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Dolphins and Jags tied 3-3 going to second quarter

OK, so maybe it isn't the most exciting game on the schedule.

But the Jaguars scored ... a field goal.

And the Dolphins scored ... a field goal.

Game's tied 3-3.

The live blog continues in the comments section. Who knows, maybe somebody scores a touchdown this quarter.

How exciting!


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A catch-a catch-my kingdom for a catch-beyond the 1st down marker-finally-Thigpen-why aren't we running against the worst run defense-because our coaches-no matter who we hire-are smarter than everyone else-except it comes to reality

Our offense is way worse than Jags D, rock bottom

Worse run defense in the league yet we are having such a hard time. Is it the zone blocking scheme?

our O line is not very good--Tannehill is under pressure on most plays, fairly quickly, and we cant gain anything on the ground consistently--I know Long is out but geez, gimme a break

I think it is coaching and leadership in the locker room, cocoajoe.


We'll never know. Philbin never uses him. Same thing with Miller. We're going to have a big 'N/A' on both of these guys going into next year. Who knows if the kid can actually play. He never gets on the field.

But let's keep dressing Yeatman and Mustrad because they're doing such a good job!

Ireland a kicker? No wonder Sparano celebrated FGs with so much enthusiasm.

C'mon take it up field!!

Mathews looks good. Keep going his way.

You can't get YAC when you catch the BALL with you're back to the DEFENSE.....

He didn't get 1st down on the sneak.

Lets see a first down conversion

Anyone seen Hartline yet? Double-teamed?

Matthews-1st down-I'm happy-but we need to upgrade with 3 new receivers , 2 TE's, CB, RB

Why do our coaches Insist on throwing behind the 1st down marker-it makes no sense

Two check down QBs!

OK....pass interference....Keep passing up the field.

How about a screen to Bush?

This offense seems so basic and boring.

I didn't realize Mathews was fast until reading about him a few days ago.. I hope they develop him!!

Playing down doesn't happen Armando, I disagree. It may seem that way but it's matchups and game plans.

Nice hard run by Thomas

Did I just see Thomas run for more than 3 yards ? :O

Thomas limping off.....

This kid Mathews looks like he can develop into a pretty good WR. I thing Ireland actully found something there. He was a 7th round pick. Kudos to Ireland for that pick.

Throw to Mathews in the End Zone.

Tanny looking good this drive. Love watching the young WR getting more confidence

Nice run by Thomas. That's what I want to see.

If Tannehill was a WR at a major college why does he look so slow?

I'd LOVE to see T-Hill run more!! He's just as fast as Luck

U see what happens when Reggie doesn't dance!!


Guys AMAZINGLY are ready to give up on Matthews ALREADY. Rookie season! Because he's a 6th round pick. Guess they've never heard of Colston or Welker or Cruz before. These are the guys that want THREE WRs drafted....LOL.

Is CBS pumping in crowd noise?

I'm put-of-state watching "RedZone,"--- I swear......MAYBE they showed FGs.....but since then NADA plays

Weak,punkazz boring football............same since Wanny

Beautiful run by Bush!!!

MUCH better....where has this been all game? Offence was ASLEEP until now? Why? Look at the coaches.

Man this team will miss Reggie next season


Mathews was actually a 7th round pick.

Need a TD here. Let Tanny throw on 2nd and 3rd down.


I don't . Just when he HAS to .

Craig M, u can insert any name and your post will still hold true! These fans are incredible for sure!

Hartline is M.I.A. today. Guess he really is not a #1 or even #2 receiver.


"Guys AMAZINGLY are ready to give up on Matthews ALREADY. Rookie season! Because he's a 6th round pick. Guess they've never heard of Colston or Welker or Cruz before. These are the guys that want THREE WRs drafted....LOL."


He was a 7th round draft pick.

2nd Down and Goal ...... spread the field with 5 receivers and zip a pass to Fasano or Mathews on a slant.

Don't Run the ball.


What do you think?

75% probability Fins only get a FG.

T-hill TD unlikely.

NOW we're cooking with GAS .


Amen brother....Amen.

TD-Lane-there is a God!

RGIII, Luck and Wilson r in top 5 at extending plays.. T-Hill could as well... He was a receiver. Of course when he has to, but he doesn't often enough IMO.

Nicely designed play by sherman. Terrible D by Jags.

OK Miami!!!

Nice Drive there by THILL....a lot of plays to drive down the field there. 14 plays for 89 yards, 7:30 minute drive. Finally some good execution by the offense.

No Penalties to kill the drive.


Joe Flacco, up to his usual tricks of losing a game for his team AGAIN this week. 98 yard TD return. Guy can't do it without a defence. Not good enough.

Great play design. Love watching Lane get a TD

Craig M.....

You seem to be on a ONE MAN CRUSADE to get Philbin fired.....

I don't understand it.....you give Ireland 5 years...and still want to give him more.....but less than 14 games in to season ONE....you seem to be advocating for the firing of Philbin....

whats the deal????

Any word on Clay injury, Armando?

And suddenly, Tannehill has completed 10 of 14 passes and has a 108 QB rating so far.

The Jags are content with letting the fins beat them with other Receivers. They have taken Hartline out of the game. So far the dolphins have made them pay.

Kudos to Tannehill on that drive. It is drives like that where you still have hope that he is the answer. He does show flashes of greatness. Now we need consistancy from him.

I'll give T-Hill and the coaching staff kudos on that drive. MUCH more like it!

That should quiet the Tannehill haters for all of five minutes.


Where did I say that?

Stanford is a BUM

T-hill 9 passing TDs.

Can he avoid being the Fins QB with less passing TDs in a season?

Craig, he IS my guy! Doesn't mean I don't think there are doubts, and the most important position in team sports must get right before anything great can happen. I'm for competition at ALL positions. REAL competition. Tannehill won that competition this year. He earned that position. But next year, he has to fight to win it all over again. That's how you do it if you're serious about finding a franchise QB.

Stability is KEY!! And we r turning into Raiders! Baltimore f'd up firing Cameron mid-season. What good will come of that? Don't agree with Kaepernick change either.

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