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Dolphins at 49ers: Which team has the advantage?

So which team has the advantage today?

Well, see if you agree with me:

When the Dolphins run the ball: You know about the Dolphins short-yardage struggles. They have converted only 12 of 26 tries on third-and-1 or less and only 5 of 11 tries on third-and-two. Well, Miami would be better off staying out of short yardage situations because this game because when opponents face third-and-three or less, the 49ers defense has allowed just a 39.5 percent conversion rate. That ranks first in the NFL. Reggie Bush said he expects this to be the Dolphins most physical game of the season. If Miami cannot win the battle against San Francisco’s front seven, it basically cannot win the game because the 49ers aim to make their opponent a one-dimensional passing team and then come after the quarterback. The Dolphins don’t want that. Bush must keep his average around 4 yards per carry. And he needs to get enough carries to keep the 49ers honest. ADVANTAGE: San Francisco.

When the Dolphins pass the ball: As good as the 49ers have been stopping the run, they have better credentials against the pass. They are ranked second in the NFL against the pass. Although the sacks are down slightly this year (the team ranks 10th in the NFL) the 49ers lead the NFL in sacks over the past three years. That is a big deal for Miami this week because the Dolphins will be without left tackle Jake Long to protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s blind side. Interestingly, the Dolphins are confident Long’s replacement Jonathan Martin can handle the assignment because he played left tackle at Stanford, played well last week in replacing Long, and is perhaps the future at the position. But the switch from right tackle for Martin forces Miami to use Nate Garner, the team’s sixth or seventh best lineman, into the starting job at right tackle. And that makes the chances of San Francisco moving NFL sack leader Aldon Smith over to Garner’s side highly likely. ADVANTAGE: San Francisco.

When the 49ers run the ball: This should be epic. The thing the Dolphins do better than just about anything else on either offense or defense is stop the run. The front seven has been mostly consistent throughout the season. Only one running back has gone over 100 yards against the Dolphins and only three teams have gone over 100 yards rushing against Miami. But the thing the 49ers do best is, you guessed it, run the football. The 49ers are No. 2 in the NFL in rushing. Former Coral Gables High and University of Miami product Frank Gore has not slowed down in his eighth season. He is already the team’s all-time leading rusher and leads a rushing attack that averages 5.3 yards per attempt. The addition of Colin Kaepernick at quarterback also adds a dangerous dimension in that he can scramble as well as throw. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the 49ers pass the ball: Randy Moss can still run and blow the top off the defense, but the 49ers have not been using him in that role very often. It’s the reason he has only 19 catches. Ted Ginn can run and blow the top off the defense. But he’s caught only two passes and is mostly a return specialist. The big problems the 49ers pose are Michael Crabtree, a possession receiver, and tight end Vernon Davis, who has a knack for getting behind the secondary. Davis has catches of 53 and 46 yards this season and had a 100-yard game against the Bills. The Dolphins will be without Jimmy Wilson, their nickel cornerback, this week. That may not be a bad thing as Wilson has struggled in coverage this year. That means either Nolan Carroll or R.J. Stanford will be coming on the cornerback blitz this week. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Special teams: One special teams flop against Buffalo was happenstance. Another against Seattle was a trend. And a couple of more miscues against New England are starting to look like a troubling habit. The Dolphins special teams are hurting the team’s chances of winning the past few weeks. That needs to stop. The 49ers aren’t having such issues. Punter Andy Lee is a three-time Pro Bowl player and kicker David Akers has been to six Pro Bowls. Akers kicked a 63-yard field goal against Green Bay in September – a kick that tied Tom Dempsey for the NFL’s longest kick ever. ADVANTAGE: San Francisco. 

Coaching: The 49ers, at their core, are a very physical no-nonsense team. The problem they pose on offense is they take that philosophy and use disguise and misdirection and multiple sets that are hard to dissect and prepare for. It will be a test of the Dolphins coaching staff. Joe Philbin and his staff also have to figure out a way to make the loss of left tackle Jake Long seem inconsequential against, yes, the NFL’s sack leader. ADVANTAGE: San Francisco.


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1 line of actual content

Posted by: DC Edit | December 09, 2012 at 01:52 PM

And that's still 1 line more content than you Sir Troll-A-Lot! Thanks for stopping by, now go back into your play-pen.

Yeah Te'o Is Slow!! That Is Why He Has More INT's Than All THE CB's ON The Fins COMBINED!!

Posted by: Dashi | December 09, 2012 at 01:52 PM

Teo has 0 int's in the NFL. Nice try though. He doesn't have the speed to cover in the NFL. Just watch how far he drops by draft day.


Maybe, but he usually goes to away games.

DC loves RG3. What's not to love? He's a leader, best athlete on any field he steps on, most accurate rookie in the NFL this year (and one of the most accurate of any QB), and put the team on his back and is carrying them through the Season.

That's why I suggesting giving up 3, 4, 5 1st round picks for him.

But that's the past. My boy is now Ryan Tannehill. He's got a lot of work to do though.

But he’s not necessarily viewed as a sure thing in the NFL.

