch!!

Then See What Spo Is Doing!! And You Have Your Answer!! Mike Woodson Is A Better Coach!!

Posted by: Dashi | December 21, 2012 at 11:42 AM

Craig, are you really thinking about drafting a defensive player with our first pick?? We need a offensive guy, a TD scoring machine the offense is pathetic, the defense as it stands right now is a playoff defense. I swear I wonder if you guys really watch the games

Dashi, I gotta disagree. Pat Riley single handley choose Spo as his succesor. Dont you think if one of the greatest basketball mind ever choose this guy he know something. As far as dumb not sure how you come to that conclusion even before the Big 3 the Heat regularly made the playoffs. Coaches around the NBA respect Spo as a good young coach your off basis Dashi.


Dashi Can Only Hope Te'o Falls!! My Dream was Shattered After Winning Last Week!!



Who Was Von Millers Coach In College?

You Guys Know The Answer!! The Dolphin Coach You LOVE TO HATE!! My Boy!!

The New Dolphin Concierge !!

Look At The Mock Draft!! How Many A&M Players Have First Round Grades!! Who Recruited Johnny Football!!!

Just Saying!! I Know Some Of You Are Scared Of Ireland!! But Isn't It Strange!! Ireland's Best Draft!! Coincides With This New Coaching Staff!! Giving Him A New Prototype!! ON ALL POSITIONS!!


Yep I definitely want a pass rusher first pick. No question! We have 4 picks after that in the next two rounds and $40 mil plus to spend in FA. You telling me we can't find offensive weapons with that?

I guess all the guys that are mocking as a defensive player arent watching the games either then, right?

Last point....it's not about NEXT year. It's about what's best for this team going forward and getting someone to play opposite a 29 year old, sometimes double-teamed Cam Wake is a MUST!

Craig, You do know most of that money Ireland will spend on resigning FAs and we'll maybe sign 1 FA outside of the Dolphins(Jennings, Bowe). Wasnt Odrick suppose to be our stud D Lineman? Guess not right. Let me ask you this what do you think is in worse shape the offense or defense? Easily the offense!


Riley Chose Spo!! Because He Is The Perfect YES MAN!! THE PERFECT PUPPET!! A la The Other Spo!!

Riley Doesn't Like Coaches That Have Their Own Mind!! He wants A Guy That Says Yes All The Time!!

And Your Off Base!! Nobody In The NBA Feels Spo Is Competent!! Only Heat Fans!! Not Even The Heat Players!!

Ask LBJ about Spo!! He Will Only Shrug His Shoulders!! And Say Yes! He's A Good Coach!!

Ask Wade!! He Will Laugh!! And Then Say The Same Thing!!

Anybody!! Watching A Heat Game!! Knows N.Cole Is A Better PG Than Chalmers!! Yet!! Your Boy Wants To Act!!


And Clue!!

You Know Dashi Doesn't Mind Talking Other Sports! And Other Issues!! Nothing Is Taboo!! But The Select Few!! Are Going To Complain!! This Is A Football Blog!! Let's Fire Ireland!! You 2 Stop Having A Real Conversation!!

Buh bye Carpenter. Thanks for ruining our season. Overpaid fukkkk


You don't know what Ireland will do with the $40mil in cap space. We're only guessing right now. The GB model is not to overpay for FAs, so they may let some of these guys walk (Long, Starks, Smith). We'll have to see.

Odrick was never drafted to come in a be a dominant pass rusher. That wasn't his game in College. I'm talking about a guy who may be the next JPP or Demarcus Ware. I believe those type of guys could be had where we'll pick.

Offence is definitely most in need of work but again, it's not all about NEXT year. I'd be in favour of getting pass rusher first round, safety with one of our third round picks and spending the rest of the picks on offence. I want to see better WRs and a better TE....no question.

