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Dolphins defeat Jaguars, 24-3

Revenge for 62-7? No, not quite.

But the Dolphins needed it. They win for only the second time in seven weeks by defeating the reeling Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-3.

It was so,ething of an offensive outburst for the Miami offense that had multiple touchdowns in a game for only the second time in the last six games.

Ryan Tannehill threw two TD passes -- short throws to Jorvorskie Lane and Anthony Fasano. It was only the second game this year that Tannehill has more than one TD in a game. The last one was Oct. 14 against St. Louis.

Tannehill completed 22 of 28 for 220 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Brian Hartline seemed to drop a TD pass. He nonetheless went over the 1,000-yard mark for the season.

Reggie Bush got 21 carries, the most he's had since Sept. 16 when he carried 25 times against Oakland. Bush finished with 104 yards and that included a 53-yard run in the third quarter.

Former Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was, well, Chad Henne. He struggled and was inconsistent most of the day. His best drive came in the final couple of minutes when the game was already decided. Henne completed 18 of 34 passes for 221 yards without a TD or INT.

Yeah, it was the correct call to let him go.


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I think after today's performance Miami will beat the lowly Bills at home. Tannehill showed marked improvement today. I do think that there is a good chance Dallas beat Pitt today at home and that the Bengals lose to the Steelers next week on the road. I never said that the fins are going to make the Playoffs just that I think that they will be score watching the last week of the season. It is still unlikely we make the playoffs.

Your point is well taken though on the Fins being unpredicatable and getting crushed by the Titans earlier in the year. Let's have some optimism superPHIN.

You lie oscar. Show me where I said I was going to bet AGAINST the Dolphins this week. LIAR!

Vegas, oscar makes stuff up. And he knows nothing about football.

Playoffs are inconsequential this Year. Even if we get in them, we are not ready for'em.

Kris, the difference in that throw back pass was..Fasano had the whole right side of the endzone to himself, so those are okay to make..add the fact that you've got nothing to lose on a two point conversion!!!

only bet u make this week is ne -4.5

Whatever. I'm laughing all the way to the bank. AGAIN. Oscar is an absolute LIAR! Dinner is calling. later guys.

Did you win or lose, YG?

Agree superPHIN....

Nothing great about the play....just surprised the team we were playing.....

I don't think Fasano had another impact play until the TD against the 9ers last week....

You right.... And that was just to name a few, remember Tony Nathan Bruce hardy Dan Johnson mark Ingram, etc etc. Troy Stradford go little back that got hurt to early!

oscar you are such a nerd. haha How many names do you use, troll?

yea, dont see fasano back unless he gets a contract dirt cheap to return which is not out of the question...he is good for blocking at least...

agree kris, this offense is horrible. we really need to lose last 2, do not win a worthless game vs bills please, we dropped 3 slots today at least

I told you not to ban him, this guy is funny as hell.

I want to address again Armando's take that the Dolphins play down to their competition. So what happened today, just leadership? Nope they were not far off their season average for points. Defense showed up because of the locker room leaders? Well you could say that but the Jaguars are just that bad.

This is just another example of schemes, coaching and personel. The Fins game planned better and had the advantage in personel, and schemed correctly.

Hey there goes Dez Bryant, caught a TD with a broken finger. Playing injured
But JI only cared about his mother being a prostitute, not wanting to know if he can play or not! LMAO. Worst GM in the league in my opinion. I still hopping for FIRELAND!

jags are horrible. henne worst qb maybe ever. if we didnt win this game we arent gonna beat anyone

NO 8-8 TEAM HAS EVER GONE TO THE SUPER BOWL much less win it though someone eventually will.

Fins have already been the first (and only) to go undefeated.

It would be a special record to be the first team with the worst record to win the SB.

Beautiful routes run by Marlon Moore and Hartline.

Clayton, Duper, Martin, OJ Mcduffie, Irvin Fryer, Troy Drayton, ...among others, not saying they were world beaters but they are definatly worth more than our guys on offense today and they could keep defenses honest everywhere on the field

drayton? but no mention of jackson, green,jensen,hardy,edmunds

Fasano looked like a God among Mortals Today.

Scroll down I mention it.

No playoffs, STOP IT!!!! this offense can barely hold their own against average competition, let alone the likes of NE, Hou, and Denver....

Put down the kool aid NOW!!!

Steelers just tied the game at 17.

We'll be talking about the draft for sure if Steelers win today.

Rishard Matthews is pretty big and moved well Today.

oscar, are all cuban mutts liars?

