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Daniel Thomas on IR so what now?

The Dolphins are shaking up and rattling the roster today. So let me tell you how and how the team might address the issues:

You know Charles Clay is out and on injured reserve with a knee injury. Today, Daniel Thomas joined his teammate on injured reserve with a knee injury so he's also done for the year. The team added Julian Posey to the roster from the practice squad.

Now, how does Miami deal with this?

Michael Egnew is very likely to be active Sunday against Buffalo. He would have to absolutely stink in practice this coming week to be inactive. The reason?

Well, the Dolphins are likely going to run a lot of double-tight-end formations because, in part, the team needs to run that look to protect right tackle Nate Garner against Mario Williams, who typically lines up over the right tackle.

If the Dolphins are like anyone else, they will use a tight end to double Williams on many if not most pass plays. This may be especially true for the Dolphins because while Garner is a decent run-blocker his weakness is pass-blocking -- something offensive coordinator Mike Sherman alluded to Monday.

This is only my speculation, but if the team is going to count on two tight ends so much, they need to take three to the game in case one gets injured. Thus Egnew comes into the picture.

At running back, the loss of Thomas is mitigated by the fact Lamar Miller has been working ahead of him already. Obviously the Dolphins need to have another option and that might include Marcus Thigpen who in recent weeks has actually been getting more work in the slot at receiver.

I say Thigpen works at back at RB now and Armon Binns gets the work in the slot. Again, that is just logical.

That still leaves a hole for what the Dolphins do on goal line situations. Thomas has been their goal-line back which is the reason he has four TDs this year. So who takes that job now?

Jorvorskie Lane is an option. Obviously, Bush is an option. And Miller, who weighs more than Bush is an option.

Lane was the one Miami used earlier this year so he can't be dismissed but his handle on the football has coaches worried. He has had some fumble issues. Bush isn't very big or physical so that worries. Miller has no experience and his tough running isn't exactly a proven commodity.

One wild card: Goal line run from the 1-yard line?

Quarterback sneak.


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clue, there r a ton of proxies u can use to hide u.

Matt Barfley should have thrown 50 tds in college this year with those two great wr's he has. His wr's would be day 1 starters on at least 27 nfl teams as a pair.

Singlely, either one could be a day one starter on all 32 nfl teams right now.

Craig, I wouldn't worry about all those free agents. Most of them, like this year, are good players but none should break the bank. And football players usually like re-signing with the same team if they've been productive because football is such a system oriented sport and finding a niche with playing time is very important. How many pro bowl players have we seen switch teams to only fall off a cliff. You think mario wouldn't have taken less money to stay in Houston?

Even among this jaded fan base, VERY few would call Odrick anything remotely close to a bust. Among actual NFL people, I doubt you would find ANYONE agreeing with that sentiment.

Odrick is a solid, improving young player. He is an asset to the Dolphins moving forward.

Kris & Craig M should form a bowling team. What a couple of yentas!

I mean, Craig M is on record as warning me that I will be banned sooner or later.

No Krissy is too?

Well well, you 2 have the makings of quite the relationship!

Craig, your solution would work. Frankly I don't believe anything coaches say to the media in public. Could you imagine what would happen if he said Odrick would be a better DT (especially on passing downs) than DE. Then the questions start like "well why isn't he playing there? what does this mean for randy starks?" everything goes to shite in the dressing room. While ODrick is playing DE, he's a better DE, when the situation requires different, then the coach's answer changes.

Regardless, he palyed DT in college, played DE in a 3-4 which is essentially a DT in a 4-3. he got a handfull of sacks rushing the passer from the inside last year. We all saw him do it.


Regardless of what we may think Odrick can play and what Coyle sees in practice, we cant move him inside anyway.

Coyle may see that Odrick doesnt get off of blocks soon enough and that can be a huge detriment when comes to your team's ability to stop the run up the middle.

Your defense will be toast having to face a crazy number of 3rd and shorts. Doesnt do much good to have great pass rushers because they cant pin thier ears back to rush the passer. When they also have to highly honor the run.

