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Dolphins fear worst as Long MRI Monday

Publicly, coach Joe Philbin barely acknowledged the Jake Long injury, saying after the game he had no update on the matter. And players who have been told not to comment on injuries towed the line. "Can't comment on injuries," Jonathan Martin said.

But privately?

Two players told me they heard Long tore his left triceps and one staffer said that's the early diagnosis. Long had an X-ray after the game whose results were inconclusive. Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network is reporting Long will have an MRI on Monday to get a clearer picture but that, "It doesn't look good."

If what everyone fears is reality, Martin is expected to take over at left tackle for the Dolphins. He played the position throughout the game Sunday. He was a left tackle at Stanford.

Long, meanwhile, will go into the offseason unsigned and uncertain of his future. The Dolphins can obviously try to sign him, franchise him, or let him test the market in free agency.

I doubt they allow him to test the market. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has said in the past that Jake Long will finish his career with the Dolphins but, as you know, things can change in the NFL.

One never knows.



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Take away the "DO OVER" fixed game and
Tannehill has LOSES 5 IN A ROW

The Officiating in this Game was the worst I've seen since the replacements. That Referee was all confused about East and West and probably evrything else. Did you People notice it? Shame on the NFL!

Tannehill now has gone 6 NFL games already with

0 TD Passes in 6 NFL games already fro Tannehill

and if not for the cheat "DO OVER" game
which Tannehill had 2 INTs and 0 passing TDs

the 7 games for Tannehill 0 TD Passes

WTF !?

Are U Sheeple Blind?

Tannehill was not the answer

Right now Moore and Henne are both better

Ireland "fixed" the problem


what Problem?

Matt Moore has won 7 out of his last 10 games

Matt Moore in the last 6 games he played IN 2012 was rated 6TH BEST NFL QB

So there was no QB problem and clearly
Tannehill was a reach at number 8 overall pick

Ireland wasted the pick
The two QBs we already had were and are better than what Ireland wasted our draft pick on

Ireland is an idiot

Tannehill sucks!

Tannehillalready 6 games with 0 TD passes
(really 7 last week was a cheat)

... telling


The hard thing for Most about following the Truth is, that if they do, It might go against their personal Intere$t$. Most People are not prepared for that. Still.

Tannehill is NOT a franchise QB

Tannehill Sucks

0 TD passes in 6 games
0 Td passes in 7 games if u discount the cheat


Fire Ireland

Hate to say it but HOME was right

Tannehill was a bad pick especially at number 8

Tannehill is not a franchise QB

The Collective good has always to be placed over Personal interest. Otherwise, We won't survive.

It's been OBVIOUS the last 2 years Jake Long is falling quickly. Jake Long is NOT worth ANY long team financial committment.

First his shoulder. Then his knee. Now his triceps. It's over folks.

As I told the Canadian Blow hards & lack of commonsense last week, MARTIN will move to LT. You all told me last week how he isn't ready & how he isn't as good as long.

Well, he looked pretty darned good to me yesterday. Pass blocking & run blocking!

Did he look overmatched? He gave up 1 sack which was a coverage sack.

He is a NATURAL LT. He was a LT in college blocking for the #1 overall pick in the last draft.

For all you completely ignorant baffooons, that means he is LT capable!

Get used to a line consiting of, from Left to Right: Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry, Free Agent.

The funny thing is that Truth and Justice are k's of this Universe and are there for the taking, and have NOTHING to do with good and bad. Some reach them thru Religion, Others thru other means. But they are There.

Tannehill threw 29 passes of which 16 were incomplete and Tanny missed several WRs for wide open TDs again.

The team is terrible and Tannehill does not amount to a hill of beans

It's TannenDOWNhill

just terrible

terrible qb

They should could give Tannehill another "DO OVER"
like last week.

All you dopes will sing a different tune on Tannehill next week if we beat SF. Worst thing the Dolphins can do is listen to their moronic fan base.

Philbin, keep doing what you're doing, develop your guy. Turn over the roster next year, draft well, and let's see if Miami is on the rise or stuck in mediocrity.

