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Dolphins defeat Jaguars, 24-3

Revenge for 62-7? No, not quite.

But the Dolphins needed it. They win for only the second time in seven weeks by defeating the reeling Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-3.

It was so,ething of an offensive outburst for the Miami offense that had multiple touchdowns in a game for only the second time in the last six games.

Ryan Tannehill threw two TD passes -- short throws to Jorvorskie Lane and Anthony Fasano. It was only the second game this year that Tannehill has more than one TD in a game. The last one was Oct. 14 against St. Louis.

Tannehill completed 22 of 28 for 220 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Brian Hartline seemed to drop a TD pass. He nonetheless went over the 1,000-yard mark for the season.

Reggie Bush got 21 carries, the most he's had since Sept. 16 when he carried 25 times against Oakland. Bush finished with 104 yards and that included a 53-yard run in the third quarter.

Former Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was, well, Chad Henne. He struggled and was inconsistent most of the day. His best drive came in the final couple of minutes when the game was already decided. Henne completed 18 of 34 passes for 221 yards without a TD or INT.

Yeah, it was the correct call to let him go.


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Titus Young....LOL. Check out his injury history. This is who you want to spend your money on?

Guess it's fair to compare Stafford and Tannehill at this point too, right.....and they're supporting casts?

Really, cuz every time I watch the film, I see mostly one on one coverages where hartline is pushed around and then unable breakaway most redzone attempts...maybe if he was given 10-15 seconds he might find some space but unfortunately QBS dont have that much time, and there have been a couple of times where hartline has simply dropped the ball

Yeah Indy, and they have an advantage for beating us.

Aloco, I thought you wer working.

Craig M....

I was just thinking the same thing....

we are some hard-headed DIE-HARDS.....


Gotta have plan


What I referred to reg, is that once again they did not play a complete Game, otherwise, it would have been 40+-3. We will get nowhere against a good Team if we keep on playing this way.

IMA Writer

At 5:27 was not my post. In fact, I'm happy that Henne is no longer a Dolphins.

Posted by: Craig M | December 16, 2012 at 05:31 PM

Yes, saw the Camp thing. Obviously, based on NEED. Heck, if we got him in the 2nd, it would be HUGE. I truly believe, based on his success against SEC teams, he is worth a top 15. Assuming, of course he has a great combine. Unfortunately, if he DOES have a great combine, we'll have toy trade up. BTW, his YAK will make what we have now look even more ordinary.

Jennings is injured prone as well, so is he not a viable option miami should go after in the offseason, and WTF compared T-hill to stafford and their supporting cast...geez man, i simply stated that titus young could just as well be complimentary to another #1 reciever even more so than hartline especially as a red zone target!!!



Thanks. Forgot about the Colts. So Bengals are what? 7-7?

We're not dead yet. Haven't looked at schedules yet but we're not dead with a win next week.

Cheers, Kris.....gotta run!


And so does Justin credible. LMAO!


The Colts have to play the Texans again.....

so count that as a loss....

but they also play the Chiefs....so count that as a win...

BTW, before I sign off, my thoughts and prayers for the folks in New Town.


Yeah he could if he could stay healthy. Which he hasn't been able to do....and by all reports they are sick off in Detroit. Wonder why?

Really, cuz every time I watch the film, I see mostly one on one coverages where hartline is pushed around and then unable breakaway most redzone attempts...maybe if he was given 10-15 seconds he might find some space but unfortunately QBS dont have that much time, and there have been a couple of times where hartline has simply dropped the ball

Posted by: superPHIN

show me a stat that show how many balls he has dropped compared to how many he has caught

Told you guys the Fins would win by more then 14 pts. Its in back and white on the previous post. Do I know my football or what?

Still, there were very good individual efforts, Dansby, Vernon, SS.



And we play Buffalo and NE, can't count EITHER as wins.


Vegas Mike....

I thought you said you wee scared to bet this game....thats what I remember reading.....

Am I the only one who thought the game had horrible commentating? R.Gannon apparently didn't do his homework, on about 4 or 5 occasions he kept wondering why the Fins had Thigpen in the slot??