However, the can still run a hybrid 3-4/4-3 because they still have "big Soliai" to man the nose in this situation. That's just another way to counter a potential loss of Starks in fa.


We'll disagree in Barkley from last year. To me it was RGIII as the number two QB all the way. I don't care what the pundits said, no way would the asking price to trade up and get Barkley have been three firsts and a second. RGIII was seen as a dynamic. I believe if Barkley had come out last year, there's every reason in the world to believe that the Browns would have taken him at 4, leaving Tannehill for us.

Matt Barkley is this years Andrew Luck and will be a top 5 pick and will be worth it. An elite QB just like Andrew Luck.

Consider the amount of holes Ireland has on his roster. Then factor in the impending FA's this year. Then factor in the big FA's the following season.

With Irelands track record with player personnel, I would be amazed if this team can fill enough holes yearly to compete before Tanny retires.

I mean, he is able to find 3 or 4 guys every few years. That ain't cutting it.

Miami may just take a developmental QB in the mid-rounds. I for one am a proponent for such thinking. QB's are like money in the bank. If Philbin has say so, and stays fast to his Green Bay roots,Miami will always be cooking a young QB in the oven. That is where Rogers and Flynn both came from.


Don't kid yourself.......

Ryan Tannehill would have to descend into Mark Sanchez-esk game time performances to even be CONSIDERED replaced. Once a HC and a OC marry into a Rookie QB.... they are attached at the hip unless there is a total meltdown.... Something Tannehill has not even remotely approached in his entire career in Miami...


Kris has said NO SUCH thing.....

inpostered in BLUE @ 12:22 PM.......

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but WHOEVER could have the motivation to INSERT such a BOGUS post....



Click on my name in this post....the go click on my name @ 12:22 PM from the last blog....

I'm with Mark on this one. Very hard to take what most of these coaches say too seriously.

Mark In Toronto,

I agree Odrick could possibly be a force at DT on passing downs. But, if he's a liability at DT on running downs, there wont truly be any passing downs. Because the offense will have many more "3RD AND SHORTS".

If Odrick's at DT during 3rd and shorts and can not get off of blocks quickly enough. Offenses will just run straight up the middle on 3rd and shorts.

Im assuming when CVoyle says he isnt 100% comfortable with Odrick at DT, he most likely is grading his run stop abhility inside. The guy sees it in practice. We have to remember that.

I guess IF you can't FIND (said) post....you can ALWAYS make one up......

I think it'll be pretty interesting to see what the Jets do if Barkley is still there when they pick. They need to do something at QB and while I think they're going to be tied to Snacheq for at least one more year, maybe the best thing for them is to draft Barkley and transition to Barkley the year after. This is assuming of course that he's still there when they pick because I believe KC, Dalls and maybe even Oakland will look hard at QB next year.

Would the Jets REALLY be dumb enough to trade up for a USC QB twice in five years? As Dolphin fans we can only hope....


That great head to head battle Barkley had against Luck last year(Luck won the game), catapulted him into 2nd qb chosen in the eyes of most pundits.

I mean, since Barkley didnt declare, neither of us can prove what the actual pecking order would have been. Its just your opinion it would have been RG3, and mine it would have been Barkley.

But my primary point in my prior post, was Barkley coming out last year would have given us our best chance of getting RG3. Even if that margin increased ever so slight.


Again we don't agree....but whatever.

Odrick is pretty far from a bust...

But I suppose you gotta pick something to cry about.


If a coach says something and names a player in particular, I will take that seriously. Especially if he's saying what he "publically" doesnt feel comfortable about in a player.

If he's publically saying something false about that player, he risk losing both his team and that player's credibility in him. I feel fairly safe believing what he publically said about Odrick, Odrick also knows is a weakness in his game.

YG, not sure if that's the cas, regardless, I said I could see him as a rotational player. We had one in Lorenzo Bromell a few years back.

Outside on run downs and McDaniel or reasonable facsimilie plays inside. Passing downs, he plays inside, Vernon goes outside.

