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Dolphins defeat Jaguars, 24-3

Revenge for 62-7? No, not quite.

But the Dolphins needed it. They win for only the second time in seven weeks by defeating the reeling Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-3.

It was so,ething of an offensive outburst for the Miami offense that had multiple touchdowns in a game for only the second time in the last six games.

Ryan Tannehill threw two TD passes -- short throws to Jorvorskie Lane and Anthony Fasano. It was only the second game this year that Tannehill has more than one TD in a game. The last one was Oct. 14 against St. Louis.

Tannehill completed 22 of 28 for 220 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Brian Hartline seemed to drop a TD pass. He nonetheless went over the 1,000-yard mark for the season.

Reggie Bush got 21 carries, the most he's had since Sept. 16 when he carried 25 times against Oakland. Bush finished with 104 yards and that included a 53-yard run in the third quarter.

Former Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was, well, Chad Henne. He struggled and was inconsistent most of the day. His best drive came in the final couple of minutes when the game was already decided. Henne completed 18 of 34 passes for 221 yards without a TD or INT.

Yeah, it was the correct call to let him go.


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Kris @7:32,

I agree that a couple of meaningless wins at the end of this Yr. do nothing for our cause but we will close 7-9 again. I was watching the Cowboys Vs. Steelers game going over to the Hawks and Bills on commercial breaks and I gotta tell you the Bills have already packed it up and flat out quit on Gailey/Wannstedt today. They weren't even tackling anymore at the onset of the 4th Qrt.

The one disconcerting thing about the Steelers game was that Mike Wallace's price shot up some more. Antonio Brown fumbled away one punt and mis-calculated another which cost Pit. this game IMO. Emmanuelle Sanders for the 3rd straight week has fumbled a long reception as well. I figure the Steelers at this point will make him the big money offer if not FRANCHISE him out-right which is something they didn't do in the past but after letting Holmes leave to N.Y. for next to nothing and seeing the effort out of the others I figure his money just went up.

49ers are not a cold weather team? Maybe I'm right

dusty you are losing your shirt!!

That's showing balls by Harbaugh !! Philbin needs to learn from Harbaugh! Haha

Yes! Ray.

But Defense Travels Well!!

The 49ers are For Real!! Expect The Pats to get Punched In The Mouth Today!!

Good win today - but let's keep our shorts on as the team we beat is probably one of the worst teams in the NFL. If Tanny puts up those numbers against the Bills or Pats I'm bought in on the kid.

Tanny looks great one game, terrible the next one. He is about as good as can be expected for a QB with a combined total of 34 starts for both college and the pros.

This offense definitely needs more playmakers. A big redzone threat and a speedster at WR would do great things for our young QB.

Sorry I let everybody down.
I was hoping to get burned by Chad Henne.
Rest assured that I'll try and let Buffalo score three touchdowns on me.

Mike Wallace held out, and got 0 offers. Zero.

He is overrated. He performed well in that offense with Ben throwing to him, but he is a one dimensional player, not a game changer, not worth half of what he is asking for.

Let's draft our own star players like other teams do, instead of hoping some other teams cast off magically works out better for us - that rarely happens.


Totally agree about Mike Wallace being overrated. I wonder if we can get Larry Fitzgerald. His talent is rotting away with AZ's abysmal QB play. Fitz,Hartline and Bess in the slot would be an awesome combination. Pick up a versatile TE and a couple of athletic linemen and this team could run deep in the playoffs next year!

Fitz is a very rare breed. Teams rarely get rid of their very best player. Rarely is the compensation worth it to them.

Fitzgerald would never put up with TanneBust. Didnt we learn anything from Marshall-Henne?

Im not too sure that Fitz can't be dealt for though. He has 89 total yards for his last 5 games combined! Compare that to Megatron who has 7 straight games of 100 plus yards.

Arizona simply doesn't have the QB and offensive line to get the ball to Fitz to make him worth much to them. Ireland could easily make a deal with them but it most likely wont happen.


LOL @ labeling a rookie a bust. I don't think Tanny has played enough for anyone to know whether he is a bust or not. If his numbers aren't improved by this time next year I might agree with you.

Without knowing Fitz contract situation, I have no idea if any deal can be made for him. Let's use our picks to get BPA WR or TE.

Mike, all those Tanne Bust posts are just trolls trying to get someone mad. Ignore them. They have not had good sex in months and come here to take out their frustrations.

A 1st rd pick ranked 30th at his position is a bust in my book. He's got the same exact numbers as Ryan Leaf did.

Tannehill's qb rating today? 123.

Tannehill's passing yardage this year is the most for a rookie in fins history.

Doesn't sound like a bust to me.


