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Dimitri Patterson goes from waiver to starter in seven days

Dimitri Patterson got waived from the Cleveland Browns Monday night. The Dolphins claimed him Tuesday afternoon. He arrived Wednesday, took a physical and joined his first practice after it had already started.

And on Sunday he started for the Dolphins against the Buffalo Bills.

"It was definitely a busy week for me," Patterson said after the Dolphins beat the Bills 24-10. "I found out I was playing Tuesday night; I had to travel 4 o’clock in the morning Wednesday, coming in and trying to get the terminology down. It’s a whirlwind mentally, but I settled in after the first couple of series, and it was football again. It was a transition for me, but a good one, not a bad one, so I’m grateful for it.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I got the news Monday that I was being waived. I didn’t know what to expect beyond that. I was taking everything in stride at that point. When I came here, it was a matter of me learning as fast as I can. I had a good week of practice, and the coaches felt comfortable that I would make minimal mental mistakes, and they had enough confidence in me."

It was funny that during the game Sunday, Dolphins coaches were yelling instructions to Patterson from the sideline, telling him what the call was on defense.

Guess what? He's probably starting next week as well.

Although Nolan Carroll is nursing a knee injury, forcing Patterson to play Sunday, the replacement was seemingly as good as Carroll has been most of the season.

Sean Smith, by the way, left the game in the first half with a left knee injury. He will have an MRI Monday morning to determine the severity of the injury.


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Funny how they're talking about the Big 3 rookie QB's and Tannehill isnt in the conversation. LOL

LOL At Aloco, The Dude is funny most of the time.

YG4E, How do you know Alocos Wanker is tasteless?
Not that thee's anything wrong with that.
You may want to watch what you post, JMHO.

I wonder if T-hill and Wilson switched places what W-L record each team would have?

Would Seahawks have a better record with T-hill and Fins a worse record with Wilson?

From the looks of things, Wilson will be the Rookie Player of the Year.

Fins had two great SHORT WRs in Duper and Clayton.

They should keep this in mind for next year. Great players sometimes don't fit the ideal size, speed, etc.

No play-offs, Wilson is something else, He came out of nowhere(Actually Wisc.) And only played there for a year, I guess Seattle has a better scouting and better GM then Miami(Big Surprise about the GM part Huh?LOL)

Play-offs, You do know that was 20 some odd years ago?


Didnt ya just know Ireland would pick the wrong QB?

Let's see how Patterson does against the Pats...before we get to excited.

Patterson, the best cornerback on the team

Hats off to Patterson that he could come in and start so quickly and not be a scapegoat, get picked on or fully exposed. The guy is a vet and must be working hard at his craft.

That said, one game does not a decision make... let's take in the NE game and then see how things shake out by next preseason.


Dont forget Jason Allen and Jamar Fletcher were 1st round picks.

While I dont think that Patterson has saved us at the CB position, lets not forget that in the NFL one teams trash is another teams treasure. Like a QB taken in the 1984 supplemental draft of USFL players. He was 3-16 as a starter and labled a bust. His name was Steve Young. So you never know.

Last I checked DOlphins beat Seahawks with Wilson and that was even with a KO return for TD. Wilson threw a large % but 5-7 yd passes. He put up 10 pts on fins.

As for Clemons and Jones. DOnt know about 2nd best but for 2 5th round picks they are decent starters and Jones has PB potential . I rail on Ireland also but these were very good picks.

I will reserve judgement. This is the 1st year they have FA money of substance. However if they over pay Long and Smith that will eat most of that money and they will lose Starks. Hartline os replaceable, he is the best of very bad and RT's only option that pads stats a lot 1 td says it all.

Resign Reggie and Starks then upgrade all other positions or you still have a 6 -8 win team.

Marino was a choker that always folded in the big game. That is why he was always a bridesmaid and never a bride and has no ring on his finger.

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