That would be the solution if what you say is true. Or if he's a true DT as I suspect - then You can slot him inside full time. There's a lot of solutions to the puzzle with Starks leaving and without busting out a 1st or 2nd round pick on a DT. We don't need that at all IMO. it would be runnign to stand still as far as overall team progress. Same with drafting a LT in the first whether Jake stays or goes.

I dont think anyone is saying Odrick is a bust. But clearly he wasnt worth a 1st rd pick either.

YG, at no point post last CFB season was Barkley ahead of RG3. No way, no how.

Craig, throw in Buffalo and San Diego as possible Qb landing spots. Rivers looks like a 38 year old Marino out there. His arm is done.

With one exception....I want a safety in there somewhere too, CB could be addressed in FA.

Posted by: Craig M


Craig M.

I'm surprised that you feel safety is such a need. I think the fact we have heard very little from them is a indication that they are playing well (Particularly Jones and Clemons)...? I'm not against taking a S in later rounds. But Early on I don't feel it necessary. The only problem with addressing CB in FA is the Cost factor. It is one of the top 3 highest paid positions on the field. Even the guy Miami just brought over from Cleveland will cost Miami $4.7 million next year... I can see one in FA... but 2? I'm not certain cap will sustain that.


Are you saying that you know for a fact that Coyle is a liar and is lying about his public evaluation about Odrick? That may not be your intention, but, that exactly what it adds up to be.

Not trying to cause an argument, but I would lean more to what the coach who sees Odrick "EVERY DAY" in practice says. Over whatever my "UNEDUCATED OPINION" may be. Truly, when it comes to Odrick's practicve play, "MY OPINION" is a "TRULY UNEDUCATED" one.

And I'll just leave it at that. I attacked "MY OPINION", not yours to reduce the sake of "ARGUMENT".

Yes Barkley would have been the 2nd QB taken last year. All the mock drafts had him right behind Luck.

Craig again you come off as a dumb a s s. Odrick is aa first round pick, dont you expect your first round pick to contribute more than 5 sacks and 30 tackles. If you can get that sort of production from a 2nd or 3 rd sure but a first rounder?

Clue, Craig is a dumb a s s.

Yg@ 2:22!


Just Like To Add!!

It's like When You Give them A Cigarette!! And Then They Get Mad Because It's Not The Brand They Smoke!!


And True!! This is a "Free Blog"!! When You Are A Paying Customer!! Then You Have A Say!! And Even Then OTHER PEOPLE DO TO!

Mark In Toronto,

Besides playing more "hybrid defense", if we lose Starks, we can always go 2nd rd for a DT. Especially if trading down picking up an extra 2nd rd pick. Then we would have 3 of those.

Starks and Soliai are a HUGE reason the run defense plays so well. You can just plug anything into that spot and expect the same results next season. McDaniels seems to have trouble staying healthy. Its always something nick-nacking miss a game here and miss a game there.

Plus McDaniels himself is a rotational quality DT. So whomever is behind him downgrades he DT position even further. If we lose quality like Starks, he has to be replaced with quality to achieve the same quality results we've achieved in the run game the past two season.

Its either that or go back to 3-4 defense or its hybrid on run downs.

Voice of Reason,

Barkley made his biggest Barf by staying in school. Anyone taking him before 2nd rd will have made a HUGE mistake. Right now, he's Mark Sanchez in the waiting.

I'm not certain what point is being driven at concerning Odrick. Regardless of when he was drafted, regardless of what you may THINK he should be doing.... He does what he does... There are 32 first round draft picks every single season... 64 have been taken since JO was drafted.... How many of THOSE have outplayed him? Likely several... Right?.... How many have not?... Likely several more....
Are you arguing we should cut him...?
Are you arguing we should have him castrated...?
Are you arguing Miami should just pull down the doors and quit because a guy taken 26th or so in the 2010 draft is not racking up elite stats...?

