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Daniel Thomas on IR so what now?

The Dolphins are shaking up and rattling the roster today. So let me tell you how and how the team might address the issues:

You know Charles Clay is out and on injured reserve with a knee injury. Today, Daniel Thomas joined his teammate on injured reserve with a knee injury so he's also done for the year. The team added Julian Posey to the roster from the practice squad.

Now, how does Miami deal with this?

Michael Egnew is very likely to be active Sunday against Buffalo. He would have to absolutely stink in practice this coming week to be inactive. The reason?

Well, the Dolphins are likely going to run a lot of double-tight-end formations because, in part, the team needs to run that look to protect right tackle Nate Garner against Mario Williams, who typically lines up over the right tackle.

If the Dolphins are like anyone else, they will use a tight end to double Williams on many if not most pass plays. This may be especially true for the Dolphins because while Garner is a decent run-blocker his weakness is pass-blocking -- something offensive coordinator Mike Sherman alluded to Monday.

This is only my speculation, but if the team is going to count on two tight ends so much, they need to take three to the game in case one gets injured. Thus Egnew comes into the picture.

At running back, the loss of Thomas is mitigated by the fact Lamar Miller has been working ahead of him already. Obviously the Dolphins need to have another option and that might include Marcus Thigpen who in recent weeks has actually been getting more work in the slot at receiver.

I say Thigpen works at back at RB now and Armon Binns gets the work in the slot. Again, that is just logical.

That still leaves a hole for what the Dolphins do on goal line situations. Thomas has been their goal-line back which is the reason he has four TDs this year. So who takes that job now?

Jorvorskie Lane is an option. Obviously, Bush is an option. And Miller, who weighs more than Bush is an option.

Lane was the one Miami used earlier this year so he can't be dismissed but his handle on the football has coaches worried. He has had some fumble issues. Bush isn't very big or physical so that worries. Miller has no experience and his tough running isn't exactly a proven commodity.

One wild card: Goal line run from the 1-yard line?

Quarterback sneak.


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oscar please do. devlin is a 2nd or 3rd string qb his entire career

ok dustybottoms,

Lets not just say we just draft another qb with one of our extra picks. Tell us exactly who you would like that college qb to be?

Or should we just throw the pick at a wall full of college qb's and see what sticks. You know, like you do "sh*t"?

Don't know if you can read between the lines, dusty, but Philbin likes Devlin better for his O System than he does RT.

Many People here are not ready to handle the Truth.

lol sure oscar, thats why he was third string

I have a question for some of you folks since I've been reading some discussions you've had on free agents such as Starks, Smith, Bush etc.

Is it true that it's Ireland's policy not to talk contract until the season is over?

It seems to me that if that is the case then we are going to constantly lose players.

You would think it would make more since to negociate with them before the have a chance to test the market...specifically guys like Bush and Starks who have stated they prefer to stay in Miami.

I understand that we don't want to grossly overpay for players but slightly overpaying for quality players who know your system is a price you may have to pay to win....especially for playmaker's like Bush.

It is almost a given that whatever value is placed on these guys in the open market will be more than Ireland has them slated at.

u can never have too many qbs, wouldnt ghurt to have another young guy backing up thill, rather than some garbage vet they will sign

Well, dusty, Crow does not taste good even if excellently processed.

Now I know why you take so long to answer me. You are correcting you spell checker. Don't be ashamed with me. Blame your Education.

Thigpen has the speed to create separation. He should be tried at the slot receiver position. Thomas is a very average back. This is a great chance to use Miller more. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain using potential talent not tested enough.

well oscar dont worry we wont make u eat it, u never step up anyways and admit

admit what, dusty? Please finish your sentences.

Nobody answers here.



Here's a few responses to the usual dumb ass comments from our FANS - every team every year has a number of FA's to deal with - goes with the territory. Odrick is solid. Soliai is doing exactly what he is supposed to - clog the middle. Ireland will have a banner year in this year's draft and all the naysayers will end up STFU. Tanny is way ahead of schedule and expectations. Martin is quietly improving and things generally look good for next year.

I hope Egnew gets involved in passing game if he in fact plays. We need a good pass catching TE.

But seeing as its taken this long for him to dress, probably false hope

so, how is Thomas being out, a bad thing ?

I've been waiting all season for the Dolphins to turn Lamar Miller loose, and let him run!

I was hoping Mando, after all these years, wasn't as dumb as he sounds. After reading his last 2 posts, I'm not so sure!

Daniel Thomas, another poor pick by JI.

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