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Dimitri Patterson goes from waiver to starter in seven days

Dimitri Patterson got waived from the Cleveland Browns Monday night. The Dolphins claimed him Tuesday afternoon. He arrived Wednesday, took a physical and joined his first practice after it had already started.

And on Sunday he started for the Dolphins against the Buffalo Bills.

"It was definitely a busy week for me," Patterson said after the Dolphins beat the Bills 24-10. "I found out I was playing Tuesday night; I had to travel 4 o’clock in the morning Wednesday, coming in and trying to get the terminology down. It’s a whirlwind mentally, but I settled in after the first couple of series, and it was football again. It was a transition for me, but a good one, not a bad one, so I’m grateful for it.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I got the news Monday that I was being waived. I didn’t know what to expect beyond that. I was taking everything in stride at that point. When I came here, it was a matter of me learning as fast as I can. I had a good week of practice, and the coaches felt comfortable that I would make minimal mental mistakes, and they had enough confidence in me."

It was funny that during the game Sunday, Dolphins coaches were yelling instructions to Patterson from the sideline, telling him what the call was on defense.

Guess what? He's probably starting next week as well.

Although Nolan Carroll is nursing a knee injury, forcing Patterson to play Sunday, the replacement was seemingly as good as Carroll has been most of the season.

Sean Smith, by the way, left the game in the first half with a left knee injury. He will have an MRI Monday morning to determine the severity of the injury.


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verdad, matter of opinion...Bradshaw has 4 SB rings and was twice named SB MVP...Not many players have that on their resume...

Verdad, verdad.

yes montreal, a matter of opinion. would i take bradshaw over unitas, marino, peyton? no f'n way.

Seattle has the type of defense I love...Very physical...Seldom do you see missed tackles...

bradshaw, like montana, was surrounded by an insanely good offense and defense. these other qb's not nearly as much,


Please tell what what corners will be available for us to draft early. Then give me the scouting report on how they are projected to do in the nfl.

You guys say we need to draft this and that, but never research to see what's available in those rounds and how they compare to what's considered an impact player on this level.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | December 23, 2012 at 08:30 PM
YG4.... That is one of the most intelligent posts I have seen on this blog all year....

The truth of the matter is.... Most of the projected high end CB's that are out there are Juniors. Guys ranked the highest such as..
DeMarcus Milliner, CB, Alabama
Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State
David Amerson, CB, N.C. State
Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers
Are all juniors... Now, given the fact that CB is one of the highest paid positions on the field, don't be surprised a few declare... But even if they do... You are talking about kids who are 20 and 21 years old with minimal experience. They are rated high because they are the best of this class...

There are a few....
Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State
Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State
Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
Leon McFadden, CB, San Diego State
Terry Hawthorne, CB, Illinois

who are projected to go from the first to third rounds... Banks perhaps being the only true Senior that should be considered in the top 20 picks...

Fact is... CB is NOT a hot position in the draft... Getting a guy like...
Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame
Sam Montgomery, DE/OLB, LSU
Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB, LSU

(Both Juniors BTW)


Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor

would give Miami the most bang in the 1st round buck... CB's will be spread well and deep through the 4th round...

wilson is elusive, without running scared. he's got moves.

seattle unbeatable at home too bad they lost some bad road games including one to us else they could get to sb, wilson is the man what a pick he was

Veteran Fan | December 23, 2012 at 04:59 PM

This person is a multi-name troll. His name came up a few days back as Vetran Fan. Now it is back to Veteran Fan.

Unless he is using Kris's keyboard, he is a troll.

Great win ! Just something good about having breakfast in Thailand on Monday morning eating tropical fruit (mango, rambutan and mangosteen) and watching the dolphins crush a hated aFc east rival from the warmth of the tropics - thank you Santa ! Merry Christmas to all

We're picking up Cleveland Brown castoffs?? WTF?

verdad, he's got more rings than the 3 combined...He must of done something right...Getting a SB ring is the biggest accomplishment in Pro Sports...The Steelers had a wicked offense in those years...Just as good as any other ones over the years...Lynn Swann...Franco Harris...John Stallworth...Hall of Famers who were once the most dominant players in the NFL...Not sayin' Marino, Manning or Unitas weren't great players of their own, but Bradshaw is definitely one of the All-Time Greats...