I don't know Rich maybe it had something to do with the fact that he played in the slot out in Canada and it has been repeated to death. Then later after the P.I. call on a pass to Matthews Tannehill fakes the hand off with the line pulling right were he tried to bootleg to his left and he said we were pulling a page out of the Skins play book when it was a complete carbon copy of the play the 49ers hit us with late last week for a T.D., HELLO!

There was also the Tannehill 30 Yrd scramble were he said Tannehill was a legit 4.6 guy when in actuality Tannehill ran a 4.5/40 flat throughout all his workouts. You would think the color commentator doing an NFL game would have known some of these things, note to Gannon, it's Ken Albert at play by plat your supposed to have the info. on the teams your covering on Sunday's as the color man, geez!

Reg, according to PROFOOTBALLWEEKLY, hartline has been targeted 12 times not including today for zero receptions in the endzone!!!

Probably Today, many of you(not me) finally appreciated RT's Atheticism and speed. I had seen it last year at TA&M.

I think with the chemistry between THill and Hartline, he is worth keeping.

no craig bengals 8-6

Hey, Henne did not play a bad game. Hartline played a very good game. No Td's but that pass was slightly behind him at his hip moving at about 80 miles an hour. He can be forgiven for that.
Tannehill played a very good game as well. Lots of yards, a couple of TD passes and he wasn't intercepted.
Bush does a bit too many jukes and jives and doesn't always hit the hole at the right time. Teams are waiting on his cutback.
Defense played a solid game. Very solid. Two 4th and 1 stops. Great play

Craig/Kris, don't hold your breath. We ain't going to the Playoffs.

Kris, read my last post. Fins by 14 or more.

not rocket science, offer him what they think he is worth and if its a no, C-ya!(hartline) Patterson from tenn. is the real deal and prob. will a #1 somewhere. may be able to get him with one of the two 2nd round picks. forget FA, if the team he's leaving won't pay him enuff to stay, we'll that says enuff. build the team, don't buy it.

fin4life said.."when it was a complete carbon copy of the play the 49ers hit us with late last week for a T.D., HELLO!"
(in reference to the TD pass to our FB, big #41)
I thought the same thing when I saw it! If you're gonna steal, steal from the best!! We ran that play beautifully. Tanny and the entire team played it perfectly.

Playoffs would be the worst thing the fins would do this year if that came to pass....that 62-7 drubbing might just come back to haunt this team

Hartline is a below average receiver.

The biggest HA here on who to keep or not is Reggie Bush. He's going to be expensive.

I think the team would be better served without Bush. It is easy to get caught up in a nice 53 yd run against the 31st worst ranked defense in the league. Look at his game in totality. 25 rushes 103 yds with 1 53 yeard romp. That means for the rest of the gsme he averaged roughly 2 yds per carry. This is the problem. He constantly has Tannehill in 2nd and long and 3rd and long situations. Bush has done much more to hinder Tannehill rather than help him. This has been consistent all year long. Given an off season, a guy like Miller can be given blocking schemes that enhance his running style which is much more upfield running and keeping downs shorter and more manageable with homerun potential. Miller had 30 carries for 146 yds coming into the game. About 5 yds per carry CONSISTENTLY. Let's put the money someplace else. I'd rather keep doing what we do well and build some more upon that. Give those guys the cash. I'd rather keep a Solia or Sean Smith or Randy Starks than a Reggie Bush any day.

Odds on the Village Idiot showing up in another 45 minutes
30 to 1
20 To 1
10 to 1
Even money.
Douchi, Whens your lifemate waking up?

You'll have to re-post it vegas mike.....

The only one I remember is the (you) aren't betting that game....

its cool either way....I believe you....

Originally I had no intentions of betting this game. But after I researched the Jaquars injury report I was all over the Fins....and said so on here yesterday.

Hartline is a below average receiver.

Posted by: Shula 73 | December 16, 2012 at 05:54 PM

No, hartline is average...its the ppl who believe he's more than that and can develop into a superstar are of the dellusional theorys!!!

STEELERS LOSING TO COWBOYS IS KEY for Fins to sneak into playoffs for the last WC spot. The other chips are the following:

Fins go 8-8 and have better division record than Jets and 6-6 conference record by beating Bills and Pats

Jets go 8-8 but lose any two of the three conference games and end up with 5-7 conference record

Bills go are 5-8 now. Just lose one more.