Dashi in the game of basketball the better player isnt always the ones that start, sometimes you need a spark off the bench (Ginobli, Harden, Odom all came off the bench) Cole cant shoot the 3 better than Chalmers so he shouldnt start, Chalmers is a better option because he spaces thhe floor. I agree JA is a scrub but he is there best rim protector and a good P N R defender so he plays more. I suppose Spo will have to win another championship to get respect, I suppose even then ppl are going to say "well he had the big 3"

Offense and Defense Need To Be Addressed!

We Need To Pick BPA!!

You Are Telling Me!! That If Their Is No 1st Round Wr ON THE BOARD!! WITH THE FINS PICK!! But Te'o, Or Some OLB, Or The Best FS!! Is Still On The Board!!




The Wr's Will Look Something Like This

And Possibly Hartline!!

Would You Still want The Fins To Address The Wr!! In The 1st!! Or Maybe Even In The 2nd!!

The Only Offensive Player The Fins Would Need Is TE & OG's!! Positions You Can find top 3 In The 2nd & 3rd Round!!

The Fins Need LB's & FS!!

I dont get you guys, the offense has no playmakers but we want to draft a LB or pass rusher iin the first? I wonder if you guys had our choice of Megatron or Von Miller who would you go with? Megatron for me

Craig, I've got to sign with Clue on this one. The Dolphins MUST MUST MUST upgrade the offense in the worst way. It has to be priority one. I mean if we are in round one and there are two players of equal value on the board, the Dolphins must go offense. As a matter of fact, they have to this on every round. And free agency. The Dolphins defense can afford to regress and the team will still be ok. But right now we are fighting teams with stick while they come at us with bazookas.

I would never draft a WR in the first unless he has undeniable talent like Andre Johnsn, Megatron, they take to long to develop in the NFL. I would give Wallace whatever money he wants. Idealy I wish we can sign Wallace and Jennings(reseasonable contract) let Long and Hartline walk. Resgin Starks, SS.

Our D is ranked 6th in the league
Our O is ranked 25th in the league

Nuff Said: DRAFT OFFENSE w/First Pick


We'll agree to disagree on this one. I think getting the offence upgraded is priority number one....no question. But to me, that doesn't preclude us from taking pass rush first round. I don't get excited about taking a WR first round because I believe their will be quality avaiable in the second round and I'll stick to my theory that WRs don't win you championships. That doesn't mean we don't need one in the worst way....but it's about maximizing picks. I think we can get a dandy of a pass rusher first round and that's what we need to beat Brady and company.


Respectfully that's blind thinking. That short term thinking. We've had a weak schedule this year, with a rookie QB. Of course the offence is going to look bad and the defence I believe is looking better than it actually is. I believe if we'd had NO, Atlanta, NYG and Detroit on the schedule, instead of Arizona, Oakland, St. Louis and Jacksonville, we wouldn't feel this defence is a top 6 defence. I believe we're a product of some of the teams we've played. Also doesn't hurt that we've played the Bills once and the Jets twice.

...@ Dashi..Does the BPA tag fit if in fact the BPA is an offensive lineman? I will come out of my head if we go this route this draft..Otherwise I agree with you.

For instance say we are picking in the 13-17 something like that. Say the teams evaluation of players say there is not an offensive playmaker worthy of this slot. Say we cannot find a partner to trade down, we are stuck in this spot. do we take an offensive player just because, or is the smart move to take a defensive player if he is graded higher? Of course you take the defender..

Remember..We are picking prospects before we know what we will do in free agency.. We have all these picks, which is great. But this team is not going to get the evaluation pass next year, and although it may still be a developmental period. The ownership, and fans are not going to take well to another sub par season. And counting on a bunch of rookies to come in and make immediete change is kind of like expecting a woman to make up her mind.

Craig, we had the 19th toughest schedule in the league. Our schedule is not an excuse one way or the other. It's a fair schedule. We did play the best three teams in the NFL four times this year.

