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Dolphins and 'Niners tied at 0-0 going to second quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- It's not a blowout!

In fact, the Dolphins and 49ers are knotted at 0-0 but the Dolphins have at least mounnted a drive versus the vaunted 'Frisco D.

The 49ers, meanwhile, have been largely unable to move with any consistency on offense. So far, so good.

The live blog rolls in the comments section. See you there.


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We spoke too soon about Martin.

J. Martin was destroyed

smith may break the sack record today

FG,the penalties killed us.

Jake Long With 1 Arm Is Stronger Than Martin With 2!!

Bush Dances To Much!!

Welcome to the left tackle spot, Mr. Martin.

agree on bush, glad hes gone

Martin, meet smith!! You can't learn this in practice... I'm glad he's getting these reps and this experience.

I don't see anyone telling us how bad Long is now.

Martin...not great there.

oh wow a fg will do you good

Armando, Tannehill looks in a different mode in early going...let see how he finish the game

Plays like that just make Jakes contract a little bit richer

But it was only one play

But Miami should use his momentum against him Dashi. Screens/runs to his side. Only 1 sack so far, not bad for his first LT start in the NFL.

Mr. Long Get Well Soon!!

Again, Philbin did The smart Thing!!

Spo Would've told Long To Suck it Up!! Philbin wants Long To be Healthy!! When The Games Start To Really Matter!! Next Year and Beyond!!

YG, U talk About Ireland Showing Jake Respect! Philbin Is The One That Has Shown Jake Respect!! Or That He Really Cares About Him!!


Martin learned something there . If only they can continue to move the ball .

Aldon Smith has 18.5 sacks this year after collecting one against Miami. He breaks the club record for most sacks in a season.

Not great, but pretty good stuff, considering(-10)


Four years of redzone ineptness!

DC: By that logic he'll give up 4 in a game

Glad to be up by 3 but C'Mon

First and goal from the 7.

Two false start penalties and totally poor blocking leads to a big sack.

Settle for a field goal.

That's the season this year.

Don't want to hear it was THILL's fault. Or Philbin's. Or Ireland's.

That is all execution and the OLINE failed.

With Pity and Cindy losing we have to stay focused.

martin will get better...

On the brite side, Kaepernick is showing a lot of inexperience holding the football.

Yes! 1 Play! But What a Play It was!!

Martin!! U Are Getting Judged On The Jake Long Scale!!


good long drive only spoilt by the 2 false starts by our T's. I'll take points on the board after an 8 minute drive. TD would have been nice though :-)
The more time we keep our offence on the field the better.
Also reference the Martin moment, he just got caught in the wrong position as A.Smith hit him. He will learn from it i'm sure


The Niners are crazy not starting Alex Smith. Kapernick is not ready to be a starter.


Misi juked out

LB's are Horrible In Pursuit!

Dierdof hates the fish

Here go the Refs.

Any WR with any playmaking ability scores on that play Hartline got tripped up on. Nothing will change until Miami gets a GM that can draft a few weapons.

Nice job Clemons, smart play you loser.

Nice play Clemons you idiot!!

Time for The Refs To Help The 49ers!!

The 49ers Do it all Game!!


the only way clemons gets his name called is to hit someone after the play.

Chris Clemmons makes me miss Gibril Wilson.

how is that a penalty? srsly?

Why was the closest player covering Crabtree a LB??? This pass defense needs HELP!!!

Give more cushion Carroll. Another Ireland megabust.

Smith lose in the Nevada Desert

Sean Smiths man open

Smith bit inside.

Smith got burned!!

Crabtree slipped coming out of his break. Saved Sean Smith.

This moron (JIMMY CEFALO IS GIDDY !!!)

Carroll leaving a guy wide open...

Crabtree had Smith there.

its ok smith just jog around no need to run

False start!!!!!

And The refs didn't call It!!

Rg was swaying Liike a SWING!!

We meed two new corners.

Maybe Mr Ross can find an acorn to be GM!

You can tell Dierdorf is sick of working boring Dolphins games. Can't blame him.

Ireland gave Philbin no cornerbacks to work with this season

Every Time The 49ers Have a Penalty!! Jim Calls a Timeout!! And The Refs Swallow Their Whistle!!

That RG was Rocking Back and Forth!!

Bottom line--We have too many soft players on defense.

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