Bengals go 8-8 by losing to Steelers and Ravens and wind up with a 5-7 conference record

Steelers go 8-8 by losing to Cowboys and to Browns and beating Bengals

Chargers are 5-8 now. Just lose one more game (now losing to Carolina)

Hey Noplayoffs, can u dream me up a scenerio in where the correct powerball numbers are called and the chances of me even hitting 2 million with 6-8 right, just sayin, like those odds better!!

I agree, Mike, Miller being the most consistent ball mover. But these scatbacks like Bush can get you 10+ yds in a flash and are worth keeping. Now, if he would only sign for 2 yrs....

I think that the fins will be alive in the playoffs until the last week of the season. Here is why, fins will beat the bills next week. Dallas will beat Pittsburg this week. Pittsburg will beat the Bengals at home next week. That will bring the Steelers and Bengals to 8-7 going into the last week of the season. The Fins will be 7-8. If the Bengals and Steelers lose their final games and the fins beat the Pats then Fins are in. A lot of ifs but I do think the fins will be in it until the last week.

Back to the game, I believe Tanny showed that given some protection he has the goods. Also, he shows great ability to throw on the run. THIS is where Hartline's SMARTS come to fore.
Why are so many willing to jettison Fasano? At worst, he would be an excellent 2nd TE, and most teams keep 3 TE's. Certainly a WCO team would.

Well, Vegas Mike, did you bet on the Game or not?

here is the post...my last pregame post ...from Armando's Dolphins win Sunday or something is really wrong

The Jags are a very very bad team that also has a TON of injuries. The Dolphins stink but still should win this by 14 pts or more.

Posted by: Vegas Mike | December 16, 2012 at 09:31 AM

yes oscar

Only a masochist would want the dolphins to advanc to the play-offs.

This is to the dolpfans that see Hartline bess Both Moores Fasano...etc etc etc They think they are great players, because but in reality they are average players, we have forgotten how a great dolphins offensive player looks like anymore, it's been almost 20 years since we see greatness on offense, like the Marino's the Marks Brothers. Nat Moore OJ Mcduffy TE like keith Jackson jim jenson FB that can catch the ball keith byars tony paige Terry Kirby Irvin fryar. The last great player was Ricky Willams..You see right now on this offense average players, I don't see one great player, not even on the offensive line!

It's inconsistent YG not inconsistant.

Fins remote chance of backing into the playoffs are OVER if Steelers win tonight.

And the game is tied 10-10 at the half. Dallas at home could get Cowboys the win.

seems to me you got a lot of "wills" more than if's in that statement orlando...and furthermore predicting miamis win over buffalo all but reminds me of when lonely hearted tennessee came down to miami only to clobber us 37-3, and follow that up with a loss to,none other than Buffalo, who didnt even score one offensive TD all game...

Miami will beat buffalo???

Miami MAY beat buffalo is more appropriate!!!!

We can see Vegas Mike here tending to Flip also.

oscar , I'm drinkin Spanish Rioja wine. The best wine for the heart.

no flip oscar. Its in black and white bud

Oscar, I gave you 8 winners out of 9 games. No more freebies for you.

Ray @ 6:09.....

Thank you for that post....

IMA....pleas read the post @ 6:09....keeping Fasono is a recipe for NP PRODUCTION for weeks on end from your TE position....and in today's NFL...you just can't afford that....

Thanks...but NO Thanks to Fasano...besides....isn't he under contract......didn't he just sign an extension after the "THROW BACK pass.....the one Henning was patting himself on the back about.....

ray dont speak too loudly*lmao*....a clone dou of roddy white and julio jones would be a dream by dream comparison and we just have to stick with good but not good enough in hartline and bess cuz our front office GM is not exactly loaded when it come to plucking that kind of talent either in the draft or free agency

No wonder ppl are scared to death of letting hartline walk...JUST SAYIN!!!

But, but, first you wanted to bet against the Dolphins. Then I told you it was a bad idea. Then you researched....jejeje.

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