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Dolphins beat Bills, 24-10, but playoff hopes over

The Dolphins have a multi-pronged assignment in trying to stay alive in the playoffs.

They accomplished the first, and likely easiest portion of that issue today with a 24-10 victory over the reeling Buffalo Bills.

But because the Bengals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 13-10 on a last-second field goal, the Dolphins are out of the playoff hunt in 2012.

The season for Miami will end next week at New England.

In Miami, Reshad Jones had a career day. He recovered two fumbles. He intercepted a pass at the goal line.


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Egnew for Marshall? YIKES!

Egnew is not playing until the coaching staff are 100% confortable with his blocking progress and most of all blocking consistency.

Some of you dont know really how terrible a blocker Egnew was in college. Try googling some of his highlights. I did, the kid couldnt even block db's, even though he was almost twice thier size.

Teaching Egnew to block was a "Groud Zero" adventure. The guy couldnt block a db in college.

Egnew was a fantastic recieving TE un college. The kid just flunked ABC blocks in kindergarten.

Missing on Eggnew is one thing. But missing on D Thomas is THREE things!

Rishard had two catches against a last place team and all of a sudden some of you are elevating him to lofty status.

Dez Bryant 224 yds receiving TODAY!

Some of you don't like Hartline. That doesn't mean the first time someone else catches two passes that he is easily expendable.

I have reservations about Ireland like everyone else. But Im not going to lie to make my point.

Ireland spent a 6th rd pick to move up from the 3rd rd into the bottom of the 2nd rd. D Thomas cost 2 picks(6th/3rd), not three. He would have cost 1 pick anyway.

And it wasnt like we were going to draft an impact player with the 6th rd pick used to trade into the 2nd rd. Please learn how to count before calling anyone else stupid.

Aloco just shut up. u forget about James, Harrison and Wayne.

we dropped way down in draft now. so not liking this at all, second half of all rounds now

I think you whiffed on Dansby, YG. He's been all over the place. A definite keeper.


No one dislikes Hartline. Only 6 total td catches in 4yrs suggests he isnt going to help win very many games. TD's win football games.

You Play To Win The Game! Or does Hartline get a pass on winning games? He now has 1 td catch in 15 games this year.

Why not let Kaeding kick the field goal instead of punting? He has better stats at that range than Carpenter and it was a good chance to let him show it. Plus, Dolphins showed a nice play that they could have surprised NE with. I just don't get it.


Im critical on Dansby because picks seem to whiff right thru his hands. Picks are game changing plays. Not how many tackles a guy gets.

I liked T'eo because the guys had 5 picks this year. Doesnt seem the ball was whiffing thru his hands.

Even if unpleasant, we are going to have to Draft some O-linemen. Gardner is a backup and we are very thin at that position

Another year and no SB win. 41 years and counting....

Tayo plays in College.

we will pick 15 now, good luck getting a play maker


Holding onto picks has nothing to do with being in college or being in the pros. Especially when the ball hits you right in the hands.


As horrible as our recievers are as far as scoring tds. I would settle for a college wr that can get 6 tds all in one season. Hartline has 6 tds recieving in his 4yr dolphin career, and Im sure Bess isnt far behind.

With legit starting wr's alone we have 3 more wins this year. Let alone finding a playmaker type wr.


Nobody is hating on hartline at all but the fact is he's been as good as he has this year and still a non factor in TD production...thats not something I want to see from a guy having his best year in recieving...and nothing to me says that will skyrocket next year even with offensive improvements...if miami can get something better than 3 TD in three years combined on a #2 reciever, then I say they should go for it....

Bess and Hartline catch passes in area area of the field except where it matters most. The enzone.

Once a year or two, you may see one of them break a tackle and run it into the endzone.

every area

hey dusty.....Gronk was taken in Rd 2....... Graham Rd 3......Cobb Rd 2......are they playmakers?

Watching Bess and Hartline play wr is about as exciting as watching paint dry in the north pole.

Both Hartline and Bess would be much more productive if they had a good QB. And dusty, Ireland cant get a playmaker no matter where he picks. He has never in his life drafted ONE.

Hey thanks Dr Alan, for your incredible insight, but I think you have a patient waiting in Room 2......you're being paged....."Dr Alan to proctology, bring your gloves.....Dr Alan"

We are at least three years, past Jeff Ireland leaving, before it will turn around and have a chance of winning big in the playoffs. You can't win without great talent and Jeff has no eye for finding talent. He likes safe, obedient players that won't speak bad about his horrible draft picks. The fans all know it but the owner unfortunately has no better clue about players and coaches than dumb old Jeff.

