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Daniel Thomas on IR so what now?

The Dolphins are shaking up and rattling the roster today. So let me tell you how and how the team might address the issues:

You know Charles Clay is out and on injured reserve with a knee injury. Today, Daniel Thomas joined his teammate on injured reserve with a knee injury so he's also done for the year. The team added Julian Posey to the roster from the practice squad.

Now, how does Miami deal with this?

Michael Egnew is very likely to be active Sunday against Buffalo. He would have to absolutely stink in practice this coming week to be inactive. The reason?

Well, the Dolphins are likely going to run a lot of double-tight-end formations because, in part, the team needs to run that look to protect right tackle Nate Garner against Mario Williams, who typically lines up over the right tackle.

If the Dolphins are like anyone else, they will use a tight end to double Williams on many if not most pass plays. This may be especially true for the Dolphins because while Garner is a decent run-blocker his weakness is pass-blocking -- something offensive coordinator Mike Sherman alluded to Monday.

This is only my speculation, but if the team is going to count on two tight ends so much, they need to take three to the game in case one gets injured. Thus Egnew comes into the picture.

At running back, the loss of Thomas is mitigated by the fact Lamar Miller has been working ahead of him already. Obviously the Dolphins need to have another option and that might include Marcus Thigpen who in recent weeks has actually been getting more work in the slot at receiver.

I say Thigpen works at back at RB now and Armon Binns gets the work in the slot. Again, that is just logical.

That still leaves a hole for what the Dolphins do on goal line situations. Thomas has been their goal-line back which is the reason he has four TDs this year. So who takes that job now?

Jorvorskie Lane is an option. Obviously, Bush is an option. And Miller, who weighs more than Bush is an option.

Lane was the one Miami used earlier this year so he can't be dismissed but his handle on the football has coaches worried. He has had some fumble issues. Bush isn't very big or physical so that worries. Miller has no experience and his tough running isn't exactly a proven commodity.

One wild card: Goal line run from the 1-yard line?

Quarterback sneak.


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A dumb conversation is brewing between Aloco & himself.


There is one upside to Long walking none of have looked at.


So we cant lose him for "TOTALLY NOTHING" in the "LONG_RUN". Unless, of course he turns bust for his new team.

Jake Long at 70% is still better then 90% of the LT's in the league.


LOL, I find your opinion of Soliai to be selling him short. And if you think he's mediocre, we'd get our answer is he's (knock on wood) injured. I think as far as you see it a case of don't know what you got until it's gone.

By the way, Ted Washington and Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa were great interior players that seldom ever made plays behind the line of scrimmage.

Paul Soliai 2 sacks,

Vince Wilfork 2 sacks,

Miami run defense 8th

NE run defense 11

Hmm, one is mediocre, one is all world, 2 sacks each but yet one makes many more plays behind the line of scrimmage. Soliai is the heart of a better run defense. You may say NE has a worse run defense because more teams like to throw on Miami's poor secondary, well Miami's pass defense is 26th, but NE's is 29th ... hmmm

Not going to sit here and say Soliai is better but the amrgin between the two is nowhere near as wide as you say. I think it's you who need to appreciate the players we have on this team that perform.

But hey, say and believe what you want, but don't tell me what to do. I like Big Paul ... I think he's a fine NFL player and would start for every single one of the teams in the NFL regardless of defensive system.

ALoco, I would never fight you. Long time indeed.

Still one of my favourite posters ...

Wilfork > Soliai enuff said markey Mark my Candadian douche



YG = ALoco. YG, give it up we all know its you..





Tell him ALoco, no integrity at all young man. Now go wipe your nose.

ALoco, I like Dashi. And I've already fought YG. Good times.









KRIS AND YG............

YG quit with this whole ALoco persona. Are you some sort of psycopath?

The Dolphins need a back that runs angry. I'd like to see more emotion out of Tannehill, too. He should model himself after Tom Brady, not Chad Henne.


Sorry, you are way too infactuated with a Somoan!

Starks has more sacks, tackles & even an int. All more than Solia.

Soliai is a 1 dimensional space eater.

