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Dolphins fear worst as Long MRI Monday

Publicly, coach Joe Philbin barely acknowledged the Jake Long injury, saying after the game he had no update on the matter. And players who have been told not to comment on injuries towed the line. "Can't comment on injuries," Jonathan Martin said.

But privately?

Two players told me they heard Long tore his left triceps and one staffer said that's the early diagnosis. Long had an X-ray after the game whose results were inconclusive. Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network is reporting Long will have an MRI on Monday to get a clearer picture but that, "It doesn't look good."

If what everyone fears is reality, Martin is expected to take over at left tackle for the Dolphins. He played the position throughout the game Sunday. He was a left tackle at Stanford.

Long, meanwhile, will go into the offseason unsigned and uncertain of his future. The Dolphins can obviously try to sign him, franchise him, or let him test the market in free agency.

I doubt they allow him to test the market. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has said in the past that Jake Long will finish his career with the Dolphins but, as you know, things can change in the NFL.

One never knows.



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The Rams! Before the Draft.

Dashi | December 02, 2012 at 09:02 PM

The conversation began with debate on what it would take to pry the 2nd overall pick from the Rams and just took on a life of it's own with Long heavy in the debate.

Character. Truth. (facts are the facts)

It doesn't take away that you're wrong about wanting Misi to weigh 270 lbs, don't it?

Publicado por: oscar canosa | December 02, 2012 at 09:24 PM


Misi played at that weight as a DE at Utah and was seen coming into the NFL as a DE/OLB tweener who would need to learn the OLB pos. in the NFL. I feel he maybe primed for a move back to DE were his high motor can serve him better than lost thinking in pass coverage.

Every year, Ireland fills the roster with even more players that will eventually need to be cut. Thats a rebuilding plan in reverse.

Every year, more holes than the previous year.

Every year, the nfl draft is like al khaida, mailing Jeff Ireland an envelope of anthrax.

Hey, how is Irescum's draft looking now? INACTIVE! lol

Well, D Thomas got his 2 yds/carry.

Long is a big dilemma for this club. If you can get him for 5 years 8 million a year, I would jump on it. I agree with those that say that this would be another huge hole to fill. Assuming Martin can fill it, then you are left with filling the RT spot. Trying to fill holes with greedy FAs is a crap shoot. You are better of keeping the players you know but at 15 Million a year that is too much for a broken down average tackle.

Lost in all the talk, Ireland actually had a pretty good draft. Martin may be your future LT, Tannehil your franchise QB, Miller future starting RB, Vernon future starting DE, and Mathews looks like he may be a decent option at WR. Let's give Ireland one more year now that he has his franchise QB. I know T-Hill has made some mistakes but I guess it was to be expected as the experts said that he would be a project. I beleive that Ireland will concentrate on finding him a couple of weapons and at least one more top rated line man to protect him.

Ireland has his franchise QB? TOO FUNNY MORON!!

Jay everyone has their own opinion. If you hate the dolphins so much why don't you find another team. You are such an idiot that you let a football game dominate your life. Writing in capital letters to someone you don't even know over a football game, you are sad.

Philbin is not qualified to be HC.

How can you justify signing Long to a big $ long term contract? He's injury prone, has regressed the past 3 years, and has clearly lost a step. You think The Patriots, Steelers, or Packers would keep this guy if they were in the same position? Let him walk, spend his money to shore up the secondary, and draft a tackle with one of the 5 picks in the first 100. Yes, you create another hole. But it's becoming obvious now that Long is a hole you will be replacing sooner rather than later.

Cam wake standing on the sidelines for most of the pats last drive was absolutely ridiculous this organization is full of buffoons from top to bottom

The Dolphins will always suck. No one wants to play for this team anymore. Ireland and Ross have ruined this team. I'm embarrased to tell anyone I'm a Fin's fan. I saw an interview with Shula this past weekend. What a shame they ran him out of town 16 years ago. He had 2 losing seasons in his 25 years of coaching the Dolphins. What a joke this franchise has become...

I was watching Tannehills 3 pass attempts to a wide open receiver today. They were long passes and he was short or out of bounds on all 3. Any of the 3 were game changers. One was caught but the receiver was not able to get and YAC because his momentem forced him out of bounds because of the throw. All sideline passes.
Do we have another Henne?

kindry, another Henne would be an upgrade to what we have. Tannehill is closer to John Beck then Chad Henne.

Long is horrible and was a wasted pick. So long Long.

How happy is Mike Nolan that he left that cespool franchise? What a friggin mess in Miami.