IMO, it is still way early to label Tannehill a bust. More, he might turn out to be our Franchise QB. Any of you know for sure what's going to happen to RT next year?

LOL, Martin did look better at LT then he has at RT in that game. Only one game, but promising. Though if that is the route they go, they will probably look to replace Jerry/Incognito as well for more athletic linemen.

If Martin plays well the rest of the season Long might very well be expendable. See what happens.

As for the game, D played well overall. Considering the TD drives were on short fields or drives continued by bad penalties (1 on the team, 1 on the refs). Tannehill was terrible that game though, missed two wide open recievers and was off target on a lot of completions.


it's ONLY ONE DOPE....he just uses 30 different sign-in names....

Tannehill sucks, he really does.

I looked up the stats and the blogger here is correct.
Tannehill has in fact gone six games already this season with zero touchdown passes.

The Seattle game after 3 1/2 quarters, Tannehill again had zero TD passes and 2 more INTs until he caught a lucky break from the refs and got another chance for free.

Mando should break the story that Tannehill has only connected 3 times ALL SEASON to WRs for TDs

Only 3 passing TDs to WRs fro TanneREACH

Moore and Henne are in fact much better.

No, for some reason they are not impersonating me anymore here. It's me.

I rewatched the game and Tannehill is terrible.

NOBODY here knows at the present how Tannehill will turn out in the Future. That's a statement of Truth.

agreed. Ireland must really regret drafting Ryan Tannehill. Going 6 games with no TD passes and only 3 TD passes to WRs all season has got to be a new franchise and NFL low.

Fire Ireland & Tannehill!

Also DC....in regards to you're earlier post....

I haven't been around much because on 25 NOV...@ 12:43 AM....my beautiful child was born in to this world....

people say it's an amazing experience....and they are right......

The FINS crappy play seems less important to me now....not worth my stress or aggravation....just loose the rest of the games....fire Ireland.....and get a TOP 10 GAME CHANGER.....and not a guy who started 19 COLLEGE STARTS @ his position.....

Also....I have better things to do with my time than argue with one MENTAL PATIENT who has a crush on his PSYCHIATRIST...and manifest those feeling into DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR.....

Better, Jahndoh, Tannehill WAS terible and you would have somebody to agree with you. Me.

Nice to see Home posting under 3,457 different aliases saying the same bull ... one day you will get a life, but given you're already 87 years old, you're running out of time.

Thoughts on yesterday's game ...

1. Special teams have been an absolute abortion the last three games - the worst part fo this team by far over that stretch. Given up points each week and yesterday lead to 14 points that we could not absolutely afford to give up to perhaps the best team in football.

2. Absolutely confused why against a team with a poor pass defense and a stout run defense we waited until 3rd and 15 to pass the ball. To compound that, NE was without it's top two pass rushers and Tannehill when given the chance made some plays with his legs and arm. Sure he missed some but so did Brady, that happens. But earlier in the year when it would have made a lot of sense to run instead of pass, they did the exact opposite. Sherman was part of the cause yesterday in my opinion. Way too conservative. I mean look at the plays Tannehill made in the air yesterday, passes of 28 yards to both Hartline and Clay, 20 to Matthews (who should get more looks all he does is make plays when given the chance), and 14 to the leadfoot Fasano. maybe Sherman was afraid because Long was out and didn't want to expose Martin and Garner. But you can't play scared in this league against the Pats. Not at home and not when you have the ball on the 50 to start a drive when down. The defense did some crazy work in the 3rd qtr and we wasted it by reverting to some Sparano offense. -4 rushing yards in the 3rd qtr, palyed right into the Pats strengths.

3. This Long injury is potentially fatal. The tricep is where all the upper body strength comes from. It supports the chest when you bench and is the biggest muscle in the arm. Many players can't come back from that type of injury. I would now say franchising the guy is out the window. He will never be the same - or he may be but it may take years to do so and by that time, he will be done. Too bad. So now you got a guy with a history of knee and tricep injuries - sappng both quickness and power. Shame.