The team needs way too many improvements to go anywhere. 14 years of bad drafts. It's just so sad to see this once proud franchise lumber along shooting for a wild card slot. It won't change until Jeff is gone and even then, another three years of good drafting to build a winner, at least.

We are Detroit and that's so sad, there is no hope of getting much better when you can't find talent. Makes no difference how many picks you get when you can't find talent. We pass on talent every single draft and that can't improve until the guy picking the players changes. Buffalo sucks BTW, and so does Jeff Ireland.

benz @ 7:34,


Yo dont want to wake up dustybottoms smart evil twin. He may team with pinky and the brain to rule the world.

Hartline was a 4th rd pick--what exactly do you expect?--he's solid/decent, but not much more--a #3 WR on alot of teams, but thats ok--we just need a 1 & 2, which Hartline is not.....but he's not bad--expectations folks, all about expectations......4th rd pick.....add it up.

I'll stick ith 111+ tackles, 3 sacks and 4 pressures, YG

Not even a great QB would make bess and hartline even come close to becoming a 1-2 punch duo...bess is a slot guy who has bad tendecies of cathing the ball and running backwards for loss of yards...
Hartline is a guy who has good hands and will make some catches in crunch time and some damn fine ones at that but no real playmaking ability(He seems to be content with catching the ball and falling foward to the ground)

Sorry Tannehill couldnt survive with that in miami!!!Neither could most out there!!!

need "too many improvements", huh Billfish?--really?--not saying we're great but we were an awful INT/Cincy FG away from being playoff eligible in Week 17--pretty thin line between solid and playoff bound these days, and we aint too far off (a couple of Carpenter FGs, by my count).

Put it this way, when your running back has more Recieving TDS than your #1 and #2 reciever COMBINED...That aint good enough...

Jeff Ireland thought the team would do better without Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall to throw to. He is an idiot and can't build a team to save his life. This team sucks without the players he has passed on. It's time, passed time to find a good GM. Before we waste another draft and offseason passing on playmakers.

You've been so wrong by so much in your Football opinions, YG, that very few here really take you seriously anymore. Be less prejudiced.

Lars - MORON

Best way to prepare for draft: Fire Ireland!!!

Are you People here serious? Buffalo was advancing the ball on Us at that time and if we kick the field goal and miss they probably would have tied the Game. C'mon.

I am sick and tired of thinking about the next season when the current season is not even over. If I recall correctly, Ireland had Ross fooled that this was a playoff caliber team THIS year. Real football fans knew better. We don't have enough talent on either side of the ball. I hope Ireland is fired so a legitimate gm can make good use of all the draft picks we have this year. FIRE IRELAND !!

It seems like the few times I've ever rooted for the damn Steelers to win...they lose.

Preseason I didn't think we'd even come close to the playoffs anyway.

As much as it sucks that we're missing the post season again, I am really optimistic about next season.

Here's hoping Jeffy gets some deals done. First with with our own players, Smith, Bush, and Starks. At this point i think Jake Long is gonna have to take a pay cut to remain a Fin.

Land a good veteran WR and a cover CB in free agency and then some solid draft picks and there's no reason we shouldn't be thinking playoffs next year.


Opinion is defined by being fact. I state facts when I have credible evidence to support it and usually I present that "EVIDENCE". Other than that, I'll say "IMO" or "I believe that".

An opinion cant be wrong or right. Its only an educated guess based on unavailable evidence. Like:

IMO, the sun will shine bright tomorrow.

Unless I have a time travel machine I dont know this for fact. First you have to state a thing as fact before you can be wrong or right. One or the other was going to happen whether you had an opinion or not.

In the future, please dont confuse this with being wrong or right. Or you may present yourself as being grossly under educated.


Would fans still be talking about a #1 receiver if Dez Bryant was picked?

What did the Fins get for passing on him?

Im the guy who told u about Armon Binns Look I really really really really think and know that Binns is gonna be GREAT. PEOPLE must realize the complex nature of the Cin Bengal rec corps and the targets they employ for Andy Dalton in mandatory routes less Binns no being allowed to start. no comparison to Gaffney having to learn the system- But you will see next year WHAT A BIG PART BINNS WILL BE. ONCE THEY HAVE TIME to practice in mini camp and apply it to the field. Next week watch Binns in New England.

Just beat the Pats next week! You know we can, we almost did it a couple of weeks ago. The Patsies and Miss Brady barely survived Jax and Henne and we destroyed them last weekend!

Dolphins on 3! 1-2-3 - DOLPHINS!

Thank god it is almost over.

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