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Dolphins defeat Jaguars, 24-3

Revenge for 62-7? No, not quite.

But the Dolphins needed it. They win for only the second time in seven weeks by defeating the reeling Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-3.

It was so,ething of an offensive outburst for the Miami offense that had multiple touchdowns in a game for only the second time in the last six games.

Ryan Tannehill threw two TD passes -- short throws to Jorvorskie Lane and Anthony Fasano. It was only the second game this year that Tannehill has more than one TD in a game. The last one was Oct. 14 against St. Louis.

Tannehill completed 22 of 28 for 220 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Brian Hartline seemed to drop a TD pass. He nonetheless went over the 1,000-yard mark for the season.

Reggie Bush got 21 carries, the most he's had since Sept. 16 when he carried 25 times against Oakland. Bush finished with 104 yards and that included a 53-yard run in the third quarter.

Former Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was, well, Chad Henne. He struggled and was inconsistent most of the day. His best drive came in the final couple of minutes when the game was already decided. Henne completed 18 of 34 passes for 221 yards without a TD or INT.

Yeah, it was the correct call to let him go.


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A New 60,000! Seat Stadium!!

Hint At The Seat Capacity!!

The Heat Were Smart!! Even The Marlins!! Smaller More "Fancy" Stadiums!!

Right Now The Marlins Need Work!! But Wait Til The Winning Comes Back! The Stadium Will Always Look Full!! Less People!!

Look at The Panthers! Same Thing!! Now That They Have a Smaller Venue!! More People Go To The Game!!

If This Season Shows 1 Thing!! Is That The TV Contract Is So HUGE!! That Teams Don't Care If You Go To Games!!

Now A New Stadium!! The Fins Better Wait 2-3 More Years Before Asking! Missing Out On 2 More Super bowls!! Will also Fix This!!

so not near enough. winning 59 percent not gonna get u anywhere. 70 percent trends and higher is what i will touch. juice will kill ya. moneylines have been big for me. cracks me up when i see all these idiots doing teasers

I still wonder how much Ireland has been the reason better FAs have decided to go elsewhere.

Lets see how much he wants first,also if the wr's are good enough when its our turn to pick. Im not convinced there will be many available at more importantly at the right round

ill throw a little cash on titans tomm night also

Just trying to stay positive dusty. The dolphins had a good game today and it looks like Tannehill turned the corner today. Technically, they are in the hunt and I would rather talk playoffs than how much we suck, etc.

Man I thought that Pitt was going to run away with it! But man nice game!

I hope Pats lose, only because I dont like anyone in our division!

thill is a rookie, up and down. i mean against jack we could look good. but im excited for next year to see the improvement of thill. we moved down 3 slots today in draft and that isnt good and could fall further if we beat bills

The losses to the Jets and Cardinals earlier this year really hurt. This year could have been like 2008 when we went to the playoffs with an 11-5 record. Think about some of our losses this year to bad teams: at home against Jets and Titans and then on the road Cardinals and Bills. If the Fins would have won those 4 games they would be 10-4. That would have been a great story with a rookie QB.

I know it's a pipe dream but if the Steelers lose today the Fins remote playoff chances are alive till next week.

Yes I agree Orlando
But the record says what you are right
Or that is over statement.

I'll be totally surprised if Romo comes up big here.

Looks like Steelers will have the chance to win it with a FG.

Or it's going to OT.

If the phins finish 7-9 i will be happy i had them 4-12


We cannot sit here rooting for our team to lose. To see T-hill do this today is what really gives us hope. Tannehill would have had to play terrible today to lose to Jacksonvile. Thus, Tannehill playing well gives us hope not waiting to drop in the draft. There will not be a big difference this year between picking 11 or 17. The more games you win the closer you are to being a contender and the less holes you have.

Romo is Henne in the clutch.
You KNOW the Steelers will win.
3 timeouts will be gone. Watch the 'boys fold like a cheap pup tent.
NO ONE ever helps us.

C'mon Dallas...

Cowboys need to create a turnover.

Crap, there's the game.

Then again....


You are so right about the cowboys. Romo just chokes. In contrast, Big Ben is clutch.

The more games you win the closer you are to being a contender and the less holes you have.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 16, 2012 at 07:27 PM


Have we learned NOTHING from 2008....the MORE we win tells us NOTHING....this team loses games that matter during the MIDDLE of the season...and then wins MEANINGLESS games @ the end of the season...like today......

