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Dimitri Patterson goes from waiver to starter in seven days

Dimitri Patterson got waived from the Cleveland Browns Monday night. The Dolphins claimed him Tuesday afternoon. He arrived Wednesday, took a physical and joined his first practice after it had already started.

And on Sunday he started for the Dolphins against the Buffalo Bills.

"It was definitely a busy week for me," Patterson said after the Dolphins beat the Bills 24-10. "I found out I was playing Tuesday night; I had to travel 4 o’clock in the morning Wednesday, coming in and trying to get the terminology down. It’s a whirlwind mentally, but I settled in after the first couple of series, and it was football again. It was a transition for me, but a good one, not a bad one, so I’m grateful for it.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I got the news Monday that I was being waived. I didn’t know what to expect beyond that. I was taking everything in stride at that point. When I came here, it was a matter of me learning as fast as I can. I had a good week of practice, and the coaches felt comfortable that I would make minimal mental mistakes, and they had enough confidence in me."

It was funny that during the game Sunday, Dolphins coaches were yelling instructions to Patterson from the sideline, telling him what the call was on defense.

Guess what? He's probably starting next week as well.

Although Nolan Carroll is nursing a knee injury, forcing Patterson to play Sunday, the replacement was seemingly as good as Carroll has been most of the season.

Sean Smith, by the way, left the game in the first half with a left knee injury. He will have an MRI Monday morning to determine the severity of the injury.


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To me this signals we wont be looking to draft a corner with the first 3 picks. Looks like 2013 corners are Smith and Patterson, the most likely Marhall returns to his pre-Vontae trade position of nickel.



yesterdays gone 4ever that is one of the most ABSURD posts i've seen in 25 years and utterly clueless

no, we definitely still need to draft a CB in the early rounds.....definitely.....Patterson would add depth and could be a nickel or extra CB, could start for a time in a pinch, but he's not great--but not terrible either, probably better than Carroll......we still need to draft a high quality CB, then pair with Marshall, Patterson and Carroll.

to say because he is starting today down 2 corners we wont draft a corner is nearing on a disgrace

It was against the flame repellent bills mando, keep it in perspective please...Lets see what peterson does next week against the pats and then judge what he can do....

CB is still the 2nd biggest need. Marshall and Patterson will be the 2 slot corners

there is a reason Patterson has been cut by several teams......looks like money re: Cleveland but still, they aint gonna cut him if he's good--depth, starter in a pinch but I wouldnt count on much more--we're not sure they're gonna keep him at all, for that salary--dont get carried away, after 1 game against the awful Bills.

Fire Ireland!

hey, thanks Seer!--when in doubt, with nothing to say, go to the default.....why not!

Dashi!!! Why!! do you add! so many !! exclamation points to !!!!! your sentences!??!!??!!!!--its really! weird!!, du!!de!!......!! are you just really!! ? excited??!!

Dashi. You do realise Chris Clemons is the 19th ranked safety in the NFL and has been very solid lately breaking up critical pass plays. Looks like you haven't got a clue .

Dolphins have the number 2 ranked safety duo in the NFL. And anyone with a CLUE about the Dolphins would know our safety play is VERY good.

jordan's right, Clemons has been much better this year.....solid, young and improving--draft a safety if a good one falls into their lap in the middle rounds, but not nearly as big a need as in the past, or compared to other positions--much lower priority......and you should go by michael......michael jordan.

Our highest ranked Corner is at 47...SAYS IT ALL

Truly, the 2 other posters here besides myself can't think straight, probably because of that continued stuff consumption.

Yup. Benz Clemons has had a solid season. All we really need is better corner back play for this D to be GREAT.

need more consistent/aggressive pass rush too.....that helps the coverage more than anything--less time the cover guys are exposed, the better.

A long running script.jeje

See Russel Wilson has one thing that Ryan Tannehill doesnt. Accuracy.

Another season out of the playoffs.

Spin it how you like.

We are nowhere.

Wilson has been awesome......I wonder if Miami (and 30 other teams) regret passing on him--but we've all seen 1 hit/season wonders.....will be interesting to see how he does in yrs 2 & 3 after defenses watch film and adjust--kid is impressive though


Rumor is Percy Harvin wants out of Minn. He would be a great pick up in FA.


Please tell what what corners will be available for us to draft early. Then give me the scouting report on how they are projected to do in the nfl.

You guys say we need to draft this and that, but never researchy to see what's available in those rounds and how they compare to what's considered an impact player on this level.

Hell, Dimitri Patterson would be considered a 1st rd pick amongst this wretched crop of corners. You guys sometimes consider if a guy is drafted 1st-2nd rd it automatically means he's great.