Agree w Mando

"Tannehill had 113 passing yards before the desperation drive in the final two minutes when New England was playing prevent defense and merely trying not to give up anything deep"

113 passing Yds 1 costly fumble 0 Tds again

Disgraceful Dolphins and terrible pick at QB

The team sucks

sense, martin is a natural LT. He will be fine there. He simply needs to get stronger like most NFL rookies!

I stated last week this team needs athletic guards. However, incognito & jerry could be servicable for 1 more year.

First things first. Move Martin to LT to fill the biggest need & work to find a RT. Long has / is done as an above average LT. No need to pay him elite money. That money is well spent through the rest of the roster!

Although his recent injury history might entice him to take less & could possibly even swing him over to RT where he could be a very good one.

Truth be told, until this team gets athletic guards who can run & pull on screens, this WCO is going nowhere.



On T-Hill Not Throwing TD Passes. HARTLINE HAS ONLY CAUGHT 6 TD'S in 4 SEASONS! AND He is Supposed To Be the Most Dynamic WR on The Roster. U know The Fins #1 Option.

I Love How ASININE Some Of U Sound(Truth).

Out OF ANYTHING! This Year is EXTRA HELPFUL IN T-Hill's Development. THE FINS HAVE THE WORST GROUP OF WR IN THE NFL! D.Bess is The ONLY REAL WR. And Matthews Can Develop into Something. The O-line isn't Great Either. Playing With Adversity Early Helps.

The Hypocrisy! T-Hill Sucks! Yet Hartline is a Good Player! Which #1 WR DO U KNOW THAT ONLY HAS 1 TD THRU WEEK 11 OF THE NFL?

When we Get 2 Real WR's Next Year! Then U Can Bash T-Hill.

Name 1 QB that Throws to Worst WR's Than T-Hill?

I'm clueless.

Actually i just found out by Home that Tannehill has in fact had 6 games already this season with 0 passing TDs.

You take the Seattle game which we paid off the ref out of the equation and Tannehill had two more interceptions and 0 TDs in the fourth quarter.

So in reality as Home points out,
that is 7 games with 0 passing TDs for Ryan Tannehill.

I dont want to here about the WRs either.
Many games Tannehill is throwing inaccurate and missing wide open WRs like Hartline.

You cannot win games in this league or at any level
if you cannot hit wide open WRs or score passing TDs.

I am now questioning the Ryan Tannehill pick.

Certainly to say the least Tannehill should not be starting.

This is an embarrassment to the organization.


WHO'S FAULT IS IT....that TANNE has NO WR's or TE's thoTHROW to??????

Who's fault is that.......

and now you want to RELY on the same guy....to get you legit SKILL POSTION PLAYERS....


Do you know what the definition of INSANITY is.....

@9:14 Congratulations Kris. May God Bless U and Ur Family.

Tannehill had a bad game, but not throwing in the towel on the guy yet. Was definatley off in that game. Have to let him take his lumps and hopefully improve (consistent).

That game was winnable, if the Dolphins don't commit bad penalties (some ref created) or the turnovers.

Clay has been playing well the last couple of games. That is promising.


Tannehill does suck.

I did not realize he was that bad.

Thank you Miami Herald for bringing the Tannehill record low passing TD number to light

The kid really does suck. he had me fooled.

Dashi, shut up already. CHRIST you're obnoxious! The assinine one is you.

It doesn't matter if it's Hartline or Megatron.

When the guy is wide open 2 times for a TD, and he was, he is WIDE OPEN.

It's the QB's job to get him the ball. Slow or fast is irrelevant. The guy is open you HAVE to hit him.

Stop making excuses. He blew those throws & it wasn't because Hartline isn't a true #1 or slow. it's because Tanne threw sh*tty balls to him.

We played Brady and Co. very tough and I'm proud of my Children who did it. By our actions, We have guaranteed that NE will get nowhere in the Playoffs.

