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Dolphins and 'Niners tied at 0-0 going to second quarter

SAN FRANCISCO -- It's not a blowout!

In fact, the Dolphins and 49ers are knotted at 0-0 but the Dolphins have at least mounnted a drive versus the vaunted 'Frisco D.

The 49ers, meanwhile, have been largely unable to move with any consistency on offense. So far, so good.

The live blog rolls in the comments section. See you there.


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Cut that guy Right Now!!!! Send him home!!!! What an a s s

touchback lol my bad

Tannehill needs the Berlin wall to be effective lol

That may be the bone head play of the year for the fins.

OMG, this team is embarrassing.

Such a well coached team. How can you have a guy on punt coverage who doesn't know the rules?

Stupid mistake if indeed Freeney was in the end zone. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Cut him on the spot
Special teams sabotaging fins the last month

Another stupid play....Freeney you idiot!!

Man THILL, Philbin and Ireland suck!!

Bonehead! That should never happen! Way to understand the game.

I've never seen a guy do that, unless it was momentum.
Only the Dolphins.


Incognito gave up the hurry, but I'd like to see Tannehill slide or step up in the pocket a little more. He had time.

That's what guys on the bottom of the roster don't really need to do. He'll be cut.

Special teams. Good god they suck so bad.

thats not Pass interference?

how could you be that stupid?

thats the dolphins season summed up right there

The Refs Are Throwing The Game!!


IDK that last look looked like there was grass showing

We're wasting a challenge and a Timeout on this????


No momentum involved he took a stroll to the endzone!

does philbin even know the rules? what a wasted challenge.

First another low snap and then touchback on a bonehead play. I mean these special teams are f'in commical. The ST coach is not doing his damn job. C'mon man, it is simple friggin common sense.

What's worse than not coaching your players? Compounding the error by wasting a challenge. He obviously touches the line.

Philbin = not ready

Other than those two off sides penalty & the beat down by Smith on Martin the O-line has played alright.

in any case, what does it mean to carry a dead ball? by definition, it's dead.

God this team is so embarassing from top to bottom.

I meant, the only time I've seen that is WHEN momentum carried them in. Philbin's gonna lose this...
Fields did what a great competitor would do, especially a guy with a possible Pro Bowl invite.

silly silly boy, that's inexperience for you! He got excited that he had made such a good play! Damn that makes such a difference.

Also the whistle had been blown before he touched the line, didn't he?????

Fields blowin Freeny up and the bs broadcaster saying you dont do that.. he had a DA moment and you let him know about it

If anything Andrew its on the ST coach..

this team continues to play uncontrollably STUPID every week, so dumbfounded by this team and by philbin challenging this play.....

@ We have Draft Picks

No doubt , the one thing I love best about Tannehill is his fearlessness and ability to shake off a bad play .

The experience and better decision making will come with time and some help around him .

Shut up, Dierdorf. Fields was right for setting Freeney straight. That play is going to cost us.

Dolphins are a serious embarrasment

Might be even worse that we wasted a challenge on that play.

Unbelievable! Fields should have flattened him.

Smith Burned, toasted and serve

That Special Teams play will probably come back to hunt us.

Odrick HAS to actually tackle somebody.

Smith is one tall mistake

I like the shove Fields gave Freeney after the boneheaded play. Fields might be our "young Shula". LOL...

If he makes a catch make the f#cking tackle!!! WTF!!!

dierdorf what a stupid moron.

fields should have punched his face in for doing that. There is no excuse for that he was barely going forward


Lucky that wasnt a coach pushing freeney...WITH A CUT SLIP!!!!

Here in Tennessee there ain't nuttin to do but read the bible and bang relatives.

Dolphins on pace for six points. That's about what you would figure I guess. Watching Carroll try to cover Crabtree is hilarious.

someone should have flattened fields for not being able to pick up the ball last week.

Martin gets in the weight room this offseason and he will be ok


You say C'Mon man it is simple friggin common sense and then you blame the ST coach.

I completely agree it's common sense...that's why it's not the coach's fault. Unless Rizzi is the one strolling into the end zone.

C'mon man.

Special teams coach is a Sporano leftover
Finish cleaning house!!

Our D has shown up, as has been the case most of the year. I'm surprised Harbaugh isn't attacking our CB's like everyone else does?

It's crazy how many problems this team has

I just want my team to make me proud of being a fan. So I can go to the stadium and cheer for them, buy my favorites player jersey and have a good Sunday with my family and friends. I don't need for them to win all the time. I don't need the to go to the SB every year. I just want to be proud of my team. Is that to much to ask??

Andrew I thinkyou are the one that is embarassing!!!!

Special teams STILL killing us. What do they do during the week, exactly? Anyone know?

he did pick it up

@ Ignignokt I remember the same exact thing being said about Henne his first year starting. Hope you are right about Tannehill.

nice play Sean Smith

Meanwhile the Colts move to 9-3. What a turnaround from 2 wins last year.

its sad when solai has to go downfield to tackle moss.

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