More often than not it depends on how great the outcoming crop is. Not where they are drafted. This a bery plain crop of corners this year. Nobody great's coming out.

Only one corner in this drafted "might go top 10". That doesnt mean he's as good asa top 10 corner coming out a couple years ago. Hell, throw him in that draft he may be a 2nd rd pick.

A 2nd rd corner in this draft maybe a 3rd-4th rd pick in a great corner draft.

bk, no FA with a choice comes to this cespool

money, MJ......just about money--as C Carter says on the air, its about 3 things with most players......"me, myself and my money"

IMO, clearly the outcoming wr crop is hands down the best position coming from this year's nfl draft. Pass rushers are 2nd, but I believ there is a higher probability to draft a bust at pass rusher too.

i'm no draft junkie YG, just sounds like there are 3-4 good CB prospects expected to be taken in the first couple of rounds--if Patterson is here and beats them out, thats great......just saying that we still need quality CBs on the roster, and to add one in the draft, if available, makes sense--like I said, if Patterson was fairly good then a few of these teams wouldve kept him, especially at that position--he looked ok, good addition......but they need to upgrade that position further, thats all.

We said it before. We knew what Russell ilson would bring to the Table. We just thought that T-Hill is bigger and longer lasting, and frankly, a better Athlete.

You want accuracy? Look up RG3 and Luck. The rest of the QBs drafted this year are middle of the Pack.

So the NRA opposes any gun restrictions...Shocking! lol

Aaron Rodgers of the veterans is supremely accurate also. BTW, GB is making a strong run for the SB.

the most dangerous team? the team with the best change to win the trophy? the one with the most dangerous QB.

Peyton Manning.

Vontae Davis is hurt all year, Chicaco probably won't make the playoffs, and we finish at least 1 game better than last year. Hmmm... Ireland, I'm good with giving you another year. Tannehill looks like a good pick. Nice job, man. Tell these dumbasses to kiss yours.


Luck was especially "ACCURATE" today. He was 17-35 205 yds 1 td. Thats a completion percentage of 48.6%

Yeah, 48.6% is really "ACCURATE". LOL...

Why didnt we get Peyton Manning?

Hi there Dashi!

So many Ireland haters, lol. You all have the answer! "We should have drafted Russell Wilson bla bla bla". That's pretty funny. Where was he drafted again? Pete Carroll is kicking Harbough's ass right now but who would have picked him? hehe Monday Morning QB's are sad. Who's your pick for GM? Lets start listing them, realistically though, please...

i can't believe how well wilson is doing. they said sancheese had the 'it' factor but i never saw it, i saw the opposite. wilson has the 'it it it' factor.

True, verdad.

tannehill is still a mystery. i try to imagine him 2 to 3 years from now and see a top 10 qb, good enough. he'll have his misses but will make enough wow plays to have a solid career.

They should not sell guns to the Mentally challenged.

rg3 may be the most exciting to watch, but i have to say luck was the correct #1 pick.

I'm not satisfied with Clemons either, Dashi.

Benz....you are an Ireland sycophant. I shall not be silenced or intimidated by you or your fellow Ireland fan-boyz.

verdad. But you don't find Peyton Mannings, John Unitas lying around.

clemons, if you have heard him interviewed, is very dumb and illiterate. i don't know why ireland passed on dez but took clemons,

Lee Harvey Oswald was mentally ill. You could see it. So was John Hinkley.

Clemons is NOT the answer at FS...We need to upgrade big time...But Reshad is definitely the answer at SS...We also need corners...

unitas was the best qb in nfl history before the 83 draft. since then he has been surpassed.

Man, is Seattle going to put 55 on the board again tonight?? Against the best defense in the NFL? I tell you, nobody wants to play the Seahawks in the playoffs...Very dangerous team...Wilson is getting better by the minute...

verdad, Terry Bradshaw was no slouch...

bradshaw had an awesome team and coach. he was no slouch, but he was no Johnny Unitas.

Not true, verdad. I know what you're saying but Marino was not the greatest as he did not call his own Plays. QBs like Unitas, Peyton, even Griese with much less physical ability than the other 2, can toy with defenses as they please, calling the right sets according to what they see. Ask Shula about it.

marino audibled plenty, until idiot jj arrived.

marino had free rein ro change play calls just like mannhing

i am as big a marino fan as any, but i don't think any qb in history lifts the level of play of the entire team around him as much as peyton does.

I remember in an AFC champioship Game, Unitas dinked and donked us to death. We just couldn't get to him.

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