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Daniel Thomas on IR so what now?

The Dolphins are shaking up and rattling the roster today. So let me tell you how and how the team might address the issues:

You know Charles Clay is out and on injured reserve with a knee injury. Today, Daniel Thomas joined his teammate on injured reserve with a knee injury so he's also done for the year. The team added Julian Posey to the roster from the practice squad.

Now, how does Miami deal with this?

Michael Egnew is very likely to be active Sunday against Buffalo. He would have to absolutely stink in practice this coming week to be inactive. The reason?

Well, the Dolphins are likely going to run a lot of double-tight-end formations because, in part, the team needs to run that look to protect right tackle Nate Garner against Mario Williams, who typically lines up over the right tackle.

If the Dolphins are like anyone else, they will use a tight end to double Williams on many if not most pass plays. This may be especially true for the Dolphins because while Garner is a decent run-blocker his weakness is pass-blocking -- something offensive coordinator Mike Sherman alluded to Monday.

This is only my speculation, but if the team is going to count on two tight ends so much, they need to take three to the game in case one gets injured. Thus Egnew comes into the picture.

At running back, the loss of Thomas is mitigated by the fact Lamar Miller has been working ahead of him already. Obviously the Dolphins need to have another option and that might include Marcus Thigpen who in recent weeks has actually been getting more work in the slot at receiver.

I say Thigpen works at back at RB now and Armon Binns gets the work in the slot. Again, that is just logical.

That still leaves a hole for what the Dolphins do on goal line situations. Thomas has been their goal-line back which is the reason he has four TDs this year. So who takes that job now?

Jorvorskie Lane is an option. Obviously, Bush is an option. And Miller, who weighs more than Bush is an option.

Lane was the one Miami used earlier this year so he can't be dismissed but his handle on the football has coaches worried. He has had some fumble issues. Bush isn't very big or physical so that worries. Miller has no experience and his tough running isn't exactly a proven commodity.

One wild card: Goal line run from the 1-yard line?

Quarterback sneak.


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Final word on the previous topic: MANLINESS is more important than winning or draft order.
What good is winning if we have to play BACKDOOR football to do it?

Reggie can beat anyone to the corner of the endzone. He did all the time in NO but the fins don't seem to use him in that fashion. Maybe the coachs should watch some tape from his Saints days. Oh by the way he can catch too!

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Posted by: Kris | December 19, 2012 at 01:09 PM

"Michael Egnew is very likely to be active Sunday against Buffalo. He would have to absolutely stink in practice this coming week to be inactive. The reason?"


My gut tells me he really sucks & he won't be on the team next year. My guess is that Philbin would rather play ANYONE over Egnew.

You mean I get me some egnew and some eggnog this sunday? Sprinkled with a dash of lamar miller! Oh christmas joy! Add in a redzone surprise or two by binns and its the greatest pre xmas sunday in quite some time ( for phin fans anyways).

Pst, I think the Bills are aware of the QB sneak option.


You make like this game matters. We're 6-8. Yes it was important for us to beat the Jaguars & for Tannehill to play well b/c they're probably the worst team in the NFL but winning this game against the Bills & getting to seven wins instead of six...Big f#cking deal.

There's NO WAY we can beat the Patriots & make the playoffs so what's the use???

I'm looking forward to watching Martin @ LT against Mario Williams & I'm hoping we can see Tannehill, Miller, & Matthews all play well. That's it.

Odrick a bust?

2012 stats thus far:

Jared Odrick--33 tackles, 5 sacks.
Vince Wifork--42 tackles, 2 sacks.

Wilfork (a consensus all-pro) averages just over half a tackle more per game and has three fewer sacks.

Calling Odrick a bust is clueless.

I must admit, it would be interesting to see Egnew get into the game and actually be targeted by T'hill. But there would be hell to pay if he dropped his first nfl catch attempt.

Would Tannehill target him again after that? LOL...

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Daniel Thomas on IR so what now?


Dan Thomas is really starting to look like a disappointing pick. How can we get rid of Bush next year if this kid can't stay on the field and has shown very little of late when he is on the field.

Egnew - well interesting to see if this kid has any potential or he joins the Ireland bust parade. BTW - if he was taking in the 6/7 round acceptable that this is his first game active - but as a 3rd rounder?!?

Armando is the best Dolphin beat writer by far. And CadillacDeville hows your Henne manlove doing? LOL


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Good Post!

Agreed. That Egnew Must See The Field This Weekend!!

On Short Yardage!! 2-3 Yards!! Give It To L.Miller Not Bush!! Less Dancing!! Miller is More Of A 1 Cut RB!!

If it's 1 Yard Or Shorter!! Your right!! Expect To See The Brady Special!! Qb Sneak!! ;-)

Works Better Than Having A RB!! Trying To do It!! Good To See Someone Else!! See That Is The New Short Yardage Play!!

Jason--you didn't actually think that was clever, did you?!?


3 picks for Daniel Thomas. The WORST draft move ever??

WHDP, that's very French of you to concede the Patriot game without playing it. COme on man, no game ever shoudl be conceded. I will believe this team can win every game they play until they show me they can't. This team hasn't conceded a game to anyone (except maybe Tennessee - the game that will keep us out of the playoffs - how sad).









