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Dolphins beat Bills, 24-10, but playoff hopes over

The Dolphins have a multi-pronged assignment in trying to stay alive in the playoffs.

They accomplished the first, and likely easiest portion of that issue today with a 24-10 victory over the reeling Buffalo Bills.

But because the Bengals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 13-10 on a last-second field goal, the Dolphins are out of the playoff hunt in 2012.

The season for Miami will end next week at New England.

In Miami, Reshad Jones had a career day. He recovered two fumbles. He intercepted a pass at the goal line.


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draft one of the worst ever cant afford to move down in first and all other rds, just sad to watch

...Let me re-phrase so I am clear. When your team has a chance to make the playoffs..As far fetched or, however long the odds. The team is going to try to play to win. You can site examples of teams you believe might have thrown games for draft position. You may even be right about some of them. There is just no way a team fighting for a post season entry is going to throw a game to better their draft position..

lets hope not jeremy, if we finish second we plAY colts and chargers instead of raiders and titans, huge difference

One thing tannehill needs to improve alot on besides his deep throws....needs work on lifting the football over the Oline and stepping into the pocket around him to get a better sense of awarness of reading the defense...Way too many batted balls this year from him alone that weren't neccessarily all on the O-line

We'll see Jones in the Pro Bowl. Maybe Wake and Fields too.

That's not bad. Please resign Reggie.

Didnt Ross say Ireland is fired if they dont make the playoffs? What is he waiting for?

Some holes this season got filled right before our eyes:


Reshad Jones has given pro bowl calibre play at times this year. He's now officially on my 2013 pro bowl watch list.

Chris Clemons has had a not spectacular, but, very solid year. All of a sudden safety isnt a pressing priority.


Right now it looks like Smith and Patterson could be our starting 2013 corners. Marshall may come back to be the starting nickel. No pressing need to draft a corner high, especially not in this draft.


Marlon Moore shows flashes, but from game to game, is very inconsistent. The kid Rishard Matthews seems like a real keeper.

Speaking of keeper, if the price isnt right, seeya Hartline. Matthews seems to be our greatest insurance we'll be fine if he walks. Still I say bring in 2 wr's via draft. You guys can have your fa wr's.

Also, Vernon had a sack today. Im hoping its a sign of things to come. I hope the kid finishes the season strong with at least 1 sack against the Pat and Brady Sunday.

...Not a wasted game. The team still had hopes of making the playoffs. It was their responsibility to play to win this week. It also puts to rest the nonesense that Philbin may have been trying to lose games on purpose as suggested here a few weeks back.
clearly the colts did it last yr without even blinking an eye. they also did it to get manning

no he didnt say that, sure wish he did

charges and colts arent that much of step up from oakland and titans....Chargers down the strecth have been mediocre at best(even when beating on the wets today) and the colts wont scare too many ppl next year as they will have more film to study on luck and company..and even then, miami only lost by three on the road even with lucks "then" record setting day...

I say bring it on!!!

Golly we played some pathetic teams....

We are an improving team dusty. Someday we`ll have to beat those teams. Might as well start now.
As for the draft comment you made at the top of the page, I`m not sure trading back wouldn`t be such a bad idea.
Imagine moving back to 23 and getting a third second round pick.
Taking the best tight end in this years draft in Eiffert. Using the lower two picks we`d have to trade back into the first would net a player like Jon Cooper. That would immensely help our o-line.
We also would have our own pick in the second and two left in the

Sadly I have to go to work now but I`m looking forward to your response later tonight.
Merry Christmas all

bs phin, raiders are horribleeeeeee titans suck. colts will be even better and chargers new coaching

clearly the colts did it last yr without even blinking an eye. they also did it to get manning

Posted by: ericatl | December 23, 2012 at 05:36 PM

Were you saying the same thing when miami tanked in 07 at 1-15??

yes, there was no luck but even if luck was in miami with this talent on offense, you couldnt guarantee anything but a 500 record at this point...believe it or not but the colts do have more weapons on offense then alot of ppl give them credit for...

Now that we're 7-8, Im rooting for a huge Patsie upset. It would be a great moral lifter for the team coming into 2013.

Actually, for our primary team needs, drafting middle of the pack is pretty good position. I really only wanted to draft inside top 10 to have a shot at T'eo, and if not, trade into the middle of the 1st while picking up at least an extra 2nd rd pick.

Basically, if we werent going to get T'eo, I never had a problem drafting middle of the 1st rd anyhow.

Dusty...the titans blew us out 37-3.....and they were still pathetic at the time...we played the colts tough on the road, and your putting too much faith that the chargers will simply turn the corner with a new coaching staff and the same talent....

yes super cause they drafted them last year

Ross did say he expected to make the playoffs. Hopefully THE change is coming.

bo super im pulling faith in that the raiders will be awful again for 135 season in a row

Boy, what happened to the SB Giants? They look terrible lately.

Monte, as much as that would be the perfect christmas gift for most fans...I believe ross re-iterated that Irefiend will be around next year in an earlier weekly interview...Therefore, the only change coming will be mostly on the field personal...

Off-season wish-MIKE WALLACE!!! It will actually take pressure as to how Miami drafts.....

superphin, do you have a link for that? I dont believe it.

Off-season wish-MIKE WALLACE!!!! It will actually take pressure off as to how Miami drafts....

I cant really defend the faiders dusty...they are undiciplined and have no direction...They are a reeling franchise that is in complete disarray compared to both buffalo and NY...and thats saying something

Ross said Ireland would be fired if they didnt make the playoffs.

superphin, do you have a link for that? I dont believe it.