And three of those in their barn

I'll agree and disagree with both sides. Offense is ABSOLUTELY the main difference between us being a mediocre team and taking the step to a great team. Craig, you're theory just got blown in the water in the Pats/SF game last week. There's absolutely zero defense in the world that can EVER fully stop an offense like the Patriots. The only way to beat them is slow them down with defense yes, but also SCORING! SF was able to score 41, and THAT'S what won the game, NOT their defense.

And furthermore, Miami's tried for decades winning as a defense-strong team and they've been pathetically mediocre all along.

So the ONLY REAL WAY to improve is to become an offensively strong team with good defense. Defense doesn't even have to be great, but right now ours is pretty good. I'm fine with a Top 6 defense. What we need is a Top 6 OFFENSE.

With that said, I'll side with Craig on it really doesn't matter if we pick offense or defense in the upcoming Draft. First, a Megatron-type player wouldn't fall to our spot anyway. Second, Philbin's approach hasn't been drafting 1st-rd WRs, he typically finds his WRs in the 2nd round. I'm not sure TE is a 1st-rd worthy position (even Gronk wasn't a 1st-rounder). Pass-rusher IS a 1st-rd position, so if we found a Von Miller, then I'd definitely snatch him up.

But we're not going to win with an improved defense and the same offense. Don't fool yourselves. Only way Miami EVER gets out of mediocrity is to become the type of offense that CAN rattle off 41 points. And can consistently score over 20 points. So we need playmakers on offense in the worst way. And they can be found anywhere if you know where to look. Even FA.


Spo Needs To win At Least 3 Titles Before Dashi Even Considers Him A Good Head Coach!!

I Call It The Jordan Effect!!

Nobody Respected Phil!! Cause They Thought!! It Was All MJ!!

He Won 3 with Shaq!! And People Finally Respected Him!!

But He Had To Win!! 2 With Kobe!! So People Can Realize That It Was The System And The Coach! Not The Players!!

And Dashi Doesn't See Spo Running The Triangle!!

Spo Won A Title!! And Even He Doesn't Know What His Offensive Philosophy IS!! And On JA Being A Great PnR Defender!! Stop Listening To The Heat Announcers!! JA Plays Like A Chicken With His Head Cut Off!! Always A Step Late!! A Dollar Short!! And All Good Low Post Defenders Are Usually!! Good Rebounders!!

The One Thing That Pisses Me Off!! About JA!! Is On Offense!! It Is The F'ng NBA!!






I think we all can agree that if our draft looks like the three round mocked in WalterFootball.com right now, there will be mass violence. OT in the first. DT and WR in the 2nd, CB and LB in the third.

If two of our first three picks are positions we keep going in circles about (DT and OT) I will go to South Florida and make sure Ireland gets fired myself.

Actually, if he announces OT as first pick, I will be upset with the organization if he is still in the war room when round two comes along.

This defense was much better under Nolan and Mr. Coyle I hate to break it to you, they played much harder under Nolan!
Posted by: dolffnman | December 21, 2012 at 12:00 PM

I'm glad you brought this up, I wanted to look at the numbers. Here they are (You should have looked before making your declaration).

1. Points allowed in 11' = 313,,,,,pts allowed in 12'=279
Very similar, if the Dolphins hold the next two teams to under 34 points it will be the same. Im expecting they don't, but still the numbers will be very similar, even with the injuries and losing Vontae this year.

2. Yards in 11'= 5,522,,,,yds in 12' = 4,884
That means 638 yds to be at last years numbers, again, the same.

3. yds per play 2011=5.3,,,,2012= 5.2 = better

4. 1st downs,,,2011= 310,,,,2012= 275 = better

5. 3rd down D 2011= 16th,,,2012 = 5th = MUCH BETTER

6. Red zone D 2011 = 20th,,2012 = 1ST = hOLY S*&T!
Posted by: Phins78 | December 21, 2012 at 12:34 PM

7. Passing TDS against) 2011 = 24 / 2012 = 15

So unless we are going to give up 9 tds in two games this category is better.