Jason, that doesn't even rank as one of the 1,000 worst draft moves ever. Gain some perspective kid. Or continue trolling ... whatever makes you happy.

3 picks for Daniel Thomas. The WORST draft move ever??

Posted by: Jason | December 19, 2012 at 01:52 PM

Irescum thought he was Mike Ditka and Daniel Thomas was Ricky Williams!!! What a friggin MORON GM!!!!

Mark In Toronto,

Im actually "down" with trading down and picking up an extra 2nd rd pick, if we're drafting a wr inthe 1st rd. I belive the wr position is at least 2 rds deep.

I also believe there great value in drafting a "pass rusher" late in the first rd. I would be down with drafting a pass rusher #1 late in the draft and then we still would have three 2nd rd picks to do whatever.

Wr, corner, etc.. Even 2 wr's and a corner or vice versus. It puts us in the catbird's seat.

Any Philbin the Clown fans in here?

I got THREE bloggers banned last week...AND I'll get another THREE banned this week.

Beware...all you CLOWNS, TROLLS and TROLL FEEDERS!

Posted by: Kris | December 19, 2012 at 12:22 PM

And Dashi Knows There Is Many Moore!!

I'm Not Going To waste My Time!! But Everyone Here Has Heard U say This over 1001 Times!!

When you trade 3 picks for a player you better be sure he's a HOFer or at LEAST a pro-bowler. Daniel Thomas isnt even a starter, backup, or even a practice squad player. LOL


So my optimism for this team is waning right now. I expect us to beat Buffalo on Sunday but with this team, NO WAY is it guaranteed.

What concerns me is some of the guys on the roster. We have a ton of FAs this year, including Bush, Hartline, Starks, Smith, Long and Clemmons. 2014 the cap numbers for Dansby and Burnett get ugly. I think that's also the season that Soliai, Jones and Misi can become FAs.

On top of all that we have a guy in Thomas who can't stay healthy and a guy in Egnew who can't even get on the field.

So to me, when I look at this team, I see an awful lot of work to be done. I think we all agree that the offence needs to get a lot better. So that should be the focus this offseason. But what of the guys we might lose this season and next on defence? When do we start addressing that?

To me there's as many questions on this team as answers right now.

Not sure I would trade down if there is a player available that can help us straight away.

Shame to see both clay and thomas go down injured, but this is what you have a squad for. Lets see what we got behind them and if we can rely on them enough not to HAVE to upgrade early on in next years draft.
Coaches say one mans misfortune is another players opportuniy(well something like that anyway)

From Last Blog,

Dashi Is Iffy On Odrick!! He is Alright!! Not Great!! But Good!! And Is Versatile!

He has a Role!! And So Does Starks!! I Just Don't Know If Coyle Wants 2 Guys That Can Play DT and DE!! Or Just 1!!

Soliai is Good At Stopping The Run!! But That's It!!

I Feel Coyle Would Rather Have Starks And Odrick At DT!! More Of A Pass Rush With These 2!!

We Can Resign Starks and Let Soliai Walk Next Season!! And Address The 3rd DT Position That Draft!!


Banning has no real effect at all. What really gets banned is a blogger's IP address. There's "FREE SOFTWARE" available that gives you a "PHONY IP ADDRESS" and they're back in.

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Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither


Your last comment is RIDICULOUS!

Ireland gave up a 3rd, 5th and 7th for Thomas. How many 5th and 7th's have any impact at all? We had need for a running back. He did what he had to do. COuld have been a lot worse. He could have used a first on Ingram or Ryan Williams.

Your comment is way off base.


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i think trading down is the best bet. middle of the 1st round is a bit of no man's land.
if Barkley falls to our spot there should be some suiters who will trade up to get him. I'm thinking Dallas, Minnesota, or Baltamore.

Pick up a 2nd rounder, or even late first rounder. Good WRS can be found all over the 2nd round. However if Mingo, Tyler Eiffert or Keenan Allen are there I would snap them up with our first round pick.

I like where we are heading.


Mineesota's not picking Barkley. They're 7-7 or 8-6, with 2nd year QB Christian Ponder. He's not great but they're in the playoff hunt and they need to determine what they've got with him. No way they're drafting QB first round this year.


CORRECT! With a "FREE BLOG" we just have to take the GOOD with the BAD.

It's like when guy bums a cigarette and then gets pissed because the guy giving him the "FREE CIGARETTE" declines to give him a light.

In life, we dont always have our cake and get to eat it too.

Odrick is a Bust.

Mentioning him in same breath as Vince W. is the height of ignorance.

Would anyone dare turn down a Vince W. for Odrick trade?

Odrick is puke-inducing.

The Seer has spoken. Let it be written

Ray Finkle @ 2:19 PM,

I wouldnt take Mark Sanchez, oops sorry, I mean Matt Barkley even if he slide to 7th rd.

Even if I took him as an undrafted rookie fa, I still wouldnt feel good about havbing to have my ball boys deflate the footballs, just to give him better chance of making the team.