Starks can swing outside & get pressures & sacks, Soliai cannot.

Starks may not be as good as Soliai vs the run but, he's not very far off.

So, as has been demonstrated in games, Starks can rush & is arguably only slightly weaker than Soliai in run defense.

Not only is Soliai not in the same realm of player as wilfrok, he's equal to Starks.

IF Starks is a significantly better pass rusher and solia is a slightly better run defender, the nod goes to Starks.

Please excuse the canadiens. NFL football is greek to them.

Canadians football knowledge = Hoarse Shi*

Trade Long he has never been a great pass blocker and that's what we need in this offense get a 1 and 2

I don't know, I think we have no more RBs in our roster. Bush and Miller would have to do.

You have to admit that Odrick's first step has improved slightly, YG.

Hell, I'm not a dumb poster. I have a Doctorate, in many Fields.

1,2,3...just counting the ' to the next post from you.

On Barkley!!

He is A 6th Round Pick!!

Yes!! He was The Second Rated QB!!



Barkley would've Dropped Faster Than Kris!! After Dashi Smacks The Taste Out His Mouth!! During The PreDraft Process!! (What Do The 5 Fingers Tell The Face Kristopher? Smack!!)

(Really? Kris!! You Won? Won What? Dashi Thought We Were Having A Discussion!! Didn't Know It was A Rank Session!! Very Troll Like Of You!! And Stop It Fool!! We All Know Dashi Is The Floyd Mayweather Of Blogging Entertainment!! Yes!! This is Entertainment!! Only Fools Like You Take Blogging Serious!! Kristine! You can't Even Whoop The Contenders!! You want To Battle The Champ!! Give It A Break!! PUNK!!)

Barkley!! Has Little Hands!! Is Barely 6'Ft! Has A Noodle Arm That Can't Throw The Ball Over 30 Yards!! Is Less Athletic Than Matt Moore!! And His Decision Making Is Worst Than Sanchez!!

Better Said!! Barkley!! Is Josh Heupel 2.0!! Member Him?

The Browns Would've Picked Him 4th!! But That's The Browns!! They Drafted T.Couch First Overall!! And Then Drafted Weeden!! In The First!! When Colt McCoy Is Better And Younger Than That Scrub!!

On Odrick!!

I'm Not Sure!! But I Don't Think!! Coyle Feels Odrick Will Be Bad As DT!! I Just Believe In His System!! Odrick Fits As A DE/DT!! I Think That Is ALL COYLE WAS TRYING TO SAY!!

Again, ReSign Starks!! And Next Year!! Make the Decision!! Soliai Or Odrick!! If Odrick Hasn't Developed As A Valid Replacement!! Then You Can Draft A DT High!!

But This Year!! Dashi Is With The Consensus!! No Need To Try And Draft DT In The First 3 Rounds!! When we Have Bigger Needs!! Specifically play Makers!! Wr, CB, TE, LB, FS!!

Now On The Guy We Picked Up!! Dashi Saw The Same Thing We Will Be On The Hook!! For $4.7 Next year!! And He Has Another Year After That!!

The Question To Me Is!! Do The Fins Replace Marsha 2.0!! With This Guy!! Or is He Going To Take N.Carroll's Place!!

I See The Fins Keeping This Guy!! And Getting Rid Of R.Marshall!! Makes more Sense To Dashi!!

My God, My God, what can I do, what can I do? Pay $70.00 a year to read news that I can comment on. Or, for free, watch the same News on TV from which I've never recieved another comment from. My God, My God!

Ah!, Dashi responded. Take it down, Paul.


Even when I'm Not Seeing Eye To Eye!! I'm Very Nice!!(Enemy Is Such A Harsh Word!!) Dashi Will Try And Clean Up The Profanity!! Can't Help It Sometimes!! When I Cuss!! Is TO EMPHASIZE MY POINT EVEN MORE!! But Dashi Will Try And Be More PC For The Viewing Public!!

I Still Talk To You And Oscar!! When A Certain Someone Finds That Offensive!!

Dashi Doesn't Hold Grudges!! So If Kris Wants To Talk Like A Normal Person!! Dashi Will Still Talk To Him!!