Posted by: Monte | December 23, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Read more here:

It was a radio interview on WQAM...on tuesday i believe, maybe you can try to google it through archives....

Ross also said he expected to be counting more cash and credit card receipts after the home games.

Ireland is out looking for acorns around local area Christmas trees even at Wallmart.

Ross will say alot of things..Unfortunatly his faith in irefiend is very much believable..just sayin!!!

Close, but no Cigar. But the Playoffs are a certainty for next year.

Philbin is trying on his wig and beard to play Santa Claws at a family function.

Nothing is certian with this team...NOTHING!!!!

Good win for the Dolphins, keeping mistakes to a minimum AND capitalizing on Buffalo mistakes. Defense started slow but came on quickly. Good game for Jones. He seems to always get around a loose ball. One of the better defensive efforts on the year and indicative of how a good defense can help an offense in need.

Matthews and Binns were solid contributors for Tannehill -good news there. Tanne didn't have a great game but 2 TDs in a game are good for him. Plus, he's still surprising people running from called plays.

While Reggie had a good game, what happened to Lamar? He was running well when Reggie went out and didn't seem to get more carries. Even so, he was tops in rushing yards. OL blocking for pass and run looked like Jax game. I hope this is how they play NE next week.

More than any great Draft choice, we need for Rex Ryan and Chan Gailey to remain in their positions for next Season.

So once again another sub-par year, 7-9. Please Please Please DO NOT ALLOW JEFF IRELAND TO SELECT THE PICKS IN NEXT YEAR'S DRAFT!!!

Good play from several players. Clear implications.
1. Re-sign Bush. Between Bush and Miller we have a running game. Thomas gets stopped by first blocker - probably not a long term keeper. Maybe Lane?
2. I think out first pick is a Tight End. Hopefully Tyler Eifert.
3. Second and third picks are WR.
4. Fourth and fifth picks are probably OL or maybe a CB and an OG
5. Re-sign Long or franchise him - we do not need to create a hole in the OL.
6. The defensive secondary is probably good enough with maturation other than targeting a CB in FA.

My question after this win where the hell is Eggnew

it's Obvious The colts were a better team than they showed last year and lost to get A. Luck.... also how much trade value would yall think D. Bess will have this offseason?


...and losing to get higher in the draft is pointless unless you are trying for the top 3 spots with 3 top play makers in it.

bs jeffrow

Pay Reggie Bush what he needs and get it done. The future is bright but if if they don't let big time playmakers leave.

We probably will be saying goodbye to Jake Long. JMart is obviously more comfortable on the left side and is improving steadily, played a solid Game Today.

Why all the w**king off for a team we were supposed to beat, sheeze...

I have every confidence that the Ireland will be able to work something out to retain Reggie.

Re-sign Bush? If the price is right. The team is rebuilding, and if Bush wants too much $$ to hamper our chance of a top WR, then we will have to carry on without him. We are a couple of years away from contending for this division. Won't happen in 2013.

That SOB Ross is way too cheap to resign Long or Bush. Thats just part of the reason the team stinks.

KingShula says:

My question after this win where the hell is Eggnew
Michael Egnew was seen after the game smoking weed with Jeff Ireland. Well at least that would be a good excuse regarding the no show performance for both of them. I understand that Brandon Marshall was a problem but a GM needs to have a replacement. Moreover a 3rd round selection not getting on the field? I have high hopes for Egnew in the Canadian Football League. I will be praying a lot for devine intervention when Jeff Ireland picks in the 2013 draft.

From the now perspective, our only competition in this Division will be NE. Let's Draft anti-Bradys, pass rushers, great DBs

Seems like some of the "holes" might be filling towards the end of the season. Binns & Matthews so far are making a stronger receiver corps. Ditto for McCann & Patterson on defense. Bush and Miller are looking good but a genuine power back is still needed (not Thomas).

Team ran over left side today while Bills were backpedaling. J. Martin may be the answer at LT and Long may be expendable if his price is too high. Neither Starks nor McDaniel distinguished themselves today while many others did. One or both may may need to find a new home as good 1st rounders are available.

It may not be as hard as thought earlier in the year to produce a playoff team next year due to the in-season pickups and better late season rookie play. On to NE.

Sign Bush today!!!


How come you never go to a game? Cant afford it?

solid game, never in doubt, not too exciting but did what they needed to do--few mistakes/penalties, several turnovers, career game for Jones (agree that Safety is no longer a pressing need, solid season from Clemons too)--Patterson wasnt great but decent in Philly so could stick for next season, so CB could have more depth at least, if that happens--sign a FA WR, draft another, let Hartline walk if he wants too much.....draft a pass rusher or CB in Rd 1.....trade up/back into late Rd 1 late and snag one of the TEs--re-sign Bush and Long if money is reasonable.....let em walk if not.

Not any more, mike, and not necessarily cause of $.

I dont go either

How many Draft picks do we have, about 10? That's some heavy ammunition for the Irish Man.

superfinfan..... Agree 100% but i still wish we had luck to build around

and let it go with Egnew already......plenty of teams whiff on draft picks, and the kid may still get it together and contribute next year--but if not, so be it, chalk it up to a crappy pick (again, happens to plenty of teams) and move on--a number of picks in the last year or two are contributing, some look promising.....Egnew doesnt so far, and so be it.


I said when Y-Bell was let go he was an overpaid tackle after the catch machine. Some here thought That I was nuts. I always thought worst case scenario Reshad Jones would play at Bell's level for far less money.

I always believed Jones was an upgrade to Y-Bell. Now finally the Y-Bell town criers are forced to believe.

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