2 more MEANINGLESS wins will not help the cause.....nor does it mean we are closer to becoming a contender....

Cowboys FG in less than a minute or OT?

Have a feeling Pitt may go long

Whoops,m I'm a play behind on ESPN gamecast.

FG range?


The Problem With Not Keeping Long. Is The Need To Draft another Tackle!! Why Even Waste a 5th On A Tackle?

Franchise Long! Or Sign Him To What He Wants With The Clause That After 3 Years The Fins Can Cut Long With No Cap Penalty!! How They Can Do With Dansby This OffSeason!!

We Can Pay Long!! His $10-$12 Million A Year!! For The Next 3 Years!! It Is The Last 2-3 Of His Contract That I Wouldn't Guarantee!!

And Ireland Knows This!!

Again!! If We Are Going To Draft A Linemen!! Let It Be A OG! And Only cause It's Womack!! Dashi will Use A 1st or a 2nd!! On A OG!! If Not!! Dashi says Use A 4th and a 5th On OG'S!! THIS O-LINE COACH!! CAN COACH THEM UP!! HE IS NOT SPORANO!! AND PHILBIN KNOWS HIS O-LINE!!

Our Top 3 Picks Need To Have A Impact Next Year!! (Binns & Matthews Development Also Helps The Cause!! )

1st rd- CB
2nd rd- TE
2nd rd- WR

3rd Rd- MLB
3rd Rd- FS

Don't Expect The Fins To Go Big On Free Agents!! Meaning No Big Name Free Agents!!

The Fins Want Big Strong Wr's!! Bess works Cause He Does Multiple Things And Is Great In The Slot!! But Hartline Looks 20lbs Lighter Than What Philbin Wants His Wr'sTo Look Like!!

So If You Guys!! Are Looking For Wr's For The Fins To Spend Picks On Wr's!! The Guy Needs To be At Least 6'0" 215lbs! Preferably 6'3" 225lbs!! And Runs In The 4.4 Range!! Basically Guys That Look Like Binns And Matthews!! But Run Routes And Catch Like Bess!!

Wallace Doesn't Fit The Profile! D.Bowe Does!

So The Question!! You Hartline Fans Have To Ask Yourselves!

4yr/$5.5 Million A Year For Hartline!!

Or 4yr/$7.5 Million For Bowe!

My Guess Is Neither!!

Bess and The Young Guys!! (The 2nd Rd Pick! Plus Matthews and Binns! )


With 32 seconds, do you go the 1st down here?
That's along FG. Tough wind there I believe.

It OT...IMA....


I understand your frustration but this year is different. The difference is we have a rookie 1st rd pick QB. He is the key to the future. T-Hill playing well at the end of the year is critical because it means we actually have something to build around. I actually think T-hill held us back at the beggiing of the year. The D has been good enough all year but having an inexperienced QB with limited playmakers made it difficult. I don't think that they are that far away. I would say add 2 more play makers on offense and 2 more on D and we will be in the playoffs next year. The key to it all is Tannehill developing as a QB.

careless about next week. but will be interested to see how they play vs pats to end season

Think About It?

Most Cb's Don't Want To Go Against A Guy That Is 6'3" 225+lbs!! Add To It If The Guy Actually Knows How To Play!! U know Run Routes!!

I can See Matthews & Binns Working With Bess!! Add A Prototypical Wr!! And Those 4 Will Look Real Formidable!! Then With The Te's!! If we Get us Another Young TE! Early!! T-Hill Will have The Weapons Next Year!! Which To Grow With!!

big ben huige mistake coybows still alive in playoffs now

Game over! Cowboys are going to win!!




Dolphins are still alive.


You're optimism is commendable...mine is pretty much all used up until the draft next year....then I will be screaming 11-5.....

looks like we're still alive tho...Cowboys about to beat the Steelers......

We Have To Beat The Bills!!

Specially!! After The Thumping The Bills Took!!

They Are Going To Come Out Swinging!! But If We Put The Bills Away Early!! They Will Quit!! They Are Done!!

Another Dominating Performance Will Be Nice!!

Garret just save his job. Good for him.

Oh, Yeah!!

Big Ben's Accuracy Sucks!!