If you have not noticed.... Once you get past the #15 pick or so.... it all gets pretty even until half way through the second round... Then it falls off into Round 4.... Then you are throwing darts...

Odrick is what he is.... he's not a bust by a damned site... He's no elite DE/DT either... He is a quality utilitarian player who does his job and does not embarrass himself or the team... He's also a Parcells product.... Say what you want... Parcells drafted EVERYTHING prior to last year....

If Barkley is having huge "decision making" issues, having the best pair of college wr's in college today, and against college defenses.


Whats going to happen against nfl defenses and wr corps not as good as he had in college This guy could be an even bigger bust than Sanchez.

Vetran fan,

I actually like Odrick's play of late. He's not looking like a an overwhelmingly dominant player. But he is beginning to resemble a 1st rd pick.

He's not making game changing plays, but he is beginning to make critical plays. That's the least youre looking for in a 1st rd draft pick.

Still, if Coyle says he's not totally comfortable with Odrick playing DT at present. I believe him. Because why does he need to lie about that?

WTF, Odrick is a good player. He was taken at what 25? That is almost top second round. It wasn't even a great draft. Ireland did fine with that pick even good. Where do you guys come up with this crap? 33 tackles and 4 sacks is a pretty good season for a guy in the trenches.

I am very happy with the 6 wins. It shows the team is on the right track. It was off the track last two years with no promise in sight.

I can understand a developmental qb if we don't sign Moore. But I would sign a vet qb for backup and certainly Matt Moore if I could. The consummate team player and professional.

The Jets can take whomever they wish. They will suck for the next 3 years plus. They are suffering from the same cap trouble that is ending for us. And Ryan is a tool.

We have a good chance to win out. New England is beatable this year. And so are the Bills.

Ive seen Wilfork fat a s s come off of his block and stuff the the RB in the backfield plenty of times especially against the Dolphins. Please show me 1 clip where Odrick stuffed the RB in the backfield. Also dont give me his sacks cause they were all coverage sacks

YG, I dn't know if I can make it any clearer, I don't want a DT taken with any pick that matters. We already have a dominant DT signed through next year. We already have another pretty good one playing out of position. Odrick can't play DT? really? then what psoition did he play in his first season as a starter before he got hurt? DE in a 3-4 ... inside.

That's also where he played last year. He can be a swing man at the least and that's when you rotate other guys to eat snaps inside when he's playing outside .. and vice versa. No need to blow your brains out at DT by giving Starks big money or using a top 2 round selection.

Now if Starks wants to do a Soliai and sign 2 years, $12Mill then fine.

Thomas and Jorvorskie Lane run Soft, in short yardage situations.
Too many drives on Offence ended in 3rd and One or 4th and one?

Toronto, Starks has played very well this year & will earn his pay day from the phins or elsewhere. He deserves a fat contract.

Do you think Jake Long, who is injury prone, on the decline & note the protype LT for a W C passing offense, should get some of his money?

I prefer to keep the team strength, Dline intact, and that means resigning Starks & possibly even McDaniel.

Note the civility of the post!

Enough with Jackie Long hes breaking down and is on the decline. Let him walk

Mark In Toronto,

I fully bget what you're saying. But it also does not matter what you or I want. That's why its important to retain Starks if possible.

Because you cant fill quality with "stop gaps" and think youre going to have success. Not resigning Starks creates a real problem. Because Starks is high quality in the middle of our defense.

My guess is that Starks will be resigned and this conversation is meaningless anyway. Its not like its going to take a U.S. mint to get him resigned.

Stark's a guy I hate to see let walk because he's a pro bowl cusp player for us. Even Sean Smith isnt that. Still we need to resign Smith or risk creating another huge hole at corner.

YG, I thought you wrote you werent coming back here till after the draft since all of us repeat the same stuff all the time

This should be common sense!

If we let Starks walk, that brings odrick in and reduces depth at DE. Which will cost us a draft pick or a FA signing. Maybe even 2 if McDaniel leaves.

Then Soliai is up after next eyar.