How is Odrick a bust? His numbers this year (his second year by the way) are almost identical to Randy Starks, a guy who everyone puts on a pedestal. Five sacks out of a guy who isn't a pure rusher, is pretty good. He's EXACTLY the kind of guy, who if he played for the Pats, we'd be saying 'Geez I wish we had a guy like Odrick on our team'.

If you think it's about sacks and stats with this guy then you nothing about football.

Matt Barklley is next in line for USC nfl bust qb's.

The guy may have the two best starting college wr's ever and still grossly underachieved with them. So wth would he do with this wr corps?

His college starting wr corps is far beter than our nfl starting wr corps. Remember "barf for Barkley"? I would barf if we took Barkley. Are these jet troll;s pushing for us to draft Barkley?


It's funny how devastated everyone was last year when Barkley decided to return to school. It was the end of the world, a year before the Mayans predicted. Best thing that ever happened to us.

Matt Barkley = A blond-headed Mark Sanchez



Agreed. With Most of It!

Except Burnett will be playing His Last Season Next Year! So he would be a FA with Soliai and Misi!! In 2014!

This Season Is The Only Season!! Where Cutting Dansby!! Would've been A Huge Cap Hit($16+ million)!!

This Offseason!! The Cap Hit Will Only Be $3.5 Mil! And in 2014! This Number Goes Down To $1.6!! Burnett is On The Same Boat!! If we Would've Cut Him Before The Season!! The Fins Would've Been Hit For His Full Salary!! Next Year it Cost The Fins About $1.5 Million To Cut Him!!

This Season!! We Have About $18 Million In Dead Cap!! Money We Can't Spend Because Of Bad Contracts!!

Next Year!! We Only Have about $500k In Dead Cap!! It Would Only Cost Us About $5 Million To Cut $16+ Million In Salary!! Meaning We Get An Extra!! $11 Million In Cap!!

We Can Find 2 Good Young Free Agent LB's!! That Are Built To Play The 4-3!! With Less Than $11 Million!! And Draft A Rookie With One of The 3rd Round Picks!!

Making The Position Better, Faster, Younger And With More Depth Than This Year!!

With The Possibility Of Adding Misi as a DE!! His Natural Position!! Adding More Pass Rush In The Process!!

Craig, better to have one bust on a player then 3 busts on ONE player! GEEZ!

I have spoken.

i like Odrick. he does what he is supposed to do. Some mocks had us picking him at 14 that year before we traded down and still got him.

solid player, never lets you down. if he slimmed down a bit he could be great.

Tannehill says, 'I'm obviously on a roll'.

Easy big fella....you just played the most sad sack team in the NFL at home. Let's see what you do against stiffer competition before we say 'you're on a roll'.


Anyone suggesting we take Barkley, either doesnt fully follow college football, or they are undercover Jetfans.

No way I would even use a 7th rd draft pick on the blondheaded Mark Sanchez. The Jets couldnt even get a 7th rd draft pick for Sanchez right now. Especially after the 5 TURNOVER game Monday night.

Dashi, re: the DT position. I think Odrick would be most effective rushing the passer from the inside on apssing downs but that spot is a little corded right now. I think if they let starks walk, odrick will be a rover - outside on run downs, inside on pass downs. Someone like a MCDaniel plays inside at $2m a year on run downs. Draft pick saved.

Chad Henne is still my favorite player good or bad, win or lose.

did I say we should pick Barkley? No, Tannehill is much better. I think that he would be great trade bait if he was there when our pick came up.

I also think Tannehill has been excellent this year. 3 poor games, some dodgy throws but can you imagine how any other QB with our WR and O-line would do?

His rating is better than Lucks who all the press are jizzing over.

Future star. He needs help though.


I actually wanted Barkley tocome out last season. Last year I thought he would be the 2nd qb taken. That's why I wanted him to come out last year.

It would have given us a much better chance of getting RG3.

Luick was rated to be 1st overall, Barkley the 2nd qb taken, and RG3 the 3rd qb taken. Which means RG3 could have fallen right into our laps. This is why I was disappointed when Barkley stayed in school. He fouled up our best chances to land RG3.

BTW, in tis scenario, Barkley and Landry coming out last year, Tannehill probably fall into the top of the 2nd rd. That's why many were saying last season, including me, that Tannehill was basically a "2nd rd qb".

Ray Finkle,

Glad you cleared that up and glad to have you as a true dolfan. However, there are some either unknowledgeble or undercobver jetfans here actually suggesting draft "Barfley" to replace Tannehill.

This is beyond unbeliveble!

YG is 100% correct banning does nothing. Just the other day Armando claimed he bannned Home a few hours later Home was back to flooding the blogs.

craig a wee bit o kohkiness is what u'r qb should have.imfo.


Interesting that Coyle said this week had some reservations playing Odrick inside. I see this as his best position too. Maybe he's just partial to Starks.

Regardless, the solution, I believe, is to move Odrick inside and draft a guy like Dion Jordan. Sam Montgomery is also a guy I think could be a fit for what we need. Rest of the draft I'd be fine drafting offence. With one exception....I want a safety in there somewhere too, CB could be addressed in FA.

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