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Dolphins beat Bills, 24-10, but playoff hopes over

The Dolphins have a multi-pronged assignment in trying to stay alive in the playoffs.

They accomplished the first, and likely easiest portion of that issue today with a 24-10 victory over the reeling Buffalo Bills.

But because the Bengals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 13-10 on a last-second field goal, the Dolphins are out of the playoff hunt in 2012.

The season for Miami will end next week at New England.

In Miami, Reshad Jones had a career day. He recovered two fumbles. He intercepted a pass at the goal line.


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Thanks Big Fat Ben for ruining the miracle playoff run. Two turnovers in last 4 minutes. Congrats to the Bungles.


the playoffs ended weeks ago armando, today was just a formality!!!

Game ball goes to Bush.

Notables include Wake, Jones, and Miller.

Big win for us regardless. Jones has been perhaps the biggest bright spot this year: seeing one of our own -grown blossom into a playmaker! He and and hopefully T- hill. Lets hope for some more TD passes against patriots next week to prove he is the future.
Reminder that you don want to sidestep into playoffs. You need to win . Tough in this league but simple.

Have we secured 2nd place in the East?

nice win against buffalo but unless NE decides to rest their players next week...7-9 is all but done...Good game by bush(not sure if that'll save hime unless he puts on an encore performance next week in NE)..

If only they couldve laid this performance on the bills in buffalo...ah, yes, WHAT IFS, WHAT ARE THEY GOOD FOR...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

With a legit #1 WR the FINs would have won some of those close losses and have one of the playoff spots. We all know where the focus needs to be in FA and draft.

Solid game for an injured squad. Where are our Kickers? Nate is gonna take both jobs.

...Sweet game. I'm glad I got to watch it. It would have been fun to have next weeks game mean something. I guess that is part of growing pains.

That was probably the best turnover into points game this team has played since the second game of 2010 @ Minnesota.

More proof of how affective this offense has the potential to be when we can run the ball...

As I said in the last blog, more wins than they had last year. Finishing strong despite what happens next week. Good result for year one of the philbin tannehill era. I'm proud of you guys, come back better next year.

You're not allowed to say that on here....WHDPs will accuse you off having 'your head up Ireland's a**'.

Bush is the MVP.

Give him whatever he wants. Don't haggle.

Watching jimmy Graham just breaks my heart. Fukkin sparano with his John Jerry crush.


You conveniently forgot to mention to Dansby and Burnett played very well today.

Greg McElroy sacked ELEVEN times today. So much for giving support to your new QB. Brutal!!

Was impressed with the young Greek boy Dimitri Patterson today. Hopefully we meed one less player for the secondary. OK guys I'm out. Merry Christmas to you and yours if I don't catch you tomorrow. Love the dolphins and all our fans. Bless you all!

Proud to have beating Buffalo but it is buffalo future looks ultra bright we had some awesome close games could have won but them the brakes can't wait for the draft hope we get a receiver to go with Tannerhill great job for first year I thank you for that !!!

Cheers, Mark. Same to you and yours.

How many TDs will T-hill have next year?

less than 12
13 to 20
21 to 30
more than 30?

I believe he'll have about 22.

Let's make a play for Vick or Alex Smith. Tanne is not quick enough upstairs.

Notice how YG offers nothing but pessimism before the games? Full of his bloated opinion of what they need to do? Notice how YG disappears when RT or the team plays well and wins?



Is Matt Moore an unrestricted FA?

If so, he could be the Jets QB next year.

geee uhhhh duhhhhhh well um... Yeah Lar's.... Lets bring in Brittle Vick Because he TORE IT UP this year.... brrrruuurp...sure..... Ummmmpfffffpt Brrraaaahhh Yeah.... Smith Rocks..... Sluuuurrrrp duhhh.... let "get him too".... brrrrrrruuuupmp... duhhhhh.... Yur my hero lar's..... Buuuuurrrrrp....

THE CELLAR TEEAMS IN 2012;;;;;;;;;;

CHAMPS IN 2012''''''''''''''''


Smith takes his team to the NFC championship last year.
Smith keeps his team in first place this year.

Tannehill won't have a winning record.

Also I like every kind of puzzzy.

Imagine where we would have been if the coaching staff had given Reggie Bush more touches throughout the season? Maybe we are 1-2 games in the W column and controlling our own destiny instead of score board watching. The fact at some point they stupidly decided to split time in the backfield with Thomas, are ya kidding me!

Its a shame that the coaches waited until the end of the season to realize what many on this site have been saying since the middle of the season.

Glad we won, happy Tannehill had another turnover free game. He protects the ball and the Dolphins win games.