If the season ended today we would pick 10-15. So if WR Keenen Allen, CB Millner, DE Bjoern Werner, G Chance Warmack, WR Justin Hunter, OT Taylor Lewan or QB Matt Barley are available who would you take?

I'm sorry but I am stuck watching the Patsies each and every week (I live in CT) and I am so tired of them getting all the calls and non-calls. How can you miss Tannehill's facemask and what about that helmut to helmut hit on him when he didn't slide? Brady gets that call 100% of the time. Having said that the Dolphins played a pretty good game I thought. Kind of wondering if Martin at left tackle was the game plan all along (Long does not look athletic enough in this new offense). With Clay coming along and a pretty dominate front seven I think the fins are one receiver and one shut down corner from competing for the division. I know we have players we may lose to free agency but I am starting to believe players are going to want to come here again like how it used to be. I feel bad for Fields, he is such a great player. Reminds me of Roby minus how Roby would drop the ball onto his foot and shank it at times. Yes, I am dating myself a little...

Jeff refuses to draft a playmaker. So we have squat.

Dez > Odrick + Misi

The Jake Long injury is inconsequential. Jonathan Martin will now move to his natural position where he will do his job. He played very well in replacement of Long and looked very at home there. Long can walk and he won't be missed.
As for Tannehill, it appears more and more that this team may have blown another 1st round pick on a player that may not work out. Drafting Tannehill that high in the first was a mistake because not only was he not ready to play in the NFL because of the lack of experience in college but he didn't play that great in college to begin with to warrant being picked in the top ten. Picking a quarterback in the first round just for the sake of saying you finally picked a quarterback in the first round is a mistake; plain and simple.
He missed a wide open Hartline who had hi man beat twice today and a third time almost missed him when he was wide open and uncovered on the sideline. In addition, he threw a pass behind Charles Clay today forcing him to make a great catch. These are the same issues that plagued him in college.
It would be a different story is he showed some sort of improvement over the course of the season but improvement to some is the fact that he didn't throw any interceptions. Twelve games into the season and there needs to be some sign that he can lead this offense because knowing it better than any player on the team is one thing but executing is what he needs to do.

If the season ended today we would pick 10-15. So if WR Keenen Allen, CB Millner, DE Bjoern Werner, G Chance Warmack, WR Justin Hunter, OT Taylor Lewan or QB Matt Barley are available who would you take?

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 02, 2012 at 10:53 PM


Terrance Williams

Keenan Allen is an overrated receiver. I would take Stedman Bailey before Allen.

Redsky say Professor Lou speak with straight tongue, speaks truth, he now bloodbrother! Good comments go in new treaty with white fathers, scalp Ireland!!! Maybe vulture neck Ross too, Redsky tribe throw in worthless forked tongue Marlins owner too! Free scalping on that motherless one! He born, mother jump cliff!

Let Long walk and permanently move martin to LT. Jake has not been dominant this year and was slapped around in the Buffalo game. Plus he spends more time in the training room than on the field. It comes down to winning and losing and this team continues to lose. They make stupid mistakes and fail to make plays with the game hanging in the balance. This trend has spanned over decades and several coaches and front offices. This team is miles away from winning an AFC East title.

Perfect72, another straight shooter, hunt buffalo together, drink whisky! Cry Dolphins!

Ireland needs to be fired, Ross insisted/demanded even a QB this last offseason either by FA/Trade or draft so Ireland, after Manning refused, had to take Tannehill. I believe he'll be a great QB for Miami by the way.
Now Ross has already stated his priority is a vertical threat big time receiver so Ireland will of course have no choice but to follow suit, Ross is telling him what to do!!!!
Please Mr Ross, do not allow Ireland to mess up any more drafts, ZERO playmakers in 5 years as GM is unacceptable.
An idiot without a clue can tell we need a vertical threat WR in FA (Jennings, Wallace), a TE who can threaten the seam (Fasano is a ghost), and a high draft pick on a young WR who can produce also. CB, Safety and guard/tackle are also high priorities!!!
Top players will not come here for what ever reason while Ireland is here, do what needs to to be done and let this franchise move on!!!!!!!

Another reason I was against taking Tannehill 8th overrall. He had low percentage completion games in college when losing. Dont get me wrong, I do believe he has legit upside. It just may take at least 2 more nfl seasons before he arrives there.

However, Ive learned that usually what you see from qb's on the college level is generally what you get when he turns pro. What we see right now from Tannehill is what fans saw him do at Texas A&M.