Marino was the biggest choke artist ever. Not a 'money" QB.

Montana, Brady, and Bradshaw.. the 3 best QB's ever.

It's also hard to compare any Pro Players of any sport from different eras...Games evolve so freakin fast...The speed and the size of today's players compared to the 70's or 80's is incredible...Night and day...

TGH, I agree with you on that one...09:49PM...

montreal bradshaw also had the best defense of the era as well. mean joe green, jack lambert, donnie shell. there is a distinction between rating a player and rating a team. it is tricky. yes give credit where credit is due, but even with 4 rings i personally don't put him in the same class.

bradhsaw,lol hilarious put marino on that team and they may have 7 super bowls. steel curtain and hall of famers at almost every pos on offense gave bradshaw plenty to work with. not the likes of mark higgs, lorenzo hamptom sammie smith

wilson looks like he gets a lucky play, then another, then another. but when you have so many lucky plays like him, you have to start thinking luck had nothing to do with it.

Now now bill connors, don't start with me again tonight...I'll put you in a box like I did last night...LOL!!

Thank you... Dashi.... Ive been posting on this blog for years.... I also go by Derek4Dolphins... That handle is usually seen when I post on pieces written in the Herald Dolphins page... Name jumping is far too common on this blog... you will NEVER see me post on this blog as Derek4Dolphins... EVER... But I'll identify myself to anyone who asks and stand by everything I say.... I don't post trollish material... if it doesn't sound like me... It likely isn't.

great post montreal? spoken like a true....

Marino dissapeared in the big games.

verdad, 09:53PM, exactly...3rd round pick...And we got Egnew...

marino won many games in spite of how bad the rest of the team was. guy was money in the 4th quarter. shame they never gave him any help, defense was always awful and never had a running game. and near the end johnson just ruined him

2103 schedule home games: pats,jets,bills, chargers, carolina, atlanta, baltimore, cincy

road games; pats,buff,jets, pitt, cleve, colts, saints, bucs

you will NEVER see me post on this blog as Derek4Dolphins... EVER..

Posted by: Veteran Fan

D4D - I saw that name here many times a couple of years back. Vetran Fan was here a few days ago writing just like you, so why is the spelling of your name changing?

Some people get very confused. The object of the game is to win SB's. Its not to get the most passing yardage. lol

i'm predicting denver this years sb champs.

Thats what your opinion is to the draft but until I see who is actually drafted I still think Ireland is building the o-line especially if they let J Long go.

agree verdad, manning is unreal. we should of offered 49 percent stake in the team

The big challenge now is improving our pass defense, upgrading our o-line and most importantly, giving Tannehill WEAPONS. We need to find playmakers who can stretch opposing defenses. Signing Mike Wallace would be a great start. I don't know about Ireland though...

I remember in an AFC champioship Game, Unitas dinked and donked us to death. We just couldn't get to him.
Posted by: oscar canosa | December 23, 2012 at 09:26 PM



cant wallace be franchised again

we had no chance to get peyton. he dissed us on an interview. our fo had to chase him down for a courtesy interview. peyton wanted to go somewhere where he'd be comfortable and he had no connection with anyone in our fo. also he probably didn't see any chance for a ring with this team.

he would of come if they gave him 49 percent stake in team. and we would be leading div right now if we had manning

49 percent stake in the team...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To draft an offensive lineman with the very first pick in the draft throws the salary structure out of logical order for a team, not only in that year but at the termination of the linemans contract.Parcells collected 14 million from Huizinga and didnt really ADD any value as a football wizard by making the SAfe pick and taking Long at one.The players that score the points and cause havoc and turnovers on defense should always be at the top of EVERY TEAMS salary structure and that should NEVER change.When one of 4 down lineman is making a multiple yearly of what you make it dosent help team chemistry at all,and the o-line should work as a unit not as individuals.