8. They have less interceptions this year than last. 16 to 9

9. Yards per pass attempt 2011= 6.3/ 2012 = 6.1 = better

10. Rush yds 2011 = 1530 2012 = 1413 = around the same

11. Rush td's 2011= 88/ 2012 = 61 = much better

12. FUMBLE RECOVERYS! 2011 = 3/ 2012 = 3

One more and they will be better this year.

Dashi, its been the same way since the team was formed but where the Heat are better than anyone is there rotation on the perimeter. When there motivated usually playoff time its hard for an opposing team to even find a perimeter guy with a clean look on top of that there hands are very active. This isnt the 90's anymore with all the dominnt C's there just arent many more of them, so that theory of being soft in the paint is overrated.

Remeber LBJ brought a bunch of scrub players in the Cavs to the Finals by himself I think 3 times before he got to the Heat, now with the talent they have he just might 3 pete

So the idea that the defense was much better, that they played much harder has no place in reality, it simply isn't true.

As a matter of fact Nolans defense started so poorly last year that they helped the Dolphins to an 0-7 start by ranking at the bottom of the league in every major category for the first 5 games. He didn't have them ready for the season and players were routinely coming out of games with cramps.

Coyle is doing a HELL OF A JOB for a first year coordinator who switched the teams philosophy in the off season.


Mark if he takes OT first round (as I've seen mocked at Walter's....and btw, a sh*tty mock for us, as you've said), I'm officially done with Jeff Ireland. That's not the biggest need on this team....not even close.

So Mark, you said 19th TOUGHEST schedule. Doesn't that also translate to 13th EASIEST schedule? The schedules going to be tougher next year and we're not done with the Pats yet this year, so again, I'm saying our 6th rank defence is a 'mirage'.

I'm all in for improving the offence this year but I've seen too many first round WRs make zero difference to their teams, that I don't believe that's where we should be picking one. Lots of guys to be had in round two or three to help this team.


That Is Why Dashi Is Saying!! With The First Pick!! BPA In A Skill Position!! (Wr,LB,CB,FS,TE)

No Linemen!! On The OT!! Dashi has said It All Along!! The Fins Will Resign Jake!! Philbin Putting Jake On IR!! SHOWED HIM MORE RESPECT THAN SPO's 4 YEARS HERE!!

Now I don't Expect Jake To Sign The Richest Contract In History Anymore!! But A 5-6 Year Deal!! With The Last 2-3 Years Allowing The Fins To Cut Ties With Jake!! And Not Get Hit With A Huge Cap Hit!! Is Very Reasonable and More Than Likely!

Dashi, to not mention Tom Thibodoeau as one of the best coaches in the league when making a short list is a crime. A CRIME I TELL YA!!! Thibs is one of the best!


One other point....

When I said our schedule was easier this year, I meant in terms of the offences we faced. We all know the ?Jets are a joke and does anybody see the Cards or Rams as having powerhouse offences? Oakland? Bills? Even the Titans, who I think scored a lot of those points by their defence or off of turnovers.

Our defence is good but don't top 6 good. I'm all for improving the offence....no question. But in a year or two we run the risk of losing guys like Dansby, Burnett, Jones and Soliai and this year I would let Starks and Clemmons walk....and possibly Smith. We can't sleep on this defence, or before you know it we'll be the Saints, minus the offence.

No Craig, to be more clear, by opponents win %age, it was the 19th toughest schedule (.505 opponents win %age). Only 13 teams have schedules with a higher opponent win %age. It's not a brutal schedule but not even close to being an easy schedule.

By the way, if anybody thinks the Lions look like the best losing team in history, well that might be because they were handed a gawdy .568 opponent win %age schedule. Now that's a schedule to complain about.