Yeah I wasn't knocking Jerry/Incongnito, both are serviceable line. Just don't fit Philbins preffered blocking scheme. Incog is actually a real good linemen when you consider he can play all the spots. Would be good as a backup, would be great if the team was good enough to use him like that : )

coach Sherman, etc, etc...

wtf is wrong with you? seriously sad.

coach sherman, philbin is home under his million names.

I'm throwing in the towel on Tannehill.

6 games with no passing TDs, should have been 7 but we paid off the ref

Now I'm buying 10s of thousands of my own tickets and buying refs!

This is ridiculous.

Tannehill has 3 passing TDs to WRs ALL SEASON

Are you kidding me!

See, Kris, that's the way you should do it with your Child. When he will do something harmful, teach him why he shouldn't do It. When he does something positive, stroke him, love Him.

Hey Kris,

I figured that's why you were gone frequently. Your priorities are exactly as they should be. Enjoy fatherhood bro.

Guys I read Omar Kelly column and he wrote that Philbin sat Wake and Odrick on the last Pats drive for a couple of rookies is this correct?? If he did Philbin a worst coach then i thought.


Congratulations, man!! Yeah nothing like bringing a new life into the world. You'll be walking on cloud 9 for quite some time. You're right, at the end of the day nothing else is more important.

Back to football, Ireland has never drafted a WR above the 3rd round (Turner). You can't expect to find playmakers doing that. Seems that we've had too many other holes to fill and now guys want to create another one by getting rid of Long. Fair enough. I'll warm to the idea, but don't expect to find playmakers unless we draft them higher. I'm warming to the idea of taking the guard in the first round too. Guys are right. Our guard play isn't good enough.

I wanted Hardballs for Head Coach but Ireland could not do that either.

So now we're going to add a guard and a RT to our long list of needs. Good luck getting those playmakers guys.

Philbin has been a disappointment.
If you take away the paid off game.
Philbin lost 5 in a row to some bad teams.

Home was right, Tannehill is pretty bad, inaccurate and cannot score passing TDs.

113 Yds a fumble and 0 passing TDs
before garbage time late in the fourth.

Tannehill sucks.
This is bad, real bad!

So, we had too many other holes to fill to not spend a high draft pick on a playmaker.

Wasn't a playmaker a high priority every single year?? As high as everything else?

2 OL - Pouncey & Long is done
DL - Odrick who is a complete waste of space
CB - Davis who is gone
QB - jury out

So, when does Playmaker EVER become priority #1 for this team under Jeff Ireland? 3 of 5 years on lineman & we are always fixing the oline anyway.

I dont like drafting WR's it normally takes 3 seasons before a WR develops in the NFL the change from NCAA to the NFL is drastic. Sign Mike Wallace, Sign Goldson from the 49ers, Keep Hartline, Sign Randy Starks Let Bush, Long walk. Cut Dansby, Burnett, Clemmons just dont make enogh plays for the money they get. Move Rashod over to FS and Goldson at SS. Draft CBs, LBs, DEs,TEs,

Kris, congrats man!

Craig, I'm still opposed to letting jake just walk but given that he's suffered injury after injury, you can't commit long term to the guy either. I think it all comes down to his salary demands. If he and his psycho agent want to be reasonable and compromise, then you bring him back. But if he wants to be the highest paid player in the game, you can't do that right now. I think he can still be of value as either a LT or RT even if he isn't an elite player at his position anymore but time will tell to see how it plays out ...

did you catch any of the Alabama - Georgia game? Georgia is supposed to have 11 draftable players on their defense but that Alabama interior line put up 300 yards rushing on them. No speed corner runs either, pure power right through the middle. I'm not sure if Warmack fits this blocking scheme or not but he's going to be great for someone. I brought up this optiona couple of weeks back for this team and I think it's viable. He's a monster. Kind of sucks that we may be spending another top 2 pick on an o lineman though ...


Repeat after me Tannehill sucks, I would bench him now! I find myself hoping Tannehill gets injured & out for the season. This guy is clearly NOT an NFL qb he can’t move the offense, is a poor passer & makes terrible decisions. He’s a bust! another John Beck or Ryan Leaf, rookie coach dosen’t have the courage to bench him.