I'll go with Matty Ice and Mike Nolan's Falcons to win the SB.



matt 'never won a playoff game' ryan?

yeah that is ice, ice cold.

no way.

Wallace's numbers this year are average at best...The Steelers aren't going to tag him again bill...Try again...

And besides, after giving Brown that huge contract, no way they do the same with Wallace...They chose Brown...

I remember in an AFC champioship Game, Unitas dinked and donked us to death. We just couldn't get to him.
Posted by: oscar canosa | December 23, 2012 at 09:26 PM

Oscar, You do know that Unitas retired from the chargers in 1971 right?After spending most of his carreer with the Colts.
He never played a game against the phins for a championship.

wallace wants fitz type money. nobody will give it to him.

D4D - I saw that name here many times a couple of years back. Vetran Fan was here a few days ago writing just like you, so why is the spelling of your name changing?

Posted by: Busted | December 23, 2012 at 10:03 PM


Busted... I cannot answer for what I am not responsible..... What I can say is this... I don't argue with people, so if you read a post where I'm engaged in being an Azzzhoyle and arguing about matters that don't add to a hill of beans... It likely isn't me... I enjoy talking about the Dolphins, a team I've had season tix to since 1970.... I stay up on my draft classes and believe Miami needs to stay n course one more year before removing Ireland... I also think Ryan Tannehill was the right move... Since most arguments center off those issues... You now know where I stand and who I am... It won't change because I'm sick of new coaches and administrations in Miami... I hope that help you identify me in the future... As far as the "Veteran" name goes... I am a 29 year Military Man who is now retired with all my parts still attached... I'll always show respect when it is shown.

wtf.com, a lot of posters make up all kinds of crap to try to look smart...Nothing unusual on this blog...LOL!!!

Oscar, You do know that Unitas retired from the chargers in 1971 right?After spending most of his carreer with the Colts.
He never played a game against the phins for a championship.

Posted by: WTF.COM | December 23, 2012 at 10:26 PM

Clearly Oscars brain damaged .

I'll go with Matty Ice and Mike Nolan's Falcons to win the SB.

Posted by: Veteran Fan | December 23, 2012 at 10:16 PM

Not me.... and an example of why most bloggers who have something to say have long ago left this site.... What a pity it has become.... See ya with another life....


IMO, wr is the deepest position of the entire draft. Next, imo is pass rushing.

Im not feeling this corner draft at all. Milliner, the top rated corner, is far from shutdown and there may be #2 nfl corners just as good.

Correction, He retired from the chargers in 1973.

Thats right Unitas never defeated the Dolphins in the AFC championship,but the Dolphins defeated the Colts 21-0 in the Orange Bowl and knocked virtually the whole offense down after a Dick Anderson interception that he scored on, in one of the two first super bowl years.

Oscar, you have any more stories you made up?

See, one thing Russel Wilson can do that Tannehill cant. Put points on the board.

Apolgy to Oscar, You sir are crrect, He did play in the 1971 game vs the phins, they lost 21 to 0, he must have really been dinking and dunking,Dick Anderson return a pass 60 yards weaving thru the baltimore offence for a 60 yard pick six, My bad, I was only 12.

Vet fan,

I was thinking more of grabbing Luck's other Stanford TE with one of the 2nd rd picks. Zack Ertz.

Here's what my positional draft now looks like;

1. BPA (offense or defense)
2. WR
2a. TE
3. WR
4. RB

Some will grill me aout RB in the 4th. But I think this is a draft for good but not great rb's. We need a dependable tackle break. Goaline/short yardage. Im not feeling D Thomas longterm.

Thank you king, I thought that was Earl Morrale At QB.
I must be getting old.

Take a loog around. There are 20 GM's worse than Ireland. He ain't going nowhere.

Irescum has set new records for most draft busts ever by a GM.


Youre being a tasteless prick again. You know for a fact I dont post under aliases. Guess you cant stick to football topics because you dont know anything about them.

Tell the lovely Maria to keep that old shriveled up kooter warm for me ok?

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