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Carpenter hurting, Dolphins sign kicker

Dan Carpenter has been slowed by a groin injury and it is serious. How serious?

Carpenter is done kicking for the season. The club put him on injured reserve today, which means he will not kick Sunday against the Buffalo Bills or in the season-finale against New England and so today Miami signed free agent kicker Nate Kaeding.

Kaeding is experienced and also has playoff experience gained from his nine years with the San Diego Chargers. This year he was with San Diego three games and was seven-of-seven on FG attempts and six-of-six on point after attempts.

Kaeding, 30, was a Pro Bowl selection in 2006 and 2009 and is statistically the most accurate kicker in NFL history. He has connected on 87 percent of his kicks.

The irony here is Kaeding was placed on injured reserve by the Chargers earlier this season for, of course, having a groin injury. Once he got healthy, the club was forced to release him off the injured reserve list.

Kaeding also spent all of the 2011 season on injured reserve when he tore knee ligaments while trying to make a tackle on the opening kickoff of the regular season.

This ending is typical of the season Carpenter had. He was excellent kicking from 39 yards and in, connecting on all 12 of his attempts. But beyond that range he connected on only 10 of 15 kicks and missed kicks against the Jets and Cardinals that might have delivered victories in games the Dolphins eventually lost.

Let me say this now: The Dolphins did not bring in any competition for Carpenter the last couple of training camps. I would be surprised if that is the case next year.

Carpenter has only one more year on his contract (2013) and he is no bargain at $2.67 million so look for the Dolphins to search for a cheaper option.




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Didnt we hear how Henne "needed time to develop....for 4 years? LOL... while the offense stunk. Didnt we hear that he also needed talent around him? So, we got him the most expensive OL in football. We brought in Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush, It didnt make ANY difference. EXCUSES ARE FOR LOSERS MADE BY LOSERS.

NH it's not just you. The offense was very vanilla.

But the thing that made me happy was watching the game last week. I know our opponents were bad, but the play calling was great. Sherman had some trick plays in there that worked well and I haven't seen much of that. He used a lot of misdirection and disguises. The two point conversion was a masterpiece, Fasano was hidden so well they didn't even know he was going out for the pass and Ryan just lobbed it in there.

There were a few other instances when I saw improved play calling. You could say it was the team we played but to me it looked like they added some more wrinkles. It's a work in progress.

Tannehill getting all of the snaps this year was invaluable. Letting him go to the line with two plays and pick the one he likes based on the defensive alignments was also a great thing that helped quicken his development at the NFL level. He definitely got some experience reading D's.

What's your point MJ? Are you saying Tannehill will never be a good NFL QB and they should move on?

Im just hoping we get really lucky with some of the castoffs signed(Binns, Patterson, etc...) and guys like Moore, Matthews, and Egnew really hine the final 2 gms.

If this happens, it would really open up our draft day options and we can use our 1st 5 picks on bpa. Then I wouldnt care if CraigM got his pass rusher 1st rd. I would actually applaud it.

Plus, I wouldnt even mind if we traded back further, picking up another extra 2nd rd pick(3 total).

Winners win. Losers make excuses.

And noi, you must be a new fan? We didn't hear Henne needed time to develop for four years. We heard he needed experience after sitting the bench for a year. Then we heard after he gained that experience that he needed more weapons. This was when he already had weapons, this statement came from Henne loving fools.

Tannehill will show what he has next year. He improves, then great. He doesn't and we can have this conversation at the same time next year. But honestly, it is WAY too early to be saying Tannehill won't succeed.


mike, how about you either make a real point or drive to the nearest fortune cookie factory and get a job as their new 'useless statements on little pieces of paper expert'.

I'm not saying to move on from Tannehill, yet. My point is be objective. He does not look like the other good QB's in his class. He does not look elite, period. To make excuses is so juvenile.


Some may think its a crazy statement, but, because of his college starts. 2013 will unofficially be like Tannehill's rookie year.

Experience-wise, he would be just catching up to where the other rookie qb's were when they entered into the league in 2012.

So next season, with more experience and better weapons, he should at least have the type of year production wise as Luck, RG3, and Russell. He should have no fewer than 18 td's passing or something is very wrong.

MJ, Phins 78 is juvenile. If you dont share his opinion he resprts to childish name calling.

ok gym time bye bye

First of all there is a new blog up.

Second of all I have called no one a name. Go ahead and prove me wrong. You don't have an opinion. You make statements that don't make sense and never explain your point. There is no need to call you names over that, it's just your thing. It's annoying but there aren't any names being being thrown around. Go ahead, prove your point, or better yet, JUST MAKE A POINT.

I want to see better players at all positions because I believe better players make the team better.

Posted by: Craig M | December 21, 2012 at 12:18 PM

But, you don't want Ireland to get fired so what you want is never going top happen.

Softies? Oakland, Jags, Bills(not the past Game), Jets(not the first Game), Tennessee(didn't look like it). The rest of he Teams we have played have winning records. Put this in perspective, perhaps you'll see something pleasant if you are a Dolfan.

The most important position to be addressed in the off season is that of the General Manager.....

Hey folks, back after cataract surgery on eyes!. 18 eye drops a day. LOL
With all the draft picks we have, especially the 2 #2's, IF a Von Miller type emerges, including Teo, wouldn't it be an option to trade UP?
Unfortunately for those of us tired of all the O-Line shenanigans, it seems the many of the top prospects are O-LINE guys (perhaps the ENTIRE O-Line of Alabama.)
You KNOW Sparano would be all over Barrett.

I just have confidence that FA's want to come to Miami based on Ireland, and 30k empty seats.

Fire Ireland!

The sooner, the Better.

Tannehill is gonna be fine. Right now he has zero assistance. Henne never had the most important factor of a QB to be successful. It's called passing accuracy skill. In shorter term what is also known as touch. RT has it in full. Even in the exhibition games I noticed it immediately. That is why I mentioned the name Joe Montana alongside our QB. The most perfect touch I ever saw in a QB. It was no accident he was named the starter. The team's WR RB core are nothing. Calling all of them mediocre is a compliment. After the 49ers' game I knew it was more difficult than I thought. There are still many holes here to fix. On both sides. Rush pass defense should be a priority. Even if the organization had gotten Luck it would have been the same results. He has supporting cast there in INDY. Reggie Wayne for example. RT has none, zip, rien, nada. Waiting now for free agency to start and of course some particular 3 days next April. Ireland you get a pass from me after the RT selection. Now time to pay attention to detail in many things the team needs. They are quite a lot indeed.

Excellent kicker and very very very automatic and trustworthy. Nate Kaeting can also hit up to 55 yards and actually hit them. Check the record. We will see him next ye&r. Carpenter ruined our season.

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