Why does every Ireland decision, beit draft or free agency, still seems like on the job training?

We also have an on the job training owner who thinks the on the job training gm's doing a great job.

On the job training owner + On the job training gm


Had this Dolphin franchise been this terrible in the early 70's when before I first became a fan. I would have began rooting for another team long ago.

That or I would never have been a fan of any particular team at all.

At least Miami fans can still say:

GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i say let Jake Long go.. He is declining in production. Yes he is still good. But Definitely is NOT Worth the Money anymore. Lets Be REAL. We wont be a Playoff team for years. it wouldn't matter if we had M Ryan, Luck, Brady,P Manning etc at QB. We don't have ANYONE To spread the field.. and not many people to block either.

Mando,& everyone else. what do you think the REAL Chances are that Ross lets Ireland Go, and what do you think our chances of getting Bill Polian as GM???

Sadly,I don't think Ross cans Ireland.

Until this cancer is gone, we will be mediocre at best..

Im done with mocking dolphins draft needs. Just when you think you know what they are, Jeff Ireland or circumstance creates even more.

Boy, do I wish we had a gm who knows how to get ahead, instead of behind the eight ball. As a gm, Irelands increasingly beginning to look like he's in way over his head.

Redarfting positions that should have been solved in previous drafts. Resigning the same fa positions that should have been rsolved with previous fa signings.

Then the terrible acorns.

Hopefully after Tannehill, we dont have to redraft the qb position in another 2-3 seasons. Counting Henne and White, we've now done that 3 times in the last 5yrs.

3 Seasons later, reading Odrick and Misi are improving. This sounds as if they were 4th-5th rd draft picks.

Each into thier 3rd seasons, and 1st/2nd rd picks, both should be on pro bowl level performance. Reshad Jones is a 4th rd draft pick and he's playing as close to pro bowl level as you could get without actually being a pro bowler.

YG, DB et al.....chile pleeezz, we R rebuilding. AGAIN!!! It could B worse, we could be the Marlins!

MANDO!!!! Another year we're screwed! Dump Ireland! Fix Fins! Simple..:.Polian/s! Luck walked into great team, why, Polians, fire JI. Dolphins win.

Hire Polians! WAKE UP ROSS!!!!

If you guys haven't seen the movie Red Tails, it's on DirecTV, cable, etc. Good action movie. Fairly accurate.

Bunch of whiny yuppies on here. Pretty pathetic



Ireland has never drafted s plsymsker in his entire career. He's totally incompetent and classless. Perfect for the laughingstock team.








I hate to say it but I think Long has played his last game as a phin. It has been very frustrating watching the offense the last few weeks and I dont think its all Tannehill. The unit as a whole has regressed compared to the first few games of the season. Fasano has become invisible compared to previous years. I am trying to be patient with our qb but I feel like I say that every year. The biggest thing the fins need is speed on both sides of the ball. I suppose the biggest need is finding upgrades with speed. We need new LBS corps (they have been getting abused all year), new CBS, New WR, and OL. A RT and OG's are needed and I think Matthews from Texas A and M will be the first pick. Such a shame on Long I was hopeing he would prove people wrong.

Rabe... how long did it take Dez to get his first 100 yrd game?

Long has never been a great pass protector and now with all the injuries he is been accumulating, less so. Still, he is a great straight ahead blocker and can run. IMO, let Jonathan Martin get stronger and move him to LT, then move Long to RT and acquire some quality depth for the line. That's all you need to do.

I'm amazed how easily People here get rid off or change Players positions. Like YG said, move Misi to DE. Yeah, son, but who will play the SAM LB position then? Think, think. Don't act on impulses.

There were a couple of inadmissable missed tackles yesterday that really hurt us. I mean, Hernandez is not the second coming of Barry Sanders, No?

I'm not a defender of Ireland but Ross did have a directive to get a franchise QB. Leaving out a solid receiver playmaker. Picking up Miller in the draft, who can not help the team with his skillset as Bush takes that role and drafting Egnew are clueless GM decisions.

Tannehill is NOT a franchise QB

Listen, saying that because Egnew was a draft mistake because he isn't playing doesn't mean squat as the Coaches have not pronounced him a bust yet. Same with Miller and Reggie, they are 2 completrely different type of backs. We are getting extremely tired of the faulty logic exhibited by most here and one day, we might seriously attack you. We have tried to Teach you, but...



I am a supporter of Nothing and only of the Truth.

Tannehill misses again for TDs and a win

No "DO OVER" this week to bail out Tannehill

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