I agree with getting a TE. I like us going after wide recievers, just not early on in the draft. WR's have a huge bust rate and rarely make immediate contributions to their teams. If I'm drafting im going CB,TE,S,MLB and OG in the first 3 rds. After that, I would take some WR's. I just don't see any future Calvin Johnsons to be had in this draft.
NFC West just seems to have so much mismanaged talent. Aside from Fitz, the 49ers rarely get the ball to Vernon Davis and Steven Jackson's role has diminished in STL.

We played SF tougher than NE is.

What's all this about Ross retaining Jeff Ireland?

Seriously, who here is happy with 5 straight seasons of declining record and 4 straight losing seasons?

I ask you all to PLEASE join the cause and get this message to Ross next Sunday!

Fireland project = http://goo.gl/TdL0J

Enough is enough, you really don't know when 99% of contract are negotiated in the NFL, They're done after the season or before, not during. Please don't show how much you don't know.

dusty bottoms is losing his shirt. my condolences dusty. next time maybe you'll pay more attention.

Jay, are you stupid or what. Do you actually know anything.

Jay, again I ask you are you stupid. Do you know how easy it is to look up career QB ratings, pretty easy. Leaf had a CAREER 50.6 QB rating. No where near where Tanny is. Again quit making things up.

I like Ireland since he has been on his own. I see him as the next up and coming star GM. Who else would you want?

The Polians were fakers, Peyton made them. Ozzie Newsome squeaked out only one SB with the best D in 20 years.

BTW Leaf improved every year he went from in 1998 39.0, 56.2, to 57.7 QB rating his last year. Just so you know.

Ozzie hires Jim Caldwell? Dead men are better than him.

Razo @9:39,

Mike Wallace was a Restricted FA last Off-Season meaning any offers would have had the tendered mandatory pick attached that with the contract he was seeking as a Res. tendered player would have cost the team bidding their #1 pick.

It's the only reason he didn't get the BIG ATTENTION you speak of given the Steelers have always been a notoriously cheap team that builds from within and don't over spend on their FA's meaning everybody sat on their pick which is very valuable now with the rookie CAP letting him hit the market no string attached in 2013.

Don't you remember what happened with other WR's on that team like Plex Burress, S.B. MVP Santonio Holmes or the ugly hold out with Hines Ward in his prime back in around 04. It's the Pitt. way and you talk about 1 dimensional but he grabs those swing passes and slants going to the house with the best of them or didn't you watch him today for example.

The West Coast Offense we want to run needs speed WR's who grab those short hitches and get major YAC which is exactly what Wallace is. If the intention was a bigger more slow footed player he wouldn't have traded Marshall. I don't agree with others about what his prototype WR is given the group he had in G.B. wasn't big but as they showed in their 2010 S.B. victory could all run like their hair was on fire.

The only people supporting Irescum are the stinkin Jests fans!

Dusty Bottoms the reason why I would start Moore is their is still a very slim chance we could make the playoffs. Not much of a chance but a chance.

Three more games is not going to develop Tannhill, but it will show you if the players around Tanhill are the problem. Most would say yes, but to me our offense last season with Daboll running the show seemed just a little more promissing. Maybe its our OC, maybe its our receivers, maybe its our running backs. Maybe its Tanhill.

But my whole problem is Tanhill seems to jump pocket and take half the field away and reduce options. We also seem to be playing very vanilla to bring him along.

So what could happen and I would stress could. Is Moore comes in and throws up three performances like New York.

Moore is a horrible practice player. But put him in the game and the man seems to win. I personnally want to find out.

I like Tanhill and want to see him become the franchise. But anyone watching this team should see that he has stagnated if not regressed over the last few weeks. Yes he is a rookie, and yes he may be the next franchise player for Miami, but what if he is not.

What if Moore is winner enough to buy Tanhill some more time. I dont know, but the only game that was truely impressive this season from the O side of the ball was the New York game and that happened after Moore entered. Tanhill was playing flat that game also.

I think you get more answers by putting Moore in than letting this offense flounder the rest of the season. We won today but that was far from a dynamic offensive effort.

Moore is not going to get this chance. I just wish he was. Playing for draft positions is getting really old.

Go Dolphins!! Henne looked like the miami offense of old anyone else think so.


Good info. I don't really keep up with contract situations so I didn't know the circumstances. Still from what I see, I don't know Wallace is a guy you break the bank for. I'm not sure he will be the same player on another team. He is no Fitz or Megatron.

shula71 There is zero chance of a QB change, it would be ludicrous.


I don't know ANYBODY who's any worse than predictions than you. I thought Peter King was bad, but you Sir take the cake. Just read some of your earlier comments. The conviction about picking the Pats tonight. Looks like you got ANOTHER one wrong dusty boy.