Unless the WR is just a beast like Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson type

So now we're going to add a guard and a RT to our long list of needs. Good luck getting those playmakers guys.

Posted by: Craig M | December 03, 2012 at 09:48 AM

So you admit Ireland has built a team full of holes & you still advocate him remaining in charge?

You can't teach stupid!

Sometimes satisfactions come in vicarious ways. I can guarantee now that NE won't get to the SB again


Yes, Ireland Gets Blame!!!

But Dashi is Also a Realist! AND I KNOW IF PHILBIN STAYS IRELAND STAYS! (So Suck it Up.)


WE JUST GOT RID OF OUR #1 WR!!! Meaning Of Course! In A Year That U Are Cap Strapped! Getting another #1 WR Is Difficult. If Ireland Goes 2 Years Without Fixing the WR Then We Have a Problem!





Just Like The QB's In Miami Get Rated Off Of Marino! The GM's Will Get Compared to Ireland!

Has Ireland Wasted a 1st Rd Pick On Yatil Green? Or a 2nd on C.Chambers?

Hartline is the Highest Pick Wr On the Roster! When Ireland Starts Wasting 1st Round Picks On WR!! Then WE CAN SAY IRELAND DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO DRAFT WR'S!!

Also, Does The Group of WR's Look the Same Since the Start Of The Season? Philbin and Sherman have Tried to Find a #1! But The Top 4 WR's On The Roster were Here From the Beginning.

Chad Thru a Wrench in The Plan. If Chad Would've Came in Here and Played(Not Clown)! He Would've Answered the Question.


That Is All Dashi is Saying. Since Ireland Took Over! We have Drafted the Best OUT OF THE WHOLE DIVISION!


Mark, I agree, I didn't love the play-calling yesterday all around. Though Tannehill did more than "miss some plays". He really lacked the "it" factor a franchise QB needs. I'm not counting him down and out, that's the goal he needs to attain. But we can't lower the bar for him just because he's a rookie. We need to set it high, and help him get there, or else move on (I'm talking a few years down the road, not today or next week or even next year).

But besides play-calling, I hope others watched the other games in the league, to realize much of losses like yesterday can be put squarely on the shoulders of 2 people: Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin. Their decisions to get rid of talent (Marshall, Davis, Johnson, etc.) while probably beneficial in the long run, without replacing it THIS year, was simply them saying this was going to be a lost year. I agree with what Dashi said yesterday, we can't even really call this year a rebuild year. It's a "throw away the garbage" year. They won't actually start re-building until next year.

Tannehill was given nothing to work with, but an oline to keep him upright and RBs to hand off to. That's it! And people are wondering why he doesn't have more TDs. Sure, some has to do with him, lots has to do with his weapons. And I don't blame the players (Hartline/Bess). They are NOT what Ireland/Philbin touted them as. They were set up for failure. On other teams, they would be excellent pieces. As THE guys on OUR team, they show their deficiencies.

GMs/HCs need to put their players in POSITIONS TO WIN! Talent-wise, x's and o's-wise, strategy, game plan, etc. Much of that wasn't done when they decided to get rid of talent without replacing it this year.

Fine, again, if it helps the long-term turnaround, I'm ok with it. But we need to understand, THEY MADE LOSSES THIS YEAR HAPPEN, back then. This was a throw-away year, and that's tough for fans to hear. But I don't think we should take it out on our personnel when they were set up for failure a long time ago. They do have responsibility, but not all, and this year, probably not most.

LOL, I think drafting a Qb last year was drafting a playmaker but you're right. the fact that the o line still sin't fixed even though we've spend more picks there than anywhere is really frustrating.


still need a qb,this kid ain't have it.


That's how I see it too. This crap that Long can't be a servicable tackle is nonsense. It's emotion talking. Thet guy was paid $61 mil on his rookie contract. Guys have NO clue what he wants on his next deal. I'm like you, you don't just let assets walkaway. Guys complain about lack of drafting playmakers but they want to just keep opening up holes.

Like Clueless said, 'you can't teach stupid!'

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