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Dolphins defeat Jaguars, 24-3

Revenge for 62-7? No, not quite.

But the Dolphins needed it. They win for only the second time in seven weeks by defeating the reeling Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-3.

It was so,ething of an offensive outburst for the Miami offense that had multiple touchdowns in a game for only the second time in the last six games.

Ryan Tannehill threw two TD passes -- short throws to Jorvorskie Lane and Anthony Fasano. It was only the second game this year that Tannehill has more than one TD in a game. The last one was Oct. 14 against St. Louis.

Tannehill completed 22 of 28 for 220 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Brian Hartline seemed to drop a TD pass. He nonetheless went over the 1,000-yard mark for the season.

Reggie Bush got 21 carries, the most he's had since Sept. 16 when he carried 25 times against Oakland. Bush finished with 104 yards and that included a 53-yard run in the third quarter.

Former Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was, well, Chad Henne. He struggled and was inconsistent most of the day. His best drive came in the final couple of minutes when the game was already decided. Henne completed 18 of 34 passes for 221 yards without a TD or INT.

Yeah, it was the correct call to let him go.


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By odin, "...and please God make these Trolls here more Human".

You shouldn't feel inferior to me. I know the %ges. I studied them. I was a Professional Gambler at one time.

In Horseracing some don't like to use the word Gambler. Turf Speculator better. hehehe

But for Us transplanted, things are never as they would have been. I am a Doctor now. But I still know the %es.

You don't have a prayer in Hell of beating Us. Desist.

Looking forward to finding all those posts about Henne being as good/better than Tannehill and exposing the authors of them as the clueless nitwits they truly are.

This is going to be a FUN week.

If I had to guess, I would bet that on average whites peak in speed later and then slow up earlier (the latter was Bill James's finding in the 1980s about white vs. black baseball players who appeared to be equally fast as rookies in terms of triples hit, not grounding into double plays, stolen bases and so forth).

Posted by: fin4life | December 16, 2012 at 11:37 PM

You actually spend time thinking about things like this?? Hoo boy.

I'll just assume you're an older guy from another generation.

Or a very, very young one, jess, perhaps from this Generation(look up Adam Lanza).

It seems as if Mr. Adam Lanza was Autistic.

ANY kind of psycopathology in Children should be detected and treated ASAP. Otherwise, the Personal and Social consequences of it will be too strong to bear.

Nice win but like most say they are suppose to beat up on the Jags without MJD.

Glad to see Henne is who most of us thought he was...a back up QB type.

In this Offense slanted NFL with its cheezy Pass Interference's and lame Def Holding calls we NEED more explosion.

I would tab Pitt WR Wallace as my top FA. He has the speed that Defense's fear. His speed is visible on tape. Tannehill has a pretty good arm for deep chunk type plays. This would also help the DEF by getting more quick strikes as well as aid in come backs if we fall behind early. He's no Megatron but I don't think Philbin is trying for a one guys does all the heavy lifting type teams structure.

Secondly I would back up the WR Wallace pick up with Cal's stud WR Keenan Allen in the draft. A 6'3" guy with leaping ability with moxy and really sticky hands. At 215lbs he can jump over DBs and catch the ball in traffic. This would help improve Tannehill's accuracy that is lacking sometimes.

Thirdly, I would chase the tall rangy TE from Notre Dame. He is somewhat of a Gronk type with good blocking skills and height to make sweet grabs.

I actually hope they are playing hardball with Reggie to drive down his price point. He is a fast guy that still can get the job done and has pretty good hands for a running back.

That would be my transformation of the Offense. We could use the rest of the draft to find a Safety, Corners, a pass rushing LB or DE.

Things will come to light as the draft draws near.


I think the fins played better without bess. I really think I would trade him for a 2nd or even a 3rd

Good to see the Dolphins win yesterday. At least we can avoid the "this team can't even beat 1)Jacksonville; 2)Chad Henne" chatter.