If you find a lot of people skeptical about Atlanta, it's for good reason. Somehow a playoff team got handed a (.415) schedule. Easiest one in the NFL.


You telling me a guy like Aldon Smith or Von Miller isn't a skill position guy? How is a guy who racks up 15-20 sacks in a season not a skill position?

Guys use this 'skill position' thing too much. You win in this league through QB play and getting to the QB. I'll take the Giants model every day of the week and then some...


Am I missing what you are saying. 19th toughest schedule, so 13th easiest? Where am I going wrong?

Craig Clemons can walk only if they find a replacement in free agency. Can't rely on a rookie and we have no one behind him close to ready to take over his position.

Starks, you and I disagreed on letting him go but I'll concede this one to you as you can't keep everyone and we have a stacked defensive line.

But Smith? No way no how imo. We already have a hole at our #1 corner position and you are suggesting we create a hole at the #2 when we need major pieces on offense? What's your plan there?

How about signing a decent GM?

Craig, sorry, that should read 19th easiest schedule. Atlanta #1 (.415 opps win %age), Detroit 21nd easiest (.568 opps win%). Miami 19th at (.505 opps win %age)

The Seahawks were not exactly lighting it up last season, but they add a dynamic playmaker at QB and they score 50+ points in two games.

Everyone on this blog is smarter than your average fan...and we all know it starts & ends at the QB position(just ask a Jets fan).

SO..do we believe that Tannehill is capable of putting up 30+ points per game which is where the great ones are today: Brady, Manning (Peyton) Rodgers, Brees, & Ryan (could have been us, but that's another argument).

I'm actually on the fence on this one. I've seen him be smart, play mistake free ball, but he still lacks that ability to strike with the deep ball like the great ones can.

I also don't feel comfortable with him running a 2 min drill with the game on the line...he does NOT have those tangible that the great ones have with regards to taking his team down the field and scoring when it MATTERS.

Can he become one?

We'll have to wait until the fall of 2013 to find out.



Thibs would Go Undefeated With This Team!! But Dashi Had To Make Sure The Argument!! Had No Wiggle Room!! People Would Say Thibs Hasn't Won A TITLE!! SO SPO IS BETTER!! WHICH IS RIDICULOUS!!! (The Winning Covers Everything!! Statement)


Dashi And Craig See Thing Similar On A Couple Things With The Fins!!

Where We Differentiate Is Dashi Feels Our D-Line Is Top 5 Pass Rush And Run Defense!! We Don't Need More DE's!! Maybe In The 2014 Draft!! Not This Year!! And Our Biggest Difference!! DANSBY!!

Dashi knows The Fins Don't Need A Pass Rusher!! I've Been On The Record Saying The Fins Are 7-8 Deep On The D-Line!! The Strongest Position On Defense!! (Have to Repeat To Make Sure We All Know!! Dashi Doesn't want to see the Fins!! Drafting Linemen!!)

Now LB's!! We Switched To A 4-3!! Our LB's Need To Cover Better!! And Play Sideline to Sideline!! We NEED A NEW MLB!! A REAL LEADER!!

And Free Agency Is Before The Draft!! About a Month or 2 Before!!


"Bills at Dolphins: I got it you take it"

LMAO! Great title.


My plan would be to draft a safety in the third round. The talent level is decent first few rounds. To me Clemmons is easy replaceable.

Smith, I'm on the fence with. I'd need to know what kind of money he'd want. Decent cover guy but not someone who makes big plays. I'd actually even consider playing him at FS and draft a CB. I don't see him as a 5yr/$25 mil guy and if that's the market I think the money could be better spent. Same argument guys have about Long.

Who cares who kicks for the last two games?I certainly don't. If Kaeding does well and is a lot cheaper than Carpenter then sign him up for next year.
As for draft needs..Miami need help everywhere.


Got you now....that makes more sense.

Because Thibs yells at his players all the time hes the better coach?? SMH there barley over .500 with there best player out.