And Thanks!! Mark!!

It is Always Good To Talk To Somebody!! That When You Have A Difference Of Opinion!! They Don't Have To Result To Insults!!

Our D-LINE is a core strength of this team.

A 4-3 system calls for the DT's to be space eaters. They are supposed to occupy the C and 2 G's so that the Linebackers can make tackles. If your DT's are making tackles they are playing dominant. Starks and Solai play DT perfectly in the 4-3 system. McDaniel is a nice backup rotation player to spell these two.

A 4-3 system calls for the DE's to put pressure on the QB. Hurries and Sacks should be how they are measured. They need to be able to set the edge on running plays to push the RB's back to the middle for LB's to tackle. Wake is a BEAST and doing really well setting the edge. Odrick is a 'tweener' but remember he was drafted when the Fins were using a 3-4 system. I think Odrick is doing well. He has a fair number of sacks. He is also nice to move to DT on obvious passing downs to create more of a rush up the middle.

If there are any improvements/question marks it's with Vernon. As a rookie I think he has done OK but I'd like to see more consistent pass rush from him. I also think he has struggled to set the edge when he is in and the opposing team runs to his side.

IF, I say IF.....Odrick and Vernon make more progress next year I don't think the team should waste a pick on Pass Rush in the upcoming draft. Unless an obvious talent falls in their lap and they simply can't pass on the 'value' of the player.

There are so many outstanding twists and turns that will play out in Free Agency. We really should be focused on that and then determine what is left in terms of 'need' for the draft. I have wondered into draft mode the past few weeks but now realize Free Agency is what we should be focused on as we wind down the season.

I have been a D. Thomas supporter to this point. I like how hard he runs and is quick to the hole. His downside has been fumbles. Now he is showing he can't remain on the field due to injury.

I don't think the team can count on the combination of Thomas and Miller next year. They have to either sign Bush in Free Agency and pick RB in rounds 4-6 OR they have to pursue a FA RB and pick RB in rounds 3-4.

Either way due to Thomas' injuries I am left thinking RB is a real need entering this offseason.

Shame....but I can't see anyone really blaming Ireland for that. Thomas was a stud at K State and most draft experts ranked him highly. Knowing the Fins needed a RB he was a good option at the time.

I agree with jpao, the D-line has had plenty (too many?) picks invested in it in recent memory. Our line backing corp needs some help and hopefully someone whom can rush the passer as well. I'm hoping we draft a Inside and Outside linebacker this draft in the upper rounds.

Priority Order / Wish List for this offseason (either FA or Draft) regardless of who is resigned in Free Agency

#1 WR
#1 CB
#2 CB if we resign Smith I'd hope to see him as our Nickel CB if not Carroll as Nickel
TE a real pass threat
ILB would like to see a dominant run stuffer and a truly healthy Dansby move to OLB
Tackle for back up to Long/Martin or competition for Martin/Garner
RB per my prior post the need is to replace Thomas
S to replace Clemons and move him to first backup
DE to push Vernon and Odrick as pass rusher (nice to have but not a top need)

Don't give up on Thomas, he is a very talented Football Player but he is just a very disadvantaged, slow Man. This System mght be too much for him to learn. A the same time, he had some challenges in School that he overcame. I'd say 1 more year and that's it.

Everyone is talking about trading down in the first round. What about trading up? With two 2's and two 3's I see trading up as a viable option to get a DOMINANT WR or CB. I understand that the draft is supposed to be 'deep' at WR but how many are truly predicted to be a DOMINANT #1 WR. If we can't get Wallace or possibly Bowe in Free Agency the DOMINANT #1 WR is our biggest NEED.

I would be very open to trading up to get that position filled if we can't accomplish it in Free Agency.

I disagree with Dansby at OLB because I just don't think he's quick enough to pass rush effectively from the edge.


Smith could be great free safety if he learned to catch ints. He has more than enough speed for the position. I also question if he has the instincts to play free safety too.

HOHOHO!, Darkoak,Dansby still has 100+ tackles and is all over the Fied.