You can't afford the potential of losing both of your starting DT's & top reserve, who are all above average in run D, in consecutive years.

Locking in Starks allows Soliai to walk if he's unreasonable next year. Losing Starks forces you to overpay for Solia next year.

Pick your poison.

Daniel Thomas' proness to injury may lead to having to resign Bush. If Bush walks and Miller starts, no way Miller's body holds up to overload of carries he'll have to takle because D Thomas cant stay healthy.

Even if we draft a rookie rb, most of them almost always come in with pass protection issues. So there's potential liability there too.

This why I would rather resign Bush and move on from Thomas. Thomas is an injury waiting to happen and I dont believe Miller's body will hold up over an entire season given a full rushing load.

Miller wasnt exactly the picture of full health even at UM. So resign Bush and draft a rb maybe 4th rd to slowly work into the rotation and replace Thomas.

In 2 years you'll all realize that Barkley is far superior to Tannehill.


The offseason starts for us in only 2 weeks anyway, so wth! LOL...

LOL, if you are asking me whether Starks is a $40-$50M investment - I say no.

Long, yes. Because I think still Long, would be a good left tackle and an elite right tackle.


In 2 yrs Barkley will be hired by manager Mark Sanchez to be his assistant manager at High Cholesterol Burgers And Grill.

YG, I agree with what you say re: Starks and Smith. And if he's willing to sign a similar contract to what Soliai signed over three years including his franchise year (turned out to be $27M or so over three years) then fine but if not, then later because I think Big Paul is a far more valuable and superior player to Starks.

Ok I get it now.

A broken down & declining Long is worth a major investment.

But, a more productive, healtheir Starks isn't.

I think that just about says it all.

Between George Bush and this idiot Boehner, republicans will soon be on the endangered species list.

LOL, if you ask me, the run defense will go in the toilet when Soliai either declines or walks regardless if Starks, Soliai, and Petey the Dog are playing DT. Soliai is a man crusher in there. HE IS THE RUN DEFENSE

Well, Long at RT would be better than LT.

Seeing as he hasn't been able to really stop a speed rusher I'd rather that guy hit Tanny from the front. At least he has a chance to see him & get away.

Better that than get blindsided from behind.

LOL, no need to take offense or get angry, just providing my opinion (and it was asked for). I'm allowed to be right or wrong just as much as you are ...

By the way, Long won't be signed for $40 or $50 mill, it will likely be more given the sorry state of teh Bear and Cardinal o line. Garner would be the starting left tackle for either. Eagles too.

Hey Mark I think us sinking a ton of our cap room into one player even as good as Long has been for us is a mistake. I know it creates a hole to lose him but he is not the same pro bowl player. Watching Merriman blow Long up in the last Buffalo game when Long pulled on a run sealed my opinion of Long's current value.

Tag and trade would be my call. People will want him.

Mark, please stop talking about Soliai as if he is Wilfork.

A Man crusher is Wikfork. A dominant player who routinely destroys the guy in front of him & makes big plays BEHIND the line of scrimmage EVERY WEEK. A Few times a game.

Maybe Soliai makes 1 great run stuff a week behind the line. You are too invested in medicore players.

Solia is good. He isn't what you described himn to be. Starks gets good push and can generate a bit of a rush where Soliai doesn't.

The truth is ... I love Jake Long but even I will admit he looks more like a RT in waiting. His game is power which fits nicely with that position. Thus, I would pay him as if he were the best RT in the game and try to build the contract in a way that would allow the team to be let off easy if he doesn't reach health standards. Fair for both sides I think.

LOL, no need to take offense or get angry, just providing my opinion (and it was asked for).

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 19, 2012 at 04:17 PM

Perhaps you should take a reading comprehension course. Angry? offended? PUHLEASE! You'd have to matter to me for me to get angry or offended.

I asked for your opinion. Got it & replied.

Stop making it out to be more than it is. No offense but, you nor anyone else here, is worth getting angry or taking offrense to.


I agree, but Starks also plays far more snap counts than Soliai on defense.

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