Ha ha!

yes he did, garret gets another season

pitt still fine, they will beat cincy to win tie breaker over them and still get in playoffs. then play at denver in first rd


kris, Im afraid that choice of wine bet is off at 11-5 prediction, but my 7-9 prediction still very alive*lmao*

I hate to say this but the Jets are in a really good spot and they suck. Their next 3 games: @ Titans, home agianst Chargers, and @ Bills. They are 6-7 and if the Bengals lose at the Steelers next week and the Jets run the table they are in. IMO the Fins are much better than the stinking Jets.

no they arent pitt beat them this year

Guys this is going to T- a bunch of you off, but I would play Moore the rest of the year. This offense is plain vanilla and ugly to watch. To me Tanhill is quick to leave the pocket and shrink the field of play. I have not done the numbers, but I bet we have played half the field over half the time on pass plays.

I know Tan is a rook and this is what we should expect. But when you look at the offense against New York I just wonder how many of these offensive players need to be shown the door and just how many are suffering from rookie qb play?

Tanhill might be the future. But what if Moore is the future?? Seems to me all Moore does is win and our offense looks way more dynamic with him running the show.

I would hate to throw him to the street and not know. Why let Tanhill get beat up the rest of the season we know what we have I have seen very little jump in dynamics with him running the show.

We have a slim chance to make the playoffs I would like to give Moore one last go around. I know it sounds crazy, and I like Tanhill, I just think Moore is better right now. Our offense last year was way more dynamic than this plan being thrown out their each week.

shula miamis season is over. why would u play a guy whos gone after the season instead of developing the rookie qb who will start again next year? makes zero sense

oscar is a lying nerd

(A) What needs to happen next week for Fins playoff chances to remain alive:

1)Steelers beat Bengals and go to 8-7
2)Bengals record drops to 8-7 with loss to Steelers
3)Fins beat Bills

(B) What needs to happen in last week for Fins to MAKE it to the playoffs:

1)Steelers lose to Browns to go to 8-8 (they lost first game to Browns)
2)Bengals lose to Ravens and go to 8-8
3)Fins beat Pats (assuming they rest key players to avoid injury prior to playoffs)

NOTE: Jets could be 7-7 if they beat Titans on Monday. So they have to lose to Chargers or to Bills in last week to end up at least 8-8

Next week on paper looks achievable. The last week is the killer.

dusty bottoms no angle is 70% you should know that

hilarious, fins season was over weeks ago. why do u guys torture yourself like this. this is exactly what cost miami luck or griffin by winning meaningless games last year

Be interesting to see how 49ers play against the Pats.

Will they put the hurt on Brady or will Brady kill them with a lopsided score?

49ers defense could injure Brady and ruin the Pats playoff hopes.

Was reading some of the earlier posts regarding Hartline being the next Welker if were not careful ect...

I couldn't disagree more the only thing I didn't like about the Welker trade was that it was in our Division. Belichik traded for a multi-purpose player who can play various positions on the field. He could field punts and kicks plus be your back up kicker in a pinch which is were I believe the Pats fell in love with him given when Welker made the 38 yard kick he did it in Foxboro.

He in 3 years only caught 1 T.D. as a Fin and was on the average a 35 to 45 reception a year slot WR. He was traded to play the slot with Donte Stallworth and Randy Moss outside without forgetting the fact his QB is Tom Brady. Then running the underneath route he became the perennial 100 rec. a Yr. player we see today but had he stayed in Miami I doubt this happens for his career giving me pause when the H.O.F. talk gets going with him.

I like Hartline but not at the 6 to 7 Million a Yr. some have posted giving him. He is a 3rd option in my estimation and not worth more than a very generous 4 to 5 Yr. deal worth about 20 to 22 Million, anything more is nuts when you take into account what a 3rd option like Jericho Cotchrey makes in Pitt. I feel once we have a dynamic deep threat WR with a speedy T.E. to move the back end of the D up then we will see we have a very good slot guy of our own in D.Bess.

For my money that means breaking the Bank on the best and fastest deep threat going in Mike Wallace who will also run the intermidiate route for you. Some on here make the Welker trade out to be moving a Chris Carter or Marvin Harrison in their prime who were 100 reception a Yr. players with great deep threat ability. We picked up Henne with the pick and had he been at least a moderate Flacco like caretaker we would all be pleased with the move today, luck just wasn't with us on that one but at the time we traded a S.T. middle of the pack WR.

Pats win at home 49ers are not a cold weather team. But it's all mental!

Nate Solder Is Garbage!!


Dashi is Enjoying This Game!!

The Pats are Going To Get Stomped!!

What Does The DE Tell Brady? Smack!!

dusty, how much did you bet on the Pats? lol

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