Be thankful we're not drafting QB this year guys. I don't like what I see of the guys coming out and there looks to be a number of busts IMO. So the guys who said 'draft QB next year' last year would have us in quite a quandry right now.

I would love to see some of our defenders go for the strip. Ive yet to see this from anyone on defense

"but he still lacks that ability to strike with the deep ball like the great ones can."

NH very true, but in saying that you must also point out that he has no wr's who can go deep to begin with. Hartline getting open deep 6 times a year does not constitute a threat.

But sure, who in the hell knows what he will be. We can only hope for the best. He certainly has all of the ability in the world. Will he put it together? we will find out.

We also have to be careful in our assessments. Are we striving for perfection? Are we waiting for the team to have the number quarterback in the league or will we be satisfied with a top 10 guy? I just want someone competent, lets put some pieces around Ryan and see what we have next year. It would be great if he grew to a top three guy but it's not necessary for team success.

I've never seen an easier schedule then what we had this year. 11 of our 14 games were against pathetic teams. And that will be 12 after Sunday (Mayans willing).Good wedidnt have to play the Falcons,Ravens, Broncos, Packers, Giants, or Redskins!

Same excuses for Tnnehill that we heard for Henne.

I hear ya Craig but if I had to put my money down I would say Smith stays. It's hard enough to replace 1 cb in an offseason, can't imagine having to replace two.

I'm starting to wonder about Philbins team building philosophy. It is said he wants to build through the draft which is great. But I'm starting to think he is more worried about doing this on the offensive side of the ball than the defensive side. Nothing wrong with that imo as I think it's easier for defensive guys (who haven't played together) to build quicker chemistry than offensive players can.

Free agency will clear this all up. I'm expecting more action defensively for the Dolphins in free agency and a draft that is offense heavy with some defense in the 4th or 5th and then some late rounders (D) and undrafted guys to compete.

Good thing we have all of those extra picks! That's going to be awesome.

Same excuses for Tnnehill that we heard for Henne.

And Ryan, and Brees, and Manning, and Manning, and Montana, and on and on and on and on. The "excuses" are there because there has been a precedent set over decades of football being played on every level. Inexperienced qbs need time to develop and also players around them to help the process. That's the way it is. You call them excuses when really it is just the reality of the situation.

I believe some blame can be put on Sherman for keeping the playbook down to a minimum while Ryan had his training wheels on earlier in the season.

and yes...lack of breakaway receivers did not help him at all. He Ireland, I thought Clyde Gates was supposed to "blow the top" off opposing defenses?

Oh yea, he sucked and we let him walk to the Jets.

Is it me...or is Mike Sherman turning into Dan Henning light?

Vanilla offense that has no one scared!

Clue don't be like that. Are you for real? You think we are saying Thibs is a better coach because he yells all of the time?

It's because he's a better x's and o's guy. He understands the game better and is known as one of the top defensive minds in basketball.

This is widely excepted by players, coaches, and writers. You're making it a personal thing because Spo is your coach. Of course you love him and God bless you for it. Spoelstra isn't there yet. He could learn, he is young, plenty of time to get better. But as it is right now there are AT LEAST ten coaches in the NBA who are better teachers and x's and o's guys at this point.


That isn't good enough for you? You have to believe your coach is doing something special to be satisfied? SHEESH! ;)

NH, I won't be confident in Tannehill until he proves he's consistent. With that said, yes, I still believe he can and will continue to develop. And that's the key, we SAW Fiedler's ceiling eventually. We SAW Henne's. We haven't yet seen Tannehill's ceiling and you need to see that before you make a final decision on a guy. He might be a Drew Brees late-bloomer. We don't know yet.

As far as Aldon Smith, if a player of his caliber is around when we pick in the 1st, I don't think twice and take him and tell my wife to sign that 10 yr mortgage, cause we'll be in Miami for awhile.

Widely accepted, not expected.

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