Albert Breer of NFL Network talked to several personnel people about Te’o, and although scouts like him, they don’t necessarily love him because some question whether he has the speed to be as impressive a player in pass coverage in the NFL as he has been this year at Notre Dame....

DC, Hope that Reggie has a great game, Maybe they should turn Miller loose, Something to get the pressure off ryan, Thats the only hope for the Mighty air-breathers IMHO.


Still sticking with 11-5?

So all the crap that gets posted here and its my post that gets erased? I didnt even say anything "bad". Someone stills loves saban I see. Anyway not looking forward to this game. My brother is a 49ers fan and he thinks its hilarious . Hoping we surprise but San fran just has an incredibly tough team.

Nae, They said the same thing about a HOFer from the past who also played a Notre Dane, You know who that was??
I'll give yu a hint..
Wore # 85.

I will be bold and predict a win. We are due for a good game and sadly this team plays best when there is no more pressure to make the playoffs.

Baltimore offense is humming....

But RG3 still looks dam impressive......

he makes EVERYONE on that offense look better....Alfred Morris may be a FINE RB....but take the THREAT of RG3 running around the end away...and I don't think he (Morris) is @ 1,100 pus yards @ this point of the season....

Lol real fan huh 77? You're so full of s&%t it's coming out of your ears. Just another ignorant fool who states his opinions as if they are facts. You keep comparing Tannehill to two of the most NFL ready QBs in the history of college football. Your posts are amateurish and your opinions are as well thought out as a fart.

I don't care who wins the game today. None of this stuff is even remotely important, anyway. All of us have wasted far too much time obsessing over a children's game instead of developing our minds and being fully well-rounded adults.

Enough of this nonsense. Goodbye football.

Stats r us, hiding behind another new name because he's too afraid to back up his own opinions. Calling others out on their predictions/opinions when you don't have the ballz to back up your own is just about as pu&%y as a person could be. What a moron.

Our biggest priority this offseason will be an elite QB. Its a QB league and we STILL need one.

jets jacksonville 2 worst teams in nfl. henne and sanchez worst 2 qbs maybe ever

Phins78, Agree,Only one or two come out of collage and excel,and contiue to excel through there time in the NFL, Las year it was Cam Newton, Gotta wonder if Griffin(A great Talent no doubt)will continue his excellent through his career, My thoughts are no, He loves to run the ball to much which means a shorer career., Though I might be wrong but I think Andrew Luck will be around longer then Griffin and have a longer career..

What was the other "truth" you were talking about? That Miami should have traded up for RG3 right? Even though it wasn't possible because Washington had more to give than we did? Thats your "truth"? Do you have anything to say about that?

Hello I am of Amsterdam and very much supporter of Miami Dolphins side. Please inform if you will tell of where one may ride MIAMI METRORAIL SUBWAY to stadium of games? I am come to the game of 23 December against opponent Buffalo Bill.

Thank you!

I made my pick for this game before they played Seatle,the refs helped in that win IMO they should have lost.They should have beat Tennesee so that evens it out.IMO the Buffalo game was a close one but I leaned toward the Bills because of short week and the stats in that situation.Armando after comparing the different parts of the team, I can tell you that for the Dolphins to win this game, they will have to win the intangibles,which are turnovers,time of possession,and the penalty ratio which includes infractions at key junctures in the game such as Miami received when he threw the interception that would have ended the game IMO.Another intangible or stat which would help the winner if it is a low scoring close game is red zone ratio TDs/FGs.

Texas A&M has a freshaman QB better then Tannehill. Can Ireland do anything right?

not true phins 78, could have made a better deal, as could of other teams

Cuban I totally agree. I think RG3 will do some really great things but his career will probably be shortened due to his refusal to back down. The kid has guts but being a smaller mobile qb means guts usually get you hurt. Ill enjoy watching him while it lasts though.

How can I stick with 11-5 TROLL....

we have LOST 7 games.....

Armando.....I said yesterday.....HIRE (land) SMARTER TROLLS.....

the ones that post here are INCREDIBLY DUMB....and not the LEAST bit entertaining.....

O like to laugh as much as the next man...but these TROLLS are a BORE.....give them some NEW material....

KingShula foggetaboutit. The Dullfins STINK BAD!!



Bill why would they have taken less? We had less to offer than Washington so please be specific as to what the better deal would have been.

We know Sparano likes Moore. We should look to make a swap, Moore for Sanchez in the offseason. Then we'll have two first round qb's.

scotty that frosh qb isnt even considered a first rd pick in nfl. his arm is not strong at all. hes considered a doug flutie clone who isnt as good as flutie



Posted by: ALoco | December 09, 2012 at 02:25 PM

If you're NOT a FIN FAN A-LOCO.....

WHY do yo POST here......

see what I mean people...these TROLLS are INCREDIBLY DUMB.....SO DUMB in FACT......that when you RILE them...they TELL ON THEMSELVES......


its not less, u could of offered more first and 2nd rd picks, not hard to know that the more picks u offered the better the deal would of been

Now it's "scotty"? How many names are you going to hide behind today? Your shtick never gets old. You are so funny and clever. I hope you keep repeating the same things over and over because it never gets old. Putz.