The obsession carries thru posts, hehehehe

Darkoak - you may be right on Dansby. But I see his coverage skills a solid "B" and I don't know how much we need OLB's blitzing in this system? If DE's are doing there job correctly we shouldn't need OLB's blitzing. I don't see much of that now.

Yesterday - You seem to make the suggestion of Smith as a FS but then question yourself on it. That is fine...but I wonder if you talked yourself out of it. My biggest concern is that he is a VERY SOFT tackler. S and FS end up supporting the run a lot and I just don't see him sticking his head into the pile to make a big hit. His inability to make INT's is exactly why I don't see him as a top talent CB. Either way we seem to agree with each other on that point.


I dont think there's a wr or corner worth trading up to get. I would be terribly surprised if a corner or wr goes before 8th. I really dont see any of the two positions going anywhere top 10.

I sincerely believe corners we will see corners and wr start flying off of the draft board until after the 10th pick. There arent shutdown corners in this draft and there arent any Calvin Johnson types. But there are at 6-7 wr's in this draft that could be very good and we're bound to end up with one them no matter where we pick 1st rd.

Plus, if Sean Smith is resigned, I highly doubt corner will be a first rd pick. Perhaps, one of the 2nd rd picks, but doubtfully 1st rd.

Have no idea whats going on between kris and dashi but that five fingers crack was funny. I never want to see a fin hurt but im excited to see miller get more time now. Hopefully egnew surprises. Get him a arm band with plays on it like qbs wear.Call his college coaches and ask them for pointers on the kid. Has to be something this kid to do.Also like the idea of binns in the slot. Big target on third down.

Is Binns fast enough to play flanker?


I wasnt suggesting making Smith a free safety. Only addressing you on your post of making him a "nickel". I pointed out why he would have "limitations" at fs.

Also, "nickel" is totally out if Smith's resigned, simply because he would be making far too much money to play nickel. Even if Smith signed a contract as low as $4 million a year, thats far too much money to pay a "nickel corner".

Forget about that one buddy.

Some Peacemakers here. Where's my friend miguel?

i like thill but no harm in drafting another qb with one of our extra picks

OK Yesterday...I misunderstood your initial comments on Smith.

In the end I am not a believer in him and I HOPE they don't resign him. I just see him as a long term medicare CB.

They probably will try to sign him though...I just pray they don't overpay for him.

Also, on WR and CB in the first round. I feel #1 WR is by far and away our biggest priority. So, if there is one or two STUD WR's that Ireland and Philbin see on the board they should do whatever it takes to land them. If they can stay put great but at 13-15 (where they will likely be in the draft) I worry that those two possible STUD WR's won't be there for us. We will just have to see....


It would be foolish to use one of the 2nd rd picks on a qb. It almost guarrantees a Sanchez situation in the making. It would only signal to T'hill we seriously doubt him after one season and a 8th overall pick.

Then there's no guarrantee because you selected a qb in the 2nd rd he'll work out either. Now you have a potential 2 qb busts on your hand.

Great idea if your gm is Mike Tannenbum(Jets).


Its just that we need Smith for now. As long as we dont grossly overpay for him, he'll still be decent trade bait down the road, when we're better able able to spend a top pick at corner.

He has to be resigned for now, and at a contract amount that would be easier to move him in the future. Just cant cut of the nose to spite the face right now. We have too many other holes that need to be addressed.

never said 2nd rd. we have 2 3rd rds

Still, these Autistic Children, mild or severe, have cross-mixes with other Psychiatric/Neuropsychiatric disorders as most Psychiatric illnesses, are co-morbid, specially with Personality Disorders. It is a Spectrum of Sorts.

and thill isnt a bust


Too many needs to draft a qb 3rd rd. Not guarranteed to end up with anything better than Devlin. If not, its a wasted pick that could have been better used somewhere else.

devlin,lol skins sure makin it work with rg3 and cousins. why not a 4th or 5th rd pick on a qb. they would be our backup next year. and no dont tell me devlin is

Paul, record what dusty said about Devlin. That way we can condiderably augment the Crow eaten here like DD and fin4life have had to eat this year. Crow is good for you, if processsed well.

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