Hey does that kool-aid have mushrooms in it! Lol!

lol quit with playoffs, give me a break. we messed our draft up again today

It appears it's real easy to occupy Joe Philbin's doghouse.
Is Lamar really that bad in protection that his skills can't be utilized?
Barry Sanders was hardly a fearsome blocker (not that Lamar is a Sanders) but IF Miller is a quality player, he needs to PLAY. I worry, based on Philbin's almost OCD-like preoccupation with the "right way" that he may be a bit like Tom Coughlin was through much of his coaching career, till he learned to loosen up somewhat.
Coughlin fined players if they weren't 10 minutes EARLY to team meetings, etc.

I'd rather miss the playoffs and see what Miller has, as this could be crucial as to whether we ave $$$$ and allow Bush to walk.

we missed the playoffs 8 weeks ago. bush is long gone. so miller will egt a chance next year

Was Samuda playing Today? I he was, they didn't miss a bit.

You know who is a starter in danger of losing his job? Incognito.

I realize that the Fins stink but just maybe they start playing over their heads.

is seattle now the best team in nfl? they will win the west

Osacr, Incognito doesn't lose his job until we have someone better and we don't.


You should be able to analyze why you lied. Was it jealousy? Insecurity? Do you feel better about yourself if you can degrade another human? Which is it oscar? Why did you lie? You should know IF you can be honest with yourself.

vegas mike take your money and lay it on the pats tonight

True, Darkoak.

Pats will lose. They are going vs a very tough 49ers Team(my favorite for the SB depending on the QB) with nothing to Win for.

No dusty. When a team is super impressive on national tv like the Pats were last week you never bet on them the following week.

No Playoffs,
I understand the optimism u wish to feel this late in the season, But i think miami played at the level that they have and with the talent to play with (over the heads, as u call it) and you saw it in SF and two weeks ago hosting NE...they are just NOT good enough to compete at that level yet.....

They have too many deficiencies and make too many mistakes week after week to be considered anything but mediocre and they need some real changes in the offseason to turn that around!!

Yeah, you do what dusty says, VM, put your $ on the Pats.

where has anyone said Hartline is going to be a superstar???? The pro hartline people (inc me) say he is a good player nothing more,nothing less!!!

As I'm not in Miami, what do you there feel The team needs to do (besides win) to get fans back?
Would a canopy over the sun help?
Cheaper parking? (not gonna happen)
What's discouraging is that even teams like the Chargers, with a lame duck coach draw better, and teams that have been down, like the browns sell out.
Miami has always been a front running town, but even durng the canes 56 game home win streak played to a 1/2 empty OB except against FSU, VA Tech, ND, etc.
Not the Fins though.

I guess I answered my own question, though. Win a lot and the fans will be back, or will it take Ireland's firing to make locals happy?

You can see that Vegas follows my opinion. One of these days, I tell ya......


You should be able to analyze why you lied. Was it jealousy? Insecurity? Do you feel better about yourself if you can degrade another human? Which is it oscar? Why did you lie? You should know IF you can be honest with yourself.

big time wrong mike, ill ride seattle rest of season also. pats playing for homefield. sf is awful on road. easy cover just like sea was again. gb covered nicely on nat tv last week and again today. stick with me kid and ur learn ,. up over 86 units this year and u should know how much that is

Samunda can Develop Into a OG. But We Need More Depth In The O-Line!! Gardner Can Play OG!! BUT WE NEED TO RESIGN LONG!!

With Long and Martin as The OT's! Samunda and Gardner as The OG's! And Pounce as The Center!! Our Starting 5 will Be Pretty Good! Adding A Player Like Womack!! Completes The Line!! Because It Allows!! Gardner To Be The 6th O-Linemen Which Fits Him Better!! And Us!! With Long and His Injury History! Samunda Can Play Center!! Which Adds To His Versatility!! This O-Line Coach Is The Truth!!

Pitt open a can of whoop a s s on the cowgirls! Well if cowgirls lose, Jason Garret can kiss his a s s good bye!

wash winning the east now, sea wins west. gb and atl win div


Betting AGAINST the team that scored the most points the previous week has been pretty profitable over many years.


I said some ppl on here believe that, and that wasnt directed at you specifically, but the whole point I wanted to make is that Hartline is good, just not good enough and you cant convince me that one year of 1000 yrds is something that he can consistantly give you year after year and better redzone production..

I simply think that you can draft a younger WR and groom him to better than hartline is now and for much less $$$...

well not this week,lol sea covered again

mike wallace

Not yet Ray. Fins need the cowboys to win to stay in the playoff hunt.

Long? He is injury prone, and wants to much money unless he takes less money of course...but still need either sign a F/A or have to draft a RT or LT. I say in the forth or fifth round.

orlando just stop man

Its produced 59% winners last 5 yrs.

Freaking great game at the cowgirls!

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