Kris, Your kidding .Right??

skins sent last drafts first pick plus 2 more and a 2nd rounder. we could of offered the same amount of ones and 2 2nd rd picks to start, or 2,3,4 picks any combo of more picks

Do you guys actually think the things you write here are even remotely informative, interesting, or intelligent?

I can assure you they're not. In fact, most of it is so moronic and ineptly constructed grammatically as to be comical.

Carry on.

And now "Aloco" is commenting. Wow, dude you are so freakin pathetic.

bill, arm strength is way overrated. See Jeff George.

I now predict 9-7 IF we win today. We get on a ROLL.

Once in the playoffs, ANYTHING can happen.

for each example theres a counter one. no point to it

Now @ 2:26....I'M BEING IMPERSONATED IN BLUE.....click on it...on my name @ 2:26...and then CLICK on my name on this post....SEE WHAT COMES UP....

And you guys don't think CUBAN MENACE and the REST of his names is a HERALD EMPLOYEE....

Only someone with the CORRECT pass codes could do that....

It all started when I CALLED OUT THE MENACE.....

But DC...DASHI.....and Others.....

Keep talking to the TROLLS....acquiesce to them if you choose.....I PREFER it this way.....


kris come on dude just stop man. hopefully we lose rest of games but i dont see us losing to bills or jack. those 2 teams are awful. so 7-9 it is which should put us around 14 in the draft, little too far down to get number one wr so id prob go best cb in draft

most mock drafts have us taking allen from cal at wr so we know that wont happen. few cb,lb,ot

Of course MENACE is th 1st PERSON to question my POST @ 2:26.....

just in case others may have skipped OVER the FAKE POST.....he wants you guys to see his HANDY WORK.....

Never mind that is NOT consistent with ANYTHING I have said ALL SEASON.....

I OWN these TROLLS.....

Nobody can get them MAD enough to NOT ONLY impersonate me in BLACK....but they go the EXTRA step...and create an ACCOUNT in BLUE AS WELL.....lol.....

Dude(Kris) Really?
I havent been on here in a month, I could care less about your posts,Your life, Your conspiracy theorys about who "Trols" Are, Its wel known that anyone can hack into anyones avitars, Get a grip.
Enoy the game today. PEACE people.

We're taking Geno Smith. Irescum loves those WV QB's

So bill you're saying we should have offered more future first rounders. They wanted picks for last year for the rebuild and we didn't have the right amount for a trade. So it would have taken multiple first rounders. And I dont agree that you make that deal when you have a brand new coaching staff who is installing brand new systems. We need all of the picks we can get to rebuild the roster.

Besides, how does one assume RG3 would have done as well in Miami? Big picture, Wasington had an established system with an established coaching staff and more offensive stability. We will have to agree to disagree that this move could have been made and that the results would have been the same.

Yeah TROLL BILL.....

cause @ 2:26.....

I just stopped writing in my DOT...DOT...DOT style.....RIGHT?????

@ 2:26....I just decided to switch it UP......MAKES SENSE....RIGHT?????

You guys are GONNA reveal yourselves TODAY....another one EXPOSED...BILL Connrs.....

..TE'O is going through the same sort of scrutiny as any top rated prospect. Even Andrew Luck the highest rated player since Elway had detractors. Sometimes instincts are paramount to "workout numbers"..

Also there are some teams that will evaluate TE'O as a can't miss prospect, some that may see some issues. Put it this way..Nobody is talking about Alex Ogletree as a top 10 prospect right now..A good player, but raw. If you watched any of the SEC championship game you saw that first hand. He is probably the fastest linebacker in the draft. He will probably drop jaws at the combine. He moves like a saftey. Hits HARD..But IMO doesn't have near the insticts as TE'O nor the leadership..Something I would rate much higer then speed.

u dont agree thats fine, but dont say we couldnt of offered more

and far as same results go phins, well turn on ur tv and watch rg3 play. kid is amazing


Enjoy POSTING under my name in the FUTURE....you sic freak....

and enjoy your MOMs basement.....

and perhaps ONE DAY....

you will enjoy a LIFE......and not try to live THRU ME....

Kris, Give up the caffine, You need a break.

Kris please write Armando, email at top of page. All impersonators are supposed to be kicked out. Please get this fool kicked out. Remember to cut and paste the post with the time in your letter.

stop the presses the kets scored a td

Now we'll get to see how Martin holds up over a full game . I hope the Dolphins bring some offense today .

fins wont bring offense at sf, your smarter than that. niners d is loaded and aldon smith has 18.5 sacks. this game will get ugly

Kris please write Armando, email at top of page. All impersonators are supposed to be kicked out. Please get this fool kicked out. Remember to cut and paste the post with the time in your letter.
Posted by: Phins78 | December 09, 2012 at 02:42 PM

Yeah Kris, E-Mail Mando.ASAP..., Get this foolkicked off..

Our only chance is if TanneBust gets injured early.

stats r us/twinks r us = aloco = cuban menace


yeah moore vs niners d, hilarious. guy would fumble 5 times. thill at some point will get some weapons but right now has zero

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