Didn't hear Garner's or Martin's name much yesterday, so taking a line from Joe Philbin, they must have played well. Still 2 games to go but hopefully we see that Garner proves to be a valuable OL backup and Martin a viable LT. This could ease the Jake Long pressure on the team and change the outlook for FA.

Tannehill played a solid, if unspectacular, game. He needed to show that he could play well against bad teams. The OL gave him some time and he used it well. Had some drops that would have made him look even better. At least I'm looking forward to the Buffalo game, not dreading it.

Also good to see Binns in the game. At minimum, we now know that the playbook can be learned in less than a month. :) (Could Binns be one of "Philbins guys?") Matthews had some chances but didn't capitalize on them. Still want to see more of him.

Is it me or is Lamar Miller falling short of the potential shown earlier in the season? Seems to me that Dolphins can't let go of Reggie Bush just yet but will still need to focus on getting a power back.

Congrats to Hartline for his 1000 yards. I like him for the Dolphins even if he isn't a game changer.

I don't know where you got your numbers, but here are the the real 40 numbers from NFL Draft scout. And you are right about Nelson, he did have a 4.37 40, but the rest are wrong. Jennings combine was 4.42. Jones was 4.54 from ESPN combine coverage, and Driver 4.45 from the NFL Draft Scout. They are fast but no burners except for Nelson. I don't know where you got Hartline's Combine 40 because he was injured and didn't run at the combine, at his pro day he ran a 4.49. He is well within the GB receiver's speed.

So we won yesterday as we should have... but as of right now we are out of the top 10 picks in next years draft ..
Finley is set to be released by the Pack.. Do you see the Fins hosting him? His connection with Philbin and an upgrade to the 2nd tier TE's we have, it might be intereting.

We beat 2-12 Jacksonville!! Lets throw a parade!!

Agree, Devon Bess doesnt matter. He isnt a difference maker. The only guy on offense that matters is Reggie.

Guess who has the 2nd best QBR rating in the AFC East?

***Ryan Tannehill****

Guess who is #7 of 18 in the AFC?

***Ryan Tannehill***

Guess who is # 19 out of 37 NFL QB's this season?

***Ryan Tannehill***

He's not lighting it up...but he ain't stinking up the joint either.

Not to shabby for a rookie QB with limited starts in college. I'd say we have a lot to build on next season if we can supply him with two things:

1. A true #1 receiver
2. A REAL threat at TE

D Thomas = 3 wasted picks

Who's below Tannehill in QBR you say?...here are the QB's currently performing below ours:

Cutler, Bradford, Hasslebeck, Foles, Vick, Fitzpatrick, Ponder, Flacco, Palmer, Gabbert, Rivers, Kolb, Cassel, Sanchez, Weeden, Henne, Skelton.

American towns and cities(and probably those of the World's also) are full of People that had clinical and sub-clinical Autism and other neuro-psychiatric disorders since birth not diagnosed or improperly treated. Time Bombs waiting to explode.

Reggie,hesitate, Bush=. Reggitate,

He doesn't like running between the tackles,too pretty

I'm not sure Finely is the answer. He isn't very consistent. Though it'll be another Matt Flynn situation, obviously Philbin knows the guy. Honestly hopeful Clay can be the pass catcher, Fasano blocker. Egnew = wildcard.

I really like them using Thigpen on offense. That guy might end up contributing some big plays.

Starting to want them to re-sign Bush if they can do it for the right price.

What I've been wondering the last couple weeks? Wheres that guy that kept calling Odrick a bust, lol. Love it...


As it is, the focus should be on detecting and promptly treat ALL of these psychiatrically very ill Children and that can only be accomplished trough the School Systems

That's it.

NH, one thing Tannehill showed yesterday is that if the talent level of the teams are similar or the Dolphins have a better supporting cast, he can dominate. As you said, the kid hasn't been great but given the circumstances, he has more than merited an oportunity to show if he can eveolve. The raw skills and the mental accumen are impressive. It's up to him now to determine if he wants to be great. I am pulling for him. By the way, he should've had two more TDs yesterday. hartline and Thigpen both dropped one. And how impressive was that throw to Thigpen. In a window between three defenders, perfectly placed. Not accurate, my buttocks!!