Craig M,

You may have forgotten that Kris is wrong about 101% of the time.

dusty, tell us who you like tomorrrow so we can bet the other team.

No doubt Moore is much better then Tannehill so the dysfunctional Dolphins keep the MVP on the bench and then let him walk. Probably let Reggie walk also. Our 2 best players on offense after gettng rid of our best offensive player last year, Da Beast.

Here are the facts about the 2010 GB Packer receivers in 2010..........none were burners, all were over 200 pound and at least 6'1" except Greg Jennings. The top 4 receivers were Jennings, James Jones, not a burner, 6'1" 210, Jordy Nelson, not a burner, 6'3"220, Donald Driver 6'1" 200. What the WC receiver needs is quickness to make the 1st defender miss. Wallace is more of a down field, traditional NFL offense receiver.

I'd blow a dog to get Da Beast back!

Nothing dysfunctional about starting Tannehill.


There are a few WR's in the next FA class that with our 50 Mil. to spend will get attention. The 1st being Philbin's guy in G.B. G.Jennings but he's been hurt a bit the last couple of years although on his game probably the one Philbin wants. Then there is Dwayne Bowe from K.C. who you worry about with a BIG money deal as much as anybody else and isn't exactly a burner. I like Wallace because of his ability to take any pass to the house and is the fastest WR in Football which we know is the one thing that can't be taught. You never know how players will react when given the BIG bucks but felt the Steelers played a little to much hardball with a talent like Wallace who I feel believes himself mistreated at this point by the franchise more than anything.

Can't wait until Brady retires so they stop getting BS calls. Ever since the tuck rule. Refs are garbage, always will be, god forbid replacement refs made that call we'd be b*tching up a storm about how horrible a call that was. The dude fell, why is it every time Pats don't make a play we need to help them

You are seeing a great QB/Coach in action and another overconfident Harbaugh.


My gut feeling is that this FO won't make a play for any of those guys, and if they do they will low ball them. We have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. I don't know if there is an ace WR or TE in there, but if there is I'd use the ammunition to get him.

Our D still needs attention, but where we are right now I'd go high on offensive weapons. This team has been too low scoring for too long now. Points will help the D as much as anything.

Razo, there is one sure tight end from nd, and depending on who comes out, tayvon Austin and marqise lee are great but not very tall, though neither is Percy harvin.

Our d does not need attention tho. We need to stop thinking that way. Our secondary is below average, but everywhere else we are fine. I'm sick of seeing the worst d's in the playoffs and superbowls and us talking about d players and damn o line when we need WIDE RECEIVERS. 2 of them. And a tight end.

Mike @11:13,

Are you NUTS! Didn't you watch the S.B. were the Packers looked like they were in a track meet with the Steelers in a lower gear??

For your info.

Jordy Nelson was the white guy (as some refered to him) who ran a 4.37/40 at his combine

James Jones at his ran an identical time of 4.37

Greg Jennings posted a 4.33

Driver is the slowest at 4.42 when he came into the NFL.

In contrast Hartline ran a 4.55 and Bess ran under a 4.6

I put a post about what mike said, it didn't go through, but basically it's all about the gb guys do nothing but get behind the secondary. They are ALL burners in their own way, as much as the wr on the dolphins are NOT.

FROM J.Nelson's PRO-DAY!

Everybody is amazed that a white guy is tied for the NFL lead in yards per reception. But Jordy Nelson ran a 4.37 40-yard dash at the NFL combine. In contrast, Jerry Rice, the greatest NFL receiver ever, ran a 4.71.

If I had to guess, I would bet that on average whites peak in speed later and then slow up earlier (the latter was Bill James's finding in the 1980s about white vs. black baseball players who appeared to be equally fast as rookies in terms of triples hit, not grounding into double plays, stolen bases and so forth).

They say D wins games. But only when your O scores more points. Our O rarely scores enough. It is time to make the O scary.

Look at NE. Down 31-3 and now its tied. OFFFFEEEENSSSEEEE!

Damn the Pats atre going to tie it I can't believe this comback catch you all in a bit!

By the way Mike their new guy Randall Cobb is a speed demon!

Well, Irescum picked a burner in Clyde Gates how'd that work out? LOL

Agreed Razo. Of course, when your defense creates turnovers, your offense usually gets the ball in better scoring positions. So having a great defense (one that creates turnovers on their opponents half of the field) improves your offenses chances to score.

Still need a QB.

Philbin seems like the kind of guy that whacks off while wearing a condom.

Have I been right this past couple days or not? I should bet on Football, but I won't.

oscar's always wrong. good thing you arent a betting man or you'd be stone broke..

Hey dude impersonating me @12:12am,

If you didn't read Armando's comments today there's been THREE people banned for impersonating other people this week.

Care to make it four?....ya clown!...

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