Fine performance by Ryan Tannehill... 2 TD and did some good work with his legs.. That over-the-should to Reggie Bush was a GREAT throw... He kept his team moving, burned clock and beat a Division opponant. Reggie Bush and Reshad Jones should share game ball... Reggie will DEFINITELY be in the running for AFC player of the week (3rd time this year if he gets it)... Miller is coming on strong, Clemons and Jones have just about shut down conversations about the safeties... Miami will need another CB. Need a REAL Tight End (Look no farther then Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame in the 1st))... and a well developed WR (Wallace, Bowe, Jennings) along with a couple Rookies.... And need a guy to complement Wake... This team will be a damned dangerous outfit next year.....

..I think the right thing to do as far as addressing the wide reciever spot this offseason is this.

We have to aquire a veteran, maybe 2. They don't have to the top free agents neccesarily. Just guys that can come in and contribute. Then hope that we can aquire a rookie the draft that can grow into a franchise type reciever. It is unrealistic to expect true top tier reciever production from a rookie. So for next season, anyone we draft probably doesn't solve the issue right away. Not impossible, but unlikely. The reciever by commitee plan is sufficient, while hopefully one of the younger players grows into a true number one.

The idea that we don't need a number one reciever in this offense is laughable. This was the battle cry this prior offseason. Eventually, you need a go to guy.



Worse case scenario fall back plan for T-hill.

Become the #1 Fins receiver assuming he tanks next year.

..Thanks ALoco..You too. Merry Christmas

we mostly know what the i needs are in the offseason, unfortunatly the man in front office may not...ppl scream about how wins drop us further in the draft status but last time i checked...top 10 draft choices havent exactly propelled miami to playoff or sb status the past decade so it really doesnt depend on the spot you pick but the guy picking them...Just Sayin!!!



...So I'm sure there are a ton of things the coaches are going to work on as far as Tannehill goes. The one obvious is the amount of balls that get batted down. I could be wrong, and maybe have selective memory. But I can't recall a quarterback that has as many tipped balls as Tannehill does. It is an issue. For all of the good he has done this year, and IMO the good far outweighs the bad. I would like to see improvement on this next year.

screw the reciever by committee BULLSH%T..its time for this team to get a #1 receiver and stop approaching the safe and effecient ways of football...all its gotten them is losing seasons and eneptitude on offense year after year...it would be nice for this team to think outside the box for once...

well we did it again, ruined our draft, dropped all the way to 15 and now play a second place schedule

Thank You Aloco...merry christmas to u as well sir*lol*

..Super Phin..I think that our record will put us in a draft position where we could take a wide reciever and it would be in just about the right spot.

I'm not saying we will. I'm just saying I don't know if there was one that is worthy of a top ten choice. Selecting mid rounds may bring more positions into play. Where as selecting earlier may have forced our hand a bit.

dusty..maybe a middle rounder is what they need right now...irefiend is not a guru when it comes to identifying top 10 draft picks in his history as a GM...this could be a blessing in disguise in a way...



agreed darryl...even a TE would not be a reach at 15-20...

so trade down and pick up picks but now no its just unreal to waste meaningless games like this

Veteran Fan | December 23, 2012 at 04:59 PM

This person is a multi-name troll. His name came up a few days back as Vetran Fan. Now it is back to Veteran Fan.

Unless he is using Kris's keyboard, he is a troll.

Better get Polian quick, KC is on the prowl....

they have a ton of picks in this years draft...the only way miami blows this draft is if Irefiend picks overrated acorns(which is not impossible)

would love polian, wont happen though


NO THING .....

...Not a wasted game. The team still had hopes of making the playoffs. It was their responsibility to play to win this week. It also puts to rest the nonesense that Philbin may have been trying to lose games on purpose as suggested here a few weeks back.

As fans we can be synical about what our chances were as far as a playoff spot. I'm sure the players felt, and still feel much different. They play to win. Simple.



Glad the Dullfins ruined their draft again. HAHA

uh bills and colts

fins king of meaningless games

I dont fault miami in any way of winning todays game...a divisional opponent who already beat you earlier in the season and your job is very much still on the line for guys like bush, hartline, fasano...ect.

You play to win games, not draft choices of what might be, miami was never going to the playoffs this year but unlike the wets and bills today who will pick higher than miami in april...does their futures honestly look any brighter than miamis next year with how they've looked thus far with their draft selections???...JUST SAYIN!!!

Lets get ready for the draft!!! Go Phins

Can anyone answer me this. Have the Dolphins just guaranteed second place in the division?. Head to head we`ve got a better record than the Jets. They could tie us on wins....





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