Matty, no worries about draft position, the Dolphins are where they were last week. Drafting #12 - depending on the Jets outcome tonight anyway. A jet loss pushes them down one slot I believe. At that point you are either still looking at an elite prospect at a position that we could use but not absolutely needed (i.e. Chance Warmack, G, Alabama or his teammate Dee Milliner, CB) Or staring to enter Keenan Allen territory. I am personally pulling for Allen territory - sick of seeing these sorry receivers drop nicely thrown passes.

I even think if Tannehill had Jax's skill players in Shorts, Blackmon, and Lewis that you would see a much better QB.

CS, Matty, Bush at the right price would be ok - certainly not for the money he maes now. As much as he provides big plays, he's also a drive killer. I want to see someone else get the bulk of the carries and use Bush on draws and out in space only. Miller could be that every down carrier - hopefully??

Finley is another guy at a fair price. I'd be in for that but doing so would mean bringing back Fasano to do the dirty work and working the red zone?? Sounds like the Dolphins will be shopping at Wal mart in the offseason with all these fair prices ...

Henne played against a much tougher D then Tannehill did and still had more yds. I mean my grandma would look good at QB against the Jags pathetic D. lol

mike, you must be mildly retarded. You do not include, tannehill's 50 yards rushing in your analysis, his 2 tds, his two dropped tds?? If you still want to cheer for Henne, go ahead, the jags could use the fans. And he's in year 5 versus Tannehill in year one ... geez, you're some kind of fool for trying to bring up that case. The Dolphins are 26 against the pass - not exactly the 85 Bears we are talking about ...

Mike you arent taking into consideration all of the drops that Tannehill's WR's had.. Hartline dropped a TD, MArshall had a couple of drops, Moore as well.

Tell me if I am looking too much into this or not. Sherman gave some BS excuse that Gaffney couldnt start right away due to him learning the playbook or getting the audibles. Egnew cant crack the line up now since he cant play on ST's.. yet the kid we signed last week is playing quite a few snaps yesterday.. Binns. That in and of itself shows that Shermans excuse for Garrney not contributing right away and Egnew being out all year is garbage.

matty, maybe Binns saw action because Bess was out. I mean, we were already thin there to begin with. I think Binns was the last WR on the roster available.

Egnew, I still believe is a lost case. Just a miss and that's ok. They are getting miles from their top two picks and that is what the draft expectation should be. Miller and Vernon are also doing well as later picks. Matthews too. It was a great draft even with the Engew whiff.

The real problem is Ireland just doesn't know how to put together a talented roster, Thomas and Miller are not even close to being in Reggie's class and they want to let him walk just like Marshall last year and how did that work out for us, FIRE IRELAND AT THE END OF THE SEASON OR MAYBE JUST TODAY!!!!

Good Call MIT, I wasnt really thinking about Bess being out effecting his PT.

The Egnew pick i am seeing as a miss now with how he cant crack the line up and were all but mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs.

Finley? He looks like the anti-Philbin TE to me -not consistent, disruptive, outspoken and poor blocking habits. Makes me think he doesn't fit in the "new Dolphins" culture.

Razo / Mike J,

From earlier post. I thought Mike Wallace was overrated too, till I watched the Dallas game. The guy was open all over the place. Especially deep!!


I'm hoping to see more of Binns and Mathews in the coming weeks.

We really need to see what we have going into FA and the draft.

I'm was so 50/50 on keeping Reggie. Now I'm starting to feel like we need to.

Razo / Mike J,

From earlier post. I thought Mike Wallace was overrated too, till I watched the Dallas game. The guy was open all over the place. Especially deep!!


I'm not weird, hrh, I'm retired.

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